Is Amber Portwood Leaving Prison?

Amber Portwood

Finally some positive news from the Teen Mom community! Amber Portwood is on track to complete her high school education from jail!

She has been working hard on her GED and even enrolled in the CLIFF (Clean Lifestyle Is Freedom Forever) sobriety program offered at the jail. She said,

"I'm so excited and I'm really working hard studying so I can score high on the GED test! I'm working my ass off to get out of here!"

It's clear Amber took jail time seriously. She made it her goal to get clean and get her education for her daughter! According to RadarOnline, Amber gets to test for her GED in August, which means October could be her release date!

Even in jail, Amber made it a point to see her daughter! Leah is her biggest motivation according to the Teen Mom star. Amber's mother has brought Leah to the jail several times, most recently, last weekend.

"Booboo sat on my lap the whole time we were playing games [and] had a few snacks,"

Amber told RadarOnline in an exclusive interview,

"She's so beautiful. She has long blonde hair down to her butt now and she's getting tall. I can't wait to get out and spend time with her!"

Amber's brother Shawn also spoke with RadarOnline and gave fellow Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham a piece of his mind saying,

"I think Amber will be a great motivational speaker and can make a living the responsible way, not by selling herself to Vivid Entertainment."

Shawn spoke very highly of his sister, noting,

"She has taken a step in the right direction, and I am glad the she was able to do the hardest thing ever to change her life. She made the right decision to go to prison and the CLIFF program has really changed her life. Her personality has changed and for the better."

If Amber can keep her distance from MTV and maintain her sobriety, it will help tremendously getting shared custody of Leah! If you remember, Amber had to sign her parental rights over to her ex boyfriend, Gary, to deal with her domestic violence issues.

Her sentence was for 5 years, but as she has had excellent behavior behind bars, I believe it's possible that she was able to reduce her time. Amber struggled for a long time with addiction to her pain medication and it seemed hopeless for her, until news from inside her jail cell was made public.

I wish the very best for Amber, despite all of her troubles! She owned up to her mistakes and is dong everything she can to make herself better for her daughter! Let's hope she stays clean and violence-free for Leah. Other Teen Moms from the franchise could certainly learn something from Amber, who sees her daughter more than Jenelle sees her son, Jace. Let's hope Amber doesn't make a porno or get fake tits. Or both.

Do you think Amber will stay clean?


I'm rooting for Amber. I hope she gets out and is able to turn her life around- the GED is definitely a step in the right direction.

I'm rooting for her also and pray she gets out early. I believe she will stay clean. I just wish her all the best.

I honestly don't believe she is not as bad as everyone is making her seem. I think Gary knows what buttons to push to set her off.

Agree completely! While she did screw up you could see on her portions of the episodes how Gary knew how to push her buttons and push her to the limit. I think he is a huge shit bag of a person. It's a shame.

She did a lot of bad choices in the past, but now she is proving that she is leaning from them. I realy hope that when she is out, she become a better mother to Leah who is a beautiful girl by the way!

It really sounds like Amber is getting her life together, I am happy for her. I hope she can continue her sobriety when she gets out and has to deal with the stresses of every day life again.

I hope she's able to continue keeping her life in order. Damn shame your kid has to see you in prison though. And when she's older, wonder how the kid will feel knowing her mom would rather have gone to prison that the other things offered?

I think if I were in the same situation, I'd like to know that my mom went to jail for a short period of time to get clean because the other options weren't working for her instead of having to deal with the fact that my mother died of an OD. Hopefully they will get Leah some counseling, I'm sure she needs/will need it.

I hope Amber gets out early too, and I also hope that she's able to stay clean as well. It sounds like she's come a long way, and I like that she admitted to many of her mistakes--a humbling thing to do in the first place, but even more difficult when you're in the public eye. I will definitely be rooting for her.

That said, I do wonder how things are going to go once she has to start interacting with Gary again. He instigated a lot of their arguments, almost like he enjoyed getting a rise out of her and seeing how she would react, and he even held Leah over her like a pawn (the series finale when they were arguing over the phone made me sick to my stomach). I don't buy for one minute that he didn't take Leah to visit Amber in prison because he didn't want her in that environment, I firmly believe he held out as long as he did as a big "fuck you" to Amber. Of course that doesn't excuse her behavior, especially the violence, but I do worry that when she inevitably has to meet up with him again in order to see Leah that they will clash and she'll fall back into her old habit of getting angry and having a meltdown. I also think that if she tries to get custody of Leah again that Gary will make that very, very difficult for her, and as a result she will feel that she has to get back with Gary just so she can be close to Leah again. And then Gary has everything he wants, and Amber can't say anything about it because he holds all the cards.

