Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

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Teen Mom 2


Leah is having problems with Ali's wheelchair, but still sends it to Corey's house with Ali for the weekend so that he can see her use it. Jeremy is coming with Leah to the drop off for the kids and is helping Corey get the wheelchair into his vehicle.

This is complete chaos.

It's finally setting in to Aleeah that she's different than Ali, and she just keeps saying that she wants her own wheelchair.

Leah tells Aleeah that she has a pink bike because she doesn't need a wheelchair, but it really doesn't register with her.

"I bought you a Keurig, can we PLEASE have sex?!" (Note: I would KILL for a Keurig...I put one on my wedding registry.

I might die without coffee every morning, and afternoon, and at night while I'm writing up these Teen Mom 2 recaps.)

Corey and Miranda take the girls to the zoo, but since the wheelchair isn't working, they decide to just take a stroller instead.

Aleeah and Ali get into an argument about not sharing the wheelchair, but since the wheelchair wasn't there anyway, the argument ended pretty quickly.

It looks like everyone had a great time at the zoo, and I'm glad that Corey took that time to make memories with the girls instead of spending all of his vacation on Ali's doctor's appointments.

Corey drops the girls off with Leah again after the weekend at the zoo, and says that the wheelchair didn't work, but that Ali walked for a while.

Corey and Miranda both agree that the wheelchair would've been nice, but that she also did a great job walking.

They talk about Aleeah acting out, but neither of them have a real concrete idea of how to work on those kinds of things, so they just settle for saying that it's really difficult.

Leah has a tidbit that didn't make the episode about how if little girls don't wear their seatbelts properly, they have to go to boot camp, where they don't get to play and have to eat food that they don't like, but Addie still isn't strapped into the car seat nearly tight enough and her chest clip is at her belly button.

Leah sits down with Aleeah and talk to her about her sister's Muscular Dystrophy. Leah addresses the wheelchair issue, and it was good to see that Aleeah had a real conversation with her mom instead of simply hearing things second hand while her parents talk around her.

I think Leah did a good job explaining the wheelchair to Aleeah, but it's still sad that the conversation has to be had in the first place.

I just hate that Ali had Muscular Dystrophy, and you can see the impact that it's having on everyone in that family.


Kailyn tells her mom a little about the history of things between her and Vee, explaining that when she was first starting to see Jo around Vee, they didn't know what they wanted, and then once it was official, things started popping up online that made Kailyn nervous to have Vee around her son.

Now, things seem to be working better and the co-parenting situation has improved tremendously since we've seen all of them on the show.

Kailyn tells her mom that she's happy that she was able to have her help while Lincoln was having difficulty breastfeeding, and her mom seems pretty sincere when she says "that's what moms are for." I do hope these two can figure things out, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Kailyn has an appointment with a lactation consultant, so her mom watches Isaac for a while.

She's questioning him about how he likes Lincoln.

Isaac also tells Suzi that Javi doesn't care about them anymore, but even though Suzi corrects him and tells him that Javi is simply away at work, Isaac seems pretty persistent, which is sad to see.

Kailyn gets back and tells her mom that the lactation consultant just wants her to take a supplement to have her make more milk. Suzi tells Kailyn about Isaac's comment about Javi not liking them. Isaac is still pretty persistent that Javi doesn't love them anymore.

Later, Isaac has a mustache drawn on his face, and it's pretty hilarious.

He compares mustaches with Javi. It's pretty clear that Isaac is confused about this whole situation, but at least he has people that are reassuring him about how much Javi cares about their family.

Suzi heads back to Pennsylvania, and admits that it was nice to have help with the kids. Suzi says she doesn't want any more absences from Kailyn's life, and that she loves her and the kids.

Kailyn calls Javi and talks about how it was nice to have her mom there, but that she didn't bring up the past because it wasn't worth an argument.

Kailyn feels fine with everything, but just hopes that her mom doesn't go back to drinking.


Jenelle is due in 6 weeks, and she and Nathan have been fighting a lot.

Barbara is worried about Nathan's drinking. Jenelle talks with a friend about the divorce from Courtland, and she says that he's admitted that he was served papers, but that she doesn't think he'll really do much about it.

Jenelle talks about an argument between her and Nathan where Jace was sleeping in the next room, and when the argument started Jenelle called her mom to come pick up Jace to try and keep him away from the fighting.

I'm not going to condone screaming matches, but at least Jenelle had the sense to call her mom instead of put her kid in the middle of it.

Eventually things died down, and Barbara didn't need to come after all, but Jenelle blamed the whole argument on Nathan's drinking.

Jenelle prepares to register for her baby shower. Nathan says "electronical" and I laughed a lot. Barbara and Jenelle prepare the guest list, and Barbara ends up getting pissed that they registered for the really expensive stroller.

Nathan starts flipping shit on Barbara about how he's an adult and he can handle his own things. Eventually Barbara says that they'll never get Jace back if Nathan keeps drinking the way he has been.

Nathan accuses Barbara of being an alcoholic, and she denies it. Barbara ends it with saying that if he hurts her daughter that she'll be after him.

Jenelle talks to her mom about how she's sick of the arguing and that Nathan doesn't handle criticism well at all. She says to her mom that she phrases things poorly, and that it comes off as pushy with things instead of concerned or loving at all.

Barbara is simply concerned for Jenelle's health and safety. Jace shares a Ring Pop with everyone in the room...yay germs.

Nathan finally comes back and they talk about how Barbara flipped out.

Jenelle thinks that Barbara is jealous that Nathan spends so much time with her.

Nathan and Jenelle agree that they need to stop fighting in order to have a healthy relationship that's best for Jace as well as their unborn child.


Adam gets arrested for driving with a suspended license, and Chelsea is really mad because it was supposed to be his weekend with Aubree.

Adam's parents didn't tell Chelsea about the situation, which is also frustrating to her. Chelsea talks to her dad about it, and Randy basically says that he wishes Adam was in jail because he's a danger.

Chelsea attempted to talk to Adam's mom about things, and apparently his mom freaked out on Chelsea saying that it wasn't really any of Chelsea's business about what happens with Adam's personal life, and that Chelsea should at least be able to trust his parents with Aubree.

Aubree has an attitude when she comes back from Adam's parents' house, and she's throwing a pretty big fit about going to school.

Chelsea still doesn't know how to handle Aubree's problems, and Aubree exclaims that she doesn't like her mom any more, and that she's not her friend, and that she isn't acting nice.

Chelsea picks Aubree up from preschool, and it seems like she's in a better mood. Chelsea goes out to eat with two friends to get some opinions on what to do about Adam's latest arrest.

Chelsea also says that she's going to implement the same behavior chart from preschool at her house, so that she can be consistent, regardless of what happens at Adam's visitation times.

It's pretty cute that Chelsea and Aubree are making their behavior chart, and Aubree is excited that the top level is pink!


1. Aleeah acts out because she's not getting as much attention at Ali.

2. Kailyn attempts to repair her relationship with her mom.

3. Nathan and Barbara argue over who is an alcoholic. Nathan makes up more words: "Electronical"

4. Adadm gets arrested, and Aubree still has some an attitude.


Gee I wonder where Isaac picked up on if you don't see your "daddy" all the time, he abandoned you. This is why we don't talk crap about our baby-daddies in front of the children, girlses! She did it with Jo, and now he assumed the same true for Javi. Sad.

Lol Isaac was probably saying the truth about Javi being at the beach. But seriously that was so sad. I bet he also said that once Jordan was out the picture. I hate how these moms always use their kids and don't realize the damage they're doing. Smh.

Also Suzi didn't stick around lol. She can't stay away from the booze :D

Adams cougar will FINALLY make her appearance next week!!!!!

OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!! Lol Chelsea cracks me up. When she said to her friend "You look sexual" I lost it. She says such dumb and funny shit.

Omg I thought that was so tacky! Okay, trash tv is my fave, so I've been re-watching old episodes of "The Simple Life" for the nostalgia and the lolz. Nicole would always be like "that's sexual" or "you look sexual" and Chelsea basically reminded me of that lol.

Oh yeah!!! I bet she totally stole it from her. It cracks me up... Dude Simple Life was hilarious. Me and my mom loved that shit...when they worked at fast food and called all the gross greasy old men hot and they would just get so freaked out lolllllllll. Oh kill me for liking that show.

Lol yes!!! They called everybody "gorgeous" and "sexy". and it was kind of adorable because even though you know they were just joking around, it made people feel really special too lol. That show is a true gem.

"Hi gorgeous"

90 year old man is like............wut me?? LOL I loved that crap.

The Simple Life KILLED me! I laughed WAY too hard for that 1/2 hr it was on every week! I kind of miss it for that reason only! Like when Paris didn't know what Walmart was. She said "what's Walmart? Do they sell like, wall and stuff?". Died.
And, the "that's hot!" or the sexual and and hot comments...oh..man..lol!

And, yes, Chelsea usually has a comment or two in each episode that just CRACK me up! This was definitely one of them!

I have the box set of the Simple life. Best show ever!! Nicole made it though.

