Farrah Superstar, Backdoor Teen Mom?

farrah abraham


TMZ - Well, it's happened. Farrah's quest to be the next Kim Kardashian is in full swing now that she's officially signed a contract with the same company the newly pregnant famewhore used to launch her success.

The titles of the movies are even going to be similar, except for the backdoor teen mom part. That's kind of ... weird, and suggestive of what we may find in the video.

How much will Farrah make to cover her future DUI charges? According to TMZ, she's going to earn close to 1 million dollars. I must say, even I'm shocked at that amount.

I really didn't think there would be that much of an interest to see a tape with Farrah, even though she is the best looking mom from both seasons (which isn't saying a whole lot)...

To be fair, Chelsea would probably do ok as well if her video wasn't an hour of her having sex with some guy wearing an Adam mask.

So there you have it, Farrah has successfully transformed having a kid at a young age to more than a million dollars (counting her other projects plus Teen Mom money). People will bash her for that, but that is the epitome of taking lemons her life gave her and turning them into lemonade.

Others have used their fame to get high, go to jail, meet douchebag motocross bikers, marry into a little money, or join other reality shows.

Farrah has been focused, driven (while drunk at times), and determined which should set up a good future for her daughter... assuming she's not teased out of every school she goes to because of it (Let's hope not).

People say a lot of bad things about her, but she can work for me any day!


I hope she has thick skin. Once this tape it out, people are going to watch it, and rip her apart. She wont regret it today, or tomorrow, but eventually she will look back and hang her head in shame. I feel the most sorry for her little girl, her mom is now a reality star turned porn actress. Shes never going to break into real acting or singing. Which is what she wanted. Her poor personality, and lack of shame and talent didn't get her into Hollywood, and she was becoming insignificant, so this was her plan B, and boy is it ever going to backfire.

This girl is truly an idiot, this is not going to turn out how she thinks it will. I honestly think she believes this will turn her into some Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton type celebrity which is hilarious. Both of those girls had tons of connections in Hollywood before the tapes, they were both connected to famous people before the tapes and Farrah's just a girl from an MTV reality show about teen moms. This isn't gonna make her super famous and get a her own show, this is gonna turn her into more of a laughingstock than she already is. She's going to majorly regret this, this will follow her forever. I expect within a few months she'll be on Dr. Drew crying about a drug addiction that made her do the tape so it wasn't her fault, she needed the money etc...

And it's also going to follow Sophia forever, which is completely unfair and disgusting. This isn't like some random girl who did amateur porn under a fake name at 18 and ended up having kids a decade later. Farrah's name is already known, this is a "celebrity" (like celebrity at the level of Octomom) porn meaning once this is out anytime anyone googles "Farrah Abraham" links to her porno will pop up. And I doubt it'll be any different when Sophia in grade school.
She's selfish with no regard to her daughter's future. She's just as bad a Jenelle just in a totally different way. And MTV really needs to rethink the airing of Teen Mom 3. They may need to cut their losses with the entire franchise.

It could at least earn her a show on E! once her MTV contract is officially up. They are all about giving D list celebrities their own reality shows.

I don't know about that. Even though I cannot stand the Kardashians, the whole point of their show is their family relationship and the relationships between the sisters and their personal lives. And sometimes they come off as funny and a few of them seem nice.

Farrah is just a total bitch with a horrible attitude, I doubt anyone would watch half an hour of her annoying voice screaming at Michael and whining about being a young mom and pretend crying about Derek. It's not like she was a fan favorite of Teen Mom, most people couldn't stand her. So doubt Teen Mom fans would watch it and I really really doubt someone who has no idea about teen mom would.
When she was on Dr. Phil my mom was in the room and said "Who is this snotty little brat and why is she on TV?" lol

Farrah is a joke she not going to be the next kim Farrah is not to reget this. Because Farrah never take responsible for anything she is delusional. I feel for Sophia kids are cruel but their parents can be crueler. No parent is going to want Sophia around their kid the parent is not going want to sent their kid. To Sophia house Sophia is going to be in a world of hurt all because of Farrah. Desperate need for attention and fame Farrah is not a good person. I hope this tape fails and Farrah gets a dose of her karma she is so freaking vain and delusional this is not a sex tape it is straight porn. Lets call it for what it is Farrah thinks she can be the next Kim or Paris she not going to be. What happen to Kim was pure luck and the connections her mother had. I wonder what Derek family thinks about this

Maybe Derek's family can finally get some custody of Sophia by showing how the courts how much of a psycho Farrah is.

