Teen Mom Salaries Leaked; Jenelle Paid In Gift Cards

catelynn lowell

jenelle paid in olive garden gift cardsNote: the photo above was photoshopped by me! Relax :)

Star Magazine is going to have an article tomorrow on how much the stars of Teen Mom make, but this was too good info to wait until then.

Radar revealed some bits and pieces from it, and it's very clear the girls of Teen Mom are paid much more than Teen Mom 2, at least for now.

On the higher side is Jenelle and her mother Barbara who get paid $75k and $65k respectively, and in addition to salary, MTV hooks Jenelle up with plenty of other things including Olive Garden gift cards.

Well played, MTV. Make millions off of a person, and give them gift cards in return.

The report also lists Catelynn making a decent amount (doesn't say specifics), but she doesn't seem to be breaking the bank.

If it's anywhere near Amber's reported $140k per season, I'd have to say that's breaking the bank. Sure, it's not Jersey Shore money, but who needs money when MTV pays in gift cards?

In addition to the moms, the fathers also make a decent chunk of change, which apparently annoys the moms as they do a fraction of the recording or work related to the show.

I don't blame them, especially considering how underpaid the moms are compared to trash like Snooki.

The magazine will be out tomorrow, so I may pick it up and see if there is anything else worth reporting, but definitely interesting stuff from this little article.


Disgusting. If this is true, Jenelle gets paid $75,000 to be a total f**k up? I really do hate this show behind the scenes. Their circumstance isn't normal and it's time MTV stops forcing audiences to believe it is.

And the original girls make significantly more? All that crap Maci feeds everyone that she "isn't rich" meanwhile she's almost certainly making over $100,000 per year without a college degree at 20 years old? That's BS. She's a f-ing idiot if she doesn't think that that is considered "rich" for somebody in her circumstances. It's fine if they want to pay them that much, but don't make Maci and Farrah pretend they struggle with money.

Agreed. I hate that Jenelle receives this much money for NOT being a mom. So manny HARD WORKING moms in this country who bend over backwards for their children deserve this money soooo much more.

Teen mom: Moms who make more in one season than most people do in a year as a professional, blow all of their money on stupid crap and still manage to bitch about their life constantly. Whine whine whine... just wait till the paychecks stop rolling in and you'll have something to really whine about.

agreed! I am a single mom and I don't make half what Janelle gets for a season for NOT being a mom to Jace! It is apauling.

You guys are haters! Ya'll should have been smarter like the teen moms and maybe ya'll wouldn't be broke bitches. Either way, stop complaining that these ppl are getting money.

As a parent, I’m confused about the MESSAGE your show is sending to are teens. Is your MESSAGE not to get pregnant because your life could be a struggle and hard times and if so. Then explain to me and my teen how does a teen learn from their mistake, if shows like yours are paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. In my opinion, the only MESSAGE you’re sending to are young teens is to get pregnant, and maybe a show like ours will pay you. Anyway, after finding out how much money the teen moms are making, I wonder how many other teens GOALS and DREAMS are to get pregnant and hope a show like yours cast them so they to could make hundred and thousands of dollars. Pulling the wool over our eyes, Ha… MTV but in this case are young teens eyes.

What makes these girls any more deserving of money than Snooki? Snooki is shameless for sure, and I am by no means a fan, but these girls should take a lesson from her. Maci, Farrah, Amber, Jenelle, Leah, etc. get paid more money than most young mothers will ever see in their lifetime and yet they have the nerve to say that they struggle just like us. They flaunt their expensive tattoos, new cars, boob jobs, and houses and still have the nerve to say they struggle just like us. F--- that. I'm glad Snooki gets paid what she does. At least she's honest, unlike these frauds. Caitlynn and Tyler are the only ones on either show that deserve any amount of respect.

I agree with you 100%. Catelynn and Tyler are my fav. They are so sweet and don't go around acting like anyone else.

Oh, woe is me. It must be soooo hard being a "struggling" teen mom when you make $140k a year. *Cough* sarcasm.

It's unfortunate that most of the moms on this show act like this....

