Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Episode 20-Something Recap

Episode Recap

Teen Mom 2


Kailyn and Javi go out to supper to celebrate his return from his military training. They talk about their custody schedule for the summer and Kailyn says that Isaac will be with Jo for 6 weeks and with them for 6 weeks.

Kailyn meets with Jo to talk about the summer visitation schedule. It's kind of nice that Jo and Kailyn go to the park with Isaac and Lincoln. Jo even calls Kailyn a super mom because she's able to get Isaac in bed earlier than he is.

Jo even suggests that Kailyn should leave Lincoln with him for a day or so. Kailyn asks Jo about her family vacation and says that the schedule doesn't really work for him since it falls on Father's Day.

Jo says he was planning on having a cookout with his family over that weekend, and that he doesn't see any way around it.

Even though they didn't make an agreement that everyone is happy about, they still seemed like they handled it like adults and that's a huge improvement.

Jo and Vee talk about having Isaac for 6 weeks in the summer, and they're excited that they're going to have a little more time with him.

Jo mentions that Kailyn had the vacation conflict but says that he told Kailyn that she couldn't take Isaac for Father's Day.

He says that Kailyn is disappointed but that he wanted to make a point to keep Father's Day for himself.

Kailyn tells Javi that Jo doesn't want Isaac to go to the family vacation so now they go on family vacation without Isaac. Javi says that Kailyn doesn't push for things enough, but Kailyn says that it's not what's best for Jo or best for Kailyn, but that it's what's best for Isaac.

Kailyn says that she's sick of fighting with everyone about time with Isaac, and that it's exhausting to always be fighting with Jo about time. Kailyn leaves the room angry...that seems like a theme tonight.


Chelsea gives Aubree a facial at work and Aubree says that she wants to do facials when she's older too.

Aubree has her first tee-ball game and Chelsea hopes that Adam will show up because Aubree was upset that her dad missed the whole last game.

Taylor goes to the salon to get her hair done and talks to the stylist about Adam's new girlfriend. Taylor says that she understands how Chelsea feels about things now that Adam's brought another girl around their daughter.

Chelsea takes Aubree to her tee-ball game and lets her know that she thinks Adam is coming to the game. Randy takes lots of pictures and Chelsea thinks she's going to cry because Aubree looks too cute.

Chelsea says she doesn't know if Adam will show up for the game or not, but eventually he shows up and he brings his new girlfriend too. Chelsea just kind of giggles all the time and it's strange.

Aubree's game finishes up and things are just super awkward the whole time. Aubree's just too cute though, and she even gets on base once during her game.

Aubree talks to her dad for a bit, but Jessica isn't really involved in much of the scene and she doesn't talk at all. Chelsea and her friend take bets on when Adam's next girlfriend will be pregnant.


Corey got papers for court stuff, and Leah's been really stressed so she's taking some time off. (I'm not sure what she's taking time off of because I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a job...) Leah gets a haircut and refers to it as "slutty" but Jeremy thinks it's sexy.

Jeremy says that Corey is a piece of shit because of the whole child support and wheelchair situation.

Leah says she's tried to have a friendship with him but that his actions have pushed her away completely. You can tell that Leah is really pissed about this whole situation.

Corey talks to his dad about Leah filing paperwork. His dad explains that Leah wants more money and medical authority.

Corey says that he wants more custody and says that the kids would be better off at his house.

He says that Ali's therapy called and said that they hadn't been taking her to therapy, so if she doesn't keep going they're going to stop seeing her and helping her out.

Corey is pretty upset and realizes that there isn't going to be a happy ending to this situation.

Jeremy and Leah meet Corey to pick up the girls and they decide to talk about the legal garb that's going on. Leah says that the insurance has 30 days to make a decision and says that he's doing the best that he can at the moment. Leah says he needs to make more of an effort and that he should just keep calling no matter what.

Corey brings up the missed therapy appointments and says that Ali would be released from the program since she hadn't been taking Ali to therapy. Leah says she feels like she's being accused of things that she didn't do, and Corey says that the reason co-parenting isn't working because of Leah and Jeremy.

Miranda says that none of them need to be best friends, but that they do need to get along for the girls. The scene ends by them all agreeing that they'll just deal with it in court.

Leah gets into the car and gets angry about things because she's the one that's taken Ali to therapy for her whole life, but Corey hasn't taken Ali to therapy ever.

Leah says that Corey always throws her under the bus. Jeremy says that enough is enough and that Leah needs to be done taking crap from Corey because it's not worth protecting him anymore.


Jenelle has Jace for the weekend after her argument with her mom.

Nathan thinks that Jace is emotionally traumatized by Barbara's actions and asks Jace if Barbara yells at him a lot.

Nathan suggests that Jenelle tries to get custody back and have it so they have Jace during the week and Barbara has Jace on weekends to try and even things out.

Jenelle talks to Nathan about things that happened earlier when Nathan asked Jace where he wanted to live. Nathan says that Jenelle is constantly asking for her mom's approval, while Jenelle thinks that it's more important to do things on her own time and figure things out that are more necessary right now.

Jenelle says that Nathan should worry about his daughter, and that Jenelle will worry about her son. Jenelle leaves the house angry.

Jenelle takes Jace back to her mom's house, and she's mad that Nathan isn't coming to help her set up for Kaiser's baby shower.

Jace says that he will help Jenelle set up for the baby shower and that if Nathan doesn't want to go, that they can just go by themselves.

It's honestly really sad to see Jenelle crying in the car about it, but Jace sings a cute little song about how so many people make the world go around, and that kind of made the scene better for me.

Jenelle lets her mom know that Nathan isn't going to come help set up for the baby shower. Barbara doesn't even really know what to say, but suggests that Nathan seems like he's on steroids or something.

Barbara starts yelling at Jenelle about something, and Jenelle leave. Jace starts crying which is really sad, and Barbara threatens to cancel the shower if people don't start figuring things out. Then Barbara is crying, and she's just pissed off.

Quick summary:

- Everyone is mad or crying at some point in this episode.


Hello, I was a fellow everyday reader and have finally decided to join in the hilarious comments! Don't be so cruel on my horrible grammar:P
Janelle- So sad that jace is singing a song, I suppose to be in a happy place. Janelle driving crazy while 9 moths pregnant!! It's absurd.
Chelsea- The douche in the bro tank LMAO ! Perfect.
Leah. Looks. Like. A. Crackhead.
Kail- Joe and kail, well they were cute for 2 seconds and then it got awkward. Joe, it's the Bahamas (I think) let Isaac go!!!! Father's Day is a MAN MADE holiday. It can be celebrated at anytime.

Isaac is 4/5 a beach is a beach. Quite honestly the Bahamas are not that different from any other beach(yes I've been and stayed at the resorts on the water.) Jo and kail live very close to beaches. Jo could easily take him during his 6 weeks with Isaac. Jo also specifically asked for Father's Day in the visitation agreement so it is obviously an important holiday to him. He felt bad about saying no but it was important to him and he didn't want to start changing the visitation agreement.
Like Jo said most kids, who grow up with one sibling that went somewhere they didn't, honestly don't care. Because of my age difference with my oldest brother he went places the rest of us different and I've gone places my brothers haven't. We really could not care less.

i agree, the man made it a point to have his son on that day then he should have his son on that day. Kail tried it didnt work out and it almost felt like Jo was gonna give in to keep the peace between them then stood his ground and said i made it a point to ask to always have my son on fathers day.

I've been there and the beach is beautiful, but for God's sake it's Father's Day. I'm sure they'll get plenty more MTV paycheck trips (yes yes I know itw as scentsy) but let's face it she wouldn't be selling jack shit with out the MTV $$$. Either way it's ridiculous for a boy not to be with his dad on that day. She'd flip out if it were the other way around. Yea my fam goes places with my sister without me all the timea nd I don't mind at all.

I have a different take on it. If Kailyn was wanting Isaac to go on vacation with her, why did she plan her vacation for Father's Day? She knew what day it was and planned it anyway, without asking for Jo's thoughts until after the thing was planned. Of all the days she could have, why did she choose to go on Father's Day? She could have planned her vacation any other time.

I realize that Father's Day is a made-up holiday (like all the rest of them), but Jo and Isaac's situation is maybe a bit different than most father & sons. Jo does not get to see his son every day, so maybe he wants to have a tradition of keeping Father's Day as a special holiday for the two of them.

OR . . .

Put the shoe on the other foot. Do you think that Kailyn would be so casual about these kinds of holidays if Jo were asking to have Isaac on Mother's Day? I can't really see her not flipping out on Jo if he planned a vacation for Isaac on Mother's Day.

I read that it was a stupid scentsy trip, so she didn't plan it. It just happened to fall on father's day. Lol whoever planned it was a nimrod though.

Jace singing in the car made me so sad.

I laughed at him singing about Rainbows(Endless Rainbow) and then I abruptly stopped once I realized how sad it was.

Did you see that tweet between JE and some fan well hater of hers. Anyways she had Emery on her lap and they were talking about how Emery was zoned out and someone goes maybe she's trying to go to the land of endless rainbows and they said it to make fun of her but JE didn't get it and she replied with maybe and a smiley face... it was really funny and everyone was laughing at her for it for a while... I didn't know out wad a song until I heard Jace singing it today.

It's a song commonly taught in preschools. I love that song haha.

That tweet about Emery crossing the bridge to the endless rainbow was because she calls Nathan her endless rainbow but she was too dumb to realise that she's the laughing stock of twitter

OMG Legses, your name!!! It's awesome :D

hi, first time poster here! i heard Jace singing that and my heart broke and I crawled to my computer in complete emotional agony and made this my username as quickly as my trembling fingertips would allow. and Jenelle, don't b*tch about your problems to your 4 year old son. he doesn't really need to hear how mean Nathan is to you. I am not surprised that the human being with the most logical reasoning during that little bit was Jace when he said something like, "your choice."

