Catelynn Lowell Still Struggles With Marijuana Use In New Promo

catelynn lowell

In a new promo for MTV's Teen Mom OG, fans find out that despite just being released from rehab, Catelynn Lowell still seems to be struggling with marijuana use.


In the clip Lowell is at her house when Tyler Baltierra's mom comes in to visit.

She questions whether or not Baltierra saw a difference in Lowell. Lowell said she learned a lot of things everyday and Baltierra's mom wanted to know if she was putting what she learned to the test.

Out of nowhere, Baltierra's mom said that she could have sworn Lowell was high. She almost forced Lowell to admit that she was smoking, however, she didn't want to talk about it to let the world know.

Baltierra's mom wanted to know if he is strong enough to let Lowell know when she was slipping.

Baltierra simply said he has kept his mouth shut because he is responsible for himself and Lowell is responsible for herself.

You can watch the clip in the video below and stay tuned to Teen Mom OG to find out what happens next.

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Puff puff pass my sister. Nobody puts baby in the corner or tells Cate not to smoke. Here come the tears out of Tyler, Priceless.

i swear tyler and his stupid mom get on my nerves, she probly needs to smoke to deal with tyler and his pansy ass, they probly give her all kinds of shit for smoking, but are so quick to shove some pills down her throat, its a bunch of bullshit, let her smoke her fuckin weed and be happy, quit bitching about cate not doing nothing and start doing something yourself tyler, i bet thats the whole problem anyways, tyler never acompished anything he wanted to do with his life so he projects it onto cate, meanwhile you have cate, who is exactly where shes always wanted to be, a stay at home mom taking care of her kid and married to tyler....she needs to flip the tables and start thinking about what a loser shes married too, i know it sounds old fashion but hes the man, why doesnt he have job or at least done something so that he can get a job when the gravey train is over, she should quit teen mom, then force ty to man up and take care of his family himself, plus what the heck is that shit bringing up her smoking pot on tv, thats some low shit right there, and why is she always talkin about cate, every time her and tyler get together its just a big old shittalk, dont that bitch got some mail to deliver or something?

What exactly is wrong with using marijuana? Mom's on this show can drink alcohol, but God forbid they do anything that's actually natural and beneficial. We need to not be spreading lies that marijuana is so harmful like cigarettes or cocaine. If she wants to smoke then let the girl smoke. She's an adult.