Will Farrah Abraham Be Getting Her Own Show?

farrah abraham

farrah the cover modelStarcasm spoke with Farrah's agent about her recent modeling shoot, how she got into working with a Beverly Hills studio, etc, etc. If you want to read about that, click the earlier link. However, the biggest nugget from the interview was that her agent was working out details for a possible spin-off show.

As we all know by now, Teen Mom is wrapping up it's original cast, and it's kind of funny because one of our readers asked which mom will be the first to get their spin-off show, but who would have guessed Farrah may be the first. I guess it's not really surprising, she is clearly the most career driven mom of them all. The only thing she's not doing these days is selling scentsy and mentioning it daily (thank god!).

Farrah is a writer, as she just finished her book "My Teenage Dream Ended", sauce maker, matchmaker, photo taker, and umm, I'll say pizza baker to finish that line (her skill at baking a pizza is very unconfirmed!!!). Moving on, it's only natural she'd be the first to push for a spin-off show now that her time on Teen Mom is done after this season.

So, what type of show would or should Farrah get? Is she really interesting enough to carry her own 30-60 minute reality show? I'd say no, but then again I'd say no to a show about a family of nobodies except for the one who has a bad tap, yet the Kardashian's made out well. Keep in mind, she doesn't just have to be a generic reality show where they follow around her adventures of yelling at her mother for no reason or snapping at her father. Maybe she can make a show about matchmaking with her celeb friends. TV needs another good matchmaking show since my favorite one ended.

What are your thoughts about this potential career move? Let's suggest show types for Farrah to have for her spin-off.

(side note, do you notice now that Teen Mom 1 is starting soon, we're getting a ton of stories from those mothers, while the Teen Mom 2 cast fell off the map?)


Omg LOVE the commmet about Farrah being the only one not selling scentsy & mentioning it everyday thank god! LMFAO! SOOOOO DAMN TRUE!!!!

Hhhmmm dont know if I wanna be looking at her talking for 30 minutes, her mouth is sideways . .and I dont think shes interesting

I don't mind if she gets her own show, as long as it's NOT a reality show! They need to give her something "original", like maybe a cooking show (if she actually IS a good cook). I'm sick of basic cable stations being lazy (and cheap) and only putting on reality programming. I'd like to see one of their "stars" make it as a REAL TV personality.

OMG Hell No!!!!! Farrah is such a fame whore! Get over it! You are not a celebrity! What happened to going to school to be a chef?
And now you're styling your hair like your mother? Haha! Farrah Fawcett wanna be's. Do you get more support from your mother if you do everything she wants you to do? How Pathetic! Go back to school..
No one likes you!

She finished culinary school and is currently working in foodservice. She has been on some cooking show segments with original recipes..

You might not like her and that is fine, but at least try to be accurate when bashing her.

sometimes she was really rude, but:
- her mother was annoying (they haves changed a lot, luckily)
- she is a good mother
- she is motivated, ambitious
- she is beautiful
- she is intelligent
- she is very, very strong, really. She cried a lot but she never collapsed because of her daughter
- I saw her first episode. She studied and she worked when she was pregnant. She never was lazy, she she supported herself and Sophia a lot.

But... she doesn't know enough about life. Or cooking. Or anything. She still has to listen and learn.

She's so boring I would never watch a spin off of any kind with her in it

If Farrah gets her own show I WILL NOT WATCH IT, If Maci does then i will :) Farrah is annoying and immature.

You would rather watch baseball head maci over farrah? I mean they both get annoying but the amount of partying maci does she wouldn't deserve it. Farrah has a good head on her shoulders

I am thinking if she is going after her own show, how about something that uses that chest she payed for.

Hey! Where did the post of Farrah covered in salad go?

Even though Farrah can have a nasty attitude, a spin off show wouldn't be such a bad idea. She has the most going for her anyway. I think she's done alot more than all the other teen moms have.

I am sorry but I don't think Farrah has a lot going for her. She has an associates degree-which gets you no where it's actually kind of a joke you need a minimum of a bachelors degree to be taken seriously by real professionals. Her mom does everything for her. She made some lame pasta sauce blah blah blah I am yawning already.

Yes, she has her associates and is enrolled in school earning her Bachelor's. Let's think about the rest of the original cast...Maci: continuously drops classes and no associates yet, Catelynn: in school earning her associates, and Amber: no high school diploma. Missy is right, she has the most going for her.

Oh, and alleykay, one of the community colleges around where I'm from has such an outstanding culinary program that many students find jobs immediately with only "joke" of a degree.

I am sorry but I struggle to listen I her voice!

She's a beautiful woman & I think you'd have alot of men watching a show on her if her modeling was showcased & included. I mean, I hate cooking shows lol, boringggg. I still think Jenelle would be a little more interesting :)

Take it from a guy that just dated Farrah for 2 months of hell with her she doesn't deserve her own show. She is the worst without exaggeration person I ever met

If anyone wants to know anything about her just ask me. I will give you her personal email too. Haha