Farrah Is The Featured Model For Some Modeling Fan Page

farrah abraham

farrah the cover model Image courtesy of Models International

Warning: I told you it's been super slow.... so, here I bring you Farrah's latest modeling photo. She is the featured model for a company called Models International, and is proudly displayed as their cover model. I must say, I don't really blame them, as she looks great here. Granted it looks like it went through photoshop a little, but it's still a great photo and Farrah is definitely beautiful without the minor touch ups.

Of course, then you have Farrah being a little daring with some veggies...

farrah abraham covering upThat's from a different set, but it's from a different side of Farrah... a less clothed one. I'm not sure if this is some type of PETA campaign, a food fetish shot, or promotion for her cooking, but I don't think many guys will complain.

So there you have it, some Farrah modeling shots. I'm sure some will complain about the second shot, but it's not really that bad.

What are your thoughts on her modeling career? And be nice!


I think she is bootiful, in a different way. Not your typical..washed out model way. The second photo is just weird out of context.

I think shes a lot prettier in these pictures than on TV..she has the ugliest crying face EVER lol. Very pretty pictures tho

I like the first pic better out of the 2 because i think its more flattering, but it looks like she's wearing someone else's nose in it. It looks completely different from the otherside on the bottom pic. She's beautiful never the less.

Modeling is modeling, it's gonna look a little skimpy. But Farrah is drop dead gorgeous. What a beautiful young lady! Sophia is just as beautiful too <3

she was always beautiful when she was filmed. i was wondering when i saw her calendar photos, and her scene in Teen Mom when she was in a hair fashion show. I was wondering because something didn't work, she wasn't really good. Her face and her body was too expressionless.
But this first photo is very good, I like it very much.

Is it just me or is her left arm oddly photoshopped in the bottom picture? It looks like it's missing something.

She would look so much prettier if she didn't have such an ugly personality.

I can't believe that is really Farrah in the first pic - she is usually kind of homely. That first pic is awesome! I am impressed!

I have to agree with you. Farrah has never seemed pretty to me before but in thhis picture se is. I guess that just proves what Tyra says on Top Model, being pretty has nothing to do with modeling.

I think Farrah is a very beautiful girl. Not my favorite mom, but definitely gorgeous....and so is Sophia!

Yes! Sophia is sooo cute. She should be the one modeling - she would be PERFECT for a baby clothing catalog.

I think Sophia is kind of ugly... Her hair always looks disasterous, and she really doesn't have a cute face - she looks like those troll dolls that my grandma used to collect. All kind of scrutched together.

Leah is the other child that I think is really homely. I mean, her face is HUGE! And you can already tell that she is probably going to struggle with obesity. Poor kid.

Bentley is super cute, though.

What is wrong with you? You're really that low to talk about children and how they're ugly? I hope you never have kids.

Farrah is gorgeous but that second shot is REEdiculous LMAO! Who ever thought that would be a good shot should be shot! (not really)Unless of course it was meant to be comical ......

Still think she should have saved her money from that boob job and spent it on a nose job instead. You can tell they edited her nose in the first picture like crazy. oops sorry that was mean, but true she has a big nose but hey- a lot of models are not pretty. Just look at the girls on Top Model most of them are weird looking

The uniformity is boring. I like when I see something different or imperfect on somebody's face. So I say yes for her nose and I say no for plastic surgery.

I agree! I like her nose - I vote NO on changing it. I also thought her ta ta's were fine too but ... to each his (or her) own.

she's pretty

Cool girl ;)