This is, of course, based entirely on what I've seen from the show, but I really would not put that level of manipulation beyond Gary. We all know what Amber did wrong, but I see so few people really acknowledge what a mess Gary is and instead congratulate him on doing what a father should do in the first place. I doubt they will be able to co-exist and get along peacefully, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

I completely agree. Gary is a conniving, manipulative douchebag with a serious case of tiny man syndrome. Hopefully he will realize how much work Amber has done and support her new sober lifestyle because it's what is best for Leah. I'm not holding my breath on that though.

Tiny man syndrome? Bahahahahaha.

I've never cared for Amber. In addition to being violent she has never been a good mother. Leah deserves better. Hopefully if she really is clean she'll be more involved and less neglectful when she gets out. Whatever she does I hope she's smart enough not to get back with Gary. Those two are toxic.

I'm glad to hear this. Amber made a good decision, though it is not a popular decision. You have to do your best for yourself and your loved ones, and it's clear that this is what Amber has begun to do...the first step was admitting that she wouldn't get clean through less restrictive measures. She will probably have a parole officer and (hopefully) a therapist to help her through her transition back into life outside, so her old habits with Gary may not be an immediate concern.

That said, I think the wise thing would have been for the two of them to give Leah a better life long ago. Both of them lack parenting skills, as evidenced by their behavior and even Leah's physical appearance. Gary doesn't feed her properly, and she is far too heavy for a little munchkin her age. I agree that he didn't give her up because to him, Leah is a useful tool in getting what he wants from Amber. It's a shame...Leah didn't ask to be born and didn't ask for two dunderhead parents, but she has to suffer the consequences of their piss poor actions (which were exacerbated by the fact that they were televised!). Leah would be better off with a family who has the resources to raise a child in a healthy, loving environment.

The best thing she can do when she gets out is stay far, far away from Gary. I don't think those two idiots are capable of co-parenting for a second. The courts should keep them as far away as possible. I'm sure they both love their kid, but poor Leah has already picked up the tab enough for their mistakes.
For Leah's sake I hope Amber grew up and owned up to her BS in jail. Hopefully she didn't just go to jail to avoid facing her real issues in rehab.

Wow an actual article! Yay. I hope Amber does well and I'm rooting for her!

I don't think Amber and Jenelle are even similar at all. Jenelle very clearly does not want Jace, it's really as simple as that. I've seen no evidence that she wants to get custody of him, I think she could if she wanted to- she has the support and the intelligence. Occasionally the subject is broached, for the purpose of MTV and because Jenelle knows she will lose a chunk of the crazy people who support her if she is honest about it. Can you imagine where she would be now if she had stayed at home with her Mum and Jace? She could have finished college!
Amber was always so cut up about Leah, wanting to see her, be with her and be her Mother. When she was upset and having panic attacks, 90% of the time it was because she couldn't be with Leah. She needs to get her act together and I so hope she does, but I believe she actually WANTS to be able to care for her child.

I admire Amber so much. Not only did this girl admit to having a problem, but she knew that rehab wouldn't do it for her. I can't think of many people who would willingly choose jail, in today's society people are forever looking for the fast & easy way out. She's made the best of a dark situation by getting her GED and remaining as positive as one can be in such a situation.

Kudos to her, I really wish her all the best of luck. Before her going into jail, she had a lot of negative media attention but I think coming out she's going to have a lot more people rooting for her. I really hope that she'll be able to have an amicable relationship with Gary as I believe he's a huge trigger for her using.

And to anyone who is idiotic enough to say Jenelle & Amber are the same.. Please. Jenelle has yet to even admit she has a problem, still trying to say she's clean - and she couldn't care less about being a good mom to Jace. Regardless of Amber's problems, you could always see she is a really devoted mom to Leah.

The difference between Jenelle and Amber is that Amber can admit that she *has* a problem, while Jenelle can only admit that she *had* a problem. Amber admitted to her drug use, realized that it was a problem, and then chose prison over rehab because she knew that with prison she had a better chance of getting and staying clean. Jenelle repeatedly lies about her drug use. Remember when she told everyone she was in the hospital for ovarian cysts, but it turns out she was actually in there for heroin withdrawals? But then, weeks later when she's sober and her drug use is no longer a problem, she has no problem admitting that she *had* a drug problem in the past, but she's clean now, she swears! And she really is, at least until the next time she decides to do drugs.

Amber's decision to go to prison instead of rehab must have been agony for her to make, but she was in a toxic situation and the path she chose was the one that removed her most thoroughly from that situation. Because of this, she has been able to recover and start getting her life on track, and I believe that she can do it. Jenelle, on the other hand, seems to surround herself on purpose with toxic people for the sake of drugs and alcohol and drama. She would never make the choice Amber did, because voluntarily going to prison would mean voluntarily removing those people from her life and living in a setting where she doesn't constantly receive validation for her poor decisions. Even if she did end up having to go to prison, I don't think it would change her.