At least by taking it in the can she is sending a message about not getting pregnant. Isn't that the underlying purpose of the entire series was. Way to go Farrah, yea! And thank you Dr. Drew, you must be proud also.

Poor little Sophia. I wish someone would just whisk her away so she can live a normal life with a normal mother.

Making Michael proud!


I personally am a fan of the disclaimer saying that MTV has nothing to do with this. Even they are embarrassed of her.

Is that the official cover though? It seems fan made.

It's porn. It looks plenty official for Vivid's standards. The money goes to condoms and STD tests, not graphic design.

Shebwas running out of money from wat she got from teen mom so her.next thing porn. Smh. Poor Sophia .. Her moms a porn hoe, her dad is gne. Her grandmother is crazy an her grandfather is ok with it all. I wonder wat Sophia's other grand parents have to say.... Smh. God Bless Sophia i wish u the best ... Xo farrah grow up an get a real job an a place to live an take care of ur daughter.....

Next time, maybe don't text your reply, so the rest of us can actually read it...

This girl is a disgrace to anyone and everything. Anyone who is seeking this much attention and desperation to be in the lime light, and to yearn so much fame needs PROFESSIONAL HELP.

I feel so very sorry for her little girl. She didn't ask to be born into this world. Seems as if Farrah didn't terminate the pregnancy (Debra's choice because she was Derek's child), because Farrah saw $$$$ in Sophia.

CPS, please do a thorough investigation. Have that baby talk to a psychiatrist, and fast!

It's pretty damn sad that all Farrah cares about is doing anything she can to stay somewhat "famous". And to hell with her morals. What a sick piece of trash!

Debra never wanted abortion? She's too Christian. It's not in her beliefs. Not sure where you got that from.

Debra did bring up adoption briefly on Farrah's 16 & P episode but that's it.

Also you have to keep in mind that the original girls of 16 & Pregnant didn't know if the show would even be picked up from MTV until they had already filmed for many months. So for all they knew they could have been filming for nothing. So Farrah definitely wasn't seeing dollar signs at that point. I think they genuinely were trying to just share a genuine story. But THEN things picked up and 16 & P turned into Teen Mom and THAT'S when Farrah only started caring about dollar signs.

Not to mention that the Season 1 girls were already several months pregnant before they even heard about the show.

Again, what do you people think the purpose of CPS is? They take abused and neglected children out of their homes and place them elsewhere. Foster care is also not this miracle solution - often times it's not much better.

Sophia is fed, bathed, clothed, and has a roof over her head at all times. Her mother may be an idiot and makes stupid decisions about how to utilize her "fame" but she is not an immediate threat to Sophia's physical safety. If Sophia ends up bullied at school in the future because of this, that is not CPS's problem - that is between Farrah, Sophia, and the school.

And as a parent you probably shouldn't be doing things that will almost guarantee your child will get picked on. That's selfish. I agree though that nothing about this would concern CPS, but just because it's not CPS level bad doesn't mean she's not being a selfish, shitty mom making horrible decisions.

I agree. Farrah is extremely selfish. She needs some intense therapy (real therapy- not the B.S. with Dr. Drew or her enabling therapist on Teen Mom who just agreed with her all the time.) But Farrah doesn't deserve to have her child taken away.

We've seen Farrah thank her mom for talking her into having Sophia. Farrah's first choice was abortion.

Isn't that every high school cheerleader's first choice? It's like they teach that to teen boys or something, it comes out of their mouths so fast.

Wait, so Michael was in the room with her when she and Steve Hirsch were talking about her getting done up the butt? Awkward.

I seriously wouldn't characterize this as Farrah making lemonade out of life's lemons. This is MTV giving TV-show privileges to stupid people for pure LOL entertainment and Farrah misconceiving it as America's appreciation of her "talent".

Having said that, I really wish I wasn't one of the people who found her stupidity endlessly entertaining because I'm part of the reason she's about to be a millionaire...

Awh man, really? Just let it go, don't support this. Anyone who pays to see this mess loses their bashing rights, honestly. I know we all love train wrecks, which is why we're even here, but there isn't much ground stand on when you're making her rich for something you don't like.