Jace singing reminded me of horror movies. When a character is so terrified of what they are seeing, they sing a song to try to comfort themselves. Imagine how terrifying it is to see all the adults in your life losing it. How can his little heart ever feel safe or secure? Kids always think they are the cause of adults fighting. Everywhere he goes, adults fight. He must think he is to blame. Just in case he starts to feel good, they scream at him WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!! It is abusive, pure and simple.

yeah jenelle made me so sick this episode, especially when her and nathan were "talking" about getting custody of jace and shes like oh well first i have to worry about having kiaser, then school, then getting a new house, then the arguing...wtf what the hell kind of parent has an entire list of shit that they want to take care of before they take care of their kid, then spouts the list off in front of their kid...what a pos...then that stupid baby shower that her and nathan are throwing for themselves, wtf is that?? then force it all on babs to not only take care of your kid but set up and host a baby shower for you and your sorry ass riod raging no job having loser moocher boyfriend...if i was babs i woulda told jennelle to shove her shower up her ass, poured myself a glass of wine and spent the rest of the day playing with jace in the back yard.....wtf is wrong with these people for real??

thats exactly what i was saying who the hell has the luxury of saying wait i cant be a mom to u yet cause i have so much shit to get done first!

chickenfriedcheetos (Great name, BTW)-

I no longer watch the show and only follow it on this site. I did see some photos of the baby shower, but it looked like only Jenelle and Nathan were at the party. I assumed that there were other people there, but could not tell. did they show the shower on the show? If so, how many people were there besides Jenelle and Nathan (and probably Babs)?

they didnt show the shower so im not sure who was there, but im sure it was nathen, jenelle, jace, babs, and some random people that mtv paid so that it looks like nathen an jenelle have some friends... i wonder if anyone gave them some little onesies with cut-off sleeves so little whoopsie-doo can be just like big whoopsie-doo

Jace was sooooo heartbreaking this entire episode. I seriously don't understand how Jenelle could cry over Nathan when her son wants to love her. But she gets upset he calls Babs mom?! Smh.

OMG yes!! Exactly what I thought. But that just shows how much more dick matters than your kids. I have essentially the same situation Jace has growing up and it pisses me off that she is telling him to call her mom. Where were you jenelle when Jace was a baby and needed love and comfort, to read bedtime stories and tuck in bed. Oh that's right you were chasing assholes hoping for love when in fact you have the best love sitting at home wondering why mommy doesn't love him enough to stay.

I could NOT agree more with everything you just said. Too many single mothers put more priority and energy on chasing dick when their child will always love them (and accept their love) in earnest and who needs them the most. I mean if they meet someone and get to know them properly and stuff, yeah. I'm by no means saying that single mothers can't or shouldn't date, just have to be so careful when you have a child involved

oh yes i understand dick being more important than your kids.... My dad was so in love with any pussy he could find he would literately put me and my two sisters in foster care for MONTHS at a time and come get us once his pussy of the month was gone and keep us until he found more pussy. and even if we did get to stay with him, my step moms were always bitches and treated us like dirt. my first step mom (i was about 5, my sisters were 2 and 6) made us sleep in the shed... not lights, no bathroom, no electricity.. But he didn't care as long as he was getting some pussy... I would sometimes cry and cry at kindergarten because I was "sick" because i wanted my daddy to come pick me up so i could see him. (im tearing up as im writing this because the pain is real and it HURTS) Believe me i STILL have resentment towards him and I am now 22...

Oh and in case your wondering about my Bio Mom. CPS took us away from her when i was 4. Haven't seen or spoken to her since. ha she couldn't kick her drug/alcohol habit!

Don't worry though. I'm a great mom to my 4 year old. who will be 5 on the 26th. believe me I've cried plenty while planning her party:( ha I put my daughter before anything and everyone. She is in soccer and dance, has tons of little friends who are always coming over or shes going to there house. although, honestly, i love when they are at my house, so i can keep an eye on my daughter (I'm VERY protective).

RANT OVER! (sorry i can just really relate to jace)

Kayyy, I'm so sorry for what you went through with your parents, that's terrible! I know how powerful it can be when you go something hard, and then you watch someone else go through it. Even though you're past it, you know exactly the long hard road ahead of Jace, and it's so completely unfair that innocent kids get stuck in that vicious cycle with parents who don't give a crap. I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and that you are able to give your daughter the wonderful childhood that she deserves!

Thats Really sweet thanks :)

p.s. Idk what the thumbs down was for...

Kayy it is heart warming to hear you became a stronger person cause of it. So sorry for what u went through but you sound like a great mom :)

You can't take it personally, Kayyy. The Thumbs Down Goblin sometimes gets way too excited with itself and starts downvoting things that aren't remotely offensive to anyone.

Well Kayyy I'm right there with you, I had it pretty fucked up as well. There are those people in this world that put trivial shit in front of the most important things in life. They won't notice till it's too late that they fucked up. Also I know that because I went through what I did that I never in my whole life want my kids to feel even close to how I felt. I'm sure you understand the most when I say I have absolutely no idea how anyone could be so selfish. When I look at my children there's no way in hell I could do what was happened to me. It's disgusting.

Kayyy...your story made me want to cry. I am so very sorry that you had to survive that. I have a son your age. I used to treasure tucking him in at night. He'd have a blast playing in the tub and I would pause to smell his freshly washed curls after his bath. I would tuck him in all snug in his Disney sheets and read him endless Dr Seus books. I remember watching him sleeping and reminding myself to take it all in, be grateful and thanked God for him. I felt so lucky, I still do. I could not have anymore children but I feel so blessed to have been a mom at all.

To think of you being the same age, as my son, and being neglected is horrific. Sleeping in a shed and feeling scared and unloved. It pisses me the hell off. I wish I could have scooped you up and raised you with the love you deserved. Please remember honey, just because you did not receive love as a child, does not mean YOU were unlovable. You were a blessing, a godsend and innocent. Your parents had the problem, not you. I hope you never blame yourself for their ignorance and stupidity.
I am impressed and humbled by the fact you are so wise at 22. You have looked back and gained strength to move forward. You sound like an amazing person and a great mom. Good for you! You should be so proud of yourself. If you never heard all of this praise from your parents, then you are going to hear it from me! Your daughter is so blessed to have a loving mommy. I send you a cyber hug.


I literately cried while reading you comment! your so sweet. thank you! :)


Oh my God, that is a horrible story. That is like the stories that occasionally surface where kids are kept in cages or locked rooms. How old are you now? In many states, there is a "discovery rule" t the statute of limitations on child abuse, meaning that after you attain the age of majority, the clock starts running, and a victim may be able to have charges brought against a abuser many years after the crime had been committed. It sounds like your dad should be locked up.

I am so glad you are okay. Are your sisters okay, too? That kind of child abuse tends to get passed on down the line. The abused becomes the abuser. It is just wonderful that you have broken that string and used your bad experiences to learn how not to treat a child. I am not the type to be all emotional about hearing bad stories, but I am thinking that yours will stick with me for a while. I have the opportunity to take a class offered by the local bar to be a Guardian ad Litem (represent children and their interests in court disputes between parents to ensure that their interests are not ignored in the proceedings). The class is being offered again, and I was going to decline to take it (as I always do), but I think I have to take it after hearing your horrible story. I would feel pretty guilty if I did not take it now.

That was such a burn. Barb isn't really my fave right now, since she completely dropped the ball tonight by not comforting him, but I have to believe that she usually does to some degree, because he obviously loves her and is more comfortable with her.

I agree that she did but I'm sure she comforts him. seeing how upset she was as well probably had her head all over. I know if I was 9 months pendant and sped off like that my mother's mind would be all over the place.

I think Barb just had to many messes to clean up and was flustered. Either way it's sad for the child caught in the middle.

Yes I agree. I wish she had hugged Jace too. You could tell that Babs was just so frustrated! She tries so hard to make things work with Jenelle, but it's such an uphill battle to just have even a civil conversation with her. I want to say to Babs, Jenelle & Gaythan two things. Stop putting Jace in the middle of adult situations and stop putting making him feel bad about things which he has no control over!! Jenelle's beef was with Gaythan. To drag poor Jace into being her shoulder to cry on was unconscionable.

MTV doesn't show everything. Maybe she comforted him that night and talked to him. We'll never know

Babs did maybe. Not Jenelle. Jenelle probably ran back to roid rage fruitcake and begged her to love her because she's that pathetic. Lol she just left Jace at Babs's house god damn piece of shit bitch. Ugh sorry I'm so mad.

wanna know what pissed me off the most, shes always complaining abt how she wants Jace back but the min that convo comes up its ohh i have school the house the new baby. um news flash ppl have to deal with these things and their kids everyone doesnt have mom to pick up their slack, and stop playing with this kids feelings. even Jace is smart enough to say um no id rather be with my crazy grandma during the week then u two nut jobs

Yeah I was desperate for someone to cuddle him :( I watched a sneak peek clip though and it's really sweet. He helps her with the table and she praises and thanks him, he is actually very polite and says 'welcome!'. And he hands her the decorations to put up. So I felt a bit better. But how often does he get ignored when he is so sad?

And now Juhnelle is on FB trying to justify her leaving him with "In rehab they teach you to work away from arguements and come back later when the situation is calmer" Fuck off bitch. You've been abandoning that boy since birth and screeching out of Babs driveway since you could drive. Shit up Juhnelle.

"Walk away" from arguements even ;p

Lol I wish we could thumbs up like at least five times cause I swear you are frickin awesome:) Anyway she is such a bitch, instead of trying to cover your ass why not you say "I shouldn't have reacted like that at all but I was very overwhelmed" lol stupid bitch. Also really?!??!??!!! First off you could have sat in the car or even drove down the block until you calmed down, second your not walking out on your mom you are walking out on your "son". I'm sure at the moment Babs was really fucking sad but guess what she's an adult, she can later realize & comprehend what happened. But a child doesn't have those skills yet, they aren't gonna be thinking oh mom (let's get real sister) was really sad and that's why she left. Not cause she doesn't love me. So in fact you just caused the billionth fucked up memory Jace will have of you as a child.