Beth..yes, Nicole did make the show! Have you seen her reality show on VH1? It called Candidly Nicole and she is STILL fucking hilarious.

@Lucky: Candidly Nicole is so addictive. I want her to be my best friend so badly. She's a hoot.

It is a shame to see these moms whom are not role models and whoms baby daddy is around but they don't take their babys to see the men whom fathered them. Myself I feel that parents are crushal to development and although sometimes myself and other parents have to support our baby by working as a full-time mom and our babys do their own thing. I am sad for these girls who cannot be a good role model for their child as I can still show Soph pictures and would let her see her other family if they did not have such a attitude and personality that I feel that it would be unhelpful. #love #support

I think you might be my new favorite person on here.

This is genius.

I didn't see the name at first and did a definite wtf...lol. Genius'

Farrah thumbed you down ;)

Brilliant! I love you!

I don't know if I agree with that. Kids make that stuff up sometimes. My son is nearly 6 an did he doesn't know where someone is and you ask him, he says they are dead. Not the right answer at all lol. Just something he makes up in his head.

Your son just made me lol. 'Where's the dog?' Dead 'Where's your little friend next door?' Dead. It is a brilliant way to end a conversation you no longer want to continue. I think your son may be a genius!

Yeah, if my husband is outside and I didn't see him go outside, I'll ask him where his dad went and he'll look right at me and say "he's dead." Creepy. But funny at the same time.

I was watching my 6 year old niece one time and she had a little friend over whose grandmother had just passed away. She told me that "My grandma closed her eyes and went to prison." I was so confused until they told me that she had passed away that night. It was cute, but kind of sad. :P

My cousin's kid is like this!! She's hilariously creepy. She'll wait until the power goes off and then scratch at her uncle's bedroom door and when he says, "Who is it?" she says in a super creepy voice, "Satan!"

She was 3 when this started, by the way.

I was watching my nephew last week who tried to tell me he kept seeing the devil in the playroom and he needed me to help.

I know it's just because he wanted me to hang out with him in the playroom and I said I wouldn't until "Friendzone" was over (addicted to trash MTV shows), but he was getting impatient.

But still it's like... why are young kids coming up with these things???

MAN i love Friendzone. I told my guy friend I liked him cause of that show.

Friendzone is amazing. Because it brings you to the brink of emotion no matter what the result. Then they get rejected, it's BRUTAL. When the feeling is mutual, it's EXCITING! I love it lol.

How'd it go when you told your friend?

I'm such an idiot but that would have scared the shit out of me. I'd put on some carebears or something and exorcise that playroom. Plus...why would the devil want to play with toddler toys? They're not THAT fun. (<--LIES.)

OHHHH I've CRIED when they've been rejected. It's so fucking painful!!! I lvoe when they show them together like months later though. It went so well! I told him like right on New years....I kinda already knew he liked me and we kissed like right as the ball dropped. We dated like 3 months we just realized we were better off as friends, no hard feelings and still good buddies. Although I do think there is still something there but that's another story. Ugh don't you hate it when you like someone but just know you're not compatible and will NOT work out? It's so dumb.

OMG and yes if a kid told me they saw the devil in their room I would shit myself

you are hilarious!! Maybe I should have done a care-bear exorcism just incase ;)

@Tyler's Trap Baby
Well that's good that you didn't get rejected when you told him! Sorry to hear it eventually didn't work out. Those "inbetween" situations are always so difficult. Friends? More than friends? Such a struggle. Hope you're doing okay! and yeah lol maybe I should be more concerned about the "devil" thing lol I totally was like "lol kid u ain't foolin' me! wait till the show is over!".

GUYS GUYS GUYS I heard the creepiest stories on the Elvis Duran radio talk show a few months ago! It was creepy stories about kids from their babysitters. I can only remember two, because they were ridiculously scary.

The first one was that the little girl and the babysitter were hanging out in the living room. The girl was drawing while the sitter watched TV. So the sitter looks over and the little girl had drawn a woman who was hanging from the rafters. The sitter, understandably a little put off, asked the kid who she was drawing and the girl looked straight at her and said, "That's the woman who used to live here. She told me she doesn't like you. She's coming for you." I would have left that fucking house and never come back EVER!

The second one was another sitter and little girl. The sitter noticed the little girl had disappeared and went looking for her. She found her on the stairs, staring at the rafters, and making funny faces. The sitter asked her what she was doing and the girl said, "I'm copying the faces she makes." The sitter looked at the rafters and there was no one there, so she asked the little girl who she was talking to. And she said, "The girl right there. Her braid is around her neck." And the little girl made the faces again and the sitter realized that it was the face of someone gasping for air and that the "braid" was a rope. That story literally gave me goosebumps while I was driving to work.

Jesus Christ.

OMG Jollyrancher...I am laughing WAY too hard at that right now! HA!! I wonder if that would work if adults did it too? I think I'm gonna try....

:) Thanks for sharing that!!

I love that. It's hilarious. It reminds me of those tv shows when the little kids call the cops and tell them that their parents are shooting each other when really it's a watergun fight. Those are so funny!!!!!!

LOL! Last year I was doing a placement at a primary school (i think you call it kindergarten) and this little girl told me that her dad was rushed to hospital that day. I thought it was odd that she'd be in school so I suspected she was telling porkies. What really gave it away was her dad coming to pick her up from school that day! The teacher told him about what she'd said and he had no idea where she got it from. Kids are just hilarious!

Yeah, and kids also do tons of things just to get a reaction. Just to test out the types of responses they get with certain things that they say. I babysat a 2 year old regularly who would say "Pooh Bear (his toy) doesn't like you," watch you react and then say "Pooh Bear likes you" and watch you react and go back and forth sometimes. I know that's younger than 4, but, still. Kids can pick things up from anywhere who knows where they get ideas sometimes.

I know she talks crap about Jo all the time but when did she say that Jo abandoned Isaac all the time? I don't remember her ever saying that. I could be wrong though.

She was CONSTANTLY saying shit like "You're daddy's late. Ugh." and "Your daddy didn't show up." "Was your daddy not at grandma's all weekend with you?"

"Electronical" and "I don't just need name brand stuff, I have f*ckin class" okay. There is something seriously off about this guy.

Adams mom needs to take a seat. She has no rights to Aubree so Chelsea could end that visitation quick.

Cory and Miranda seemed pissed in all of their scenes, hope everything is good for them.

Corey and Miranda always seem so awkward. I figure it's because Miranda is pretty open about not being comfortable with filming.

I sense Miranda's discomfort with the cameras has partly to do with Leah seeing the footage eventually. Everything Miranda says to or about the girls on film is open for scrutiny, especially Leah. She seems like an avoid drama kind of girl so she may chose to keep herself more aloof as to not overstep a boundary in Leah's eyes. Avoid some Leah vague hate tweets.

I think she's just uncomfortable with cameras in her face.

There goes her social life. God sorry I watch too much Clueless.

That "class" comment made me snort. It made no sense at all. He is a complete moron. No one is going to buy you two idiots $400 strollers and shit. All your friends are like 20 and you two have more money than any of them and no jobs.

Class comes from the way you ACT, not the materials you own. Any dumbass like Nathan can waste their money on an overpriced stroller and they will never have class. All his money didn't stop him from driving drunk and making a fool of himself in front of the cops. No class detected!

I'm in the middle of applying for colleges and I read "act" as "ACT." I think this is a wake up call for me to start getting a life, lol.

Nothing says class like overexposed nipples, orange skin, multiple DUIs, and words not found in a dictionary.

Did you see how he giggled like a school girl when he said maybe someone would buy it for them? First of all, who likes them so much that they would spend so mucj money on them? Also why is that giggle worthy? Creep.

And he wonders why Barb doesn't see them as adults.

Pure asshole. From his head to his toes. Too bad nobody who attended their shower saw that clip BEFORE attending the shower. I would have taken back my RSVP and sent nothing. Fuck that noise.

I wonder what their shower turn out really was because it didn't seem all that impressive by her pics.

maybe the buckwild cast

For real. Barb's not perfect, of course, but man I love her. I think she is a good portion of Jenelle's ratings. She speaks her mind and I love her boldness sometimes. I love the way shepoints out the ridiculousnes of some things such as "I'm paying for the stamps."

I knew that "electronical" was gonna get some laughs on here. Oh boy....

Definitely crossing lines with registering for that stroller, and this is because I only just recently learned that its tacky or looked down upon to have a baby shower for a second child, especially with a registry and expecting gifts. I don't necessarily agree, but it seems pretty clear to me that that is the standard, and its especially not coming across well when they do that AND make comments about someone buying it for them, AND throwing this shower themselves. So, those three things all mixed together look very "less classier" on them.

Hey at least Jenelle finally expressed some interest in Jace's well-being on this episode. I hope it was genuine.

I love Babs, she always serves it on the real.

