Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 23 Recap

Hey TMJ! It's that time of week again. Time to catch up on all our favorite teen mothers as the muddle their way through life. TV Guide reveals 'Leah receives some surprise news from Ali's doctor about Aleeah; Jenelle thinks Nathan is trying to win her back and David isn't having it; and Kailyn and Isaac start school, but the added pressure causes strife between Jo and Vee.'

And don't forget to stay tuned after the show for the live portion where some of the Teen Moms talk about events in the show.


Chelsea and Cole listen to their baby's heartbeat. They've found out the gender but because it's Cole's first baby, she's decided to wait to make a formal assignment. It's time for the bachelorette party and her friends got her an inflatable man to start if off. Aubree is dropped off at Mary's house. The party kicks off with some dick tosses and other games. The next morning all the girls check out a mysterious house. It accidentally slips that the baby will be wearing suspenders at the wedding.


Nathan wants to talk to Jenelle about Kaiser's discipline. She thinks he's trying to get back with her. Jenelle is feeling unwell so David brings Jace back to MeMe and pick Kaiser up. Nathan clears the rumor. He wants nothing to do with Jenelle outside of Kaiser. Jenelle is worried that Kaiser and Jace aren't growing up close enough. Nathan doesn't show up to pick Kaiser up. His mom reveals that last time he dropped Kaiser off to them on Saturday night and not picking him up until after church on Sundays.


Kailyn is waiting for Joe to pick her up for Isaac's first day of first grade. Joe's fixing up Isaac's hair so he looks handsome on his first day. Isaac is looking forward to making new friends the most. Joe's girlfriend pressures him to get his custody situation in writing. She feels like everything they do is based around Kailyn's choices and that her own daughter is being put on the back burner. Joe breeches the topic with Kailyn. She feels blindsided because she didn't think there was a problem. But the conversation is civil and they're able to come to an agreement.


Addie starts acting up in the car, squirting water and putting yogurt on Grace. Leah puts her in timeout when they arrive home. Allie has a doctor's appointment. While it might seem like she's improving it could simply be just because her brain is maturing and in a couple of years her condition could actually worsen. The doctor asks Leah if she wants to test Grace to see if she's carrying the same gene.