What Happened to Catelynn's Micropig

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn is certainly a star who is extremely honest about all of her vulnerabilities. We've seen her struggle with anxiety and depression, make countless visits to her therapist and psychiatrist, and even seek more intense help. But here's one creature in her family who just hasn't gotten enough attention in the past few years that it seems Catelynn has all but stopped talking about. Her micropig! What's become of Catelynn's micropig, the $3000 creature she brought into her family about 6 months ago?

Catelynn first got the pig without letting Tyler know. And the day after getting the pig, Catelynn broke down and admitted how much help she needed. The question of whether Catelynn was having a manic episode when she actually bought the pig has also come up, especially considering that it was such an impulsive move on her part and it's clear that she voiced some regret the next day. Catelynn also found out too late that the pig squealed nonstop and kept her up all night long - so not too different from actually having a kid!

But what exactly has come of the pig? We haven't seen any more social media pics of the pig with Catelynn. There's been some buzz that the pig has been in the custody of Catelynn's sister. This might make some sense.

Of course, there have also been all kinds of wild internet rumors regarding Catelynn's micropig. Some fans, for instance, have hypothesized that the pig was devoured by a dog. Other fans are simply disgusted by Catelynn's impulsivity.

What do you think happened to Catelynn's pig? Tweet us, especially if you know something about its fate.


There is no doubt in my mind that Cate ate the pig, period.