Farrah Goes to Couples Therapy: Doesn't Have a Boyfriend

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Editors note - I know this story is a little old, but Megan wrote it a few days ago and we've had so many stories to release, this has been sitting on the back burner.

I guess it's a good thing when we're posting stories that are a little old because we're posting so much lately!

As we all know, Farrah has decided to be a part of VH1's 4th season of Couples Therapy, where washed up celebrity couples go to a multi-million dollar home, and receive help from some lady named Dr. Jenn Berman.

This sounds great, besides the fact that Farah does not have a boyfriend.

The series premiered on Thursday, and it was basically an introduction to the "celebrities" that are going to be featured on the season, since most of them haven't amounted to much in the last few years.

The line up includes some real winners like Jon from "Jon and Kate plus 8", Taylor Armstrong from one of the Real Housewives shows, Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan, and Whitney and Sada from "The Real L Word". Each of them is introduced with their partner, and this takes up a whopping 35 minutes of the actual show.

Then, Farrah arrives alone, complaining about how much work it is to carry her luggage up the stairs to the house she'll be staying at.

When she shows up, everyone else in the house is confused because nobody is there with her, and she has a room to herself.

The couples get together to have a group meeting, and Dr. Jenn calls Farrah the elephant in the room because she doesn't have a partner.

Farrah instantly starts crying about how her boyfriend stood her up and didn't show up for therapy when he promised he would.

I personally love how everyone is seated nicely next to their partner, but Farrah has to sit awkwardly like this for the whole session.


Farrah is definitely the center of attention for this episode, but only because of her situation being different than the others that are there. One thing is for sure, the cry face is back and better than ever. After all of the plastic surgery that Farrah has had done, I'm not even sure that she can create tears, because I didn't see any real ones fall the whole episode.

One twist that was presented at the end of the episode was that at some point, Farrah's ex boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez will be making an appearance on the show to explain to Dr. Jenn why Farrah's past relationships haven't worked out the way she may have wanted them to.

He basically calls her offensive and she instantly tells him that he's wrong. So far, I'm not impressed, but I guess we'll see as the season goes on.


I would just like to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to Megan for stepping up and volunteering...and coming through with some great stuff!

I just watched this early this morning, she is the absolute worst actress....so delusional!

You should have included that her boyfriend was a fake. Look into it. It's hilarious. His name's Brian Dawe, he was gonna go on the show with her as a fake boyfriend but didn't get on the flight and emailed producers saying the relationship was a sham. They offered him more money and he still declined.

Thank you- that was the one huge glaring omission that was bothering me the entire time I was reading the article. Just so pathetic that she has to entice a guy to be her fake boy friend with promises of cash. Good for him for backing out!

I'd also like to thank Megan for putting out all of these articles lately.

Just saw this, had to share it here. I've never seen this before, I don't know who draw it, but LOL.


Oh dear god that's hideous but also so, so hilarious!!! Nothing like crocodile tears from a llama pretending to be a businesswoman.

Her ugly cry is so fake. Even more so now that she has big fish lips, fake eyelashes and big fake chompers. She can turn it on and off in an instant. No tears either, lol.

What on Farrah's face is actually natural still? I can't think of anything. LOL

She probably uses a nightly beautifying mask made from toddler eyebrow wax, the pasta sauce she abandoned faster than her numerous puppies and a fair amount of some of the extra donor sperm she has lying around for when all this falls through and she's gotta pop another baby out to stay relevant. All of that's very real.

'Her ugly cry is so fake.' Yes and her fake cry is so ugly. I think if a random tear finally squeaks it's way out, it should be analyzed. It is likely 100% Passy Perfume. At least she found a use for it, as it never did get her child off the pacifier. Farrah has proven 2 things. You cannot pay her enough to tell the truth. You cannot pay a guy enough to even pretend to be her boyfriend.
Seriously though, I fear for her daughter. I cannot imagine how the actions of her mother and grandparents can be anything but harmful. Kids can be so mean and bullying is discussed endlessly for a reason. How will this precious child ever get through high school?
My God there are photos of her RIGHT outside a porn studio with her mom and grandpa! They took Sophia there to witness her mom signing a porn deal. If anyone Googles her mom, it will release horrific teasing and embarrassment. Sadly, she cannot even find safe shelter with her daddy or his family. Farrah won't allow it. I wish there was someone to rescue this little girl, but I don't see anyone trying. No one wants to unleash the wrath of Farrah on themselves.
I know a new law was signed in California to make it illegal for paps to photograph minors for financial gain. I know it was designed for celebrity kids, maybe it would protect Sophia as well. It would at least keep her out of the media.

She always seems to try to tear anyone criticizing her down by calling them "old." On the Bethany show, that nutbag housewife on last night's couples therapy...it seems to Farrah that the final word in any case to be made against someone is "she's older than I am and therefore everything she says is invalid." Youth is her most valuable possession and her face isn't going to hold up too well if she's already overdoing plastic surgery and unnecessary collagen injections when she's only like 22. Her world is going to come crashing down once she ruins her looks or turns *gasp* 25!! By her expectations, she'll practically be a spinster by then.

Shout out to everyone who's migrating over from Teen Mom Talk. Megan's articles are much better than "Mackenzie Douthit Pees her Pants"!

Hopefully the unforgivable, abusive trolls will stay away from here. I was horrified at the comments posted about the innocent, teen mom children. I swear it was illegal the things that were being said about the kids. Her site should have immediately have been shut down and the IP addresses of the offenders investigated. I will NEVER understand how anyone could even think, let alone write, the disgusting and mentally unbalanced things that were written. I trust Steve would prevent that from happening here. I know I would be gone instantly if it did.

Is that true? I would read an article about Mackenzie Douthit peeing her pants. I would read about any of these people losing control of any bodily function.

Don't forget Heather has taken it upon herself to hyphenate Mackenzie's last name