Considering it's a tv show that's meant to showcase the struggles of teen pregnancy, i think it would be ridiculous for the moms to strut around and brag about how much they're pulling in. It is most likely written up in their contracts that they cannot disclose what they make from the show. You can't expect someone to put their entire life on world wide television and not recieve any compensation for it. That would be exploitation. I'm assuming the gift cards are a way for MTV to cut down on the cash handouts, thus making it sppear the girls make less money and keep the show more realistic. Frankly, it wouldn't matter if Jenelle was a homeless crackhead and was using her TM2 money to support her habbit..she still earned it wether we like it or not. And i cannot understand why people are always so quick to jump down her back.. im sure none of us agree with the choices she is making with her life, but she's definately doing alot better than Amber Portwood. Amber pretty much is the homeless crackhead supporting her habbit with her TM money. (substitute crack for pills)

They deserve to get paid, absolutely. However, what they get paid seems extremely excessive. And I wouldn't even mind the grossly oversized paychecks if these girls would just own up to the fact that they are making bank while pretending to be struggling. Obviously they can't disclose the full amount they make, but a little more honesty on their part would make them all much more credible examples to look up to.

I don't think what they make is outrageous, especially considering how much MTV is making off them. I myself, would not put my life on TV for any less than what they are getting. I dont think they're allowed to be any more honest about what they're making because then MTV would get alot more heat about "glamourizing" teen pregnancy.

You don't think it's excessive? Really? My husband is in the Army, and he's in an undisclosed, and dangerous location right now, he doesn't get paid NEARLY that amount PER YEAR, to risk his life for the country.
People in this nation have some fucked up priorities. Yes. It is EXCESSIVE, to be paid that much to be a horrible mother, and horrible role model.

Thank you Abby! My husband was KILLED in Afghanistan, and they make more in a year than he did. Even now, I'm still waiting to receive my pay from the Army, almost a year later, and its not even as much as these bitches make.
This is exactly why this country is becoming such a disgrace. Idiots who think that 'famous' people aren't paid too much. Like hell they aren't.... What about the people who fight for our freedom every single day, wo we can all peacefully sleep at night? They don't deserve that kind of money? They don't deserve their 5 minutes of fame when one of them is killed, yet we obsess over stupid people who are 'famous' and kill them selves....

Now thats pretty screwed up.

I don't think they get paid too much in comparison. Though i would definately agree that the nation has their priorities way out of whack. I think your point is valid and quite sad, but at the end of the day you have to remember; in 10 years these girls will be nobody's, but your husband will still be a hero!

It is really pathetic that your husbands make less. But it is the way of life. Yes the Teen Mom's make way more than they deserve but it is life. They made the decision to be on Teen Mom and your husband made the choice to be in the Army. No one forced either of them, if your husband wanted to make more money than he should have gone into another career. But I have a feeling your husband is not in the Army just for the money.

the upsetting thing is that some of these girls pretend to struggle, get expensive tattoos and alternative surgeries instead of investing that money into their children's futures or in some cases even their present! How about buy a decent house??

These girls do deserve to get paid, but not as much as they are. All the fame and money is going to their head, just look at Maci now. I love her still as a mom, but she's completely different if you compare before and after pictures. Love that picture of Jenelle up at the top though.

It doesn't even bother me as much with the girls like Farrah or Kail because they seem like pretty genuine hard workers, and they seem to be pretty decent moms. I am almost certain that those two would have been setting up college funds and securing their children's futures whether there were cameras there or not. Even Amber at least DID have custody of her daughter for 2 years. Jenelle is the one that really pisses me off because she lost custody of Jace in like the first episode. She's never been a real mom. If MTV had any decency, they would have written in the contracts from the start that the girls had to keep custody of their child or they were paid significantly less.

Janelle didn't "lose" custody of Jace, She gave her mom Temporary custody... Because she didn't feel she could give him the life he deserved for the time being... Her lawyer stated in another article that they were going to get started on the paper work for her to get Jace back..

Jenelle signed over her rights because she KNEW she would lose in court and "couldn`t afford" a lawyer! Jace is where he needs to be,with his grandma!

P.s. Sorry for straying away from the actual topic.