Actually, grandparent visitation rights are a very real thing. If Chelsea would cut off Adam's visitation, they could file for grandparent visitation to Aubree and would probably win. It would most likely not be as often as the "every other weekend" they have now, but they'd definitely get something. They've been present in Aubree's life for a while now. Even when Adam wasn't seeing her on a consistent basis, I remember several instances where Chelsea said Adam's parents would babysit her or take her for the weekend. And it sounds like that's who she spends a lot of her time with on Adam's weekends anyway.

Yup you're right and I was going to explain that in a comment but got lazy. But yeah grandparent rights do exist. They aren't automatically given at birth like parental rights are, but they can be legally established if need be, and Adam's parents could easily achieve that given their involvement in Aubree's life thus far.

We saw a taste of this on the original Teen Mom with Farrah. Derek's mom tried to file for grandparents rights to Sophia, but she got denied. The main reason being because she could not prove she had a previously established relationship with Sophia, which is usually the main deciding factor for grandparent rights.

and that is Farrah's fault

I'm looking forward to seeing if Sophia ill realize her mother is insane and the grow up to REALLY do her own thing - far away from Farrah. Unfortunately, someone mentioned Farrah turning into Chris Jennar and man that seems way too accurate. She thinks she's Kim, but she'll just vicariously be trying to achieve more through her daughter Sophia :p

I feel bad for Sophia...Farrah needs to fade away into irrelevance just like Katie and Nikkole need to.

Grandparent rights vary from state to state. In texas, they are basically non-existent. I looked up South Dakota grandparents rights online and it said something like the grandparent(s) would only get rights if it was in the best interest of the child. Well if Adams parents are hiding things from her, and Chelsea has proof, that definitely isnt in Aubree's best interest.

That's what I was thinking. The grandparents seem toxic.

Yeah you are actually right that it varies from state to state. But it's common.

I agree his parents keeping information regarding the times that Chelsea's daughter is there is not right. WHILE Aubree is there she should absolutely get to know & really it's as simple as "Hey chelsea we just wanted to let you know that the rumors are true Adam is in jail, but you have nothing to worry about she is safe at home with us." If chelsea pushed for more I might, depending on the situation, be like okay bitch it's enough but that is her daughter and I can understand being concerned for her safety especially considering Adams history.

I however am not sure that his parents are toxic. Maybe delusional but they care about their granddaughter if they didn't they wouldn't have pushed their douche son for more time. I think they are just being typical parents, they care too much to the point they don't want to alienate their son with lectures of him fucking up. They don't want to push him away. I'm sure they know their son is a fuck up and in hiding are quite ashamed of him. But when you have others attacking your kid no matter how fucked up most parents (not all) will stand up for their kid. And that is all I see happening.

Aubree ADORES her father. The girl lights up like a sparkler when she sees him. I don't feel like anybody can even argue that at this point. Do you think she gained that adoration from Chelsea and Randy trash talking him then going to spend the weekend with him and hating it?

She obviously enjoys the things she does with him and his family when she is with them or she wouldn't be excited to spend time with them. From what I understand, Adam has a brother who is a very functional member of society and has had zero of the legal issues that Adam has had. Sometimes people are just losers and/or fuckups. I've seen way too many losers be raised by fantastic parents to point the finger at Adam's before they get the chance to defend themselves. Chelsea has been known to tell a pretty biased, one-sided story. I KNOW ADAM IS A LOSER AND DUMBASS, but I'm just hesitant to believe Adam's family is ruining Aubree's life based on how excited she gets to see them. She can still miss and love Chelsea while having fun with Adam's family. If Aubree was miserable and hated going there I could see. But Chelsea's family isn't perfect either. Randy raised 2 daughters to have 3 grandchildren by the time they turned 20. It's not 3 DUIs but it's still an eyebrow raiser on his parenting resume.

Aubree adores her father because he is a part time parent. Not because they do fun things. My oldest sister, my half sister, adored her dad. He is a goddamn drug addicted loser. Reminds me a lot of adam. But she loves him because he isn't my mom and dad. It is hard to explain.

I imagine it's just because she doesn't see him every day, sorta like how kids are always excited to go see grandma and grandpa because it's like a special treat for them, except Adam's actually a POS but Aubree doesn't know any better.

I don't know what the laws are like in South Deekotah ;) so I can't say what would happen in Chelsea's case, but where I'm from (Arkansas) there are no grandparents rights.

Yeah, I don't know about South Dakota's grandparent rights. I know in Texas and where I live now they don't exist. The only way that a grandparent could get rights in one of those states (can't remember which one), is if the kid lived with the grandparents for 6+ consecutive months and a few other rules. It requires a lot and rarely happens.

True. But Aubree is suppose to go to Adam's house and spend time with him. His parents don't have an agreement with Chelsea. Not yet. Chelsea can bring this up in court, that Adam doesn't use his visitation days, rather she ships his daughter to his parents. And, Adam's parents were in the wrong, it matters if Adam is in jail, drives without a license, drive while drinking etc.

I'm sure the parents names are not in the specific sections to make it a complete agreement between them and chelsea but I thought that the agreements they came up with was that Adam could see Aubree but only at his parents house supervised by them only. He can't be alone with her and especially cannot drive with her.

I think in some cases, grandparents rights are a great thing. If the grandparents are good people who respect both parents, their rules and put the safety and best interest first (and that also includes putting their best interest ahead of their own child, that is an adult) and their adult child is not able to be a parent, then I think they could be candidates for rights. However, I also hear of a lot of psychotic old people who don't like that they're not in charge anymore, and think that the parents should work to accommodate them. The fact that Adam's parents tried to hide the fact that Adam was in jail during the time he was supposed to have Aubree sends up enormous red flags. They need to respect Chelsea, she has raised Aubree essentially as a single parent (even when they were together, Adam did jack) from the day she was born. I'm sure part of it is embarrassment, but being embarrassed of their shit head son is no excuse to lie to their granddaughter's only good parent.

My favorite part was when she spent $70 on baby shower invitations (because OF COURSE she's throwing her own baby shower) and then walked right out the door without even looking at Jace. PERFECT representation of the replacement Roll.

I think Babs was like give me some money for have gesssh!

Barbra was the only sensible one in that scene. Who would think that invitations were so expensive!?

I love that they were spending $70 on invitations, but were hoping other people would buy all of their baby supplies. Well, it's kind of like the saying, you've got to spend money to make money.

Well, if Leah has to spend money on make up for her business, then dammit Jenelle can milk her friends for expensive baby items!

You're right, Shannon, but I see two small problems. The first is do Nathan and Jenelle even really have friends? And second, if they do, I doubt they can afford electronical strollers for their own babies that they're mass producing, much less for Jenelle's. If for some strange reason I was friends with her, and I saw how much money she got for being an asshole on tv while I was slaving away at some shitty minimum wage job, I would be insulted that she would expect me to get something from such an expensive registry, especially for her second child.

Yeah when Nathan said that I was like really you have class... On what planet does he have class?!
I bet Adam's parents are embarrassed about Adam's behavior. That's not an excuse for being rude to Chelsea but I know that I'd be embarrassed if I were them. That being said Chelsea should not have said that about them that she didn't trust them with Aubree because their son is in jail. At this point Adam's an adult and it's his fault that he's in jail not there. That's like saying they shouldn't trust Chelsea with Aubree because they don't want Aubree to be a teen mom.
I agree something was off about Corey and Miranda in this episode. I couldn't figure out what it was. In the previews it looked like Corey and Jeremy were supposed to get into it but that never happened. I wonder if it will happen next week instead.

First of all totally agree about Adams parents I tried explaining that also, in way too many words you did it MUCH better lol.

Also I'm pretty sure this once again is shitty editing on mtvs behalf. If you noticed the scene where they dropped the girls off after the zoo and all of them were there, Leah and Jeremy are wearing the same outfits as next week when she's talking about the fight and only going through lawyers. Which in that case I cannot wait to see.

One last thing is it only me or in that picking up after zoo scene was Leah looking tore up! Super skinny and kinda idk yucky lol. Yes I'm 5.

"I have class" says the man wearing an adult bib

Adam's parents more than likely don't want to be featured on the show at this point, since I'm sure most everyone has a negative opinion of them now. That being said, I still would like to see things from their perspective instead of it always being from Chelsea's/Randy's.

The other girls' segments I feel like have more input from the adults in their lives; Chelsea's seems lacking more in this area. Maybe she just doesn't have a lot of adults she goes to for advice, though.

Guess I'm just curious to know the people that brought Adam Lind into the world and to understand more about why he turned out the way that he did.

Yes we must always remember how MTV will edit things because we know that they do really edit them haha. Sometimes people have bad days and are in bad moods ya know? Not everyone can be super smiley and happy. Heck, you could tell Leah was disappointed about them not using the wheelchair they were probably prepping for one of her little shpiels (sp?) about how she "fills like if they could just see her in it they would understand..." bla bla etc. I wonder if the MTV really pushed for the segment with Leah and Aleeah because of the comments she's been getting. Not a great time for cameras to be there, though, because I think they were distracting Aleeah from the important things that Leah was saying. Also though, all those times that Aleeah seems overlooked, I always keep in mind that we're only seeing a snapshot, and MT V can edit out whatever they want.

