Farrah 2: Backdoor and More

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Well, the rumors are true, and Farrah's second pornographic film has been released. The film, titled "Farrah 2: Backdoor and More" was released by Vivid a day early, and just in time for Valentine's day. The release of the film was so anticipated, that Vivid changed their homepage on their website to feature an ad (the picture up above) which gives viewers a direct link to the film.

The following links provide footage from Farrah's second film, so if you don't want to see it, please don't click on the links!

I won't lie. I watched the trailer from Vivid's website and a 5 minute clip on some random porn site, and it's nothing special, but it's definitely more than a "sex tape" gone wrong in my opinion. This is a completely different setting than the last film, and it seems a lot more rough than the other film was. Farrah is seen wearing lingerie, dancing on a stripper pole, and using a sex swing. The film is just as difficult to watch as the first one was, and the moaning is still horrendous.

Farrah had stated that she didn't want the film to be released and that she didn't sign off on the footage, but obviously she signed off on something or Vivid wouldn't have legally been able to release the footage at all. Farrah hasn't made any real comments about the second film on her social media accounts, and she's been a lot less promotional with this than she was after the first one.

She did, however, retweet something that Dr. Jenn from Couples Therapy said about Farrah's second film. The statement from Dr. Jenn reads as follows:

People have asked me my thoughts about Farrah's new sex tapes. This is what I have to say. On the topic...

Farrah was totally honest and forthcoming in her therapy with me on Couples Therapy. I was completely aware of the other footage that she shot prior to our work together knew that it would be potentially be getting released.

I understand how it can be hard for the lay person to understand how someone can financially benefit from a tape like this and still be a victim. Multiple traumas, especially childhood physical abuse and sexual trauma are associated with higher risk for revictimization. When we feel unworthy and lack self esteem, we are more likely to make choices that are degrading and demeaning.

It breaks my heart that the self destructive choices Farrah made prior to our work together will continue to haunt her. I see how hard Farrah is working to move past these tapes and I have complete faith that she will continue on her new healthier path and will turn her life around now that she knows that she deserves better.

Well, now that it's all out in the open, hopefully there aren't any more films being released. I don't even know what the whole truth is on this story, because everything we heard from Farrah about the first film turned out to be proven to be a lie, and she has continued to lie throughout her time on Couples Therapy. I'm glad that she has Dr. Jenn on her side, but I still feel like there is a whole lot left to unravel about this situation, and I doubt this is the last time we'll see footage like this of Farrah.


You know who I would like to hear from? Ashley Danielson, Farrahs sister. If anyone had some insight into Farrah's claims of abuse during their shared childhoods, it would be her. Just insight on Farrah's childhood period would be helpful in figuring out the major malfunctions of her psyche.

I think Ashley is probably almost as screwed up as Farrah. She got knocked up too - and tried to capitalise on it. She started up a website/blog thing and had a 'name my baby' deal, and even Farrah sent out a few promotional tweets...

I don't think she is as bad as Farrah... but still...

I remember her sister going nuts on her mom on one of the episodes saying "Farrah and I have screwed up lives because of you."

Ah man, Farrah, is a mess. She needs help, and to get out of the spotlight.

Ashley did say that, I remember it also.
There is something off about that whole family. Michael is a whack job and completely delusional about Farrah. Debra acts just like her, there's your glimpse of Farrah in the future. As for her sister, she's stayed out of the spotlight of this as much as possible from what I don't see of her.

It makes you wonder. Her mom seemed abusive at times, but if it was a constant thing I don't think Farrah would be as spoiled and bratty as she is. Who knows?

A lot of people talk about her dad being creepy, but in all of the episodes, he just seemed defeated. Like he had given up on trying to have his own opinion, be his own person, and just gave into the demands of Farrah and Debra.

He seemed defeated until all this sex tape/sex toy nonsense started. Then he went all Michael Lohan and started following her around on talk shows and saying creepy/mildly supportive stuff on twitter and Facebook.

"Prior to our work together... prior to our work together". Jenn is more interested in making sure everyone knows that Farrah made these horrible decisions before their "work" together than anything else. The statement she made was selfish. It's important to her that everyone knows these mistakes were made before therapy so that Jenn can take any credit if Farrah does, indeed happen to turn her life around (which we all know she wont. She's far too selfish and obsessed with herself).

The day will come when Farrah acts out again and makes her self look ridiculous (everyday). Then everyone will realize that Jenn didn't "fix" her at all, and that she's not this great and reputable doctor she claims to be.