I totally agree - I'm not actually going to pay money to watch her sex tape. Just mean I've helped her get to this level of fame by tuning in weekly.

I would. She's never going to be well respected in society because of the show so whoring herself out for more money while she's still relevant is going to work out better for her than pissing it all away on drugs, glamorous parties, and full body tattoos like her costars are doing.

Yes, selling your dignity and throwing away any chance of having a legitimate career is totally worth the million. Which she will also blow just as fast as her co stars blow money. Unless she plans to do porn full time, this was a huge mistake on her part, it's going to close so many doors for her in the future. And I doubt Teen Mom was going to prevent her from having a career, no one will even remember the damn show in 10 years. Making a professional porno with your real name, that is something that will follow her.
And most importantly, it's going to negatively affect her daughter in a huge way. Money isn't everything. I hope she saves some for Sophia future therapy bill.

Also if I was 16 (which Sophia will be one day) I'd much rather know my mom spent money on stupid tattoos when I was young than to know all my friends can google her and see her get it up the ass. That's just me though.

Yeah, my heart breaks for Sophia as well. I had said it before, but she will never survive middle school because Mommy decided to broadcast her quivering butthole for all the world to see.

...which is something I can die happy having never seen.

*shiver* ooh don't paint too vivid an image for us heh heh

More like life gave her lemons and she turned them into melons...then made porn with her melons. I see no lemonade being sold at her back door! (okay obviously I am getting giddy from a lack of sleep, sleep time!)

Color me shocked - not because of her stooping so low, but because this is *back door* teen mom. Farrah's so uptight and nasty, you couldn't drag a needle out of her asshole with a tractor. Deen must be a lot smaller than I thought.

At least she kept it classy! Next volume: Farrah Superstar, Cream Pie Sweetie.

Farrah, stop trying to be a Kardashian!! You will never even be close to that Ever! Do you realize how many haters you have now, and have lost all respect for you because, once again, you're laying on your back to make a quick buck.

And Farrah's psycho mom did suggest to give the baby up for adoption. I read that Farrah went on the computer and saw that MTV was in the makings of a 16 & pregnant show, so she PURPOSELY got pregnant to be FAMOUS!!

And that is why she didn't tell Sophia's father that he had a baby on the way. Farrah knew all along that this was going to make her famous. What a ruthless cold hearted B%tch!

What's next? An orgie porno? This sex tape will not make any money for her! Go back to the kitchen where you belong! Get a real damn job like everyone else in this world. You are no better that the rest of us, you illiterate imbecile!!

Farrah was already pregnant when she was told the show existed. Also, as it was pointed out above, the girls from the first season didn't even know if the show would get picked up, so she couldn't have really known it'd make her famous. Dont believe everything you read.

It really is a damn she the Sophia will never get to lead a normal life. On the briggtside she doesn't use a pacifer anymore!

But now mommys using one, one in the shape of a penis

I'm speechless. This is something not to be proud of...I'm embarrassed for her!!

The sad part about all this is that Sophia won't make it through 5th grade without some kid pulling out their iPhone and showing her her mother's poop chute getting pounded. What happened to Farah's spin off show? And, what's with moving all over the country? Why is she living in Texas?

She claims she moved to Texas because Farrah and Debra got into some major fights over the porno film...can't imagine that! Michael lives in Texas, so I guess she decided to "punish" (in Farrah's mind) Debra by moving herself, Baby Goo and her Fiat down to the Longhorn State. Poor Texas! I'm surprised it can hold all of Farrah's ego.

I'd forgotten about the Baby Goo thing hahahahah

I have no words for this.not even a cuning cute snarky remark that makes you laugh thats just sad maybe she thinks if she moves all over the country her porn wont catch up to sophia and not even when shes in school in 5 more years how bout her pre-school and some kid wants a play date with sophia but the parents know of farrah and dont want there kid playing with sophia cause it will happen not might.i much rather be issac with all kail did is get a bunch of ugly ass tattoos she regrets

IDK you guys but I feel like we are waiting for the tape and when the tape comes out farrah is just gonna be kissing and maybe touching with a guy and that's it. IF it's really a sex tape, a kim kardashian style sex tape, holly molly, does that girl doesn't love her little daughter enough? What kind of mom does that? she's not even broke or needing the $$$ ryal bad, I bet she has more income than the average 21 year old girl...


I'm pretty sure for close to a million dollars it's going to contain a lot more than "kissing and maybe touching".