Leah hasn't looked healthy to me for a while now.

Cheap shot at Adam's parents to say "look how your kid turned out, so that means you're bad parents and I don't trust you with my kid." Everyone knows that people become criminals because of their own choices, and it doesn't always work like a cause and effect like that. Perfect point to make about how they don't want Aubee to become a teen mom and that she can't be trusted with Aubree. Definitely not cool of Chelsea to talk negatively about them like that. I could totally see her not handling things in a very mature and civil way with them anyway, though. Hiding behind a texting screen, texting things and being snooty and fake or something.

Adams parents are off their rocker if they think Chelsea doesn't have a right to know if Adam will be at HIS visitation. It's HIS visitation, not his parents. Also they're clearly shitty as hell parents if they produced an Adam!

PS, Hi, I used to post as Simone, now I finally got my account here set up and can come out of lurk-dom! Thank you Megan and Steve for figuring out the registerin g issue!

Nathan is somebody I would really like to punch in the throat. He is so fucking dumb it isn't even funny. These two are fucking pathetic to watch. They are so delusional it makes me cringe.

And Aubree.... Hell no. Even in the first season of TM2 when she was a baby I would notice how much they spoiled her. They'd go to put her down, she would scream, and they would pick her back up. Fuck that, that tantrum in her car last season was ridiculous, and I hope she gets a handle on her behavior before she is older and it is too late.

We should all figure out a way to pitch in and buy Megan a Keurig as a wedding gift. Yes?? I'm being completely serious.

Make a TeenMomJunkies gofundme for a Keurig! If we all threw in a couple bucks we could get her one no problem, as a (optional) thank you for bringing this awesome site back. My weeks are always a little better because I can let out my snarkiness with people who understand.

I'll let this sit overnight just to hear out others opinions/suggestions and I just might make one in the morning!! Can I do this without giving everybody on here my full name since I'll end up creating the page??

id pitch in a couple bucks for sure!!

I'll donate the shit out of that!!! Megan's articles give me LIIIIFE.

I'm down!

Do it! I'll donate!

I'll donate too! This site gives me a lot of laughter :)

If I can donate euros from the emerald isle, I will! This blog has got me through some intense and long work commutes!

For some reason, when I saw Emerald Isle, it made me think of Game of Thrones. That is all.

And most of us won't even expect you to have sex with us after you get your Keurig!!

BUT it wouldn't hurt!

Unless you're Farrah. Then, it just hurts in the butt.

New meaning of butthurt?

Speak for yourself Red. I'm fully expecting sex.

That's why I said MOST of us. I'm still undecided.


I like how you said "most of us" hahahaha

Well you know.... There will always be one in every crowd.

I would sex someone for a new Keurig machine. I LOVE THAT THING. when my ex moved out that was the FIRST thing I was worried about. I seriously ran to it and covered it protectively like a newborn child. OKAY you're moving out but you're not taking the Keurig right??? If you are can we have a custody agreement with it???? Oh I can have it? Ok get out. :)

I would definitely pitch in :)

Hello everyone I'm bed my names Vanessa ! I'm from Los Angeles ca I've been a snooper for a long long long time lol could never get my account set up until finally! All I could think of naming myself was after jenelles shorts Nathan was wearing on his video lol :0 I hope everyone is welcoming as I'm sure you guys are :) I feel like I know the usual posters on here because I read all the comments lol hope everyone's having a great night!

Welcome Vanessa! I don't have a cool name yet, but I'm leaning towards "Slordan" if Jordan keeps "working at the door" of a strip club.

Yes!!!! Slordan is amazing lol!!! :)

I don't think my name is that cool but it'll work yes slordan sounds perfff!

You could really pack a punch and go for something like: Slordan's "Tip Jar"

As evidenced by my own name, I'm a fan of the names in reference to the inanimate objects that are so relevant to these trainwrecks' lives.

That is amazing...yes please add tip jar at the end. Some of me wanted to change my name to Allie's Wholesome Family but she's just too irrelevant.

I've been considering changing mine to Nathan's Electronicals, since I read this post. But I'm still wanting to believe that Leah has a Meth pipe!

Tip jar? More like tip g-string. Also, idk if any of you follow Slordan (can I say how much I love that?!) on ig but apparently she's now represented by Howie Wood entertainment.. Isn't that porn star Farrahs and wannabe porn star psychopath Nikkoles "manager" or whatnot? I'm sure we'll be seeing some high class projects from homeless ho in the near fu ture of

Leah is addicted to her anxiety medicine, which I believe was xanax ..right?

Ps. She totally has a meth pipe.

Welcome to the snarkPark.

Welcome to the thunder dome! :-D

Welcome to the House of FUN, dududududu!

I was also finally able to register! I thought I was losing my mind and was wondering if it was just me haha! Yay we made it!!

I know right I could never get it to work but finally!!!! It was like heaven suddenly happened we can be a part of the fun!


Wait..nm..But Welcome aboard!

Heehee thank you! Also I'm afraid we will break the site with so many more people able to join now lol. There's already 500 comments on this post!!

I hope this blog becomes much more successful and popular.

It's one of the better working ones I've seen and deserves more traffic.

Hi! Every time you comment I will think of Nathan's tiny boner

Do it!!! I'll pitch in!

Can we all pitch in to buy 'a electonical brand name classy CRATE' for Nathan? Let's buy a small one and jam him in there and leave him in the hot garage all day. Then he will see how those dogs feel being crated all the damn time! I saw the dog in the crate again inside the house. Why can the dogs not be free to run in their home? It is cruel. My dog is never crated when I am home, he runs free. Why get a dog to cage it all the time? It is cruel. My dog is only crated in storms/fireworks and he puts himself in there to feel safe.
GoFundMe CRATE THE CARROT. He gets mouthy, rude, violent, bossy, mean, drinks...gets put in crate!

Just like...MOOOOOGAAANNN!!!

lets just buy his dumb orange ass a shock collar instead...an EXTREMELY high voltage one, oh and also one of those lamp shade things, you know, just for fun!

Exactly. That car tantrum was demonic and Adam and his family didn't have her around that time. Try to explain that away Chelsea.

As someone who doesn't have kids yet, I'm so glad to hear that Linda Blair shit she pulled is not normal.

Yeah that was ridiculous and then she started hitting and kicking her and she hardly did anything except tell her that she didn't get a SpongeBob toy. Let me tell you if I ever acted like that when I was little I would've been dead. Then she came up with the color system at the house, that tells me she doesn't know how to discipline her daughter. That's something for teachers to use so that the kids won't act out. Teachers aren't parents so they can't really do more then that. Chelsea is her mom she should be able to get her to listen just because she's her mom. The fact that she was screaming you're not my friend anymore says a lot. My mom was never my friend she was my mom. When I was in trouble I shut my mouth because I didn't want to get in more trouble. She had no trouble mouthing off like crazy. Then she told her if she got on the pink 5 times they'd do something nice. Um good behavior should just be expected it shouldn't be something that you're constantly being rewarded for.

Yeah, I love Chelsea and Aubree both, but she's getting a little outta control. If I had EVER hit my mom, I would have got my ass tore up.

As a CYW her chart/ reward system is often implemented in homes as well as school settings. Positive reinforcement is better (more effective) than negative.
My kid is ridiculously well behaved but I still use reward systems to improve areas when/if he starts slipping up.

Have to disagree, I thought the colour chart was a great idea and an example of actual parenting on the show! I feel bad because my Mum is a single Mum and I acted up soooo bad for her (worse than Aubree...) and it was in no way a reflection of her parenting. I do think Chelsea wants to be a friend too much, think that's an age thing. But rewards for good behaviour, great idea, and taking away privileges for bad. My Mum had a star chart that worked in the same way (and it did work!).

It's funny, until I started watching this show/seeing how some parents are today, I never would have classified myself as intending to be a "strict" parent, but that's definitely what I intend to be (you know, in comparison). To me, kids should see serious consequences if they hit/throw things/hurt animals. If you continue to act like it's not a big deal because they're "little" and can't really hurt anyone or anything, they will continue to do this until they are at a size when they really can.
Example: my step-aunt has two kids, ages ten and seven. The ten year-old boy is big for his age (about 90-100 pounds) and nobody has taught him that he can really hurt someone if he hits. Fast forward to this summer, I was playing with the two of them in the pool, and they were absolutely wailing on me with two solid kick boards, were grabbing my neck and squeezing as hard as they could and actually held me under water for a long time and managed to really hurt my neck when they yanked my head backwards as hard as they could (bad enough that my doctor sent me in for an x-ray to make sure there wasn't some sort of hairline fracture and over a month later, I still have bad pain and have been using a heating pad). I took them out of the pool and tried to explain to them that while playful wrestling and splashing can be okay to an extent, when they use all their strength to punch, slap and strangle, it actually can really hurt somebody and they need to listen when the adult tells them to stop immediately. And they should never, ever grab somebody's head or neck; that's not playing. They just laughed and said they were kids, they couldn't hurt anyone. It's not their fault, their parents never taught them this, but it is really out of hand. The oldest gets in trouble a lot at school for hurting other kids. Twice a little girl had to go to they doctor in the middle of the school day after "rough-housing" resulted in her head being slammed against the playground equipment.
This is what happens when people have the attitude that Jenelle has, that boys will be boys and hitting is okay. Kids need to realize that even if they don't really mean to, they can really hurt somebody, even a bigger person, if they come at them with all their strength. I know Aubree just threw a headband, but there just shouldn't be any tolerance of throwing or hitting anybody, ever. And when somebody says stop, you're hurting me, you stop. Hurting a person or an animal is never okay, I don't care how "little" the kid is in comparison.

