Maci Bookout Says She Isn't Rich - Doesn't Define "Rich"

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Gather - Teen Mom Maci Bookout says she's not getting rich off her reality show gig. It seems that cast is constantly being called out for struggling with money, and fans want to know why. If they have a reality TV show, shouldn't they have plenty of dough?

No, according to Maci. The Teen Mom appeared at a college campus this week to speak about her struggles as a young mother and clear up a few rumors about her finances. "I still go to community college. I still go to Wal-Mart. I'm still a normal person that lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee," Bookout stated.

So, how much do Maci Bookout and the other girls make from the hit show? "I'm not really supposed to talk about it," she said. "I still have the normal struggles, like I have to budget and pay my bills." However, she did say that "nobody works for free."

Fans need to chill out. It's nobody's business how much money Maci Bookout or any of the other Teen Mom stars make. People watch them because they like the drama, think the babies are adorable, and relate to their lives as young moms.

So I came across this article today and made me think of what I posted a few days ago regarding Maci's public speaking event. I mentioned how it's kind of ironic that someone who basically won the 'lottery' of being a teen mother - meaning they had very few of the struggles typical 16 year old mothers have - was speaking to college kids about her experiences. I don't blame her for trying the public speaking route, especially when she hits the schools that actually matter (high schools) because it could help people, and it's extra money for her future. ("nobody works for free")

This is more of a reply to the article instead of Maci. I understand she is not rich, but I also know she's nowhere near poor. Amber Portwood was forced to reveal her salary in court, and according to Starcasm, she's pulling in $140,000 per six-month season. I'd fully expect between the speaking tours and Teen Mom salary, she'll probably see upwards of half a million by the time they pull the plug on the 1st cast. I really wouldn't consider that rich either, but you and I both know when it comes time to balance budgets, most single and/or teen mothers would give their right arm to have the same budget as Maci does.

On a side note, by living in the south, isn't going to Wal-Mart pretty much a given, regardless of how much she makes?

Also, as far as 'chilling out'.... I don't think it's that bad to be curious how much they're making. It's because we all know they're not struggling half as bad as they make it sound, so it's starting to border on the fake side of things.. especially when it comes to the original cast. I'm not entirely sure how much the Teen Mom 2 girls were being paid during the filming of the current season. It can't be much though because I doubt Kailyn would have qualified for assistance and Jenelle ordered to only pay like $30/week in support.

What are your thoughts? Does Maci and the other moms really have a nice sized bank account and they're just acting, or do you think they're really on a tight budget?


Just because she acts like a normal person by going to Walmart doesn't mean she hasn't got a lot of money. I know wealthy people who shop there, that's no excuse. Of course they have a lot of money, compared to the average teen mom, they're under contract not to discuss numbers.

The effect of their incomes is very visable in the show's last season. None of the girls had jobs that season (although Cate did get a job during the season.)All the girls managed to rent houses, apart from Farrah who was constantly flying over the US. Both Maci and Kyle have nice cars. Farrah even had a brand new mini, she had a beat up Ford on 16 & Preg. As much as MTV try to hide it and put words in the girls' mouths, we're not blind, we can see they get good money!

Yeah rich would be millions so I don't believe there rich. Now wealthy is the word. They make enough money to not work because that's what some of the girls show us on there TV show. So they shouldn't act like they don't have money because we all know that's a lie. And what they do with there money is there deal but don't complain if your the one that put your self in debt. They got a great deal on being on the show, but I wished they wouldn't complain about money issue.

Excuse me, but just because she lives in the south doesn't mean she just has to go to walmart! I take that very offensive! I live in the South and I go to Walmart, target, Macy's what the Hell does it matter about walmart. YOU GO WHERE YOU CAN FIND DEALS. And just the way you posted that ( a side note, by living in the south, isn’t going to Wal-Mart pretty much a given, regardless of how much she makes?) makes you look pretty ignorant!

If you should be mad at anyone, be mad at Maci. She's the one who implies poor people shop at Wal-Mart. My comment was just a joke, relax.

LOL, Steve you should of known someone was gonna hoot and holler about that little line. I think you knew that :)

lol yea, someone always seems to get offended about my posts!

She might've implied that "poor people shop at Walmart," but you are the one who implied that all Southern people are poor. Your "joke" isn't funny or even logical...

No, my comment was a joke that southern people just love Wal-Mart regardless of their income bracket.

Hey, we also like Target.

