Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reportedly Being Filmed with All Four Moms On Board

Chelsea Houska

Several sources reported this week that despite all the rumors otherwise, Teen Mom 2 Season 8 is in production will all four moms signing on- even fed-up Leah Messer.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, although "one girl," presumably Leah, was considering backing out of filming, the $250,000+ pay-day changed her mind as many predicted it would.

Starcasm.com says it's not confirmed whether or not similarly reluctant Teen Mom 2 cast members Jeremy Calvert or Adam Lind will be on next season, but we think we speak for most when we say who cares.

Here are the reasons, however, we're excited for Season 8:

  • To find out WTF is going on between Kailyn and Javi
  • To see the perfect product of Chelsea's wedding planning (even though the actual day won't be caught by MTV cameras)
  • To see if Leah's rumored anger with her portrayal on the show is detectable
  • How WILL Jenelle react if she loses custody of Kaiser? That whole baby-sitter drama makes us think it's a possibility..

What are YOU most excited about for Season 8?


Jenelle is not going to lose custody to Nathan. Who has had multiple DUI's and other charges against him. He doesn't even have custody of his first child. What's going to happen is jenelle keeps primary custody and Nathan will get court ordered visitation.

Personally, kaiser should of been adopted to a loving family who doesn't use him as a pawn. But this is jenelle we are talking about.

agreed! i think they will get joint legal custody with jenelle keeping primary physical custody. nate will get him every other weekend

She gets away with everything and it's complete bs

Right? People say Nathan is the better choice of the two but he really isn't. Anybody with three DUIs who was caught driving drunk with their child in the car is not fit to be a parent.

still not convinced MTV wont talk chelsea into filming the wedding

I don't think she'll crack. Cole seems pretty adamant about not wanting it filmed either, and I think she'll listen to him too.

They might talk her into a "photo montage" like some of the other moms with their births.

What is the babysitter drama? With tori?
Leah and jenelle can threaten to quit all they want, but without mtv money they are screwed. Jenelle won't get a job in the medical field, even without those charges against her from Jessica. Leahs child support won't support her drug....ahem anxiety?...habit. I will be interested to see what happens in the custody case. Nathan at least looks as though he is doing better.....who knows though

Arrested with heroin if u missed it

Classy af

Thank God!

Any word about the OG girls? I really hope that's over, it was incredibly boring.

Ew me too. But it seemed like they'll probably film again. You know what's funny though is I'd rather see farrah FARRAH of all people than creepy Matt and amber. Farrah is blatantly a bitch whereas I'm sick of ambers OH DON'T ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS BLAH BLAH. sick of all the of mom's honestly.

Things re Matt have been very quiet lately. I almost forgot he existed. Wonder when the next flood of baby mamas will emerge???

I hope OG is over with, too. Mostly because I hate the thought of Tyler being paid to be the arsehole he is. I really do not need to see that friggin' face on my telly again.

theyve been filming


Babs needs her own show! That I'll watch

She has a webseris coming out called A Bae for Babs! can we do a story on that please!? :)

I'm mostly in it for Leah drama and the demise of karl and javi.

Whenever people write "Karl" it always reminds of the way Rick says it on the Walking Dead


I'm (pathetically) thrilled that this trash is coming back!

Still having the issue where the page keeps refreshing. Is it just me and my out of date computer?

Why has TMOG decided to break the 4th wall but TM2 is still the fake-ass heavily edited/reenacted show?

What am I most/least excited about?...

Jenelle - the "oh my god, dude" drinking game, being able to take notes on how to manipulate both people and the legal system, how big she can get her lips to be, how big David's cheeks can get. Seriously though, not excited about anything. We're basically watching 2 little boys suffer.

Chelsea - as someone who finds weddings totally cliche (sorry I just do and I blame Pinterest) I'm already sick of her talking about it. Don't get me wrong I'm insanely happy for her I just don't care about weddings or watching people prep for them. Anyway, that's all her story will be about. That and complaining about Adam. I'll be excited if they fast forward through all the wedding and Adam stuff and show her and Cole buy a new house and have some babies. Otherwise, nah.

