Amber Portwood Doesn't Care For Farrah Abraham At All

catelynn lowell

Amber Portwood and her Teen Mom OG co-star Catelynn Lowell sat down with People magazine for a one-on-one. One of he major topics of the discussion was centered around their co-star Farrah Abraham and the girls still had some harsh words for Abraham.

"She's just not a person that I want to attach myself with," said Portwood.

"They were never quite invited," she continued, mentioning the guest-list for the wedding.

She insisted that Simon Saran was especially not invited and she wasn't sure where he got the idea that he was. Portwood also called Saran a weirdo and said she doesn't see him as a part of the franchise. Meanwhile, Portwood said she doesn't care whether or not Abraham attends the wedding.

In terms of Abraham's opinions and comments, Lowell said Abraham doesn't really make sense. Both Lowell and Portwood went in on Abraham saying that she is not a strong woman or a role model for the show.

Portwood did say she thinks there is a lot of sadness and a big wall with Abraham. She also revealed that some people in the industry look at Abraham as a joke. Meanwhile, Lowell suggested that Abraham get some help to figure out what's really going on with her.

Those are some serious shots fired and we obviously expect Abraham to fire right back with a few shots of her own. Looks like things are going to heat up before Teen Mom OG returns. Get ready for the fireworks ahead.