Don't be so sensitive! Steve is right about Maci being the one to imply we're poor white-trash for shopping there. I won't judge you for shopping at Wal-mart for your denture paste!

ROTFL!!!! Oh my goodness that is so wrong but I can't stop laughing!

You're just digging the hole deeper and proving Maci right.

What dug the hole deeper was her saying "I take that very offensive" instead of " I'm very offended"....I'm just saying....and I'm in the Sssssoooouuuttthhh Y'all

They are obv not struggling like the rest of us teen moms. i would love to make the kinda money they make for sitting at home and playing with my son. MTV can try to hid how much they make all the want but we all no they are not poor in anyway I really wish mtv would cut off their money till the end so people can see the TRUTH about being a teen parent and the REAL struggles becasue you dont see the TRUTH from this show. dont get me wrong i love the show but i wish people could see the truth

I think that they get paid after the season is done and aired, not during the filming. Thats what i dont like about reality tv shows like this. They make it seem like they are really struggling financial wise or whatever DURING the show, and when it airs on tv then they have the money to spend on cars, homes, school, their children. Yes it is hard to balance/budget money and be a young mother, but they are making alot of money from this and other deals.

Even though the girls get big salaries from MTV, I doubt there is much left now. Maci paid, from what I remember, $1000+ per month for her apartment, plus got that new Dodge, paid for many semesters at a community college, flew around to club with the Jersey Shore cast, and got breast implants. Farrah as well bought many tickets to, what, Arizona, Florida, and other places? Plus got a boob job, and I'm sure, a new car. She's also paying for culinary school and a place down in Florida.
Maci is probably right. After shelling out thousands of dollars for boobs and an apartment, she may not have a lot left. But that's what's sad about these girls. Once the money runs out, how are they going to support their kids? Same goes for the girls on Teen Mom 2.

As far as I've seen Farrah going on a plane, it's been for at "modelling" job, so she's been paid to go out of town. or am I wrong??

On the other hand, it had not registered in my m ind that Maci had gotten a boob job

I think Abigail was referring to when Farrah was flying all over trying to decide where she was going to live and go to school. LA, Arizona and Flordia

farrah been on plane few times on show, modeling and when she went go look colleges in arizona and florida some other places as well

It would of been nice if in their contracts that MTV stated that, of course some would go to them but at least HALF should have to go in to a college fund for the babies! Worked something out like that

They probably do make alot of money, but it might be saved for their child's college fund. Either way, yes, they still are normal people that go to Walmart. It shouldn't be anyone's business how much they make and what they do with it. I think they're responsible enough.

Personally I don't find them to be "normal people" They are on tv and are in the public eye...most "normal people" are not. As for Wal-Mart who cares? Who doesn't go to Wal-Mart rich or poor? It may not be our business to know their finances, but obviously everyone is curious because of how they seem to spend their money...they are living in the moment and don't seem to be thinking of any type of future after the show ends. Its all fun and games now, but what happens when that $ stops coming in and they actually have to "work" for it? As for being responsible...just 3 words: Sixteen and Pregnant.

I was thinking the same thing Rhiannon about the "responsible" statement lol Obviously at one point they weren't so responsible so I'm not 100% confident they can be responsible now with that kind of money

Responsible, yes. Realistic, no. Most teenage mothers do have to work to support their children, and cannot afford things like designer clothing, hair extensions and plastic surgery that costs several thousand dollars. If I, personally, could afford all that stuff, I'd be on it like white on rice. However, I also do not have any children. If I had a child, things would be different. Even if I could afford all that stuff, I would choose to either spend it on my child, or put it in a college or emergency fund.

they might be saying they don't have money problems anymore, but lets remember that when Amber Portwood had to go to court, she had to tell the court what she made last year making it public knowledge...Amber reported to court that she made $250,000!!! they are getting paid by MTV, and everytime they are onthe cover of a magazine about being horrible moms, they are getting paid for those too...i personally think MTV needs to set aside a % of the girls paychecks into an account for the kids that they can access at a certain age, its not rightthat Amber is making money off being abusive and a drug addict and still hasnt put anything away for Leah after being court ordered too...its pretty gross actually...

I wanted to comment on the Teen Mom 2 girls - this is only the second season we are seeing of them - it's likely they weren't paid until the completion of the airing of the first season which means when Kail was approved for government assistance & Jenelle was court ordered to pay $30 per week, they probably had not received their paychecks from MTV. I am guessing, however, that their salaries are not as high as the original Teen Mom casts' salaries. Even so, what they make in one season is more than my husband and I combined!