Leah - seeing baby Remi! Corey's beard, poppaw Jeff's GILF status, Leah taking naps, cats going on adventures, Addy going on adventures, Lance Bass.

Kailyn - her deciding she has a face more for radio.

I'm happy for them but could give a fuck about the Cole Chelsea wedding too haha. I look forward to them having babies like I look forward to my sims having babies. omg and yes to all things Leah.

"like I look forward to my sims having babies." I screamed. LOLLLLLLLL

I love the Sims lol!!!

My predictions are as follows:

Chelsea and Cole wedding plan/get married off camera/go on a honeymoon/discuss having babies. Occasionally Chelsea will mention Adam not paying child support.

Kail and Javi are reunited and it feels so goooood. But halfway through the season, they will begin fighting viciously and by end of season we will have at least a separation on our hands. Kail will accuse Jo of showing favor to Vivi over Isaac and loudly proclaim that Jo and Vee marrying will not effect her life.

Jenelle will have a violent breakup with Uncle Bad Touch, as she'll claim that he beat her mercilessly and left bruises all over her body. Only this time it will probably be true. She will still be toying with the idea of gaining back custody of Jace, which will be put on hold when she and Nathan get the final verdict from the judge vis a vis the Roll. They will get 50/50 custody and Jenelle will be too stressed out by the schedule change to further pursue custody of her firstborn. Babs will get a new boyfriend and be over the moon.

Leah...Leah, Leah, Leah. She will be listening to audio tapes of her self-help books and telling anyone who will listen about all of the tools she's learned to live a better life. She'll be so knowledgable about anxiety, y'all that she'll start writing her own book cause she's got to share her story! She will have a full platform to say anything she wants about Corey and Miranda since I doubt they'll return. There will be drama over Corey and Jeremy hanging out and delusions will be spewed all over the place about plots against her. A new boyfriend will likely enter the picture.

I ddon't even have to watch now. Well add that Jenelle will have another TV child.

I can't tell you guys how excited I am that this filth is coming back for another season. I'm so hype it's actually disgusting. I tried to get my boyfriend to watch it with me, but he just ended up doodling and eating ice cream in order to get through it. As long as this crap is on the air, I have a way to feel at least somewhat better about my own life choices and where I am today (aka not married at an absurdly young age (or divorced twice at one), mother of 3, or unable to speak the English language properly (even though it's the only one I know)).

I just hope all the babies stay safe for another season :/

As much as I like watching this trashfest, I really do think it's time for it to end. Mainly because Jenelle should not be making all this money for being such a shitty person and shitty mom to her 2 kids. I hate the idea of her making this amount of money for her behavior. I also notice more and more now how repetitive the stories are becoming. Jenelle has a new bf every season and gets arrested, Karl and Javi have problems, Leah's on drugs and denying it, and Chelsea talks about how great Cole is and complains about Adam.

chelsea is totally gonna be knocked up by her wedding or shortly after. I bet she'll snag a baby bonus before she ditches the show.

She's going to achieve a honeymoon baybeh.

Aww, but I thought Leah was #SoOverThisFakeAssShow Obviously not over the huge paycheck!

Does anyone think a judge would actually give custody to Jenelle? Like the day pigs fly and Jenelle seriously tried to get custody back, would she have any luck?

The judge will prolly be like, "fuck...should i choose this chick who's been arrested a butt load of times for various shit or the drunk with PTSD?" Hopefully the judge lectures both of them and tells them to stop being POSs.

I'm so excited another season is confirmed!!!!!!!
Leah and her confusion about pillses and and anxiety. Karl and Javi's weird relationshit. YES!!

I knew Leah wouldnt quit she has to have money to get high as balls everyday. I hope they keep exposing how horrible she is and dont start giving her a better edit..which i tend to believe has happened these last two epis.

I feel like I'm a terrible person for being happy that this disaster is coming back but I am happy. I like to watch the train wreck that is Leah and watch Kail and her holier than thou attitude even though we know good and well that she is jealous of Jo and his little family. Jenelle makes my head hurt but I like learning new words from her. Chelsea.....eh. She's not interesting but that's probably good for her in the long run.