Jennelle should NEVER get her son back. She is a total psycho drug addict. Her mom is unstable as well. He'd be better off being placed for adoption.

not to get off topic here , but Snooki is not nor will she ever be trash . she may have a crazy life on Jersey Shore , but that is all we see , just like with Teen mom . dont judge -.-

this is totally fake..you can see the gift card edited in.... lame to the loser who created this

See comment below about the Photoshopped image.

Uh, it's supposed to be fake...

Hey amber your addicted to drugs and in and out of jail here is a BIG junk of money to help feed your addiction! So glad I really hope the kids are getting some money personally I would say they should only pay them

..... I like how no one noticed that gift card was photoshopped into her hand. And Star magazine likes to trash the Teen Moms and print lies about them. Leah's mother, Dawn, has said on numerous occasions that this magazine is entirely inaccurate.

See comment below about the Photoshopped image.

Sigh. I need a drink.

No wonder Jenelle does dope.. If I made 75k just to do my thing with a camera in my face I would do dope too.. Becoming pregnant and becoming a teen mom should not be something to make money from.. If so I would stay pregnant all the time..

Ummm... First off, 'dope' is heroin, I believe the word your looking for is pot. And second, who gives a flying f@$! if she smokes. Is it affecting you? No. She could be doing way worse.

I thought Jenelle herself wrote that last comment until I realized it says "your" instead of "yr". Smh.

This picture is EDITED! The original picture is of Jenelle SMILING and her hand was just as it is now. If you people kept up with things like this, instead of just the bull shit garbage you hear about, you would know this. Jenelle has her life back on track and has custody of Jace again, she is engaged and doing great. She has a job, she gets paid for it, get over it! I don't hear anyone bitching about strippers getting paid for taking their clothes off... Same concept! Neither may be working the 9-5 jobs, but they still work and get paid just like the rest of us! Anyone on TV makes bookoo bucks. Are ya going to gripe about the weather people too, all they do is read off of a screen. Good grief people! Get a life! Before you go judging someone, why don't you take a look at yourself?! Are you any better of a person because you can bash them online?? Hell-No. Get a grip and snap back to reality. LIFE ISN'T FAIR, NOR WILL IT EVER BE! Whew! Now that that's over with. Have a GREAT day!

See the comment below about the Photoshopped image.


this is bull i got pregnant with my son at 18 (yeah not as young as they are but still) and i am disabled i can't work so i raise my son and me on 698 a month but yet there life is hard they make so much damn money it's crazy they need to get out and get a real life and realize how hard life really is

I agree i had my son at 18 also n my son gets social security cuz hes got adhd n behavoral disruption disorder n he only gets 684.00 a mth n my husband is layed off n only getti810.00 every two weeks n we still struggle i wish all i had to do was sing or be on tv to make millions but no n also u got ppl out hrre bustin their ass for sure n they still struggle to make ends meet n we got two kids n its hard but they should not get paid that much they should be paid as much as the rest of us

I got 1 child, one on the way. My hubby is only getting $688 Canadian every 2 weeks.. 1 full check goes to rent and that doesn't cover the full amount still.. There is no work where we live and my hubby might have to end up looking for work out west so that we can make enough money to support our family and be able to afford the needs of the children... Sure these teen moms make a lot of money for being on TV, but thats what you get for being in the business... a good chunk of cash.

Get paid as much as "the rest of us"? Surely u jest...u live off the government entirely! I know ur type..exaggerating ur "poor " circumstance on "bad luck" and my Add kid which is a made up illness manufactured by pharmaceutical co. To make addictive meds that people like and beg to take! Disgusting!!!!Smh!!!

I've seen this picture of Jenelle without the giftcard...you can tell it's not real...it's hard for me to believe that what she makes is even true.

See comment below re: Photoshopped image.

You can totally tell this is photo-shopped just saying -_-
And I believe they deserve to get paid for willingly putting there stories out there and dealing with all the drama that comes with the show along with there own lives. Dealing with people constantly putting their comments on about their life. I mean putting your self out there comes with that but seriously some people just need to back off with the whole "I hate this show stuff" if you hate it so much why look at stuff about it. Or watch it ?

