Amber Portwood Re-Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

Amber Portwood

amber portwood sentenced to 5 yearsIn what appears to be the final chapter of the Amber Portwood story, TMZ is reporting that she was officially sentenced to resume her original plea agreement, which was 5 years in prison.

This came after Amber turned herself in and asked to go to prison instead of completing her drug treatment program.

While her attorney asked for leniency, the judge imposed her original plea which will guarantee Amber remain bars for quite some time.

It's unsure if she'll serve the entire 5 year sentence, and already has some credit for time served in jail, but I think she'll be lucky to do any less than a year at this point.

I think what will make this worse is that we'll soon be watching the buildup to this eventual prison sentence when Teen Mom enters it's final season.

Watching Leah grow up and start understanding that her mother isn't around much will be very tough to watch. Truly a sad way to close the book on Amber.


Ive been waiting for this to happen. She deserves it if she cannot complete what was asked of her. They should have just locked her up the first time. Sad for Leah tho. Every child deserves their mother in their life but Amber isnt thinking of Leah, just herself.

I'd love to slap that smug look off of her face. She is a selfish WITCH!
My heart breaks for Leah. I'm so glad Gary is a caring daddy.

This is ridiculous! Sentencing her to 5 years, for what? There are rapist, hard core drug dealers and murderers who get less or equal amount of time. They are making an example out of her because she is in the public eye. She has an issue, obviously, but come on five years in prision!!! At the most she should be placed in a in patient rehab facility for a year, to help with her problem!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very disappointed in the judicial system who handled her case, they are failing Amber and Leah by doing this. LET'S ALLOW REAL CRIMINALS TO RUN FREE AND PUT THIS POOR GIRL IN PRISION... Smart move :(

Sadly she won't even do a year, guarentee it... she's pathetic. This poor girl? Are you kidding me? Do you even know who she is??? You should be saying, her poor daughter, her poor family, not poor Amber, she brought every bit of it on herself. And SHE WAS IN REHAB, several times, it does no good.... she's a sad waste of life.

do you know how hard it is to kick a drug addiction? specially prescription pills? your post is pathetic.

It's pretty damn hard if you never really try, like Amber...

I always want to inform those who characterize substance abuse as an easily fixable problem/illness, but I LOVE your point. So fucking true! She never tried and she basically admitted to it, and it would be damn near impossible to kick the addiction without putting forth a great deal of effort. Sad that it has such a hold on so many folks that they never even want to try. But there's hope for those who do want to change and work their asses off, because people like her skew the stats and make it seem more impossible than it really is. Sorry for rant, I just "had a brainwave" reading your comment lol

Exactly. To get clean, and addict has to WANT to get clean. There are a lot of bumps on the way to recovery, and it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance. It is possible, but Amber never really tried. I hope for Leah's sake that one day, Amber will be clean and able to be in her life again.

were you there with her..

No, I don't know, because I'm not an idiot, I don't do drugs and I take care of my children... Sorry for you that you can relate to her...

EXACTLY!!! How can someone expect change when they don't want to? She's been given PLENTY of chances... If her daughter isn't motivation enough to get clean, then to me.....she's a lost cause...She's chosing jail over rehab! She chose drugs over her daughter, and in my opinion, in which I have a right to have ANN.... she's still a sad pathetic waste of life, and she deserves every second she sits in jail...
And I know it's not likely, but I hope it's the entire 5 years!!!!!!!

To be fair[er than you] she may relate to Gary and Leah more than Amber. And being drug addicted does not (necessarily) make you an idiot.

know what thats just ugly. Actually its sad that your so up tight you cant see things from more than one point of view. But its ok cause God doesnt like ugly and one day you will fall off of that high horse your on. Im pretty sure that no little girl lies in bed at 13 and daydreams about having a baby too young and turning into a junkie. But know what it happens. I mean really for 3 seconds think to yourself "Who really would choose with a clear head to live like that" Ill help you out sweetie noone would and everyone handles pain from childhood as well as self- imposed crisis" differently..

Are you serious?

The reason she is in prison for 5 years is because she has a rap sheet a mile long. Drugs, assault, multiple and repeated probation violations, drugs, and more drugs. She KNEW she was facing 5 years, and she ASKED for it. Throw her in the cell and lock her up, case closed.