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if MTV made it so that it looked like Kail needs government assistance or just made up the $30 number for Jenelle. The organization that's helping Kail pays for her rent, but everything else is up to her. I don't know about you, but she seems to have some nice things in her apartment and it is completely furnished and has everything she needs/wants (pictures, furniture, cooking materials...those things are not cheap). Having come from her mom's house where she just had her bedroom, she certainly was able to get a lot of other necessities in a short amount of time. I obviously might be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't. I mean, it's advertising for them. In Jenelle's case, we didn't see the form, they just said that it was $30/week. Just because she said it doesn't make it true.

i completely agree with this funny how leah had older car in beginning first season teen mom 2 and now she drives some new fancy ford, this season cory bought truck, and after stops airing leah bought another new vehicle 2011 suburban. so they obviously make money during show, why else they able get these new things. same goes for jenelle she was able apaprently "lease" vehicle after her broke down even tho she does not have job, or chelsea this season was great taht she apaprently saved up money from tanning job buy jeep wrangler. alright mtv we kinda figure out that they aint saving thousands dollars, gets anonying how scripted they make show.

Come don't honestly think that Chelsea paid for that Jeep do you? HER DAD PAYS FOR EVERYTHING!!! Yes, she has FINALLY gotten a job and been a great mom (from what I can see) but otherwise, the $ comes from dad!!!! If she could only stop giving into that selfish, pointless, rude, obnoxious baby daddy....she just might make it somewhere in life (hence: her parents have told her that ALL along!!!) LMFAO!!! We never listen to our parents until its WAY toooooooo LATE!!!

they obviously make more money than the average teen mom and more than any young couple with kids i know. they have enough to spend on getting their nails and hair done and i know that may not sound like much, but when you're on a tight budget you sacrifice those types of things. also if you notice half the time these girls are walking around with designer purses too.

Never really understood why all these girls have FAKE hair?!?!?!? I am a working mom who can't seem to find enough time in the day to do all the tasks I need to do (homework, dinner, bath, etc.) as well as work full-time and dont make HALF of what they make. Truly sad!! They wouldn't know a good thing if it magically landed in their freakin laps!!!!!!!!

Ahaha I agree, don't think they're rich but wealthy yes. But I am curious because Maci did say that none of them work for free so why wouldn't that also apply to the kids? They should be getting paid for their parents smothering their names and lives all over the tv for not only America to see but other countries as well. I do understand their warnings and teachings about teen pregnancy but eventually it gets old.

Now @ Me: before you open your mouth it would prove educational that you get your facts straight before you post them. Amber did put money aside for her daughter...she has accommodated all the demands placed upon her except failure to produce a piss test to which the cops got called out and found meds in her care that she shouldn't have because she's sick and her life spiraled more out of control then before, honestly I believe her family is right - it's to the point she just needs to move on with her life and focus on herself and lose the cameras.

actually PER HER PROBATION OFFICER, she HAS NOT put aside money for Leah, it was required by the court and was one of the things she got violated for....and she also had possession of prescriptions she couldn't account for and she told them "my housekeeper threw the prescriptions away"...ive done my research, you should do yours, its pretty easy, when someone goes to court its public record....

and r u seriously trying to say that when your on probation its okay to take drugs if your life is spiraling out of control?!?! haha u must be Amber....nice screen-name!!!

Ok, was not trying to pick a fight, just you seemed so cut throat on her. Honestly i don't care clearly as much as you do for researching into court docs. Just saying its more then paper work before you can just flat out judge someone and define them, so the research im talking about is more then paper work. Yes she does have money saved for Leah(there is so much controversy on this subject and a crap load of information)...this whole thing is a debateable conversation which honestly i dont care to drag on about cuz it's really not that important.

As to rewrite what i said before since my understanding was apparently read differently. No i do not in any way condone her and the meds problem, which is why i agree with her family that she needs to take herself out of the spotlight and work on herself so she can get to a place she wants to be, that meaning a place where she can be a good role model for her daughter at some point. And so i was implying that her having those pills just made the spiraled life she already has even more so. But perhaps not because she is sick(my meaning in this is that she has a problem, an addiction she acknowledges)and maybe now she can focus on it and change herself for the better.
As for the last comment about me being Amber...
1. No offense but i would hope Amber has more important things to do then to argue with a random person, such as improve on herself.
2. Im sorry my name doesnt suit your acception but i don't really care because my parents gave me this name and im quite happy with it so...moving on

I would hope MTV is paying them more than just $150K per season. MTV is making some serious bank on this show and $150K per season is nothing in comparison. Also, I wonder if the teen dad's get paid for being on the show. Maybe that is why Chelsea's man keeps coming back, Jennelle’s man keeps coming back and Amber and Gary can never give each other up. I would think they are getting something because why would they put themselves through all the extra drama for nothing. And does Maci’s boyfriend or Kailyn’s boyfriend get something?