See comment below re: the Photoshopped image.

It's actually kind of funny how many people (here, FB, Twitter) have mentioned that this photo is Photoshopped.

We know it is! WE Photoshopped it! It's just meant to be a silly illustration, not a true to fact photo. :)

I can't believe people can't tell it's supposed to be fake...

I usually don't comment but why not put this money into college savings for the kids for them not the parents MTV give them a great college and life fund...That's what MTV should do give them Walmart for groceries kids health paid for and college savings

Why is it completely ridiculous for these girls to get money from the show yet everyone's okay with guys getting 2 mil to run on some grass?

Ha! I agree! Even though I think in both cases the pay is excessive

Because all the girls had to do was have sex and get pregnant, the guys running on grass are actually disciplined and participating in a sport, idiot.

That's photoshopped! seriously people? You're life is sooooo fucking boring you have to go randomly photo shop a olive garden gift card in someones hand? wow, pathetic! Too bad for you i've seen the actual picture and there is NO olive garden card.. and you can obviously tell it's photoshopped because of the out lining on her finger.

Actually i would say this comment and your life is pathetic.

Seeing as how it states underneath the photo that the person that wrote it PHOTOSHOPPED IT themselves.. I am sure a lot of us have seen the "real photo" so what..

Some People... SMH

Are you fucking kidding me??? Someone stole this pic off of jenelles page and put a fake ass card in her hand OBVIOUSLY this is pathetic.

Go to her twitter.. look at her recent pics.. and there you go.. problem solved. NO GIFT CARD.

No shit! The caption under the photo SAYS it's photoshopped. Nothing to get so worked up about either.

They should pay these girls in 401k's that are not touchable until they are 25, and can't get the full amount until they are 35, and college bonds that are in their children's' names so they can't cash them in so at least the kids have half a chance to make it.

How do you know that these kids don't have a chance? Who are you to say that these teen moms are so selfish that they wouldn't set up a fund for their babies so they have "half a chance" Pfft People like you aggravate me.

Wait, why are people so up in arms over the gift card being photoshopped? This site (and many other Teen Mom News sites) always photoshop pictures in a funny way to make them fit the article. I don't understand why it's a huge deal?

Thank you haha. It's crazy how many worked up over my poorly done photoshop job.

Y'all are blowing all this up out of proportion... How do you know that any of that is true?????? I mean seriously. People will tell magazines anything to get money out of it!! Don't believe it, until one of the TM or TM2 girls say its true, damn!!

Dear stevebeans,
Judging by these comments, I fear that your readers might actually believe that Amber's Christmas card photo was her mugshot.

Haha funny some remember that. Oh man did I face a lot of heat for that.

Unnecessary heat

People now a days get offended with the littlest thing its ridiculous!!!

I am lauhing so hard with some of the comments cause it clearly states under the picture that they photoshopped the picture please learn how to read everything before making a comment their is a saying in spanish that says "Pon tu cerebro en funcionamiento antes que pongas tu lengua en movimiento"

We actually had to add that note in after all of these comments lol.

I am seriously laughing so hard right now, DUH the picture is photoshopped did someone seriously think that was real?! TMJ always photoshops pictures to make them funny/relate to the article! Also, I don't think these girls make too much. I'm also a teen mom, my loooooser baby daddy hasn't paid child support in 15 months (my son is 15 months old lol) and yeah it's tough, but so what? There are so many programs to help struggling parents and I for one am not complaining about being broke and am going to college to change that siutation! Wah wah wah I hate seeing all these people b!tch about their money situations, get off your butts and do something about it! When I got pregnant someone told me I should try to get on 16 and pregnant and I was like hell no, there is not enough money in the world that could make me want my life broadcasted. Who cares what they make, it's what they do with the money that is really important.

I love their crazy fake photo shops :)

WTF is up with people and the gift card comments?!? Seriously, TMJ photoshops satirical pictures all the time, it's funny. No one ever claims that it's not photoshopped. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, LOL!

As for the money Janelle makes - getting followed by cameras ISN'T worth 75k a year. Sorry, but it isn't.