Even if she had still stormed off, how hard would it have been for her to say, "hey buddy, I'm gonna go take a drive to cool off real quick, but I'll be back in a little bit. Stay here with Meme for a bit"? They wouldn't have discouraged that approach in rehab.

I wonder why Babs feels such a need to take grandchildren away from their moms. I think she feels guilty for not raising her own kids right.

Very weird that Babs gets another chance to f*** up, I mean raise more children.
I can imagine that Jenelle feels like she can't winn anyway when CPS is making these weird moves.

Jelling at Jace, jelling at Jenelle, spanking and discuss and fight about god knows what with Jace present is not really raising right.
Why is Mike back in the picture by the way, didn't he take of with a Hooters-girl??

Oh hi Jenelle

I love it, Vee's Whining!

For real though you think these bitc, I mean young women come on here and just troll. I've been on this site basically since it's been a website and seriously this shit is poppin! Lol this is the only teen mom website I come on so I'm not sure how popular the others are but idk in my opinion this is the best site. Seriously 700 something comments that's nuts! And hard to read haha I'm scrolling for days!

Yes! The way he leaned on Barbra when she was on the phone, just tells you that baby wants to be held/ loved.

yeah like forreal, babs home may not be the best home for him but thats the only home he knows dont ruin the only semi stable household he has. atleast juhnelle was smart enough to ask Jace alone if thats what he wants and im glad he was comfy enough to say how he really felt

I was actually leaning in to pick-pocket the keys to her Honda CRV. I wonder what Aubree is up to....maybe I can crash at her place for a while or if her Papa will adopt me. I'd actually get dental care there! That's a bonus.

I felt so bad for Jace! Barbs and Jenelle yell so much around him, that he has to sing songs to create a "happy place."

Chelsea describing Adam as the "douche in the bro tank" was hilarious! Adams new GF looks like an OLD fool... Literally. Why can't Adam ever just be single for once? It seems like he always has some new chick around his kids.

Leah- That whole situation is ridiculous. I want to side with Corey on this one, but I'll just say "no comment" for now. But, I will say that Miranda and Jeremy should take the backseat on this. Neither one of them should be butting in to any augment and putting in their 2 cents. They are each the spouses of Leah and Corey, but at the end of the day, Ali & Aleeah are Corey and Leah's kids. Whatever decisions that are made need to be made by the two of them, not the step parents. To an extent, they should only be involved by being there to support their spouse, not adding in opinions.

Kailyn- I'm so proud of how far she's come! She doesn't seem to want any more drama or issues with Jo. She must have had some sort of an epiphany. But whatever the case, I'm glad things have seemed to change.

*my bad! I meant to say that Jenelle and Babs yell around him a lot. I hate that he had to sing to be in a "happy place." I'm glad he told Jenelle that he was more comfortable staying with his grandma. Babs may yell a lot, but at least she gives a damn about Jace and provides some sort of stability for him.

Agreed about Jace and what you said about Jeremy and Miranda taking a backseat. I never understood why step parents want so badly to take over the parent role. You can see the difference in the way Jeremy and Miranda act, and then wonder why the girls want to go with daddy when Leah picks them up.

seriously he has nobody who actually cares about him, its really sad.

How terrible that babs didn't even give jace a hug when he was bawling.

I almost cried when Jace sd Ill help u & she blew him off. He was ok its ur choice. This was so the "somebody needs to love this kid" episode

I was so sad, I hope to God a camera man gave that kid a pep talk or something. Out of all the babies ever born on this show, I would say he should have been one of the prime candidates for adoption. Some wonderful couple out there would have loved to raise him right and give him the love he deserves instead of treating him like nothing more than a burden and a photo op like his "family" does.

Seriously I feel so fucking bad for Jace. His current living situation isn't ideal and neither is the alternative. He's just a kid for fuck sakes.

It's sad when perfect strangers on a blog care more about her kid than she does

Did anyone notice after Jenelle told Nathan that Jace didnt want to make Nathan mad that poor Jace started babbling and looking at Nathan?
That look is the same look my daughter(or really most toddlers) gives me when she does something she isn't suppose to be doing. He was judging Nathan's reaction to what Jenelle was saying. That poor little boy was probably hoping that Nathan wasnt going to start screaming at him.

Nathan scares the crap out of that poor kid. He thought he was capable of killing his mother. I noticed the babbling, and I also noticed that when he's around Nathan, he barely speaks. When he was with just Jenelle, he actually got a few words in edgewise.

Yeah I noticed that. I wanted to hug poor Jace so many times in this episode! This was one of the worst in a while. He just wanted mommy to love him. :(

I would not doubt Babs is right and fucktards on steroids. My bro in law was on that shit and same exact thing! So that's exactly what was with Jace its a, I can't say this in front of mommies 15th boyfriend because if i do I'll be hangin from the door as he beats my "mommy?" Sisters ass, situation.

That fool is so disgusting it literally has me tongue tied as to what to call him! Because douche doesn't cover this, idk thing. Jenelle is by no means my favorite person but I cannot stand this ass, fucktard, dingle berry lickin, wanna be pro something dickwad that clearly has got his head banged a few by other people who think that he's a spawn of the dumbass version of satan.

This is so wrong but all I thought of when I read the end of your comment is "Hey! Stop insulting Satan!!" How horrible am I for that?

Kids have instincts like animals especially abused and neglected ones. Jace is afraid of Nathan and knowsbthatbhe has to watch and tread lightly. I don't know how to articulate how scary and dangerous the way this man seems wity both that boy and Jenelle, but Janelle can leave, Jace is getting trapped. I think Barbra also feels it but is concerned Janelle will use and mess up that unborn baby so she stuffed those instincts to deal with the immediate crisis. Nathan is so scary - like a very stupid sociopath which doesn't really fit he profile- so way scarier!!!

In the bonus clip babs asks Jace what he thinks of Nathan and he says he doesnt like him because he's mean. The truth comes out!

Jace will HATE Jenelle when he's older. He can romanticize His upbringing or rationalize Jenelle's actions because it's all on tape for him and the world to see.


This is so,so,so true. Oh my. How sad.

and i hope he does. his face when he started crying made me so sad.hes so darn cute i just want to save him and they wondered during last weeks episode why he acts out look at his role models. poor little boy. jenelle makes me hate her more and more i have a son jaces age and i couldnt imagine ignoring him or treating him the way she does to jace. she does not deserve to ever get custody in my opinion.

I'll take him!

Me too. I legit teared up. I think this is the first episode where I've ever felt genuinely sad for everyone in Jenelle's segment (except Nathan). She looked like she was actually really hurt and Jace broke my heart. Even though I wish Babs wouldn't yell her crying got to me too because I know she's upset for Jenelle and Jace. I also really wish everyone would stop talking about Jace and where he should live and about his behavior RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. He is five years old now, he can understand you!

Babs reminded me of my mom, she never cries but when she does you know she's really upset/disappointed. But it upset me even more to see Jace crying and her not comforting him. That's really what he needs if this is how all the "adults" in his life are gonna act. Someone to hold him and tell him I love you more than anything.

Exactly. Everyone was talking about him and everyone was upset but no one talked TO him or hugged him or played with him. I wish we could start a GoFundMe to build a time machine and go back in time and have Jace adopted by someone else.

"I think this is the first episode where I’ve ever felt genuinely sad for everyone in Jenelle’s segment (except Nathan)"

Took the words right out of my mouth. I was honestly just feeling down and sad at the end of it all.

Gaythan should just leave them all in peace.

how is Gaythan all of a sudden parent of the year with all the advise in the world on how Juhnelle should handle Jace yet he hasnt gotten a grip on his own situation with his daughter! i was proud when Juhnelle told him to worry abt his and she will worry abt hers

I felt bad for Jenelle also, until she drove off on her poor mom.

I never ever feel bad for Jenelle.

I do NOT feel bad for Jenelle. This dumb whore got pregnant with a douche nozzle so quick and didn't even think about it or worry about getting custody of her "son" who doesn't even call her mom because she's not around enough. Lol that bloated bitch gets everything that's coming to her. I only feel bad for Jace. Nathan can go fuck himself, I feel a little bad for Barbara but seriously she needs to quit yelling in front of Jace (as much as I love her).

So what is Jace calling her then?

Hahaha he was talking about how he his mom (babs) has ice cream sandwiches and Jenelle was like PLEASE CALL HER MEME he was like why? BECAUSE I'M YOUR MOM all while crying over Gaythan.

Yeah but what does he call Jenelle when he's with her? I haven't seen him call her anything now that I think about it. Act like a mom and he will call you that you dumb cunt.

Part time big sister maybe? No idea what he calls her. Never seen him call her mom.

I thought it was kinda funny when Jenelle told him not to call Babs "mom" to call her "may-may" and then explained that Babs wasn't his mom, that she was. Then Jace looked at the seat and whispered "mom"..probably thinking to himself, "uh, I'm still calling her mom"...that poor kid. I seriously want to go get him now and adopt his little butt just to show him what a family can be like and to hug him. :(

I really don't get why, when Janelle and Babs first start the yelling, Jace is crying and Babs says " what's the matter? What are you crying for? She seems to have no clue the kid is freaked out about the fight and possibly the fact Shit Bag Nathan and the shower are the focus and where he is and stands rather than his feelings and all he wants is his mommy to notice him and be a big boy a love her like no one else seems to. I broke my heart. Nathan is toxic and needs to be put down like a disease.

Also, when jenelle said "worry about your own kid and I'll worry about my son" I found it quite hypocritical. Because for one, she doesn't worry about him. Than again I did find a sigh of relief that she finally is seeing the bigger picture.