Also, Farrah's a joke. She doesn't deserve to be a mother to that little girl. It's been said a million times, but I do feel horribly for Sophia. Everything is just a few clicks away. She's going to resent her "mother" so much she she realizes what a vile, disgusting, fake piece of trash she is. Their relationship will end up being worse than what Farrah has with her mother. Talk about repeating the cycle! Sophia is her last priority and it's sad that it's so very blatant.

She even lies to her therapist and has the doctor fooled. What a joke this all is.

Lets see if she calls this a "sex tape." Wow, that poor girl is effed up!

I don't believe for a second "Dr. Jenn" gives a rats ass about Farrah. Wait, no she does, as in dollar signs. Every time Farrah opens her mouth, "Dr. Jenn" sees the dollar signs going up because of ratings. Farrah and her whole family need real therapy. Real counseling. Not pornos, reality t.v, appearances, "books" or social media.

It almost makes me winder if Farrah paid to be on Couples Therapy. Or at least paid "Dr. Jenn" to further her lies.


Sorry for the typos, I'm on my tablet.

I just assume that since Farrah and the entire cast are paid, it should be assumed all parties involved want the most "bang for their buck". If "Dr. Jenn" can get Farrah to have the dramatic reveal of something (that we the viewers don't hear) ratings go up, google searches go up, discussions about the show goes up and viewership. Producers see this and before you know it: "Dr. Jenn" has Couples Therapy #3 under her belt or a book deal or interviews or really just more of her face out there. Maybe Farrah gets "Ugly Cry Face of Love".

That show *needs* to happen. Only it wouldn't be a series, just one episode. Farrah would show up and the producers would inform her that they couldn't find any guys willing to compete for her, even if they paid them. CUE EPIC CRY FACE.


Her co-host could be a llama. Seeing as her cry face is that of a laughing llama.

"I see how hard Farrah is working to move past these tapes and I have complete faith that she will continue on her new healthier path and will turn her life around now that she knows that she deserves better." Like, by...writing an erotic trilogy, perhaps? Yeah, that's really moving on. Good job, Farrah.

*ahem* and a Christian Parenting book. You guys are just haterz.

(It took all I had to type that without gagging.)

I've seen far too many Teen Mom vaginas this week.

This comment is awesome! Hahahaha

It's like they've all rallied together with assignments. "Okay...Jenelle's leaks on Tuesday and Farrah's on Thursday...Maci backed out of the Wednesday slot (pun intended) because it was dollar beer night at the local bar..."

Anyone who's seen this, can you tell us...new or old boobs, lips, chin? I'm really curious to see if she really did go back and shoot more scenes, or if this is just leftover footage. I don't dare click for myself until I get home from work.

I was curious about that as well, so I watched a bit of the trailer... new lips/chin, and it's VERY obvious that there was a third party filming it. This bitch is delusional if she thinks anyone will believe otherwise.

I think they were old boobies. They looked so...pointy - like a semi-rounded cone or pyramid. Not to mention, Deen's comment. He outright said it was footage from the same day; at the Director's house, I think. It was either the same place as the first shoot, but upstairs, or next door to the first location. I can't recall. He also mentioned the make-shift sex swing. It was basically two pieces of silk fabric and awkward as hell to have sex on.

Side note: she's so gross and fake. The amount of time she spent making eye contact with the camera was almost unsettling (well, not almost. It was really unsettling). Also, I have no problem using spit as a lube, but holy hell! She's literately DROOLING. Down her chin, on her fingers, his dick - everything. It's so fucking disgusting ugh. Worst. Blowjob. Ever. I really shouldn't have watched it. No, definitely not.

Yeah, I watched the clip today and those are definitely the old boobs....the ones that Nik Ritchie from The Dirty said she should get re-done because of the refund gap. I knew there was NO WAY that James Deen would touch farrah even with a 10-foot pole after she pulled that "I might be pregnant" bullshit and trash-talked him all over the place.
And yeah, it was the worst blowjob ever! Very unenthusiastic, she hardly put any of it in her mouth, and you could tell that Deen wasn't aroused by it because his "member" looked like a wet noodle. I know that a lot of women like him, but I don't see the appeal. Other than being well-endowed, I don't find him attractive, and his body looks rather doughy.
...I do want one of those swings, though...looks like it could be fun.

