Will Farrah Abraham's Feud With Her Co-Stars Ever End?

Here's the thing, part of Farrah Abraham's feud and drama with her co-stars happens to be good for the Teen Mom show. However, at what point does it really just get tiring and old? There are just some things that need to come to an end but we don't believe this one will.

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There is plenty of bad blood between the co-stars and it was only fueled by the big fiasco that was the reunion show. Things got physical and family members were injured (Abraham's dad). Insults continued to be thrown around and the result was an all out war between Abraham and her co-stars, mainly Amber Portwood.

Recently we revealed that Portwood and Catelynn Lowell had a few choice words to say about their co-star during a People Magazine interview. It's now leading us to believe that their statements have finally gotten to Abraham who recently insulted all three of her co-stars on social media.

"It's Hilarity how I single handily made more views & ratings then all three stooges on @TeenMom @mtv & make more rating then 1offs...sh!" Abraham captioned the now-deleted photo," according to NYDailyNews.

Now, Abraham is making it all about the views and money. Will her co-stars fire back? Most likely. We'd love to see how a conversation between just the four ladies in one room would go. No family members, no doctors, just cameras and some chatting.

Will the fued ever end? Should it end? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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The feud will end just as soon as someone/anyone knocks the s**t out of Farrah and puts her on her a**. She is so nasty, disrespectful, and ignorant. She feels she can say or do whatever she wants because no one has put their foot up her a**. Trust me as soon as that happens she will think before she speaks. And when it happens the ratings will go through the roof. Farrah is nothing more than a piece of whale s**t and you can't get any lower than that.