He was singing as a coping mechanism, and of course Jenelle didn't even speak to him she just ignored his singing and continued crying and rambling over how mean Nathan is towards her. And in usual Jenelle fashion she storms off and leaves Jace to cry in the house without his mom.

You know who else everyone is mean to, and gets yelled at all the time? Jace. But instead of crying, since he knows no one will comfort him or give a crap, he just sings his sad rainbow song.

goddammit that fucking rainbow song was so tragic. That scene could have been in an actual movie script.

OR beats up on kids or breaks toys and gets yelled at for negative attention. I do not think Babas was mother of the year by any means, but I think Janelle looked for trouble and had some personality disorder beyond just being a very hard to handle brat. It's too easy o blame bad parenting on how kids turn out when what some of Hesse parents do - yell, don't nurture, smoke , drink, stick kids in front of tv, spank, etc is basically parenting in the '50's and no father was pretty common in the late forties- not saying it good or right, but Janelle, Amber- it's not just from the parenting and lake of a father alone. They have some mental disorders. Leah- Mom made excuses and continues to and she's on drugs and she's trash.

Very true, his behavior is a huge problem and it's not fair to other kids. I would be extremely unhappy if I was a parent of a kid in his class. But at this age, it's not his fault. This kid has been through some shit. I wouldn't be surprised if Jace had some kind of mental health issue that manifests itself later on, just based on genetics. But at this point, he is entirely the product of his environment. He should have been given up for adoption from day one.

Poor little guy is singing about rainbows. He's probably assuming there is a pot of shit at the end of the rainbow. He thinks this to avoid the utter disappointment he has felt his whole life. He cannot dream of a 'pot of gold' because his dreams get crushed, as does his heart.

Ugh the singing scene killed me. I tend to dwell on these kinds of things that involve kids. When I see things on the bews about kids or anything bad. He needs someone. He needs someone so bad. I want to go grab my kids and take them to my bed and hug them all night.

I totally hugged my cat LOL

Then do it <3

I have never in all my life felt so bad for Jace. It was so horrible, I can't believe that CPS can't or hasn't already stepped in to find him somewhere that is actually suitable. The reason I think Babs is not suitable is because she is letting Jenelle and that psycho steroid crazed freak Nathan around him unsupervised. Those two should not be allowed to be around Jace without being supervised by a responsible adult. IMO, Nathan is abusive to Jenelle AND Jace. This was the first episode in a long time where I saw remnants of the old Jenelle "How about you worry about your child and I'll worry about mine" and it seemed like had the cameras not been there, Nathan's reaction would have been more violent - whether physical or verbal - who knows. There is something extremely frightening about the way Jace reacts to Nathan, and that is what really solidifies my belief that he's abusive (even if it's only verbally). Jace seems terrified of him, and considering this is just Jenelle's lazy deadbeat boyfriend that he does NOT live with, why would he be scared of him unless he was abusive in some way? He is such a disgusting hypocrite. Honestly he is by far the worst piece of shit on the whole show, with Jenelle trailing only VERY narrowly behind and really they are equal, as Jenelle's superficial moron ass allows this freak around her son.

I can't believe she is so selfish to just ignore Jace the way she does, and then run out on him because Nathan is, as usual, being a colossal douche. The poor kid has no one. He needs a real family. Barbara needs to look into adoption. Closed adoption.

So anyone notice how Leah and Jeremy get in the car, and Leah's like "do you think it was okay that I cursed at them?" then they both proceed to lay out a string of expletives right in front of the two girls without batting an eyelash? Um..why is it more important for you to hold your composure with your ex and not curse at him than it is to not say fuck 12 times in front of your two toddlers? Odd.

I may get thumbed down to hell and back, but I have to say that I do not think Babs is a suitable parent for Jace. Yes, she took him in when Jenelle wouldn't step up to the plate, and that was nice, saving him from foster care. But honestly, who here really believes he is better off now than if he ended up with another family? I sure don't.

I HATE admitting this but I slightly agreed with Nathan when he said she was too old to play with him (not in those words) but she is an older woman and loses her patience easily. It would be great if someone responsible and with more energy would raise him but Nathan and Jenelle or not responsible so that leaves Babs who probably has no energy. Poor woman deserves to retire and not having to raise her kids mistake babies (gabriel too). I think she'll keep Jace safe away from shitty boyfriends unlike Jenelle but dI agreed with Nathan when he said she doesn't have the energy to really raise him.

Farrah's Neck Mole -- I totally get what you're saying. I think Barb is funny but she did raise Jenelle which speaks for itself, and then also I've not been impressed at all with how she's handling Jace and his behavior this season.

For the longest time I thought Jenelle was spending more time with Jace because her mom was caving into her demands, but from this season, it seems to be more that she is just sick of being with Jace so she's letting Jenelle around him to take the pressure off of her (not that it should be her responsibility but Jenelle is NOT capable of being a good parent..I firmly believe that she is not.) Even though I agree with you that Barb is definitely not ideal to be caring for Jace (I think he needs a whole new family and a closed adoption), I think the biggest reason that she's not is because she continues to let Jenelle and by association Nathan be around him. Nathan seems deeply disturbed and like a ticking time bomb. I get that people get upset and yell, but there's something evil about him when he gets mad that children shouldn't be exposed to, and it's irresponsible for Barb to allow him and selfish Jenelle around Jace.

Tyler's Trap Baby - Yeah that is a good point, but everything else he said was absurd...like that Jenelle needs to take Barb to court now for custody of Jace. My God..the poor boy has suffered enough. Putting him in a home alone with those two psychos..I cannot imagine anything worse for him. So even though his point about Barbara being too old is valid, the rest of his points especially that Jenelle should be taking Barbara to court to get custody back RIGHT NOW negate everything else he said.

Jace really needs to go to a new family. I know it would be really hard on him now because he knows those people, but there's just nothing good about the toxic situation he's in. He doesn't deserve to have to be Jenelle's little brother whose forced to call her "mom" when she's never resembled anything near a mother and shoulder to cry on, Nathan's newest conquest for domination of Barb, and Barbara's burden..he deserves so much better than any of the three of them will give him.

THat was the cutest and saddest thing in the world. I put my foot in my mouth for saying he is delayed because he was so smart to say "I'll help you decorate" "We can do it by ourselves." God he's more of an adult than ugly cry face jenelle. can you save your bullshit for when your son isn't the car and actually pretend he gives you joy? piece of shit bitch.

Ohhhh he offered to help? Poor kid. Clearly he doesn't like to see Jenelle (I can't say "his mom") sad and he just wants to be accepted and loved by her. What a giant cunt she is. I wonder if she ever watches any of this and sees her wrong doings? Clearly not, cause nothing changes with her. But MAYBE now that she seems medicated and slightly more sound of mind, she can watch and learn. Thinking like that is the only way I can accept this poor little boys sadness.
I wonder if Kail, Leah and Chelsea sit and watch and just think what a cunt she is.

Leah was quite cunty this episode

I still think Jace is emotionally delayed due to neglect. But you're right, he certainly is intelligent. He knew enough to use that rainbow song as a form of self-soothing.

And then he said something like "you don't want to do it with me?" (decorate for the party) and bitch fucking HESITATED for a second. I'm like you have to think about that answer?! My god.

Jenelle this is the definition of a mom. If you see this description as fitting you, then ask your son to call you mom. Otherwise leave HIM allllllooone!

Mom: Woman who chooses to put her child ahead of her needs for the rest of her life. Ready to give, love, heal, inspire, discipline, teach this child. Never has a day off and almost never wants one. Cannot wait to see her child and scoop him up in her arms to love him. Hugs freely, praises often, nurses child when sick. Dries tears, kisses boo-boos. Puts her own needs second. Would DIE to save her child. When mom is suffering unspeakable pain she fights to LIVE for her child. She stays up with a sick child night after night, even when vomiting herself. She helps with homework and makes nutritious meals. She takes him to activities all week, even when she is tired.
When mom is near tears, she smiles, so her child does not know. Mothers comfort and give until exhausted and then give some more. They cry for every amazing and every heart-breaking thing that happens to their child. Moms praise, encourage, lift and bring joy to their child. They make costumes, help in school, read endless stories, carpool and work as well.
Moms do it all with gratitude and feel blessed beyond words to be a MOM. They protect their child from all harm and from anyone that would cause pain to their baby. You know you are a good mom when your CHILD grows up and says 'mommy here is what I think a mommy is' and then says every word in this definition is HIS MOMMY/YOU.

Jenelle, so do you really think he should be calling you mommy? I wouldn't recommend you take a vote.

AMEN! Be my mom!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, 1000 thumbs up! This made me well up, and reminded me what a wonderful mother I have, and I hope that when I have kids, I can be just like her (and you!).

I love this! Agree 100%.... Except for the "never takes a break and almost never wants one." Sometimes, I do(and most other moms) need a little break. Being a parent can be overwhelming, nothing wrong with mommy getting a few hours to herself. But either way, Jenelle has taken a 4-5 year break to herself. Her kid doesn't even live with her. Smh.....

This definition also applies to a father!

You nailed it Newday.

First time comment maker (Newday you're the lucky winner) Looong time reader.

Heartbreaking right? Here this kid is trying to comfort someone who he clearly doesn't see as his mother (and then is chastised for it later). What does that inept shit do? Ignores him and continues to text and cry over her steroid worthless to society boyfriend.

Seriously, I hope Jace is put in some sort of therapy. The yelling, crying, violence, slamming of doors and drug use he's been exposed to is terrible.

He no doubt needs therapy! Jace would benefit from it soo much! Not only because he would be getting positive attention but also because he could learn to cope as he gets older and possibly learn which behaviors are acceptable.

Really now that I think of it all the kids featured on these shows for a long period of time should be required to go to so many therapy sessions. Having the cameras on them since birth has had to take a toll on them. I wonder if at one point they thought everyone else in the world had cameras following them around? Lol

And MTV should pay for it and it should NOT be Dr. drew!