I have no clue on the thoughts you bring up but I always just kinda thought that Gary and Tyler were getting paid lol I don't know why, just cause they were such a big part of the show I guess. I assumed. If I was MTV, and if they are paying Adam then I'd be handing it over to Chelsea for child support since he was so behind, but he's suppose to be up to date now isn't he? Pretty sure I've seen that somewhere. I don't think the boyfriends (Kyle, Kail's man, whoever Jenelle is dating) Should get ANY thing!!!

Are you serious? A season is is about 3 months (maybe 6 months of filming). That's $300K PER YEAR. Most people won't ever see that in their lifetime. They signed up for this. Have we really become a society that says, "yes, girls. Get pregnant while you're still in high school. You'll probably break up with your boyfriend, possibly not finish HS, and not go to/get through college, but hey, it's ok. We'll pay you a butt load of money to film you and make it seem like your life is so hard."

They are undoubtedly wealthy at this point. Whether or not they're wise with the money they've been paid is another matter altogether. But now, the faked money struggles, especially from the season one cast, are ridiculous.

Something to consider, though, is cost of living in different areas of the US. Amber likely feels considerably more wealthy than Maci, because the cost of living life in Anderson, Indiana versus the cost of living in Chattanooga, Tennessee is considerably lower. (I live about an hour away from Amber, and my husband & I had at one time considered moving to Chatt....we did our research and it was like reality hit us over the head with Louisville sluggers- no way we could afford it without some hefty savings backing us up! Trying to get anywhere south of the Ohio River is going to be a struggle.) Regardless, though, it's easy to tell that they aren't hurting for dough.

It's funny that some of you mention that MTV should have included a clause in their contracts that some of the money must be set aside for the kids. While I agree, I also have to laugh. MTV has shown little care for any of the people who've appeared on the show outside of what crazy things can happen to them in the name of ratings. My mom has seen a few snippets of episodes and has commented that mandatory counseling should've been in the contract as well....all of the girls could've seen benefit from it.

In the end, the "what do they make?" question might be the downfall of the series. Releasing that info could mean the destruction of the's getting hard to watch now, even making educated guesses about their salaries. It'd be a different show if we knew for sure!

It's really sad that most of us are suggesting that the girls should start college funds for their children. How irresponisble must someone be to not think "hmmm...out of the $500,000 I have made over the past few years, I should put some aside for my child."

In DK we've had a similar show for about 10 years, and they don't get paid anything.

There are constantly new girls on the show, and we don't follow them in everything in their lives, they just call on the producers whenever something significant happens in their lives, and they shoot it and air it about 3-4 months later.

I think it's nice that we have so many different girls on the show and don't just follow 4 girls around 24-7. Don't get me wrong I love watching Teen Mom, but after all the things I've read about payment and staging, it makes me a bit angry. Because it's not real life!

What is the name of that show? Can you watch it online? Would be interesting to see

WHAT THE HELL? 140K a year? I've probably never made that in my whole damn career, and I'm way over 30.

Those dumbasses need to learn how to budget if they cant make it on that!

It was maci that suggested that poor people shop at walmart. And even though you get good deals at walmart, shopping there has a bad impact on our economy. Everything they have there is outsourced and takes so many jobs out of this country. We need to support stores that make there products here in America and even if you pay more it will bring more jobs back here. If you think the answer to saving money in our bad economy is to shop at walmart you are just making it worse.

In some cases a lot of thr money they make they may have to put towards the children ONLY, like college funds and needs for them. That may be why they have every day struggles

If that's the case then they should ALL have everyday struggles. Maci drives a new car, rents a $1000/month apartment, and at the end of last season had extensions put in her hair, Amber doesn't work at all and can still afford her bills, Catelynn and Tyler both work part-time but we've never seen them at work and two part-time jobs can't pay for everything, Farrah flew all over the US, and Jenelle finds money to buy pot. I think I've seen all of them at one point or another with acrylics or a new electronic. They are definitely not struggling!

