Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Live Recap

Hey TMJ! June here to bring you the highlights of the Teen Mom 2 Live show with Kailyn and Leah.

Kailyn believes that the conversation that Jo and Javii had was for the best and she had no problem with any of the divorce paperwork. Chelsea couldn't be there because she gave birth prematurely in the middle of the night during a blizzard! Cole is really stepping up so that Randy doesn't have to be there as much as he was for Aubree's birth. Aubree is enjoying being a big sister and is doing all she can to help. Kailyn and Leah don't have any good questions for Randy except to ask him when he's going to work on their teeth.

Kailyn picks a few twitter questions for them to answer. Leah names her vacation to Cali as her favorite place she brought her daughters. Kailyn talks about taking the boys to Puerto Rico. Kailyn says that she doesn't want to get married again but she would want at least one more child. Leah isn't thinking about that at the moment but doesn't seem too open about marriage.

Barb skypes in to talk about how little Ensley is. She's excited about having a granddaughter and getting to dress her up in pretty outfits. She claims that David threw her out of the delivery room after the birth. Kailyn asks if Ensley looks more like Jenelle or David. Barb thinks she'll look like Jenelle cause she looks like Jace did as a baby.

Kailyn reports that Isaac and Lincoln are doing okay now that they've had time to adjust to their new situation. Kailyn and Leah try out different types of baby food blindfolded. They have to try to guess what flavor each one is. Neither of them gets any right.