As a counselor I'd do it but I feel like I know these kids too damn much to be an impartial party. I'd just take Jace home because I know sending him home isn't in his best interest.

i was thinking the same thing, especially with jace, and i think babs should also look into a program like big brothers or somethign like that so that jace can have a good male role model in his life besides nathan with his little pms bitch fits all the time, also it would probly do a world of good for jace to have some time with someone where its all about him and he can feel like hes important and matters too.

Don't be sad. One day I will be fine. Ether fine, a serial killer or I will be too damaged and crazy from my environment to even realize how damaged and crazy I am.

Please correct me if i'm wrong cause i didn't really get the fight. Basically gaythan wants jenelle to get jace back asap because he thinks babs is crazy, but jenelle wants to worry about the roll, school, other shit????

I think she said that about all the other things so that Nathan wouldn't know the real reason, which is she doesn't want Jace to be raised by Nathan. She is so freaking scared of him it isn't funny. That girl is a total mess but I am not sure how she is going to get out of this situation. Nathan is one scary dude.
I cried watching him sing that rainbow song.


how may I ask is it a mutual agreement only if u agree with him????????????
And damn we had yet another nipple sighting. Um eeeewww

OH GOD! I'm so gad someone caught that idiotic argument! Janelle gets to enraged to think clearly to tell him he' argument is flawed and he knows it- a very dangerous type if stupid!

Yes auto correct flaws don't slam all my mistakes! Nathan freaked me out!

LEAVE THE CHI ALONE NATHAN! That city is too damn majestic for steroid seals.

Speaking of stupid, the incredibly stupid hulk better move that TV teetering off the edge of that hutch before his seal arms knock it over in a roid rage.

haha I noticed the TV too and just imagined one of them pushing it over during a fight.

Haha I pictured the exact same thing! That TV there is just begging to be smashed.

That Billy Goat isn't our curse..it's fucking Nathan.

Jace trying to tell Jenelle he would help & her just seeming to blow him off was painful to watch.
Leah is a straight up bitch, she probably doesnt remember the therapy apts she missed. Its all about the pipe!
Kait is acting like an adult, being separated from ur childs parent means sometimes you dont have them u would like & Javi is an ass.

Jenelle talks big about asking Jace's feelings but when he straight up tells her she's too busy thinking about her bf to care. Awful. I wish I could hug him.

Right? "I actually talk to my son rationally about how he feels." No you don't, whore, you whine to him about how you feel and ignore him.

My sister was in the room and she goes is that mother really crying to her 5 year old about her problems. I was like oh that's not the mother that's the sister...

He's a small child..not a therapist. He has a degree in coloring..not therapy. STFU and treat him like a "Son". Oh wait..he's only your "Son" when arguing with Barbara.

she's all talk and she's just a piece of shit. Always will be. I seriously hope she dies, I'm sorry. Jace would be better off.

I love how you hate like I do! It's irrational and the reason for this place! I believe Jenelle is mentally ill and an idiot. I believe Leah is a spoiled, snotty, white trash gold digging bitch who found comfort in a local drug culture who thinks she can sleep her way to a mansion with Naugahyde and early American furniture and bitch at how no one supports her!

LOL I know she brings out my hatred! My God...she's just such a fucking waste of air. Some guy tweeted her "Jenelle, kill yourself" and I honestly died laughing. I seriously can't think of anyone I wish death on (and I don't actually wish death on her) but she's just such a fucking waste...she'll never change. Dicks will always come before her kids. She's going to populate this earth with more future criminals (sorry Jace and Kaiser) and when the TM $$$ runs out and something happens to babs those kids will be so fucked....it scares me to think about it. It probably scares me to think about it more than her, she's just scared of being single, not scared about the welfare of her kids. Her and Casey Anthony should be bffs.

I really which javi would first remember that this could be him one day and second think how he would feel if it were his son going away. Yea it sucks he's gonna miss a really cool vacation but there will no doubt be more and if Jo feels like this is an experience he wants to have with his kid than fuck it!
I think Kail handled it very well. Just like Vee said how would she feel if it were Mother's Day. But I think she probably thought of that and realized it would be a stupid fight and let it go.

lets get into this a bit! i have thus far liked Kail in these last few episodes thinking she is maturing, however she was well aware of that custody agreement and knew that Joe particularly made it a point to always have his son on Fathers Day. so why on gods green earth would this asshole plan a family vacay that landed on fathers day?!? its almost like she does it on purpose she is always scheduling something during his week or trying to switch up a week with him or something its a bit out of hand. and Javi needs to take a chill pill cause as PERCOCET & PONIES has mentioned this will be you one day buddy begging to see ur son on Fathers Day. BUT i do agree she has to pick and choose her battles and im glad that this was not one that she wants to pick. however i dont agree how she tried to down play his cook out its his day and how he wants to spend it is his business

Kail got the trip as a Scentsy-reward or whatever. It was basically a convention for Scentsy top sellers in the Bahamas, with the option to add family members. So the date couldn't be changed. I'm not defending Kailyn, just saying that the date was not her choice.

She handled it well. She didn't freak out or keep bothering Jo. She just asked. There's nothing wrong with asking.

Leah actually expects us to believe the therapy office resorted to calling Cory over her only missing two therapy appointments (one that she claims she had a doctor's note from)? Please. They wouldn't have contacted Cory at all unless they tried getting ahold of Leah and she wasn't responding. Then Jeremy and Leah want to talk shit about Cory in the car in front of the girls to the point where Aleeah just wants to leave and go back home with Cory. Notice Leah was so excited to confront Cory but once he dropped the bomb of her not taking Ali to therapy on camera she ran away with her tail between her legs crying. I thought it was interested Jeff asked Cory if he wanted to see the girls more than his usual Friday through Monday. Didn't Leah last episode try to claim that he only sees the girls once a week? Caught in another lie again. Next episode Leah seems pretty worried about Cory filing for full custody of the girlses. Leah, if you didn't have any dirty laundry you'd have nothing to worry about...

And how her faithful minion and co-druggie Juuuurmy was going on about how she has taken Ali to all of her therapy appointments for her whole life. Um, she's a stay at home mom. Corey works full time, so Leah can waste the child support on her fugly hair. Since most therapy places are open during business hours, who does it logically make more sense to take her? Corey, obviously so Leah can get a fix at 10:30 am.

DUDE he does seem like he's on shit! I thought he would never do that but it was like watching two druggies tonight holy shit...

Look how she frowns and shifted her eyes and shook her head when he mentioned the therapy! She was actually getting ready to LIE. She was pretending to not know what he was referring to and was forming her defense. She is a habitual liar and she is just getting caught more because she's high and she freaked and said " I've been accused" when she wasn't because she IS guilty! That confused frown was fake and guilty. Ill bet Miranda is on to her but cannot get into it or is smart enough to say absolutely nothing to Corey except that she will support him and that she will step up and help those girls.

Leah looked guilty as hell when Corey confronted her. And Jeremy even questioned her in the car and she avoided answering him.

For real. She got SO DEFENSIVE just by Corey even mentioning therapy. She flipped out saying "don't accuse me, don't accuse me!" but he didn't accuse her of fuck all. He just said "therapy is important." Guilty conscience much, Leah?

Go Corey! Get full custody! Does Corey know about her drug problems? People who know shit should come out and confront leah and Jurrrmy about their drug problems. I used to think Leah was a good mother, after the missed therapies and other stuff "the forgotten twin" said, makes me think she's a shit mother. Yeah she doesn't let her kids starve, all she does is keep them alive.

Did anyone else notice Miranda (sp?). It's like she wanted to go full on HAM on Leah and Corey but restrained herself by babbling about co-parenting. I don't know much about her, but what I do, she seems like a decent egg. Clearly, she wasn't having Leah's rant and then little cry fit. Save the arguing for somewhere other than the Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot Drop Off.

And Corey. God Bless. I know he isn't an angel but talking to Leah is like talking to a crack den wall. It pained me to see him even "reach out" to Jeremy and point out of Leah was yelling at him.

Bitch needs to be pointing those gross ass talons at herself for being a neglectful parent. The therapy place wouldn't just say that Leah was missing appointments for the fuck of it, or make that up. The "COREY TYLER" outburst was precious as well. Cat got your tongue?

Right?! Corey didn't accuse her of anything, and she was spouting out bullshit the whole time. I'm glad MTV showed how shitty of a person she is. I was ecstatic when the girlses said they wanted to go back to their Dad. Suck it, Leah!

Who wouldn't? I mean seriously, Leah and cheetohs and Lunchables? Or Corey and Miranda with real food and genuine play time spent with them. Corey wins hands down.

Leah never does anything with them. She just ignores them while they climb all over everything and get into whatever they find. Corey on the other hand, actually feeds them FOOD and spends actual time with them. He talks TO them, not about them in front of them, and doesn't bad mouth their mother in front of them.


When we do see Leah doing things with the girls, there's always someone else involved such as Jeremy or her sister, etc. She doesn't take them to the zoo! She doesn't play in the back yard with them! She doesn't even put fucking hot dogs on the damn grill for them, they are left to fend for themselves with fucking lunchables, Cheetos and frozen spaghetti meals that are eaten on the kitchen floor. The ONE time it showed her fixing THEM something to eat was when she making popcorn. Yeah, yeah, I know she's got her hands full with both girls and Adderal, but shit! Spend some quality time with your kids bitch. I have no sympathy for her anymore. If she wouldn't have been a whore and fucked Robbie and not complained about every fucking thing imaginable when she was with Corey, her family would still be together, because it was obvious that Corey fucking loved her ass for some reason. Bitch is never satisfied with shit. She always wants something better, more money, expensive shit. I don't doubt that she loves her kids one bit, I just think her mothering/adult skills are extremely questionable.

and i thought it was pretty poor of a decision for them to start bashing corey infront of the girls they are not infants they are toddlers who understand, and why the hell is Leah so damn defenssive?!

