Amber Portwood Fans Rave About Be Forever Haute

Be Forever Haute

Amber Portwood gave her fans what they were waiting for as she chose New Year's Eve to launch her Be Forever Haute online retail store.

You could say Portwood has left 2016 and all the negativity between her and Farrah Abraham in the dust. Instead, she is now embarking on another business venture as she continues to strengthen her financial portfolio.

What seems to be more successful about this launch is the direct and quick feedback she has been getting from fans on social media. Fans are raving about Portwood's designs and all signs are pointing to a successful launch.

"Amber continues to be a living inspiration for her many fans from all over the world in everything that she does," according to the About section of Be Forever Haute.

"After an outpour of questions from her fans about all of the stylish outfits and accessories worn by her on her shows, Amber soon realized that even her every day wardrobe impacted them in a very positive way."

Some fans are even asking Portwood to open boutiques in their areas so the sky is really the limit for Portwood and her Be Forever Haute empire.


That High-low Maxi Top model on page 2 needs my bone hammer.