You forgot Farrah's and Maci's boob jobs. Real teenage mothers definitely do NOT have a few grand to drop on necessary medical procedures, let alone cosmetic surgery.

haha i agree this completely and fact jenelle "lease" a car oh come on mtv yes someone no job and has criminal charges can lease brand new car., and fact everyone almost has new vehicle on show doesnt make us thik at all like chelsea has new wrangler which are quite far chunk and leah gone thru now over two new vehicle ford car and new suburban she crashed, and her husband had new truck, yet there so poor cant afford move, mtv going bit much with this there "poor" thing i wouldn't doubt they made more 300k. kinda things they seem be able afford. for being "poor"



Just a different view of things. Im 21 years old so is my husband, he is in the navy and I am a part time student we've been married 2 years today. .
We don't have any human kids yet. But we do have 3 pets, car payment, electric, a maxed out credit card low limit card on purpose and many other things. We live in an apartment that's $1k a month due to the area were stationed in. We live off of roughly $2300 a month. And that's it. Due to a health issue I cannot work and my husband is active duty. If you budget you can be young and afford that kind of rent. That said we do live paycheck to paycheck due to unexpected expenses..

Now as per the kids getting money. I believe they count as child actors and as a result tere is a law saying the parents can't touch whatever money the kids earn. I do think some of the girls should consider therapy. Jenelle for anger issues and self esteem issues and Chelsea for co-dependency. Amber is a whole mess on to her self and in general I find: Leah, maci, farrah (not in the beginning but ad of last season she stepped it up) to have their heads on straight for being young and in the spotlight. Are they perfect no... Is anyone? No and to be fair had they not acted rashly they wouldn't be teen moms. But considering some parents out there even older ones these girls seem (key word) to be doing a decent job.

Sure they could be wealthy. For all I know they actually have nannies for their kids I have no clue and none of the public does. But watching the stories progress it's clear to me the girls get paid AFTER the season ends and perhaps not until after that reunion thing. And I say that because of how and when the "spending" occurs. And everyone can sit here and say "new car this etc" but car loans, car payments, etc not like they are paying cash and no payments. The hair and nails...the camera always shows the salons name. So I'm sure businesses love the girls and frankly I can do my own nails. Fake nails at Sally's hair products for $1.50 on sale and I dye my own hair for under $10. Are they doing it? I don't know. But it IS possible if you know where to look. And at the end of the day I'm glad they are getting paid. Nobody does work for free and their children have a better shot than most as fair as a jump start for the future.

Hold up now. I do know a little about the military life. Your husband's check automatically deducts your house payment before its ever put into ya'lls bank acct. How do I know this? My husband was in the military for 4 years. Yes, things are tough as a military wife....but think of how tough it was for families, not just wives. Its not easy but for some it is a way of life....just as teen mom has become. Although, these girls have NO idea what its like to BUDGET money. You got boob jobs, drinking, drugs, pills, etc. Maybe they should take a walk in our shoes and learn the real way of LIFE!!!!

I love how Maci and Farrah are making the best of their situations by speaking out and writing books. I feel they deserve to be paid well for the show. Hell its hard enough being a teen mom! Imagine having it filmed for the whole world to see! I'm sure they don't get paid enough.

its clear that the teen mom casts get paid good amount of money be on the show, they all have brand new vehicles from when they started and they deserve it struggling young mothers and like maci said nobody works for free. it just little anonying mtv scripts things so badly like when chelsea teen mom 2 says she saved her money new job buy 2011 wrangler. clearly mtv pay check bought you that, just wish little more reality in some aspects of there show, regardless people say i think most of them with exception of a few doing great job as young mothers. i feel bad for all people hate bash them over internet.

I'm not even a teen mom. I'm 26 years old and my baby is 8 months old and life is HARD. Our cars constantly break down. Our rent is 550 and we can hardly make that. I make under 20,000 a year. I plug away every day at my homework. I'm in my 4th year of college. This is all sickening. Boob jobs teenagers and I can hardly feed myself. I love this show but I feel like our society just gives people assloads of money and fame for no reason. Years ago, you had to actually be talented to become famous.

Just unfair that people have to work their asses off all day every day and still can't make ends meet while others get paid to do nothing

[...] getting a bit silly to see them try to act like they’re struggling financially.  Maci even came out recently and tried to make it seem like she’s not doing super well for [...]

just becuase she has a T.V show does not mean she makes a lot of money. Its not like they did this for more then two years its not their careers, its something they were offered to do so people could see how hard it is to be a teen and rais a baby. There just like any other human bean. No matter how much money you hvae you will always have problems in your life even money ones. We have to be easy on people even if you dont like them. So people just chill out and get over it. im pretty sure if she says she is not rich she's not.

