Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 6 Recap


This episode starts with Tyler getting a call from his dad, who is looking to talk to Dr. Drew. It looks like he's relapsed again.

Tyler goes to dinner with his mom at a BBQ place. They have a trite conversation.


Farrah has her mom over to start a fight over her fiance David. They're setting a wedding date, to get married in Bora Bora. Farrah refuses to attend, but the two leave an opening for reconciliation - sort of.

In the next scene, Farrah decides to try again with David. The tension is high they all have dinner.

Farrah starts bitching about everything, as David sits and looks uncomfortable.


Maci and Taylor invite Ryan and MacKenzie to an escape room. They're still trying to figure out how to properly get Ryan's parents to let go of Bentley.

But uh oh, there's no response about the escape room invitation.

MacKenzie didn't seem to have the same response as Maci to their conversation. MacKenzie stabs Maci in the back and sides with Jen and Larry -- and when they find out what Maci said about them, they're pissed.

Maci and Taylor do the escape room anyway, and it's as boring as you'd expect.


Amber is working on another money-making scheme. It's soooo much work, so she wants to get a massage.

Amber reveals to the masseuse that she's scared of getting married and doesn't fully have the trust back with Matt.

Throughout the episode, Amber shows more and more hesitation about getting married.

In the next scene, Leah and Gary are at a restaurant, and Gary seems voraciously interested in hearing about Leah's sex ed class. He tells Leah that her mom taught him about sex.

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Great so butch is going to free load off of dr drew as well . All these people do is smoke pot lay on their asses and make excuses

Calm down Pumpkin, Butch is a savage.