She issued a statement stating: "I want my young fans to know that I was very smart, just as they would expect. We both tested clean for STD's and we used protection."

My view:
1) kissing and flirting do not require the above protection, (so more likely is full-on porn)
2) Porn company verified this info (and that the porn dude insisted she also be on birth control)
3) She stated his penis was very small compared to the ones she has seen
4) WTF young fans does she think will think highly of her for using protection?
-- no young female fans should be buying porn
-- is she suggesting her example is awesome because porn is normal and it is best to be protected when filming??
5) Hurts my brain to even try to see the world thru her eyes

Farrah's the best looking? You and me have different taste, man.

I don't see it either to me Farrah is not pretty at all Chelsea is the one that I think is the pretty one out of all teen mom series. Chelsea just wear to much makeup but I guess beauty is in the eye of the behold.

I just don't get it what went wrong with Farrah at least with jenelle you can clearly see a path since jenelle 16 and pregrant episode. But with Farrah nothing she is vain, shallow and have extreme sense of entitlement. But to do this is just weird it is fame that important to her Farrah reputation is ruin and for someone like Farrah that is everything to her. I just feel bad for Sophia she didn't ask to born and now she has to deal with her mother porn tape for the rest of her live. Farrah only thinks about herself it's not like Farrah was hurting for money and homeless she was living at home. I think Farrah is just vain and she is a classic narcissis she sees no one but herself she is hell bent on trying to be the " next Kim kasdasian". The different between Kim and her is that Farrah has a kid Kim did this tape with an ex boyfriend and she was child less then. I think Farrah needs real help there is something off about her in the past months she has really been do things to get attention. It seem when teen mom ended and she was no longer on tv every week she lose it and now she is doing anything she can do to stay "famous". I think vivid sign Farrah to deal to do more videos there is no way they would give her million for just one tape. It is likely she has contact with them and she will be doing atleast couple tapes so she is now vivid plaything. And when vivid is done with her she is going to be discarded and left out in cold. She might not reget now but later she will when the money is gone and she needs 9 to 5 and when her daughter is getting bully in school or when she meets that great guy and he calls her up. And said I can't date you anymore I know about the porn tape in the words of Aldis from leverage it is the age of geek everything is on the Internet and sadly it stays there forever

I'm pretty sure Sophia doesn't need a rich self absorbed mom with poor moral fibre you see glimpses in teen mom of Farrah getting angry at Sophia for doing normal toddler stuff, freaking out and basically shipping her off to grandma whenever her low tolerance threshold is pushed.

Also I despise you say this sets up Sophias future money isn't everything and it doesn't make you happy and well adjusted. I too had a baby young and although I'm not wealthy I worked hard to graduate as a teacher. I live a life that I'm proud of and more importantly I don't do anything I wouldn't want my daughter to do because if it's not good enough for her it's not good enough for me- I'm her role model

I'm not really surprised that she's going to get about $1 million. I feel like there's a lot of Teen Mom fans that will watch it (probably just to make fun of her and see what faces she makes). But, then again I have no idea what normal porn stars make.

I don't think Farrah is particularly pretty either. Chelsea's the prettiest. Farrah's attitude makes her downright ugly.

I died laughing at the adam mask comment about chelsea. Too funny.

If Farrah's biggest/greatest aspiration in life is to be Kim K, that's sad. That is really depressing. What is Kim famous for really? Nothing. She has ZERO talent. And Farrah is the same. Farrah will always be the same because that is who she chose to follow. Here's to poor Sophia finding a decent role model when she is older and follows in the footsteps of a great person.

Has the definition of superstar changed recently?

She was on Dr. Phil??

I wouldn't be surprised if she got a reality show as someone we all loved to laugh at and criticise, but I wouldn't be surprised if no one cared enough and she didn't.

Is this poster a real poster advertising her sex tape? Seriously? The fact that she's using "Teen Mom" in the title, is nauseating...and what the hell does "Back Door Teen Mom Mean?" It gives me weird images of her putting Sophia in her room, and then sneaking out the back door to have sex with someone, or taking Sophia and shoving her out the backdoor so she can have sex in her house.

Someone told me that a lot of Porn Stars don't use their real names, to offer at least a little protection or a barrier for themselves and their children. No doubt that this Farrah is the one from Teen Mom. Poor Sophia.