That gross ass mouth open chewing/talking junkie was holding onto that car door for dear life! I give her credit; it's got to be hard to be so indignant while struggling to stand.

How the hell does Jurmy find her sexy.... i don't understand. Is it the droopy eyes? Almost falling asleep? Uneven weird haircut? Chewing with her mouth open? She used to be so adorable but dye for the babies head and drugs are a bad thing...

She is fucked up in every episode.

And did I hear that Jeff said HE was helping pay partly for the therapy??? This asking for more money and the slamming Corey for ONLY $200. 00 a month is absurd. It is impossible he is paying that little. Her saying how she tried to be sweet about money and how she doesn't spend except when needed when she's been bitching about it and bought new car seat for another car is insane!!

You're correct. As a therapist myself we do no discharge a child from services unless there are multiple no call no shows and no effort made by the parent(s)

Leah's a lying bitch. I've been saying that since day one. SHE is the one complaining about the $200 a month thing. Corey has never mentioned a set amount that he pays or doesn't pay or what the details were.

do not*** sorry my phones autocorrect took over haha

Yep. She said she has them 6 days a week. BS

That broke my heart when Jace said she didn't want to set up the party with him.
I can't believe a mom, even jenelle, would not be heartbroken if their child said something so sad to them.

She straight up ignored him and Jace felt it. So fucking sad....

cause shes a POS!

Javier thinks he's a Man stirring up trouble? He has boobs! Grown up bitch!

I just spit out my drink laughing

She should have at least said she would love to decorate with him and be nice to him and pay attention to him :( that poor kid went from telling her to forget about nathan, to offering to help decorate, to singing, and then to offering ice cream sandwiches. OMG MY HEART :(

But he's mean? And bipolar?
I can't put into words how sad I am for Jace and his severe bad luck at being born into that family. And his fuck up of a father who would no doubt watch the show and still has no contact.

I feel heartbroken for that kid. I wish I could adopt him. Well what I really wish was that either Jenelle would stop with her BS even if she wasn't ever going to step up and be a proper mom...but at least would keep the yelling and guy drama away from him. If you don't even have custody why do you continue to mess up his life and make it even harder on Barbara? Lots have mentioned how Babs is far from perfect..well the only real time she is super stressed, or yelling, is when it's something to do with Jenelle. It's all so sad :( We all feel for him so much and his mother can't get it together enough to think of his best interests. Heck, she can't even shield him from her bad choices, and that is the least she could do.

Javi will learn when Kail wants her Linc with her on Father's Day...after they split.

Jace absolutely broke my heart this episode. First off, it is so obvious he is scared of douche-lord Nathan. When Jenelle was sitting in the car and Jace was talking to her he basically said, "Who cares if Nathan doesn't want to come! You have ME!" And what did Jenelle do? Sit there and cry over Nathan instead of realizing what a little sweetheart she has in the backseat who will love her UNCONDITIONALLY! Then when he started singing...good god. I teared up, not even going to lie.

And then there's Leah. Damn, it's crazy what drugs can do to one's appearance! She looked absolutely h a g g a r d in the scene driving to pick up the girlses. And her chomping on her meth candies...gag. I can't stand her anymore! It's so obvious she's under the influence of something. Her pupils are so tiny in most of the scenes. Of course she wants more child support, more drugs for her!

I also think the girlses asking to go back with their dad immediately after they get with Leah says a great deal.

yup the "Be quiet" too. stop badmouthing their dad right in front of them. leah and jermy are absolute trash.

I absolutely loved when Gracie (I think it was her) said to be quiet! Hopefully she didn't get in trouble for that, but Leah generally ignores her so probably not. And did you catch her say, as they drove away, "can we go with Dad?"

Leah was most likely waiting to get home and away from the cameras to "wear Gracie's butt out" since shes wanting to go to Corey's so badly. Those girls know where better. Just like Jace.

Jeremy was such an asshole when he said they better not cry. They fucking disgusted me

She asked to go back twice! I was afraid Leah would rip around and yell no.

Was he saying Leah better not cry or the girlses better not?

He was saying leah better not cry. Why would he give a shit what the girls do?
Did you notice in that clip, neither of them interacted with the girls? They literally just ignored them while they talked about Corey. No wonder they wanted to go back to their dad's!

That's what I thought. He never gives two fucks about the girlses honestly.

Oh, I forgot to comment on Kail and her vacation. Her old hypocritical self was starting to peek through this episode. Can you imagine if Jo wanted to take Isaac away during Mothers Day? She'd have a hulk fit.

Aubree is adorable, especially when she was getting her mini-facial! Chelsea looks so pretty this season. Adumbs new girlfriend looks so bad it's laughable. And what type of look is he trying to achieve? Bald, cop glasses and a mustache. He looks like one of the Super Troopers (which is ironic).

Completely true about kail. If the situation was reversed, heads would roll if Joe politely asked to have him on Mother's Day. And I believe she acquiesced because 1-she knew that and 2-she knows she probably should have looked at a calendar first and asked Joe prior to booking a trip. Duh! Not his problem.

Leah-her segments have taken a curios downward spiral usually reserved for jenelle. I wish I knew actual facts regarding what Corey has really paid. I don't want to lay blame w such discrepancy in the he said/she said

thank you! thats what im trying to figure out why the hell wouldnt you look at the dates before booking something like that ?? who plans a family vacay without confirming first especially when you know that there is a custody agreement in place. it was almost like she was confident that she would be able to take him

Because she assumed that Jo would just say OK because it was a vacation to the beach which Isaac loves. I'm glad he stuck to his guns this time. It's fucking fathers day, Kail! I wouldn't have even had the balls to ask him to give up fathers day! And, Javi needs to suck it because..NEWS FLASH..you're not Isaac's father! Step parent yes, but his real dad takes precedence over your big lipped ass. Now, go sit down with your dumbass Miley tshirt on. Freak.

lmaoo yes plse have several seats Javi i personally believe the step parents shouldnt get involved when it comes to the co parenting. Juurmy and Javi need to stay out of it. u rarely see Maranda getting involved, she may comment her opinion to her husband behind closed doors but thats it. i think this last episode was the first time i heard her actually say something to Leah and it was really just to say we dont need to besties but get along for the babies. so kudos to her!

How funny, he really does!

She had wrote on twitter that basically she wouldn't have cared if he did take Isaac in Mother's Day and that he did already! And wrote a direct tweet to Vee stating that. Well guess them being friends flew out the window. LOL. I don't understand why they must put one another on blast on twitter instead of just talking in person.

Lol next season scene- Jo has Isaac for Mother's Day and he gives Vee a Mother's Day card and calls her mom..


Lol remember Kail's fake gushing, "I LOOOOOVE VEE! I LIKE LOOOVE HER." No you don't, you were trying to prove you didn't want Jo anymore. Even the fake act lasted about two minutes.

Every time a comment of mine has to do with kail or javi I get downvoted. hahaha

I gave Kail a break on this one because she handled it really well. She didn't argue and scream. She basically accepted and then told Javi to get over it when he tried ti fight with her about it.

She did handle it a lot better, especially in regards to previous times. I agree with you there, but I didn't like that she asked in the first place. Why couldn't they plan that vacation for any other time? Also...Kail acted like her not making a big deal was such a huge favour from her.

agreed - that was one the saddest things I've ever seen - i had to look away. That poor fucking kid.......

when javi is replaced by a new stepdad for lincoln, i can't wait for him to have to give up time for lincoln and his new stepdaddy! i'm sure he will love it.

JAVI you are the creepiest controlling stepdad ever. get the fuck away from isaac for christ's sake.

What is it with the stepdads on this show?! Is it the norm now to be all up in that crap or is it a "We're on the teevee!" thing?

Partly TV thing partly they are all smaller than the ones before them and they wives are all basically still hung up n the firsts. They talk about the DADS constantly.

He has the creepiest obsession with Issac

Leah's hair isn't sexy. Or slutty. She looks like Kate gosselin and she definitely isn't sexy or slutty!!

Jeremy must be on whatever she is to keep saying that awful haircut is sexy.

Well no one looks at the mantel when they are poking the fire! ;-)


Now there's a phrase

Yes wtf? The way he kept giving her those dumb googoo eyes about sex hair. GAG!! YUCK leah is not anything nearrrr SEXY. Yuck! Quit pumping her ego Jurmy its disgusting!

I'm pretty sure he meant sex hair as in roughed up from having sex...in my mind NAWT a compliment but they both giggled it off because they're high High HIGH

No I don't think it's that. Unless he bought her another Keurig.

He's just grateful the purple crap is gone!! And the ratty split ends.

You know, I don't like it in pictures, but I thought it was really cute in motion

her hair looks wayyy healthier

While she needed to get rid of the dreadlocks I feel like it aged her 20 years. I mean that plus the meth. This is mean but whatever she's a cunt now, but she has a huge weird crooked nose and that hair just kinda makes her look like a witch. But all that matters is Jurmy likes it!

Is there a Leah's sex hair username?

I changed to it.
If anyone already had I will change the name.

I don't think so - get it!

i was going to change mine to that!! but someone got it already!

Isn't that asymmetrical hair design from the late 90's and waaaay over? Even for WV. I knw that CA and NY are the top of the curve but that bottom had already dropped.

she talked about her hair way too many times..must have made that decision when she was in a haze

Jenelle, Babs and Nathan need to stop talking about Jace and Jace's behavior IN FRONT OF JACE!! P

Ughhhhh. Not sure where to start this crapfest, so let's take a stab at this alphabetically.

Chelsea - Aubree is adorable as always. I really think Aubree is a breath of fresh air in Chelsea's life. I'm not sure why Taylor was given her own segment, I almost feels it serves her right to say she knows what Chelsea is going through considering she was the one who put Chelsea through it, and by the looks of the preview, continues to do so.

