Teen Mom 2 Reunion Episode: Why Did Jenelle and David Storm Off This Time?

Briana DeJesus

Tonight on the Teen Mom 2 reunion, the girls all got together to talk about their trust issues. Read on to find out what happened.


Kail reveals that she recently found out that Chris Lopez was betraying her and found out through his phone.

She also reflects on getting her college degree. Kail claims that she's done having kids and can't imagine herself having a daughter.

Kail also reveals that Chris still hasn't seen the baby. She's no longer in contact with him either. Kail says that she didn't hear from her mom but she has a lot of supportive friend.


Leah reflects on when she was doing poorly from a mental health standpoint. She once felt unworthy and experienced suicidal ideation. Leah also joined a dating app


Jenelle wants Jace back. She gets tearful when she talks about this.

Although she's asked about whether Babs might be in the right about being hurt by not being invited to her wedding, Jenelle points out that Babs just sold 3 stories to the press about her.

Jenelle also notes that Nathan and his mom and Babs have all been talking trash about Jenelle and David while they've just sat back and taken the high road.

Jenelle also talks about how even though Nathan was charged for strangling his ex, David gets bashed. Jenelle just doesn't understand why people seem afraid of David's anger.

Meanwhile, backstage, David looks pissed off and threatens to leave with Jenelle given the way she's being questioned. David also keeps swearing at Dr. Drew.

Jenelle feels that David would never cheat on her but she does acknowledge that David can get aggressive, which is when she tells him to calm down. Again, David gets upset backstage.

At the end of the segment, David tells Jenelle that he's leaving, forcing Jenelle backstage to figure out what's going on.

Jenelle winds up leaving with David given that she feels she should support him.

Later, the show returns with Nathan and his mom, Doris, on air. Shockingly, Nathan talks about how he feels David is controlling and abusive toward Kaiser.

Doris notes she's trying to get temporary custody of Kaiser. Doris says Kaiser came home from daycare one day saying David punched him. She also says that Jenelle is lying about handprints being on Kaiser's butt.

Next, when Babs comes on the show, she clarifies that the courts were the ones who made the decision for Jace to live with her.

Jenelle constantly accuses her, but at the end of the day, Jace speaks with a therapist, who gave the courts vital information.

Babs says that she's not allowed to see Ensley and just wishes that Jenelle would be nice to her.


Chelsea had an eventful year given that she gave birth to baby Watson, dealt with Adam and got Aubree's name changed. Chelsea reflects on how she talks to Aubree about Adam.

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