This picture is fake!!! You can tell the gift card was drawn in!!!!

No shit, captain obvious. You're about 20 comments late on your realization.

Didn't Amber make something like 375K last year which was why she had to pay back the money for living in the assisted living place? Or whatever they called the government housing money she got. While I don't think 75K that Janelle made is much at all, 375K is a nice chunk.

$75k is an IMMENSE salary for doing basically nothing for your work. Like others have stated, professionals with multiple degrees make less than this each year. What I could do with $75,000... And how well I would do in school/life if my financial concerns were alleviated! That's why I can't stand how Maci, Amber, Jenelle, and even Leah (to an extent - I give her a slight break cuz of the stress of Ali's health concerns) all seem so stunted in their lives, yet they rake in this much money.. I am a full time college student and have been for four years, and if I had had financial support I would have been able to have finished by now. But financial stresses made me switch schools, lose credits which I earned at the previous institutions, and have to take a fifth year.

The tattoos in particular bug me because I'd love to get more tats, braces, skin treatments, and even a boob job, but none of these are in my future for quite some time, and I've been in school and working since 2009.

Every season it's new cars and a new house but yet nobody is holding down a job. Never mind the fact that their nails and hair are always done.

Jenelle rakes in the dough! Dish Nation's Ebony Steele and HeadkracK are sounding off, but what do you think? http://bit.ly/LP3ijg

I was excited thinking they were going to mention us :(


That's MTV's fault mainly, I think, because they gave Jenelle too much money for nothing. They give her much money than Barbra... It's a shame.
I think the girls paid back a lot: cameras everywhere, no private sphere, divorcing, addiction, prison, broken relationships under 20. It wasn't easy at all...

That picture is so obviously photoshopped! How dare you besmirch the good name of Jenelle by maliciously posting a picture of her with a giftcard! For shame!

Seriously?! Can't you read, or are you just faking it?!

People who keep saying the moms should do this for their kids and that. Do you really think MTV is not paying the babies?

To all these people who think they deserve more money than these girls, who do you exactly expect to pay you? MTV? Why? Do they follow you around all the time? No. Stop whining, life is hard. Some people have it easier or get lucky, and some don't. Nobody owes you anything.

it's sad how many people cant read! under the picture it says they photoshopped it! its supposed to be a joke cause of the fact they get gift cards...im assuming people cant get the sarcasm -.- smh

[...] the three of them together.  Naturally, one of the tweets were the three of them at Olive Garden (on MTV’s dime I assume – and I know the linked image is [...]

I find it hilarious we've known about JENELLE since 2009 and people on this website STILL misspell her name... Even though its in the article above, too!

Kail is by far the worst when it comes to acting like a poor mother.

I'm stunned to see how many people can't read..! It's like mentioned a hundred times that -yes they photoshopped that picture on purpose- and yet people are still commenting that -oh wait, we can totally se that its photoshopped, you know?- I wonder if any of them can't stand to read such a short article in full, what they would do with a book. Probably use it to balance the fridge.

[...] you believe that is up to you, but how could she be broke?  She pretty much lives at Olive Garden, and MTV pays for that.  Do I believe she’s broke?  I doubt it’s that extreme, but I’m sure her bank [...]

Everybody is jealous of the teen moms it's funny. I'm glad they make as much money as they do that way I can watch their show every Tuesday.

I hope that all the," Teen Moms " that are being payed well realize how lucky they are;moreove, I hope they save. One day your time in fame will end, and when it does, we in the " real world" wish you well in your poverty. I'm a single parent of to girls and at no time did I ask anyone for anything, it's a responsibility that one brings to oneself. If you're not able to support a child, don't have one! These "Teen Moms" are not the real deal, If you are a teen, please don't have a child, have your freedom as a teen, have fun, BE FREE!.

This is disgusting, they pay these people triple what an average teachers salary is, and people wonder why our kids are growing up without an education and zero critical thinking skills. Plus they have these people as role models to look up to, how fucking sad. Makes me sick, but it's all a giant plan to brainwash our children to keep them from realizing how bad their getting fucked by the government.