Jenelle - Can someone please hug Jace? I don't think my heart could break anymore for him until he started singing that song about rainbows when Jenelle was freaking out in the car. I know everyone has been calling Jenelle the voice of reason, but I really don't think she's any different, she just put herself next to someone SO worse she looks changed in comparison.

Leah - COREY OWES YOU NOTHING. Thank you Mary teen-mom of Jesus he is filing for full custody. "He can get his truck repoed, he can lose his house, I DON'T CARE!!" Well doesn't that say everything?

Kailyn - Claps for Kailyn in this episode. But first, Javi, you are NOT Isaac's dad. You have no say over what is best for him. I love when he hinted in the restaurant Isaac shouldn't go for 6 week to Jo's "I just feel like our house is homeeeee" and Kail shut him down with "That's co-parenting." I really did like the scene with Kail and Jo in the park, how Jo complimented her bedtime schedule, and scolded Isac with her over the sticks saying, "if mommy says something you need to listen". What an improvement with the two of them!! I know a lot will be said about the vacation situation, so I want to focus on the positives with Kail in this episode. But me thinks Javi will be eating A LOT of his words if their relationship ever fails. Kail's right, if she's not fighting with Jo, she's fighting with him. I do see now why she's stressed all the times.

Megan - you ROCK. Seriously, you post this so fast. The episode ended 18 minutes ago (including the time it took for me to type this novel.) Have you set up our sex date yet - I mean - did your Keurig come?

How nice was that with Kail and Jo? And he wants to take Lincoln home with him too.

Then Kail/Javi had to ruin it...at least Kail complied. Seriously that was so nice when he called her super mom.

Thanks MTV for a smile edit too- even tho we were all thinking Kail & Jo will hook up and Javi will cry.

Ah woopsie doops - K comes before L in the alphabet. Rants and common sense are hard, y'all.

Its OK Maci... that's why you're still working on your associates degree :-)


Maci's Half-Ass Degree from a school that's not well so its okay, its stall a rall degree. Y'all learn more well in the second half of the degree. Y'all be lernin' yer alpha-bets in proper odor of da letters, then y'all be at a weller schoo. If y'all don't quit then y'all will have a well ass degree so ya won't be do-win sex for yer cure-ig. Y'all kin still have lotsa sex just not for coffee! Jist axe Germy! Eye-ill let ya off her, baaaa! Addy's chokin' on a Cheeto!

Use your back tat to practice drawing your letters Maci! A is for alcoholic, B is for Bintlee, C is for cupcake!

R is for RHINE K is for KAI

more like A is for absolute, B is for bacardi, C is for chardonnay, D is for daquari,.....

I think Kail and Jo have been great lately! Even their dispute about vacation was handled very maturely. Good job guys.

She said she doesn't care about his car and house being re-po'ed? I don't know who sounds like the bigger cunt this episode (I haven't watched it yet) Jenelle or meth head Leah. FFS!!

Javi is so self absorbed.. How would he feel not seeing his son for Father's Day..
He should have simply said- wow it will be hard on YOU to be away from Isaac for such a long time. We will make sure to do something special on Mother's Day since we will have him that day.

My husband and I have full custody of my step son and I would still never get involved in the visitation schedule drama like these step parents.. It's like they have forgotten they are fighting over a child not a prize!

In their minds though they are practically fighting for a prize, to screw with the opposite parent. They wanna get full custody or whatever days (idk) and rub it in the others face. Specifically talking BIGTIME Leah and in the past Kail has done it. I can't stand it!!


Awesome! Enjoy!

Someone's about to get lucky! Keurig sex is caffeinated and quick! Btw to save $ on the Kcups I recommend you shop at Keurig.com as the pods are way cheaper there and if you order a minimum shipping is free! Enjoy! ;-)

Ohh i'm gonna do that. Tell us how you like it Megan and what flavors you get! Yea they can be kinda pricy at the store

I discovered that website and they often have deals and promos as well. Join their email list and you get deals too. When the Kcups I like go on sale I buy in bulk because the cups are sealed and stay fresh for a long time. I am too cheap to pay retail of .60 - 1.00 per cup. Be careful with some other websites too. Their prices seem fabulous but I discovered many of them sell long expired coffee but don't tell you and then NO refunds/exchanges.

Kail : Javi is NOT Isaacs dad. He doesn't need to be with you during your father's day celebration vacation on father's day. Also, you saying you wouldn't get upset if you had to lose mother's day, uhhh yeah you would.

Leah: your a bitch. Buckle your girls up. $1500 a month really?! Corey needs full custody asap.

Jenelle: Sad. I've never felt for Jace like I did this episode. Babs is his mom. she always will be. Love how Nathan couldn't even try and help out with the baby shower. So much for being there for this kid if your already bailing on the baby shower.

Chelsea : Why was Taylor segment necessary?

I just started watching but Kail with the vacation made me mad already. Most parents who care about their child want to be with them on Mothers/Fathers day. It isn't selfish Kail and I bet you would really be pissed if Jo took Isaac on vacation for Mother's Day.

She's telling him to celebrate it another day. No kail you can't magically change the day because you want to celebrate Javi instead

I don't think she planned on it being on father's day. I was confused about why they didn't check that sonner. I'm guessing by the time they realized it wad father's day then the trip was already planned. I also think it was Javi not Kail that wanted Isaac because it was father's day. Hell he asked her to go to court. I was glad she shut him down.

Some people care more about the actual holiday than others.. Rather than argue with my son's bio mom about holidays we just stick to the exact schedule- if Father's Day falls on her weekend we just celebrate it Friday night or Sunday evening when our whole family is home.
I assume if you were dealing with a friendly co-parenting situation you could maybe offer extra days in exchange for a specific holiday that was really important to you or maybe trade weeks if you had a special vacation..

The fact that Jo stipulated Father's Day in the visitation agreement means he felt that it was important and in this vp case even if he is being a complete ass, I agree 109% and Kail and Javi were stupid and immature to not look at the calendar and visitation dates BEFORE booking their vacation!
She did handle it well AFTER the fact but bad mouthing Jo was not cool and asking him and putting him in the position to refuse was jeopardizing the truce they'd formed.
Javi is threatened about his manhood on all levels.

i know i thought i was the only one who thought that request was outrageous like oh yea the solution is u could celebrate it before or after. like how abt we not confuse this kid and let him spend fathers day with his dad! not Javi!

No shit. No one cares about Adumb's hoes past or present. Stop forcing them on us MTV.

probably because all chelsea ever does is whine about adumb. shes kind of boring..

I really don't understand why people complain about Chelsea being boring. A boring parent makes for a kid that won't need to be put in therapy.

Yeah notice everyone else's segments had arguments and sad stuff and Chels is just busy doing her job and playing with her kid and stuff. She's boring because she's not fucking up.

im not saying i wish she was nonboring. but its the reason why they include adumb and his string of women.
obviously its better for aubree that chelsea isnt out doing meth or anything , but she never has anything interesting going on except for her adumb drama.

I want to see more of Chelsea and Aubree interact and none of Taylor/Adumb/old ho. The spa scene is probably one of my favorites ever.

I( would honestly rather watch Chelsea pop zits than see Adam's porn star gf

Plus when she's with her friends it's entertaining (but they crack me up)

Chelsea also really annoyed me with running around like a middle schooler pointing out Adams pornstar at the game to EVERYONE. Her episodes always revolve around what Adumb does or bangs. She says she's over it but constant adumb gossip. & why do they still spell out his name w or w.o Aubs around? Its annoying.

I agree she was immature and I'm not really her biggest fan (but I think she's pretty!) but it must be so hard because she really really really wanted to end up with Adam. It sucks. She will probably always wish things had worked out.

Honestly what irritated me even more was her not, AT LEAST saying hi to Adam and talking to him like and adult with Aubree around for two seconds. She didn't necessarily have to meet the porn star but instead of making it awkward for her friends, her daughter & family, she could have been the big girl no matter how much of a joke she thinks Aubree's dad is and maybe try and make this an exciting and memorable moment for her daughter.

I get it I mean we all know Adams a douche but just cause you know this doesn't mean you couldn't put a happy face on for your daughter, its all for her happiness and if that means talking to Adam at a tee-ball game than so be. I mean as far as that situation goes at least she had the decency to close the door then talk shit...unlike other ones on this program:)

I agree with you percocet & ponies. Being civil wouldn't cost her anything and it would be great for Aubree. Now obviously Adam is a d-bag but a "hi" or "hey" wouldn't have been that difficult. Of course it also goes both ways (Adam could say hi) but since we know he's immature and stupid she should be the bigger person in that sense. *BUT I want to emphasize she's not at fault for Adam being such a difficult, nasty person and it really must suck for her.

I think expecting her to interact with Adam when he isn't being receptive or after he does another insesitve even for him thing is asking a lot of a young 22 year old! I have friends with kids who have to sit at opposite sides of a stadium at their childrens college graduations and have separate wedding receptions because the Ex's cannot be in the same place. It's stupid, toxic and grandstanding and absurd that their children have to endure such behavior and rise above it, but Chelsea is very young and her maturity level of male/ female relating stopped at 16. She is doing pretty good considering the inner sewer pipe she had a sweet kid with.

Hmm interesting points catelynns chewed cuticles. I guess we're all talking about what woudl be ideal. but Like i said i def don't blame her at all for having that attitude towards him. He broke her heart and then even though it's been years, uses that against her by constantly rubbing her face in every relationship. I don't blame her at all, just saying it must be weird for aubree (esp. as she gets older) if Chelsea isn't willing to even say hi, even though it's not supposed to be all Chelsea's job. It's just a sucky situation.

Totally, she knew the schedule BEFORE she planned her vaca! What dummy plans it to fall on a specific day the father previously requested PLUS IT'S FATHERS DAY. Javi get over yourself! Kail tried ,but knew it was up to Jo and not her! She put Jo in a bad spot for that one.

at the reunion she claimed it was a free vacation she won at work. so she actually didn't get to pick the date, it was predetermined.