Amber was given plenty of opportunities to get help. She either messed them up or or rejected them, like the most recent court-ordered rehab. I agree, 5 years seems like a lot, but as the poster said, she will most likely only spend a fraction of the time in jail. Going to prison may be the last opportunity Amber has to get clean.

Amber deserves every minute she receives behind bars. She has no idea what she is in for though because they will make her do a form of counseling and rehab there as well. Leah deserves the best and if Amber can't give her that then she needs to be away from her. I see so many people saying poor Amber she doesn't deserve 5 years but does Leah deserve the next 18 around drugs and abuse I THINK NOT!

She wanted jail time instead of rehab, if you read the article you would have known that so don't go blaming the judicial system if you don't know what your talking about

"At the most she should be placed in a in patient rehab facility for a year"

The judge tried to get her into S2S, but they could not take her because Amber;s attitude was so poor.

The system DID try to get Amber to participate in drug programs, but she made choices -like lying about being on bed rest, and continuing to abuse pills- that undermined her own well being.

Amber did this to herself.

she wan in a in patient rehab but left

Personally I can't stand Amber but knowing people who have had problems with addiction and their struggles to stay clean, from the looks it seems very selfish and that she doesn't care about her daughter. IF you look at it another way her making that choose to go to jail is because she cares for her daughter and wants to be sober for her. I'm truly thinking the reason why she choose jail is because she knows that she will have no other choice but to get sober and since she will be locked up it's not so easy to go out and cheat. The whole reason why she's in this situation is because she tested dirty.

I totally agree with you. If she choose to be in prision it´s because she is very desperate and really want to be clean, but alone she realized that she can´t do. I know she got help in that program, but obviously didn´t work for her. Maybe in jail she can get over drugs e become a better mother.

I don't think she actively chose jail to 'get better', I think she knew she was going to fail the drug test (which she did) so she spun it to put herself in the best possible light. I believe it is another manipulation of the system - but this time it did not pan out for her in a reduced sentence...

I do think she (at her core) hopes this helps her.

I don't have much faith left in her.

Like I've said before, Amber was given chances from the start. She made her bed, now she has to lie in it. No one should have any pity from her whatsoever, in my book. Her daughter Leah deserves so much more than this. I hope that one day Gary will find a true, genuine woman that loves him for him, as well as a stable parent for that little girl. Amber is just a lost cause, I really thought she'd be a great parent in the end of her MTV journey, but apparently not.

I don't know if Gary can be stable either. Look at how frequently he changes 'major' items in his life, like a car, or place to live. Gary also recently admitted on twitter that his step dad (not the one that is currently divorcing Gary's Mom, another one) abused him. Gary may not be in stable physical health either, he has always been obese, but he seems to be getting heavier and heavier lately. And as he ages his metabolism will slow down - so will that mean even more weight gain? And obesity can be linked to several phsychological factors, all of which lead to a less than ideal environment for Leah.

Gary is rumored to be a bit of a party nut, and it is also rumored that Leah spends a lot of time at the babysitters (some of which Gary really doesn't even know that well). I think Gary wants to be a good person, but was not raised with all of the skills needed to suceed.

I just feel so sorry for that little girl. It would have been better for her to have been adopted, IMO.

Amen to that! I'm not "Pro-Amber" by any means, but Gary isn't this "great father" everyone makes him out to be. He manipulated Amber constantly, used Leah as a pawn in their arguments, and every time she went off her rocker and smacked Gary around (physically and emotionally), he'd come crawling back begging for her love and apologizing for behavior that much of the time didn't merit an apology for. If a person chooses to be in an abusive relationship, they have every right to do so; but to willingly allow a child to be caught in the middle of it all, for as long as he did, is as bad as abusing Leah outright IMO. He was so desperate to try to "make his family work" that he was willing to subject his child to the ongoing war between Amber and Gary, and there's no way in hell he couldn't, on some level, be concerned that Amber would lash out at Leah. He finally did put his balls on and walk away, but it took far too long...

What always got me was how he'd flip out on Amber for swearing (whether in front of Leah or not), but then when he'd get upset about something the F-bombs would fly left and right. Hypocrite!

