Meet Farrah Abraham - The Matchmaker - Wait, What?

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham matchmakerYou see all types of weird stuff on the Internet with companies using celebrities endorsing their products even if the celebs have no clue about it. I saw a groupon ad that promised a date with Leonardo DiCaprio* (notice the asterisk)... turns out in the fine print, it was an impersonator. Nothing better than going on a voyage about Titanic with some guy who believes he's Leo.

Moving on, back to the topic at hand. Apparently this is real. Yes. Farrah even posted a link to it from her main facebook page under the title:

Come see me at the Hot Spot for Dates, where the Stars of today help you find your Red Carpet to love!

So you click on the link, and it looks like a super cheesy dating site that offers celebrities walking you down the red carpet of love. Do you get to walk down a red carpet and eventually find 'love' with these celebrities? I mean the other girls are:

  • Brande Roderick - Playmate
  • Karrisa Shannon - Hugh Hefner former diaper changer / girlfriend
  • Kristina Shannon - Hugh Hefner former diaper changer / girlfriend

I'm sure you have plenty of guys reaching for their credit cards only to find out.. these "stars" will simply have their own blog inside the members area where they give romance advice to. That's it? Just some generic blog posts from playmates and Farrah about what I'd assume would be "How to hook up with Hugh Hefner in 3 easy steps".

And what about this red carpet? Is that just word play on being famous? They can't even walk someone down a red carpet with customers pretending they're famous? That will get them some action quicker than reading some blog post. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a real red carpet. Just roll down a Wal-Mart rug, put a background up about some latest movie and wave. Simple. That guy is getting action when those photos hit the net, guaranteed.

Anyway, it's a quite odd career move for Farrah, but hopefully they're paying her well to do it because before you know it she'll be pushing 1-800 numbers if this continues.

If you want to see the site, check it out here:


Just what advice could Farrah give somebody about dating? You're better off just asking that one friend everybody has who claims to nail a bunch of chicks.The Playmate jokes were pretty funny though....

So is the website a way for u to date these 'celebrities' or do they run the cite and help match u up?

You're not too bright are you?

Why are you being rude? It was just a question

[...] is a writer, as she just finished her book “My Teenage Dream Ended”, sauce maker, matchmaker, photo taker, and umm, I’ll say pizza baker to finish that line (her skill at baking a pizza [...]

Farrah is on dating websites herself and has from what I hear hooked up sexually with many guys. . Jdate and plentyoffish for sure.