The drool thing...holy shit. Wipe your damn chin. It takes less than a second. You may look like a camel but you actually aren't somehow so stop drooling!

if there was any doubt, there's no way this is a personal sex tape. even just from the trailer, you can tell it has a much more professional porn shoot
vibe as opposed to her first film which had a more 'personal held camera' feel to it. this girl is reveling in the attention at this point and its sick. i honestly can't tell if its new boobs/old boobs etc but either way, it's a whole different kind of tape.

I read somewhere that James Deen said the first one was filmed in the head of Vivid Steve Whoever's house (gross) and the second one was filmed on Steve's neighbor's sex swing (mega gross.) I cannot believe all of this was shot on the same day. There's no way. Farrah would have been walking like John Wayne for a week afterwards.

I think she's just really used to it. It went in far too easily. Omg eww.

Derek must be rolling in his grave. God it is my worst fear is that I'll die and my son will go to his father and hell be raised in a terrible environment. It makes me sick to even think about. I just feel so bad for Sophia because (hopefully) Derek would have been a much better father and would have fought for her to have a good life. Farrah is just too damaged and has too many issues to be properly raising a child right now. Poor Sophia....

I think she looks hot, sorry....i think she should just embrace her pornos, love it, and move on

She's got a pretty good body on her. Too bad it somes with that horrible attitude, voice and cry face.

I don't want to be graphic but that girl couldn't even suck a popsicle correctly, and SHE gets to have sex with James Deen? Oh my.

What an unappealing tape (I could only get through the first 2 minutes of the 5 minute clip without gagging). You can tell Deen isn't into it at all and the whole thing just looks so fake. You can totally tell Farrah knew it wasn't just a personal tape- come on. This girl needs help.

Agreed, worst blowjob in the history of blowjobs! In the first porn James Deen had trouble staying hard, and he's a freaking professional. THAT'S how horrible she is.

I never watched it but how do you kno he had trouble.was it mentioned? In the porno lol and if it happened like that shouldnt another take be done lmao

I just watched the trailer, not the whole thing, but yeah. You could see it! It was all wobbly haha! Don't want to be too graphic either, so I won't go into detail lol

"that girl couldn’t even suck a popsicle correctly" bhahahah

Here we go again.....is anyone really surprised????


I am frankly SHOCKED at the way Vivid is exploiting this entrepreneur and mother and scholar---nope. Couldn't even type that with a straight face. Farrah would have sex with a panda if she could make money from it.

That poor panda.

Does anyone else find it odd that from all we saw on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, Farrah hated Michael and they weren't close at all, yet now he lives with her and helps her negotiate with Vivid?

Nothing like a porno to bring a family together. Weird.

That whole family is totally fucked in the head. I'm sure daddy helping seal the porn deal is just normal behavior for them.

Well he didn't do a very good job if suddenly there's more footage being released and Farrah's lawyer can't stop it. Probably just saw dollar signs and couldn't understand the contract because that whole family has a very loose grasp on the English language.

I'm sure Michael bought her story about the leaked sex tape hook, line and sinker. He thought he was protecting her interest by negotiating the price. He is the most gullible, stupid man in the world or he is in on Farrah's antics somehow.

It's very possible that this is old footage- I would guess the contract she signed said that Vivid owned all the footage and could do with it what they wanted, when they wanted for up to X-amount of years.

I couldn't be more over this. I watched the first one out of pure curiosity, and I do NOT want to subject myself to that again. Also, the titles of these are horrible.

God.. poor Sophia.

I can't wait for the third one when they just call it like it is: "Farrah: Backdoor Whore!"

And To Think That Farrah Was Embarrased When We Saw Her Vag During 16&Pregnant.. She even Apologized for having people look down there!! Yet She Isnt Ashamed To let People See Her Taking It Up The Butt...Hmm Weird lol

That was just hard to watch......it was even her sucks. Her Havanas were doing the work, and WHY is she calling him baby? Like seriously she kept calling him baby.....just.....no. She needs to get out of the porn industry

For the same reason she kept saying other cringe-inducing "provocative" phrases. She's seen other porn stars do it and figures that's what she's supposed to do during sex. I'm betting the only reason she hasn't had another kid is because, if I were a guy, and I were having sex and she started saying all those things and the fake moaning...I doubt I'd even be able to finish. She's like the anti-boner.