When I was a junior, a bunch of seniors in my Latin class went on spring break and they all came back with these lame ass airbrushed t-shirts that said, "I got tazed." They paid to get tazed. Whatever. I would literally PAY MONEY to taze Nathan in the neck. Front of the neck. Where the whining comes from.

If only there was some kind of teen mom carnival where instead of a dunk tank, you could pay $5 to taze Nathan. Javi can go in the dunk tank.

Who do we get to throw darts at??

My vote is for Adam. And we can shave his head.

Gasp! I'm in!

i say we put blobfish kail in the dunk tank and instead of pin the tail on the donkey we could do pin the lips on javi...

and we could use leah as the clownface watergun targets

We could throw darts at Farrah. For a few reason..to try to bust her tits, to try to bust her lips, and to try to bust that over inflated ego the bitch has.

For sure Red. There's bound to be way to do it. A gofundme account would be good. If someone sets one up, please make sure we all find out the link so I can donate. I mean, shit, if we all donate just a couple bucks we could totally do it!!

Totally, Keurig for Megan is well deserved! I'm in!

Me too!!!

Ack, I meant to comment on this a long time ago to say I am 110% in on operation Keurig!

I don't know what it is, but if Megan wants one, I'm happy to chip in! I love this site and all the posters that come to it. All hail Megan!

Seriously can't get over how sweet you all are. The blog wouldn't be anything without AWESOME readers like you. Your comments make my day EVERY day!

You deserve it for all your awesome posts and giving us a place to discuss these hot messes! It's like we're all friends even though we know nothing about one another. As you can tell, virtually all of us would love to chip in for a Keurig! Keep up the amazing work :)

I'm completely in!

I would just love if two posters would get together, and then go on catfish to meet up, an be all like we met on a teen mom discussion board, and then ibbb can recap their episode and I think we can all go home satisfied.

It's gonna happen. Trap Baby and I are going to meet across the Pacific and drink wine and go to a TM Reunion special in New York. Well. I fucking wish anyway....

Let's make a gofundme for that shit to happen! Lol

"She says to her mom that she phrases things poorly, and that it comes off as pushy with things instead of concerned or loving at all."

As much as I dislike Jenelle, which is a lot, this screams battered woman syndrome which is pretty sad. Jenelle really needs to learn how to love herself, to allow people that actually love HER into her life.

Yes Jenelle really does show signs of Battered Woman Syndrome. She blames herself for when Nathan misbehaves.
As much as I don't like her, I do feel for her. It must be terrible to have no self confidence.

As for Chelsea, I kinda think of the line 'i told you so' when it comes to the stupid decisions that Adam makes. As if she couldn't figure out he was a moron before she got pregnant with Aubree.

Seriously. Every other boyfriend, she'd join the shouting matches. With Nathan, she just lies there like a human xanax and then quietly suggests everyone stop arguing. That simply isn't the old Jenelle we know and hate.

Right? It's just kind of... sad.

She's lost that untreated bipolar fire she once had. I miss Kiefah and that green hoody!

She's not bipolar. She's just...passionate.

That, and, she likes. to. smoke. about. this. time. of. the. day!!!!

But only occasionally

Like during the day and at weird times

Jenelle was never bipolar in the first place. She has borderline personality disorder. She is LITERALLY a text book case of it and I knew that's what she had since season one. It's easily confused with bipolar, and she wasn't even diagnosed at a psychiatrist or psychologist office. She was diagnosed at that rip off fail of a rehab. That's why her bipolar meds weren't working and she gave up on them because she didn't like the side effects. She isn't bipolar so of course they didn't work. I really wish she would go to that psychologist to get rediagnosed. It would make a world of difference.

I miss Kieffah too! Marijuana Kief, not heroin Kief.

I have had some issues with mental disorders & no cocktail of meds should keep you is this much of a haze. But it is partly Jenell's fault for not saying to the drs how bad the fog is. Meds help you deal with ur issues not leave u so fogged up u dont know where & what the hell is going on. Plus I miss the old Jenelle, this one can be painful to watch

I don't know if it's a sign of maturity on her part that she doesn't join in or what. Although I was glad to hear that she called Babs when she was worried about Jace. That was something I wouldn't expect from Jenelle. I don't think she's as changed as she likes to say she is but she has shown that she cares more about Jace this season then she has any other season.

I was glad that she cared enough about Jace to not want him to hear the yelling. I think that's a step in the right direction, but it also showed why she isn't ready to be a parent. Instead of waking your kid up in the middle of the night and sending him off, which would also be traumatizing, they should have quit yelling and cooled down until they could talk it through. If she had custody of Jace, she couldn't just call someone to pick him up every time she didn't want him to hear something.

I can't believe I'm defending JE, but I suspect she wasn't actually worried about Jace waking up and hearing her crying/yelling. She was worried about Nathan being drunk and out of control, but didn't want to admit that on camera, that her boyfriend is actually a danger to her child and she had no control over that situation at that time. From a wider perspective, she does have control, she could kick that abusive alcoholic out of her house and out of her life, but in the moment, she really wouldn't be able to protect Jace or herself, so it probably was necessary to call Babs. Obviously traumatizing to Jace, but it would have been the lesser of the two evils compared to him being abused/waking up to see his mom abused.

I honestly believe that out of all of her partners, Nathan truly is dangerous. It almost lends credence that she's too frightened/manipulated to admit to it. As well as calling Babs, if she was thinking clearly and like a real mother, she also probably should have quietly called the cops if it was really bad.

I couldn't believe Jenelle almost did the right thing and called Barb, but then didn't she say that she called back to say nevermind since he "calmed down?" Wtf is that nonsense? I hope Babsy came anyway, because that is messed up and there is no way in hell that Nathan is ever
calm unless he's stoned. If I was her, I would tell her there was no way in hell that she is getting Jace back as long as she's with Nathan. The problem is, now that they have Kaisuh, they're going to be on and off again for the rest of forever. And Jenelle doesn't even want Jace back, so she doesn't even give a crap.

I definitely think Jenelle has BPD. The attachment/relationship issues, self destructive behavior, intense mood swings, and lack self of identity have all been crystal clear for a while. Medicine can help regulate depression and mood swings, but even for bipolar, which is not embedded in your personality, you need psychotherapy if you actually want to get better. Meds only help because they put you in a better frame of mind, but if you can't understand and accept your illness, you will just relapse once something happens. Self awareness is key in dealing with mental illness and BPD just makes that even harder to achieve.

Actually, I wonder if the issue with Jenelle isn't that she's drugged, but possibly that she's more hyper aware of the cameras. It could be a combination of the two, but I get the feeling that she's desperate to "prove" that she's different now, to the point that she's actively trying to craft her image on camera, much the way she's been doing all along on twitter. I'm thinking back to the video that "leaked" online of Jenelle in the tub as Nathan screamed at her. I think she's tired of being seen as an aggressor and is using the cameras more consciously. She seemed to imply she was screaming at Nathan too the night she called Babs. I think the drugged calm is a show for the cameras.

I 100% agree with Nathans Slingblade and others on the Borderline Personality Disorder! I have been thinking this for a LONG time about Jenelle. Sad that "Dr" Drew (or anyone watching) has never tried to step in with some Behavior Modification Therapy.

Whatever has mellowed her out this season seems... off. Based on the Bathroom Bong it is VERY likely her calm demeanor is from being stoned, but it is not like Jenelle to Not play the victim. As mentioned by others she is defending Nathan and taking the blame herself suddenly and it does make one wonder if it is out of fear.

Long time lurker, first time commenter! :)

You raise a good point BABS COUGAR DATING APP, but I think given how impulsive Jenelle is, it would be very hard to pull that off, even with editing. Generally impulsivity can be helped by putting someone on a mood stabilizer. It calms you down so you can think before you speak/act.

Jenelle could definitely be on methadone or suboxone. It's better than heroin in that it's controlled I guess, but not ideal. I also do think she may just be on a mood stabilizer. She definitely needs to be on one regardless, although it may not be the right one at the moment.

I feel like a lot of people out there may not understand how powerful many of these psychiatric drugs can be. Moodstablizers/antidepressants may not get you high (in fact, I don't think it matters how much you take since it has to build up in the blood over time), but having been on them since my teens, I would advise anyone to consider them as a last resort. For me the worst thing is the withdrawal.