Lmao yeah right. With Javis "job" she wouldn't be able to get up and go to the Bahamas just cause she won it. She was doing her book tour the entire time as well so she knew her schedule.

Poor girl.

When did Kail get a job? What does she do? I want to work at a place where you get to win free vacations!

she alluded that she works for a magazine. not sure if it is through MTV though, i would imagine it is.

She does scentsy. Many pyramid scheme companies, I mean, multi-level marketing companies offer free trips as rewards for sales.

Ahh..scentsy and stuff like that makes complete sense.

She got the vacation through scentsy I think and it was a convention.

Javi's job = Miley fan girl

So both leah and kail work for a pyrmaid scheme company?

Allbabies...Ahh..scentsy and stuff like that makes complete sense.

I think you just came up with a new company slogan! Scentsy that makes complete sense! Pitch it and I will take 5% if they pay you for it...lol ;-)

She got a free trip through scentsy, for their top sellers. They all went to the same place at the same time so she had no choice with that.

now it just so happen that Javi was able to go, i find that funny being that he is the air force

ASAP is not soon enough!

God right??? (About Taylor). Fuck off Taylor. You're stupid and no one feels bad for you.

What no one will feel sorry for will be the next woman who has a baby with ADumb. The chances of him paying support dwindle with each baby born. He needs to be neutered. If we ever gear that Chelsea " hooks up " with him again because he's Aubree' father or she just was weak- I'm done.

I bet Chelsea is reading this and laughing to herself!

There we have it - Jeff stated that Corey has the girlses from Friday to Monday morning! Stop lying Leah and get off the drugs. Corey has your girlses for way more than one day a week! No more money for you!

I caught that too! Leah looked high this whole episode and she's lying to try to make corey look bad. Drugs are bad, m'kay!

I always interpreted it as in Leah-land, if she drops off the girls Friday morning and picks them up late on Sunday, she "sees" the girls Sunday-Friday, and Corey only has them on Saturday=one day a week.

Or maybe it's more like when the girlses are gone that she goes such a drug binge that she can't remember anything and it only feels like one day.

Maybe adderall isn't bald. Maybe she can grow l

Long hair but when Leah is high she cuts poor Adderall's hair off. So it looks like she can't grow hair but she does.

That's exactly what I interpreted as. I figured because Cory only has them one full day she says she has them 6 days a week.

Friday to Monday would be 2 full days....

And if your want to look at it that way leah would have the girls 3 full days.
So, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- 3 full Leah Days
Saturday, Sunday- 2 full Corey day.
Monday, Friday- split days
Conclusion, leah gets the girls 1 more full day than corey

But Corey doesn't feed them or bath them all weekend according to meth head.

If its not lunchables or cheetos, then its not food. Come up people u gonna think like Leah. Tsk tsk

In her mind- it's only one day she doesn't pull down Gracie's pant and wail on her bottom!

Maybe she just can't count

That's the most logical explanation- bad with numbers and the concept of a 7day week.

Maybe Corey only has them every other weekend so it averages out to basically 6 days a week instead of having to say it a more complicated way.

Also the fact that we just learned he has them Friday through Monday after Leah claimed he only has them one day a week is more of a reason why I dont believe just pays 200 a month. He pays for the insurance too. Leah and Jeremy are just assholes.. lets see how long it takes for her to make another public rant because of people dogging her again.

I have a soft spot for Leah...kind of..I really want to root for her...but she was...too much in this episode.

Both of them I think may be being misleading.

There's something off about the whole thing.

If he has the girls Fri-Mon, that's four days, that's more time than what Leah gets. If he has them more than Leah, why is he seeking more time? And if he has them more than Leah, why isn't she paying him child support?

Idk, I know almost nothing about how that kind of thing works. But I don't believe him outright. But I did feel sorry for him during the argument at the cars.

And who in their right mind would choose to pay $200/ month AND 60% medical bills <from Leah's mouth then she stated one bill in particular was $20,000
Versus being court ordered to pay $800/month flat

I call BS on everything that comes out of Leah's meth mouth!!

Again- I think what she might see may be statements from bills that are before insurgence kicks in. I know I see a bill/ statement from a lab for say $650- then insurance is billed then I see another for $485 with more pending approval the I get a bill says what patient owes that says $182.00 due and payable upon receipt. Then I usually wait until I see that same dollar amount twice before I send that amount in. I've have over paid the lab or radiologist more than once. Insurance companies are quick to send bills and statements but slow to pay labs, doctors or for services and many have to be sent in many times before insurance companies pay what they are suppose to pay all along. Sooooo Leah getting a $20,000 bill may or may not be accurate. Ali will have HUGE bills, but she will get Shriners for a lot of it AND Leah is both stupid, bad with money and numbers and a liar.

also i was wondering if leah gets any kind of social security disabilty check or something like that for ali??

I'm so late to this party because I've been horrible at keeping up with Teen Mom. Just moved 500 miles and started a new job so I haven't been able to sit down and watch an episode until now. I feel like I'm missing a lot, and hopefully someone reads this and can comment/answer my questions.

Are we positive that Leah is doing drugs? She's looked pale and unkempt in all of the clips and episodes I've been able to watch. Cory mentioned to Jeff that he thinks the girlses are better off at his house (which leads me to believe that there is more going on than just the lunchables and Leah lying around while her toddlers run amok). I didn't get to see episode 21, but I assume Leah said something about having the girlses 6 days a week, which I would have never believed because I thought they spent every weekend with Cory like Jeff said: Friday-Monday. That's 3 days.

The parking lot scene was nuts. First of all, Leah was munching like a cow and it almost seemed like she and Jeremy were preparing for a rumble, West Side Story style. "I'm gonna argue with Cory, y'all. Doesn't that make you proud, Jerm!?! Does it? Babe. Babe. Babe. Are you proud that I cursed?" She totally went silent and you could see the wheels turning in her mind when Cory said he got those phone calls from therapy before vacation. The "I'VE BEEN ACCUSED" and "CORY TYLER!" blurts involved a whole lot of crazy eyes.

I watched the sneak peek for next week's episode and the Cory we know is like...gone. This clip was the most loquacious diatribe I've ever seen from him. I'm pretty sure he was thisclose to z-snapping. He made an excellent point about the insurance company being huge and him not being able to get anywhere. Insurance companies don't really exist to help people, they exist to make a buck and they lose money paying for little Ali's wheelchair. I guess my point is that Cory is observing some strange behavior or the girlses have said things to him...what I want to know is if someone can fill in some blanks for me?

It wouldn't surprise me if Leah's been abusing prescription pills...shaking an orange pill bottle is an Appalachian Mating Call.

You hit all the points- I think Corey feels safe and understood with Miranda. Leah drove him to distraction. Her only weapon was the cute little girl cheer leader - whine support me - I love you -aren't I a cute little when I try-sex kitten shit. I think with her constant whine and neediness and spending and lack of realizing you have to be patient for things like houses and furniture and cars- that grows old quick- plus she left him. Up until recently still pulled it on him. Her revenge and real bitch came out when he refused to see her as anything but pathetic. Why Jermy turned on him I really don't know.

"shaking an orange pill bottle is an Appalachian Mating Call"

LMAO! This is freaking hilarious. May I use this line but change the location?

Leah and Nathan annoyed the hell out of me during this episode. Leah, especially... in the car, cursing so much and talking bad about Corey. I feel bad for Jace. I really do not think Jenelle should have had another kid.

You guys! I can't. I want Jace. I have 3 boys and I can't even imagine. This poor baby. Everything about this episode. I almost wish I hadn't watched it. Him sitting quietly and awkwardly as J & N talk about where he is going to live. Him singing so sweetly when J was in the car venting! Girl, times get tough, but put on a happy face for your kid! Why is she venting to him? Or to herslef around him! He didn't know what else to do but sing her a song about rainbows. I wanted to crawl into my TV and grab him and hug him and pinch his cheeks. Then when the fight with Barbara happened, and he starts crying, and Babs asks WHATS WRONG JACE? WHATS WRONG? Well no shit! He's had way too much! He couldn't handle it anymore. Poor kid has no safe place, no security, no where to run to! I'm sorry I know I'm rambling but I just had to get it off my chest. My heart literally hurts for him.

Leah, I have so much ugly to say about this B. Oooooh if I was Miranda... I'm sorry.. woooo... I pray to the universe Miranda arrests Leah for meth and pills one day. Ugh that would be so freakin sweet! When she screamed CORY TYLER... Miranda was looking like Thaaa fuuuhh??!

Why did MTV show us scenes from the dramatic drop off during last weeks episode and then show us the last part of the fight in tonights episode? The worst part was that we had to watch Leah loudly chew sour patch kids with her mouth wide open talking about her "sex hair' AGAIN!

I didn't think he was singing to Jenelle. I thought he was singing to himself to soothe himself.

He asked her, "You don't want to do it with me?"

She said, "I'm doing it no matter what."

But she never told him what he was really seeking to hear which was, "Of course, Jace. I love you more than the world, more than Nathan, and of course I want to be with you!"

Yeah that first name middle name thing was bullshit. Leah and Jerm were being ridiculous. Clearly neither of them have ever made an insurance claim before or they'd know it takes fucking forever and the person in the call center you talk to on the phone has nothing to do with it. You could see Miranda was just biting her tongue. She is a saint.

I would LOVE to see Miranda cold-cock Leah in the face. I don't normally condone violence like that. But I'd approve.

Hell just a good old fashion tongue lashing where facts and straight up doses of truth are hurled at Leah's face.

Miranda (while I'm sure no saint) is top notch. Fuck it..so is Corey too.

Leah is too stupid to follow facts and Lear sentences. Corey mentions the importance of therapy and she freaked and said " don't accuse me Corry Tyler" she can't follow three full sentences. She needs to be hit with a billy club!