Hey this is COMPLETELY off topic but I just wanted to say thank you to this site and it's writers and also everyone who comments. The screen names just crack me up and these articles (although they are sometimes about train wrecks like Farrah) are well researched and well written unlike (cough cough) starts with an H ends with an R but anyway I've been going through some severe depression and just wanted to say thanks all the comments crack me up and so do the articles! :)

Agreed!! I know it makes me a bully but gossiping about these morons brightens my otherwise very depressing days. Thanks!!

LOL yes exactly your comments especially crack me up thanks all ;)

Oh Lordy. I watch couples therapy (Lord knows why), and I think it's sad Dr. Jen has bought into her BS. I knew Farrahs mom smacked her around but I do not believe she was drugged, raped, any of those things. Why in God's name would she leave Sophia with her then if it was SO bad? I do remember the sister going off at the mom too. I think Deborah is definitely crazy and can be intense, and poor Michael is just such a doormat. The only sympathy I feel for Farrah is that she is absolutely insane and has all the symptoms of narcisstic personality disorder. That being said if she wants to be a pornstar just own up to it although I think it's one shitty example to set for your daughter. Sophia is going to be so messed up. I kind feel like Farrah needs a friend or someone to just call her on her bullshit. She seems to have zero friends and it's so sad (not that I can figure out why she doesn't have friends.) I think it's actually very good she was on that show but she needs A LOT more therapy. Whenever I see something about her it's just sad...and sad for Sophia. I can't imagine how her parents must feel knowing their daughter is in another sex tape -_-

Poor Michael nothing. That dude is a creep and just as full of himself as Farrah's whole family. He said on Dr. Phil that he was preparing himself for Farrah to be in Penthouse or playboy because she's so attractive but he never would have thought a "sex tape." Debra's on A LOT of somethings, Michael is a man-child creep and Farrah is a textbook narcissist. Sophia is doomed.

EWWWWWWWWW I did NOT know that!!! In teen mom they just seemed like such pricks to him as he was helping her move, watching sophia while she got her tit implants etc he seemed like such a doormat. But if he's some perv then yea poor Michael nothing that's disgusting. Poor Sophia is what I mean then!

I made the mistake of watching the trailer. When I saw the faces she was makinlg, all I could think
was, "she's doing it wrong." She looked like she was in pain, but I guess if you are taking 12 inches up the poop shoot you would not be too comfortable.

I think Farrah and her sister were molested or sexually abused by their father. From past experience. The fact that she calls him and her mother by their first name? Maybe it could be someone else. Also, I believe due to this she saught for love in other places in the wrong places and all her bad decision making could very well be because of the childhood trauma!

Lately I've been thinking that may be true too. There's a lot of little things that suggest it.

It's possible, but even non-sexual physical abuse as a kid can wear down your self esteem enough that you start to confuse sex for unconditional love and do demeaning things to feel wanted. One of my best friends was never sexually violated as a child, but she was smacked in the face and hit with a belt on a regular basis, even as young as when she was in pre-school. She never went on to porn but she became very promiscuous to fill the void. It's an awful cycle.

Why did I click on it? WHY?! MY EYEZZZZ!!!!!

By the way, Farrah, you need to watch more porn to learn how to give a proper bj.

Here's the thing - I agree 100% with Dr. Jenn's sentiment that those who have been abused continue to repeat victimization. There are two problems here, however.

1.) Dr. Jenn is a TV doctor and I never believe that doctors in a position of needing to entertain an audience genuinely have patients' best interests in mind.

2.) Farrah is a compulsive liar.

All of Farrah's life choices have put her in a position where no one can be sure if she is crying wolf or not. I can't stand Farrah, it's no secret, but if she's serious about healing damage of any kind, she'll get her ass off of reality TV and see a real doctor. I don't buy her tearless cry face, but I do buy that her parents messed with her mentally and probably did whack her when she was small and she's just not doing the actual work that needs to be done on herself.

Poor Sophia.

Does she ever cry with tears? Or is it always the cry face and whisper deal? Perhaps she botoxed her tear ducts.

TMZ is reporting that Vivid may end up releasing a THIRD movie. Lol.
And Farrah "I am not a porn star" Abraham, recently asked and received $93000 royalties. It can't go both ways. Either you are a porn star or you're not.

Am I the only one who watched it out of curiosity, I now wont be having sex this valentines, turned off and repulsed!
My poor fiance wont be getting lucky tonight!

I read somewhere that Ashley doesn't speak to Farrah because Farrah blamed her in the DUI fiasco. If Ashley wrote a tell-all book, she'd be richer than Farrah ever hoped to be!

Or Ashley could do a porno with JD and show Farrah how it is REALLY done.