With Ryan Edwards In Rehab How Will Maci Bookout Help Bentley Understand?

The big news in the Teen Mom universe is that of Ryan Edwards being in rehab for quite some time. However, no one has really thought about the fact that Maci Bookout will have to explain all of this to Bentley.

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From what we've seen, it's easy to see that Bookout cares deeply about her ex and wants the best for him. With Edwards choosing to go to rehab it shows that he not only cares about himself, but also about his son Bentley.

With Bookout knowing how much Bentley means to Edwards and her respect for Edwards we are more than certain that she will handle this with a ton of grace.

There are certainly hard times ahead for this group in Teen Mom but it's beginning to look very promising. We're definitely happy to see Edwards take action towards a drug-free life.

Of course we also learned that Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer were wed prior to him entering rehab. This means he has one hell of a support system waiting for him once he is ready to return to a normal, drug-free life.

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