Nothing Will Stop Amber Portwood From Marrying Scott Baier

Amber Portwood

In the Fall, there will be a Teen Mom wedding of epic proportions. Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier will finally tie the knot and it doesn't look like anything or anyone will be stopping them.

"The couple's recent drama (in early 2016, Baier, 45, admitted to fathering five kids with three women) 'made our relationship stronger,' the star of MTV's Teen Mom OG reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly," according to the publication.

That would be enough to justify calling it off, however, the couple seems to have gone through the motions and no one knows what goes on at home.

Things seem to be looking up for Portwood, who has her own boutique along with a slew of other financial ventures.

Meanwhile, when it comes to her daughter Leah, Portwood and her ex, Gary Shirley, seem to be on decent terms.

"Her relationship with ex Gary Shirley, 30, is also a work in progress," according to the report.

"Though she says they're 'cordial' when co-parenting Leah, 8, 'I'm hearing he's saying stuff behind my back. I don't understand it.'"

So, while things could be a bit better, it doesn't seem to be anything that Portwood and Baier can't handle. The wedding is set for October 13.

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Isnt Ambers fiances name MATT, not SCOTT - who is his son???