I would like to add (or belabor) a point about Jenelle that totally disqualifies her from being compared to Amber. For multiple seasons, Jenelle just couldn't give up smoking weed. It was too hard, it was the only thing that helped her through, blah blah blah. Keep in mind that it is only possible to be mentally addicted to marijuana...physical addictions to the drug hardly exist.
Then she goes on with Dr. Drew in the past finale and passively acknowledges her heroin habit, but assures him that she made it through withdrawals on her own simply by holing up at her mother's house. Heroin is one of the most physically addicting drugs out there. Are we really supposed to believe that someone who was just SO ADDICTED to marijuana could actually kick a heroin habit without help or drastic measures? Yeah fucking right.

Amber has always acknowledged her addiction, and has never made excuses for her poor behavior. She took responsibility and did it the hard way. The girl may not be mother or person of the year, but he doesn't deserve to be compared to a shitstorm like Jenelle.

"physical addictions to the drug hardly exist"

Can you give me a source for that info? How are the chemicals in marijuana different from other drugs? My understanding is that all substance addictions, be it pot, opioids, alcohol, hell even sugar addiction are in fact physical addictions, in that enough intake will alter brain chemistry and create a dependency on the drug, whether to compensate for a lack of a chemical or an overabundance of it. What is different about THC that it does not trigger a chemical response in the brain?

My understanding has been that on the physical side, it's really just chemicals and a network of receptors that make us feel love and pain, and though drugs have a huge emotional impact on us, it's really just the chemicals and receptors that are being messed with and thus we feel better or worse. Mental addiction and a physical addiction seem to be one in the same.

Mental addiction is different than physical addiction.. You're pretty much implying that your body and your brain are one in the same.

Ask someone who smoked weed for years how they quit and they'll say "simple, I just stopped". No withdrawals. No nicotine patches. No doctors. Nothing to help you quit. If you want to quit you will do it, simple as that.

Ask a heroin addict how they quit heroin and they'll tell you all about their withdrawals which can produce real life threatening problems, you require medication to stop your body from withdrawing and potentially dying. You cannot quit heroin on your own.

Without sources because I'm too tired to do all that, physical addiction involves the compensatory measures you referenced, and "psychological addiction" plays upon the dopaminergic pathways in the brain. Actions that activate those areas are those the body, evolutionarily, would want to repeat, so upon presentation of the appropriate stimuli (pipe, pack of cigarettes, Carl's junior commercial) the urge to "do it again" is created. Psychological addiction to pot is possible, like all other drugs or appetitive stimuli, but the physical addiction is not as measurable or present as with alcohol, heroin, or tobacco, for examples.

The first sign that an addict is in denial, is when they use the words 'don't' or 'had'. As in, "I don't have any problems with drugs or alcohol." Or "I admitted that I had a drug addiction, but I am no longer an addict."
I wish it were possible for people to no longer be addicts. However, those who are serious, aware and vigilant will admit they are still an addict. Even those who have not used for 20 years, know they are still addicts. Sometimes it is that very knowledge that keeps them alive and well. It is not fair, brutally difficult and extremely complicated. It is also unfortunately, completely true. Denial equals death, too many times.

I despised Amber until I saw her follow up with Dr. Drew, once she had been in the slammer for a bit. She was lucid, in the present and actually emoting. It's unnerving, because prisons are not the best places for healing or spiritual reformation, but if nothing else, I hope the physical time away from her problems as well as the structure provided has given her enough of a push to clean up.

The real challenge begins the second she steps foot out of the prison grounds. I honestly hope she weathers the storm, it's easy to forget that these volatile kids are human.

...except Farrah. She's from another planet, there's no other explanation.

I agree with all of you

Just when you think Farrah could not be any more insensitive, uninformed or uneducated. It is not even that she did not know who Trayvon Martin was, it is the manner in which she handled it. After she was told how badly she screwed it up, she should have said "I apologize for commenting on someone I obviously knew nothing about".
Instead this sensitive, polite and empathetic young lady said something else about her mistake. "It's hard being a hot single mom, but somebodys gottta be it :) #LoveLife,"

Considering she calls herself a mom who 'is the epitome of perfectedness', she should be aware that the Martin's lost their child. I fear she will never teach Sophia the meaning of empathy and compassion. Two of the most important things a parent can teach a child. Children learn through their parent's example. I worry for her daughter. Farrah needs to shut her back door and her mouth because both have sh!t coming out of them. I do not want to see or hear either.

She gets my blood boiling at times.. and I never even met her!

I am hoping that Farrah's head gets so big that it just explodes.

Or at least her fake breasts.

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