Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 22 Recap

Happy Monday TMJ.

It's that time of week again and here's what TV Guide says about this episode, 'Jenelle informs Barbara and Jace of her pregnancy; Aubree starts first grade; Jo co-parents Isaac with Kailyn and Javi; and Leah and her daughters vacation in California.'


Chelsea get Aubree ready for her first day of first grade.

Fifteen weeks pregnant but Chelsea still refuses to buy stretchy pants so she's DIY her regular jeans with a hair tie around the button. She's meeting with her wedding planner to see about postponing the wedding ceremony until next year.


It's time to find out the sex of the baby they've yet to tell their family and friends about. It's a girl, her first girl and Jenelle has decided that it'll be her last pregnancy. Jenelle and David scroll through baby names and decide they like Ensley the best.

Jenelle posts a picture of the sonogram on instagram with all the sex and name. Jace doesn't seem excited about a new sibling at all.

Her mom suggests that she should get her tubes tied after. Jenelle reassures Jace that even though she's having another baby it doesn't change that she loves him.


Kailyn gets a talking to about her behavior with Javi in front of Isaac. Kailyn has filed the divorce papers and Javi just signed it. They've agreed on 50/50 custody of Lincoln.

Jo calls Javi to arrange a meet up between them with Isaac and Lincoln. After enjoying some ice cream, Jo and Javi go outside to talk. They're putting their differences behind them for the kids.


Leah has changed her mind about the location of their vacation. Ali wants to go into the pool without her life jacket on. Leah allows her to take it off but is still worried because she can't touch the bottom of the pool without her mouth and nose going under water. Leah packs for the trip.

She plans to bring Ali's chair along. Leah leaves on her trip.

The first thing they do is go to the beach for a yoga lesson. Shout out to that lady in the background who saw them filming and slowly backed away.

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