For one of the things I am on (the other one works much better), if I don't take it within a few hours after I am supposed to, I will literally be sick for hours even after I finally take it. I get incredibly lethargic, nauseous, headache, and a general malaise. It also causes sexual side affects, which I am now just beginning to understand. I have taken it since was 14 so I thought the issues were normal but apparently they are probably not.
I've tried to get off of it three times and failed. Now I have successfully been lowering my dose, but it's going to take like three months if I want to completely wean off.

Hi, I Like My Dad! You're name made me go "awwww :/" hahaha poor Aubree has such an idiot for a father, but she still seems to like him! I totally agree with you, I definitely think Nathan's abusing her. It's so sad that these are the kinds of guys she attracts.

I want Janet and Babs to be besties and be single together and go out and hit the clubs

About a year ago, maybe, Jenelle said on Twitter that she DIDN'T have bipolar disorder; that she was misdiagnosed. So she's acknowledged it herself. I don't remember her saying what she did have, if she admitted to having anything else.

A human xanax... LMAO

Sammy I agree. I feel for Jenelle now because she has totally screwed up by continuing this relationship with Gaythan. And, now the baby is here. It's sad. He is TOTALLY abusing her. Rather its emotionally, mentally, physically..

I think that's why she's so quiet now and doesn't argue like she used to.


It's actually really sad. I remember saying other times that if you go back to old footage of her in the earlier days, she seemed so much more alive. Yes, she screamed like a banshee at the drop of a hat but at least she gave a shit about her life.

Did anyone else notice when she and Creepy Carrot were talking later and she mentioned they had to stop fighting and Creepy Carrot says "We DON'T fight." His tone. Ugh. All of the sudden she changed to "Yeah it was just a slip up." But at the beginning of her segment she said they had been fighting a lot. I agree. As much as I don't like her, I feel bad for her. She seems beaten down. I was in a relationship like that for 2-3 years. It's scary.

"Everything is perfect and my first wife was a bitch and the first kid doesn't count and now we have a new family. With the Moogan."

and Mooogan comes first! Obvi.

Right? And yay! Glad to see you back Rae! Missed your snarky comments! (:

I could see all over Kail's face she didn't know how to respond to "that's what moms are for." Hopefully Suzi cleans up and sticks around, she seems to really be helpful for once.

Chelsea handled Aubree's meltdown better than I expected. From the previews I thought she'd for sure bust into tears when Aubree said she didn't like her.

Leah I swear has these jealous glances whenever Miranda is around. Maybe I'm crazy. But with the two of them side by side I can say Corey made out better on that one. I'm glad they finally addressed Aleeah's feelings. Hopefully they can find some way to help her understand.

Jenelle is on something. I am so convinced now even more than before. She never passes up the chance to yell at Babs. She seemed very sedated the whole episode. Like too calm. I'd be incredibly pissed off if a boyfriend yelled at my mom. Especially if that dumbass said she wouldn't be my family anymore now that he's there. Uggggg... I just wanted to shove his orange head in that ice cooler full of ice water and sit on the lid watching this episode. He had a "nateism" in there somewhere but my brain must've blocked it out now lol.

I can't imagine the mindfuck it must have been for Kail. I hope Suzi has continued to stay sober and involved with Kail in a positive way.

She didn't. Suzi chose the booze. Kail said so on Twitter.

Damn, that's too bad.

That must hurt so much :(

Man, Suzi is such fuckball for that shit! Shake her head Kail!

She did, huh? Knock me over with a fucking feather.

Shake her like a polaroid picture Kail.

Name candidate up for grabs "Boozie Suzi"

I'm actually surprised at how well Kail has turned out, considering her parents. Lol she did get pregnant at 16 and she smacks her husband... But she seems to know how to parent, when nobody showed her. She's naturally a good Mum.

Trying to replace the real dad in your kid's life doesn't make you a good mom. I really don't care about her good characteristics when Joe only asked for two more days of custody and she didn't even want to give him one because she's "losing time with my kid". Sorry but if you don't want your kid to have equal time with their other parent and you take it so far as not letting them have as much time as they want up to 50% you're not a good parent. You're selfish and putting your own interests above your child's.

Oh and the whole guilting him about when he goes to his dad's house. I can understand "I'll miss you" but "I'm sad you're going to daddy's house", no respect.

Oh yeah she has her faults, and she can be very manipulative. I hate it when she says shit like that. But I disagree with the up to 50% thing, a child needs one stable full time home, I think it's massively unhealthy to split time 50/50.
I still think she's naturally a good Mum, she clearly has maternal instincts unlike Jenelle who has 0 naturally ability or instinct.

I think it's much worse to only get to see one of your parents the majority of the time, and what Jo was asking for was like 32%. Really though if he needs so much stability Kail's house is not where he should be. She rushes relationships/marriages, she married Javi for the Airforce benefits and so "if he has to relocate for the airforce I can take Isaac with me", so they could be moving a lot. Jo's been in a relationship for a while now and hasn't rushed anything (though idk what's going on with them lately), he doesn't seem to be moving all the time and Isaac has loving grandparents at least semi-near him. Also I think the more custody thing could be solved without interfering with the preschool since he asked for so little more, he should get more time in the summer/winter.

My daughter and i both cracked up over the look Kail gave suzi when she said "that's what moms are for". I do feel sorry for her though.

YES omg that was so awkward...

Your username is awesome!!

Thanks!! I've been trying to register for a few weeks now, and when Leah asked jurmy if she looked skanky- I knew I had found my screen name. Lol. I'm so glad to finally be a part of yalls little community!!! I've been reading for a long time. You guys crack me up!! Glad to have found some like-minded snarkers.

I can't decide if Jenelle is on mood stabilizers, or drugs, or if she is just subdued by Nathan's abuse and manipulation. The way he fights with Babs then giggles over her being mad because he and Jenelle are their own "family" makes me feel like he's trying to manipulate and alienate her on purpose.

Jenelle must think he's the best boyfriend ever because he's the only guy who "just" emotionally abuses her instead of physically, has only been to jail once instead of 10+ times, and is just addicted to alcohol and not heroin too.

The "best" of her boyfriends is still far from a model citizen. LOOK AT YOUR LIFE JENELLE.

Oh he beats her. Jenelle wouldn't record their fights if they were just verbal. Jenelle loves arguing.

I applaud anyone that ever beat her. Also I really don't thinK Gary did...the cunt loves to exaggerate.

I don't agree that anyone deserves to receive abuse of any kind but I think what you mean is that she needs to smarten up and learn some lessons and that is true.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh I guess. No jk you're right. Meh. I think maybe if I just got to punch her in the face once I'd feel better. When she seriously walked away from Jace this episode..didn't even acknowledge him while he was playing his game I wanted to Kail shake her head. Ialways think of when she went out the door to be with Queefer too and Jace was jsut looking out the window all sadly. FUCK I HATE HER. I'm not even violent.

Oh she's on something...

Agreed! Some sedating, heavy duty prescription stuff. You know the lighter stuff wouldn't do a thing for her with all her neurotransmitters fried from her drug use.

She's probably on Suboxone or Methadones. I'm not for sure which, but I know she said that she was a while back.

Well, she kind of said so to someone, in "leaked" text messages.

I'm thinking the same thing Nikki! I've seen a few people act just like her while they were taking Suboxone.

Amber was on Suboxone. Lots of it.

That really sucks. I seriously feel bad for her. I used to have a really shitty relationship with my mom, it's still not the best, but it is nice to know I can call my mom when I need to.

I haven't talked to my dad since before my wedding in 2011. It blows but he's toxic so I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I need a "dad" moment in life.

Notice Nathan didn't include his own fucking DAUGHTER in his little family rant at Babs. I guess "Emery" is kind of a hard word to add in amongst all that slurring and stuttering, though haha.

Just get out of my lifes

I can't get out of your lifes. Because they're at stakes, Trap. They're at STAKES!

It won't be long and all his child's will be out of his life's cos they are all at stake! Lucky his genuality shows through!

If he gets that electronical stroller all will be more classier again.

He can borrow Jenelle's classier court heels and take Kaisuh for a walkses in the electronical stroller.


Seriously there is a separate dialect for Teen Mom

Stuff like not including your own daughter in your family really pisses me off. She is his daughter, so she should always be included in their life. Even if she does not live with them, she is still a part of their family.

I also am probably sensitive tot his topic because my parents split up when I was younger and my dad had more children. I really feel for Emery and Jace in that sense.

I totally understand where you're coming from. My boyfriend hasn't talked to his father in 2.5 years because he chose spoiling his second wife and her kids over his own. Every time we talk about it he gets so sad that he doesn't have the emotional support from his dad and that he wants nothing to do with our son. It makes me sad too because he was there for the first 3 years of our son's life, and then decided he didn't want anything to do with us or Brad's sisters. It was heartbreaking for him to say, "Why doesn't Grampy love me anymore, Mommy?" I just don't understand how people can do that and be so cold. :(

Nikki, that's horrendous! I'm so sorry that your boyfriend and son do not have a father and grandfather in their lives.

