Amber Does Her Best To Promote Teen Mom; Gets Into Fight

Amber Portwood

amber getting into a fightamber portwood fight at ihop

Sometimes when you train a dog to pee outside, it can be a real pain in the ass. It can sometimes take weeks on end to keep rushing the dog to the door as he's pissing down your leg, and you know the entire time he's smiling inside because he doesn't give a shit. Then, just as you think you have the dog trained, you wake up one morning to find two huge puddles in your shoes and a big pile of poop greeting you just as you walk out your bedroom door.

That dog is Amber Portwood. It's like no matter how much crap she goes through with the law, how many times she nearly loses her baby, she is bound to act up even when you think she's learned her lesson and turned her life around.

Star is reporting that Amber was drunk and hanging out at an ihop, just getting her pancake on, when no doubt a "jealous" fan decided to "talk some shit" across the restaurant to Amber. Well, nobody talks shit to Amber while she's midway through her holiday hotcakes, especially someone who was a contributing factor in making her famous in the first place.

Amber stood up with her arms raised either with a sudden religious moment or a sign she's ready to get her fight on, and sure enough in the next few photos you can see her scrapping with some girl while a poor ihop employee tries to get in the middle of it. No word on the guy who appears to have a huge sheriff badge on his shirt. I assume that's Amber's new side piece, who is likely popping some wood watching these two scrapping.

No word yet on charges, but I assume some will happen soon, and it will make for another season of Amber in and out of the courts.

source: radar


[...] shit about her whenever she’s out in public as she told eonline.  She didn’t deny the IHop scuffle which occured on November 18th.  She insists she was not drunk when someone started making racist [...]

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When you put your life on tv, what did you expect?

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