Exactly. they could be saving up quite a bit of that money for the future. I understand about them having boob jobs, cars, whatever, but it's not the worst thing they could have done with the money in my opinion. A lot of them are going to college, and college is NOT cheap. So yeah, they may be wealthy, but how do you know they aren't saving up? We don't know every aspect of their lives.

All of you that are defending these losers are just as f**king stupid as the people who think this shit is real! All of this crap is fake & scripted. Everytime they go any place on the show, people act like they are meeting them for the first time, no nevermind the fucking cameras following them around, that by the way no one ever comments on. Remember when Janelle stole her moms credit card for the 3 or 4 days she & kieffer left town? Then her mom just happened to get her cc bill while they were still gone & the charges she had made were already on there! Not possible!! Ofcourse that was the trailer for that episode as well! Don' get me wrong, there are real aspects of this show...Leah probably is a whore...Ryan probably is a douchebag...Kaitlyn has absolutely no personality...Kyle is as country as all get out! Amber probably is crazier than a shit house rat! Gary is a tub of lard loser! Farrah is most likely a complete bitch in real life, who should have gotten her teeth fixed long before the show ever aired, & who also by the way could give a shit about the father of her baby, yet they continue to show her mourning over his grave & if I remember correctly, didn't even know where it was at first. Come on people, this show is for entertainment ONLY! There is nothing "reality" about it. If it's on tv, it's not reality. It's entertaining & that's why I continue to watch it. These dumb bitches make plenty of money & that's the only reason they still do the show. Thanks

My feelings are that MTV wants this to be about their struggles. I am sure they are paid, but yes, my guess would be it is post season, however if they NEED a home..i.e. Amber and Gary's theatrics in front of their children, I am sure MTV pays for the home directly to the landlord and deducts it from their pay. If they need a car, perhaps MTV covers the payments until payday, i.e. end of season. These girls have apartments, cars, diapers, and etc yet don't have jobs. In my world if 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 4 something isn't right. Their struggles are not REALITY, with the exception of Tyler and Catelynn. Just watch the show, don't compare yourselves to them...there is nothing REAL about their lives with tv cameras following their every move.

Everytime I watch the show I would wonder how they could afford an apartment, or to go out to eat, or even drive the vechiles they did. Logically I figured they got paid for the show. I do agree it doesn't show the real financial struggles. I'm not a teen mom, but I'm a single mother that struggles to raise two children on a very low income. I work full-time and live with my parents.
It would be good if the show would show true struggles. I remember on of the first apartments I moved into with my first son I didn't have bandaids. My best friend had bought extra at the pharmacy and gave me some. I told her we could only afford the essentials and at the time band-aids was not it. If he or I needed one I would have had to go out to the store and get them. It was like this with many other things and still is today.

ok, just like any reality tv out there this show is scripted. And they arent trying to encourage teenagers to go out and have sex so they cant let you know how much they get paid but they do get paid and paid well. On average the teen mom's are making at least 75k a year some of the more popular ones are making way more than that.
Now if the show was all about how lucky these girls were to have a show about them nobody would watch it, so they need to script some sort of drama to make the show intresting thus the money problem.

I think it's nothing like being a young mom really is. I am a young mom and I can't buy new cars or a new house. I struggle day to say to make ends meet. It may however show u how hard it is to actually be a mom but a for money struggle, not even close!

wth does it matter???? In the end they got a chance that most people don't get... A chance to be a full time parent and have enough money to not have to "work", to be there with their kids day in and day out not having to go to a 9-5 job. If you ask me its smart... I mean if I was offered the chance to sit at home with my kids and not have to worr about babysitters, working, making ends meet, I would jump on it too... they got an opprtunity to better thei childs life. Which they may not have had if it wasn't for MTV. MTV just gave a couple of girls a chance and not to have to live in poverity.... I think its wonderful and brilliant. if everyone is so pissy about the show and how much they make then why watch it? I live in Chattanooga and it's not a cheap city but if you watched the first season Maci and Ryan's parents are both wealthy. They had a little less struggle than most teen parents from the get go...

[...] from states that Amber “was forced to reveal her salary in court, and she’s pulling in $140,000 [...]