I have had issues with how my dad is always involved in my siblings lives rather than in mine. I have every right to feel the way that I do, but it still hurts.

I just made a comment about Jenelle now vs old yelling crazy Jenelle, and I just thought, what about Kail? Old Kailyn would be flipping out the moment Smirnoff Suzi stumbled onto her doorstep. This Kailyn just kind of meekly accepted her advice and let her be alone with her kids. Javi even sounded surprised (as he was laying on the beach in a pink bikini, drinking a tropical beverage with an umbrella) that she didn't bring up their issues even once. I guess it's a good thing that she's trying to get along with her mom, vee, jo and all of her old nemeses. But I feel like she's just taking a lot of crap and holding it in. She can't do that forever and Javi's head had better be far away on a beach somewhere or it's going to get shaken off his neck.

Totally didn't even think of that, you make a good point! I really hope she's decided to make some positive changes for herself and not just to improve her image. I have a feeling she'd be a really likeable person if she changed her attitude and let loose a little.

hahaha you had me dying with "as he was laying on the beach in a pink bikini, drinking a tropical beverage with an umbrella."

Btw hi everybody, I'm a loooong time reader but I only just registered. You guys crack me up every week. I look forward to the comments even more than the show.

I guess I could give my brief opinion on this episode although as most of you have said, it's really the same stuff every week this season.

Chelsea - Boring and too self-righteous as usual. While I agree Adam's mother shouldn't have "flipped out" (how much of that was exaggeration on Chelsea's part though? I'm wondering how Chelsea approached the situation and what actually happened) it is not Chelsea's place to say something like "Look at how her own son turned out" as a reason to possibly keep Aubree from them. Then we could say maybe Randy shouldn't have Aubree because look how Chelsea turned out etc. It's just a stupid argument - as someone else mentioned they are adults now and make their own decisions and Adam's recent decisions DO NOT reflect on his parents, in my opinion. From the beginning of the show she was probably my favourite and I think I'm starting to dislike her more with each episode!

Kail - Surprisingly like many of you have said I don't hate her this season. However I do feel like she makes things unnecessarily awkward (e.g. breastfeeding in front of your ex and his girlfriend - nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public or whatever but I feel like Kail does it for the wrong reasons, i.e. make Vee uncomfortable). This week though I was surprised she would trust Smirnoff Suzie with Isaac when she really has no idea where her head is at these days since they haven't talked in two years. It's pretty depressing that Kail doesn't have a stable parent in her life and I feel bad for her in that sense. However, when she did have a genuine mother figure (Janet) she took it for granted :( I don't have much else to say about her except I feel like her and Javi don't have good chemistry at all and it seems like they aren't even in love...she loves his benefits I guess.

Leah - I think Leah has been paying attention to comments that are posted LOL because suddenly she wanted to have a talk with Aleeah (spelling?) and was paying attention to her once after 4 years. I'm getting really tired of her not at all comprehending how insurance works and that Corey can't "just call" and solve everything. Jurmy is also getting annoying chiming in about what Corey "needs" to do. That comes only from a place of spite because he can obviously tell Leah still has feelings for Corey. Jurmy's two emotions are cattiness (against Corey) or being a daze wondering what the heck he's got himself into because he and Leah and have no spark at all. They really need to stop trying to paint Corey as a bad father. Also...Leah really let a good one get away...Lucky Miranda! :)

Jenelle - Oh Jenelle. As stupid, selfish and messed up she is I can't bring myself to hate her only because I feel so sorry for her (not saying a lot of her problems aren't her own fault, but damn). Now she's trapped with this weirdo and like you guys said isn't even the old crazy Jenelle we all remember. She defends him, blames herself, and can't seem to leave. Nathan really gives me the creeps and I worry for Jenelle and Kaiser. She just seems so lost and confused. She has no self-conception or identity beyond dating guys. It's sad.

Babs is my favourite character and I really wish she did have her own show...I almost want us all to petition MTV and make it happen. LOL

I know that got a little long, sorry guys. (P.S. I feel like I know you all because I read this site so much haha).

There aren't beaches anywhere near the base Javi is stationed in Texas. All that we do have down here, suck.

I feel bad for Kail in that aspect. You can tell she really wants her mom in her life but she's right to keep her away from the kids when she's not sober. Suzie should be ashamed of herself. How can she spend time with Isaac and Lincoln and then turn back to drugs. They're so adorable I wouldn't want to be away from them. I was surprised that Kail actually left Isaac alone with her. I wonder how Jo feels about that.
I didn't think Chelsea handled it that well. She acted like a total brat kicking and screaming and Chelsea just basically took it. She didn't discipline her. She went and picked her up from school with hugs and kisses acting like it never happened. I found it funny when she was so worried about Adam's family not disciplining her when she's the one that lets her get away with murder. Do you remember that scene with Aubree and Adam when Aubree was acting out and then Adam actually chastised her and got her to stop acting like that.
I think Jenelle is on something. She is way to calm this season. I don't think she's gotten into a huge blowout fight with anyone really. Not since the one with Nathan when he got out of jail. That's so unlike her. It's also hard to hate her when she acts like that.

Oh I don't think Chelsea acted like a parent by any means. But seeing that preview I would've put money down that her reaction would've been busting into tears pleading with Aubree and apologizing.

I'm confused about Jo's thoughts regarding Suzy because I can't remember which episode but it was recent, that he was saying Suzy has always been nice to him and he made it sound like (but didn't directly say) Kail has a problem with Suzy as if it was unfounded. Is he not aware of Suzy's alcoholism? A few seasons ago didn't he let Suzy see Isaac behind Kail's back too? I don't understand why her coming in and out of Isaac's life and sobriety issues wouldn't worry him (?)

Megan, I just want to say that you are impressive as all get out for putting this up so quickly! Thank you again, and I hope student teaching is going well! :)

I was like, absurdly excited at the idea that Jenelle actually mught be doing something right for Jace, when she said she called Barbara when Nathan was in a drunken rage. But then wait, nevermind. He's magically not a raging lunatic anymore, so it's all good. I was also dying when he was asking about the electronical stroller. He's like Leah and her not well schools, trying to make himself sound more intelligent but coming across less intelligent. Him flipping out at Barbara was ridiculous but also laughable, and I did love her sassy "that's not me" bit. Wtf was he saying about Babs being jealous? Of what, spending all day listening to mopey Jenelle complain despite her complete lack of responsibility?

Sorry to be so rambly, it's rather late for me!

I agree. I'm pretty sure Babs loves the wine but the fact that South Carolina's supreme progenitor "DON'T TAZE ME BRO" asshat Nathan Griffith is calling HER an alcoholic is just hilarious to me.

He flies off the handle at the littlest thing. HOW did he make it through the marines if he can't handle criticism??

Maybe he is a loud moth in front of old ladies and girls like Jenelle.

Yea he was a complete pussy around the lawyers and the cops. He would never talk to an authority figure like that. What a coward.

LOL if it's her word (I don't drink every night) against his, I'm definitely siding with Babs. Like she said he's never at their house, or certainly not every day and jenelle's too wrapped up in being with him to ever go visit her son (ugh) so he's pulling crap out of nowhere I dunno, because he thinks it makes him look better? Or he's just a lying sack of crap. yeah let's just go with that one. And I wish someone could've videoed his time in the marines... I'm sure he did and said stupid stuff then too and it would've been hilarious to see him actually not get away with anything.

I HATED how he tried to turn that around on Babs making it sound like she was jealous and how Jenelle's foolish self starts agreeing "Yeah I think she is jealous," "she has a problem with EVERY guy I'm with"...Yes, because your choice is poor. Poor Babs was saying she has a problem with anyone that hurts Jenelle and immediately after she's gone Jenelle is badmouthing her mother with that scum.

Jenelle has been in an out of so many abusive relationships, it's amazingly sad that she doesn't at least see the signs. Putting his hands on her? Check. Mocking her? Check. Alienating the only person in the world who loves her? He's trying. What does Barb have to be jealous of?! If Jenelle actually treated her nicely, I could see why she might think Barbara would miss spending time with her, but she hardly ever sees Barb anyway. It's so sad how the only people in the world who probably truly love her and want what's best for her are Barbara amd Jace but she doesn't give half a crap about either of them.

Jenelle looks like Babs here lol

That's an insult to Barbara, that beautiful tropical fish of a woman.


Oh dear Lord...you're right. She's a total parrot fish!!

I, too, laughed so hard at "electronical." Then I was sad that he yelled at Babs that he was going to have a family with Jenelle, Jace, and Kaiser. What about his daughter? As a daughter whose dad replaced me with another family, I really feel for that poor girl. Her father doesn't care enough about her to get his shit straight and fix his mistakes. Like a video game, he just wants to hit "restart" and pretend she never existed.

Same here corgi! My father ditched my sister and I, then went on to raise our half brother normally. I feel for Emery. No child deserves that.

As much as I feel for her let's be honest, that little girl is dodging a giant bullet.