He's also not the most stable when it comes to jobs, and he's been more than happy to ride the MTV gravy train and spend irresponsibly. The guy's 25 years old, it's time to grow up, invest wisely, take care of himself (so he can watch his daughter grow up) and spend more time with his child.

people shouldn't judge her!!no one knows her heart but god no one is perfect & im not sticking up for her however she deserves a chance to get clean doesn't matter how many times buti think jail time will be good for her maybe she will get this and hopefully she will seek god threw this dark time of hers

Maybe jail will be good for Amber. I hate to see her away from Leah that long & I would NEVER take a child to a jail/prison/detention center that is Leahs age. Maybe after Amber sobers up, her and Leah can have a good relationship! I just hope & pray to God her & Gary do NOT get back together while she is in jail or when she is out! They aren't good for each other!

Poor leah :( if i was amber i wouldve done my hardest to get through rehab, yeah its hard but not impossible.. She wasnt thinking of her daughter AT ALL when she made that dumb decision

prison is not going to get Amber sober. This will probably just increase her drug use...I think the pressures of being on TV and being hated by most of America pushed this girl over. Who knows if this would have happen if she had not been on the show and had a normal life...either way I think it had a lot to do with it. Her dad is dying of cancer, her mom only shows up when she feels like it. I am sure she just felt really alone and helpless. Even though I think it is selfish of her to choose prison over rehab at the same time I feel bad for this girl but even worse for Leah. Hopefully Gary can handle raising her by himself....although that one episode it should Leah playing with CONDOMS while he was watching her...ugh poor little girl!!

I think Amber is crazy and she shouldn't be in a rehab center she should be in a mental hospita along with Janelle the other teen mom...

ok here i go again.. im going to try to explain this real simple obviously that is needed. First and foremost everyone is right by saying that a person has to want to get clean for rehab to fully work. i was a teen mom i am now a recovering heroin/ OPIATE ADDICT. I GAVE MY KIDS TO MY MOM SO THAT I COULD GET CLEAN THE FIRST TIME i went to rehab. Opiates affect the front part of your brain where all of your moral and cognative desicions are made. This is why we see heroin addicts and oxy junkies do unthinkable things. Its not just drugs in general but opiates put you in a fog for a very long time. This process { active addiction} and early recovery is miserble and you will hear the addict say things years after recovering about the first year fog. So where your active addiction is robbing you of your life that first 90 dys in rehab is sooo miserble that you make irrational stupid decisions that you would never i a bajiilion years make. I went to treatment three times and chose jail time over treatment eventually the last time. It wasnt losing my kids temporarily that made me change though. Sad as it is it usually isnt. It was seeing them grow and change and watching my son fall everytime i did. That did it for me. The last time i got out and pulled it together my mom said to me " shan, you can slip fall and mess up and your daughter {hailey 10,} she is resilliant she will be fine she doesnt internalize it because she gets it. She just goes on with her life. But your son {brandon 13 } He will follow you right down the hole you fall in and he will do it just so you dont have to be alone." That statement was like a bucket of cold water. My kids were older when i got sick and it wasnt their fault that i was young and overwhelmed. Drugs made me super-woman at first. I know every teen mom in the world can relate to that feeling that we just cant do it all and do it perfect. If we do everthing perfect it wont matter that im 21 with two kids. Ill be a success story instead of a sad one. im sorry if im rambling but my point is we dont know what goes on in ambers head or who the real amber is. none of us do, but i can tell you from what i have been through and where i have been that opiates kill "captian obvious". Those drugs build up and they blind you. BTW ITS ALWAYS THE ONES WHO HAVE NO ADDICTION ISSUES AND JUST DONT GET ADDICTION OR RECOVERY THAT ACT LIKE YOU JUST GO TO REHAB LIKE SANDRA BULLOCK IN 28 DAYS AND BOOM YOUR FIXED. Rehab is hard it brings back everything you have ever feared in your life and early recovery sucks...not to mention its way diiferent when you get a nudge from a judge. So itwas required to desired..ok im done..

I don't understans amber choice Jail or rehab. I mean she would be more comformable in rehab than in jail. She be in a nice room rather than jail and she would be taken care of. In jail Amber you mouth will get you in trouble. If I had to make a choice I would go with rehab and never jaaail.. There must be a river flowing with all the tears.. I wonder if she able to be in bed all day