Has Farrah Finally Broken up with Simon?

It feels like Farrah has done nothing but criticize Simon since his arrival to TeenMom OG. There was the time when she got upset with the engagement ring he bought her because it wasn't big enough, the problems she had with his level of "participation" at the Easter day egg hunt that Sophia went to and her general level of anger whenever he was around. So who's surprised that Farrah finally broke up with Simon?

But is it possible that Farrah's claims of breaking up with Simon are just another publicity stunt? For some reason, Simon is enthusiastically promoting the new season of TeenMom OG on his Instagram. Why would he do this if he and Farrah had broken up. Of course, the show is filmed well before the present time, but it is a little curious.

Farrah and Simon have also been through a lot together. Make ups, break ups - and for some reason, Farrah's even had Simon fly out to do things like meet Dr. David, her mom's boyfriend, while he was her "friend" rather than her boyfriend.

Right now, it's clear Farrah is pretty upset. She's on the outs with her Mom over her impending marriage to Dr. David and she's been seriously occupied by launching several businesses in just the last 6 months. So we'll have to see what happens with Simon.