The blog says they were impressed at how she made lemonade when given lemons, and worked hard to make the best of her situation. By exploiting her child, embarrassing herself, and her dignity, and setting a horrible example for her daughter? Oh, but she's making money, so that must be the only thing Sophia needs to have a happy fulfilling life. I'm more aiming my snottiness to Farrah, because I'm sure that she's thinking "All of this is for Sophia."

So what's next for Farrah now? Dancing with the stars?

Many people have commented on how protective Michael is of
Farrah. He acts like her friend rather than parent. Remember he was nowhere to be seen on 16 & Pregnant and the baby's father was not talked about. In her first season of Teen Mom she identifies the dead/DUI guy as the baby's father. She takes a DNA test with his known sister. Social Security denies that the child is his. Hmmm. Why do they continue with the fiction? Everyone knows that a huge number of porn performers are child sex abuse and/or incest victims...and now her "Dad" defended her porn performance on Dr. Phil. The Dr. Phil episode seemed like a big ad for the porn. He must have agreed not to touch on anything but the video. I think he really didn't know who the heck she is.

Are we saying that Michael is Sophia's father now? Did we really get here?

Farrah has far to much growing up to do mentally, She treats Sophia like she's an adult at times and is very selfish with Sophia and not letting Sophia's Grandparents be involved with her either Grandparents, Farrah thinks about herself and is a spoiled brat, she needs to grow up and be a responsible parent! Farrah YOU got pregnant and your the only Parent Sophia has. Do you really want her looking back on her child hood and seeing how you put her needs after your needs? For the most part that's exactly what you've done. GROW UP stop being a careless Bitch if you feel the need to drink and drive CONSIDER OTHER people and their lives! Somebody actually depends on a person or loves that person and it matters if they live or die to that persons loved ones!! Get help and stop risking OTHER people's lives because you need attention! Your going to kill somebody and that's NOT YOUR LIFE TO TAKE your stupid decisions effect MANY PEOPLE WISE UP STUPID GIRL!! You DO NOT have any rights to play games with other people lives DUI/DWI ETC GET IT???!!!!

I have doubts she will get a tv show because she has a little girl, and the fact that she brought Sophia to Vivid during negotiations and that she's constantly stating she's a good mom and everything is for Sophia. There's such a creepy factor here and I know I would have one hand on my phone ready to dial Child Protective Services while watching the Trainwreck of a show. With Kim K and Paris, there was no little child involved. There's a sick factor to Farrah's story and tv and advertisers may want no part of contributing to Sophia's and/or Farrah's downward spiral. If it was just Farrah, it'd be a different story.

Uh, I hate to go against the crowd but maybe there is a story line which involves her suitor knocking at the back door of her house, and not necessarily her doing anal? For the love of all that is good in this world, let that be the source of the title!

I laughed pretty hard at the Adam Mask comment. Farrah is just a pathetic human. She pales in comparison to Jenelle, but then most of the American population does. Oh well.

[...] came out with a new video recently, defending the selling of her video, Backdoor Teen Mom, and it couldn’t be any more cringe-worthy.  It’s 36 seconds of Farrah talking real [...]

Well I guess that it's nice she finally found something that she could do in this world. I regard her is a pretty pathetic creature but I'm sure she has enough manufactured regard for herself to go around for at least two people. She doesn't seem to miss an opportunity to tell everyone that she's "doing it for Sophia"; assuming I suppose that, if she repeats it enough times, the rest of the world will actually start to believe it. Who knows? Perhaps she's actually convinced herself that it's true. The one to pity in all of this, of course, is poor Sophia, who has no say so about the course her mother takes in life and, one day will have to find her own way to wrestle with her mother's decisions. Farrah is one of those people who, if she ever learns at all, will have to learn the hard way. Too bad. Keep your chin up, Sophia.

[...] Another c**t punt to Jenelle was her contract forbid her from making money from guest appearances or magazine deals (though I’m sure she got around the magazine deal part by having Courtland leak the stories). She did score a little break with her Sulia gig (as they called it, paid-to-tweet) which is an extra $10k or so a year, but still chump change compared to her Jersey Shore counterparts… or even fellow Teen Moms. [...]

[…] former boyfriends to find out what was wrong with her. No clue if they’re going to bring in James Dean, but I can almost guarantee they’re going to bring in the guy who left her stranded in Texas. […]