Debra Danielsen Says She Hasn't Seen Farrah Abraham or Sophia In 7 Months

Recent reports have revealed that it has been over a half a year since Debra Danielsen has seen her daughter Farrah Abraham and her granddaughter Sophia.

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"Farrah told me she's taking a break," said Danielsen according Radar.

"I'm very sad because I love Farrah and Sophia, they're my life. I miss them very much. We've always been a close family."

The Teen Mom OG grandmother claimed that she hasn't seen the two since October 2016, according to the report. This hasn't been for lack of trying either. Danielsen told Radar that she has been sending texts and making calls, though, none of them have been returned.

"I love my daughter and God knows I love my family. David and I want a happy, healthy and close family."

Despite these claims, Abraham has denied these statements from her mother.

"You can lose your daughter because you have to choose a man over your daughter. My mom leaving the house makes me upset and it makes me sad," said Abraham in her own defense.

So what do think? Is Danielsen telling the truth or just reaching for a little attention?

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