A giant, orange, be-shorted, rubber ducky bathtime bullet...

As much as Emery's mom didn't want her around Jenelle at first, if I was her after watching these last few episodes, I'd be like, "yeah, she can be around. Jenelle, but not Nathan."

Creative Username, I can't believe it but I agree with you. Wow, I never thought I would see the day where Jenelle is the better parent.

Yeah. Better parent than Nathan. Still nothing to gloat about!

Babs & Nathan really love to hate each other. Even when they're being "friendly" there's still so much tension and you can tell they're making an effort to be "nice" but the animosity still leaks through.

Also I disagree with Jenelle's theory that Babs doesn't get along with her boyfriends because she's "jealous". I think Babs doesn't get along with her boyfriends because they all fucking suck ass and Barbara isn't afraid to call them out on it.

Yes, A! 100% Agree with you! I'm sure Babs would be way nicer if Jenelle hadn't had dickhead boyfriends in the past or if she actually took care of her kid!

She just doesn't see Nathan's genuality yet

Babs loved Gary from what I remember and they were engaged (though I always saw it as more of a middle schoolers who everyone knows will never actually get married engagement), so if Babs was just jealous, I'm pretty sure that's who she'd have hated the most.

Babs has experience so she's is not afraid to call jenelle and all of her boyfriends who have never been good to her or for her! Moms always know best

Yes we do.

Yeah, and you can tell that is the place Babs is usually coming from. No matter the problems her and Jenelle have, she just wants the best for her daughter and feels that her child deserves the best, just like every mother feels.

IF YOU HURT MY DAUGHTAW I'LL HURT YOU. It was like a mafia movie I loved it...

Babs Capone. LOVE IT.

I'm dying at Babs Capone and Farrah Commenter LOLLLLL fucking epic!

Some one needs to join as babs Capone!!!

Maybe it's just sexual tension. You're welcome for that mental image.

Fuuuuuck. you.

Back Door Teen Mom's Mom

Babs is too good for him

Not even on Barb's worst day would she stoop to Nathan. How dare you... :)

MAYBE only long enough to douse his clothes with her magical ichin' powdah!

He seriously hasn't mentioned her ONCE except for saying that he doesn't raise her LOL.

I'm hoping that's because of some court order that she's not allowed on the show or to be mentioned on the show or else he's a completely callous fucker. (Regardless, he's still a fucker.)

They let them say he doesn't raise her, so maybe what they're allowed to say is just limited to facts that move the plot along. Not like Adam who spends any time he has on the show pretending he loves his daughter and that he has an interest in raising her.

Yeah even Jenelle is better then Nathan in that aspect. She still tries to see Jace every once in a while. Although lately it seems like she's a lot more involved with him then she's ever been. But I agree Emery is totally dodging a bullet.

I've been coming to this site for a little while now just to read all your comments because they're hilarious... But I had to make an account just to say holy shit did anyone else realize jenelle's friend Anna is the girl from buck wild?!

You won the inevitable race for the "electronical" username reference. Congratulations :p

YES it has been driving me nuts trying to figure out why she looked familiar and I finally realized it this week. She must be missing that MTV money after their show got canceled.

Wasn't that chick living at her house up until VERY soon before the King Roll was serial pooped out? There was something about Jenelle being in the middle of like a physical fight and a twitter argument between some Buckwild cast members, I think?

yeah there was drama. Courtland was involved too. don't know more than that, don't care.


I love how they keep showing her coming over and knocking as if we aren't supposed to know she was living there at that point. It's also pretty convenient how they randomly became friends right when filming started and we haven't heard about her from Jenelle since. The whole cast of Buckwild were such fame whores.

KNOCK KNOCK IT'S YA MOTHA. I love that name.

You did. I also like how he said "family needs to stay out of our lifes"

Yeah...without family, Jace and Emery would BOTH be in foster care.

That's psychopath talk

I was wondering why she looked so familiar and where Jenelle suddenly got a new "friend" from.

Can we say yikes about the preview for next weeks show?!? Maybe Corey looked annoyed during his scenes with Leah because they are arguing over the way the wheelchair is being handled. If I had to deal with Leah, I would probably stab my eyeballs with needles!!

I don't think Chelsea wants to admit she's raised Aubree to be a little brat. I'm sure going back and forth between mom and dad has something to do with it, but Chelsea is terrible at disciplining Aubree. We see it every week, she acts more like a friend than a parent. Aubree is old enough to know what buttons to press and that she can get away with everything. I liked the idea of the behaviour chart though

I think she's starting to realize that Aubree has half of her whiny entitlement and half of Adam's reckless disregard for rules which is not a winning combination. I'm glad she's trying to do something about it.

Oh wow, that's a perfect analysis of her character! Scary combo for sure! :-/

That is very on point!!!

Aubree even said you're not my friend anymore. I never said that to my mom at her age because my mom wasn't my friend she was my mom. You can't be friends with your kids until they're older and you're done raising them. Before then if you act like their friend they won't take you seriously as a parent and they'll feel even more betrayed then usual if you have to step into the parent role and discipline them. I think Chelsea watched too much Gilmore Girls and was hoping her relationship with Aubree could be like Laureli and Rory too bad that was just a tv show and this is real life... well except for the fact that they're on a tv show...

And some kids feel betrayed if the parent is not a parent. I'll give an example. One mum used to let her teen son do whatever he liked. He was drinking, coming home late, whatever he was doing, his mum was a cool mum and very understanding and even supporting. The sun goes to therapy. He starts crying and tells the doc that his mum doesn't care about him, she doesn't care that some stuff he's doing can endanger him etc. He wasn't just been a teen, he was trying to reach out to his mum somehow.
Kids, even teens, need boundaries. They might be upset on the moment, but later they'll be grateful.

I have heard similar stories and they always make me so sad. It is human nature to look for boundaries. When you start a new job, you watch your new coworkers to see if they get in trouble when they come in late, wear flip flops to work, take a long lunch, etc. You look for social cues to know what is and is not tolerated, and that's how you model your behavior. If parents act like they don't care about what their kid does, then their kid thinks they don't care. It's a real shocker.

I laughed my ass off at Kailyns comment of 'underage drinking photos.' Pretty funny coming from the girl who's kitchen had empty alcohol bottles in the background.. When she was underage. Nice one Kail.

But... but... in her book she said she didn't like drinking because of Suzie! How could she lie? She's such a great person!

JANET PLANTED THOSE BOTTLES!!! - Kail. (And also: birthday abortion sad face.) :((x)<

I hope you at least get a cupcake or some stickers for birthday abortions.

Nope. Just sorrow and diarrhea.

A terrible and sad combination.

Well, everyone makes mistakes when they're young and Kailyn, being the benevolent overlord that she is, is willing to forgive Vee for her past behavior since she has mended her gas mask smoking, hoodrat ways.

Don't forget the WEED SMOKING!

Seriously, I still have a headache from rolling my eyes so hard at Kailyn after that comment.

I know it's been discussed before but I can't stand Kail's hypocrisy. It was okay for Kail to take Isaac to hang out with Jordan WHILE LIVING AT JO'S HOUSE and lie about it when they were only dating five minutes. It was okay for Isaac to meet Javi and it's okay for Javi to pick up or drop off Isaac, when she herself insisted that no significant others would be involved with that. Admit you were jealous Kail and stop pretending it has anything to do with Vee's actions. Kail STILL seems in love with Jo to me but has settled for having a whipped guy because it also happens to be convenient, and Jo isn't going to take her back. The only reason she "loves" Vee now is probably because her still having feelings for Jo came up between her and Javi at some point, and she wanted to "prove" she doesn't.

Leah: All the adults keep TALKING about how they need to make sure Aleeah feels equal to her sister, but none of them are actually DOING it. Even when Leah sat Aleeah down to have a "special talk" it was still all about her sister. I don't think anyone means to get distracted from actually making efforts to make sure Aleeah feels included, because the fact is that Ali DOES have more concerns and that will capture their attention but I would really like to see them make a proactive plan/effort to counteract it.

Chelsea: I struggle with her storyline right now when it comes to Adam. She doesn't want Adam to have visitation, and I'm usually a big advocate for equal parental rights and I think Aubree has a right to see her father. It just makes it really, REALLY, difficult for me to support that when he is off getting arrested AGAIN during the time he's supposed to be with his child! But then I see the way Aubree ADORES her dad and how sad it would be for her to not see him. But really, he's causing it at this point and he's hurting her with that flaky behaviour. One minute he acts involved, one minute he doesn't show up at all, and then sprinkle in those occasional 5 minute birthday and t-ball visits. It's just not fair to Aubree at all. I'm so sad for her. The older she gets, the more her dad's flaky behaviour will hurt her. How could Adam fight for visitation and then not appreciate and respect it?? I'm so annoyed.

Kail: It's really nice to see Suzi interact with Kail and her grandchildren. She seems so loving and easygoing sometimes. But I'm sure she will fall off the wagon again as always and I feel bad for Kail when it comes to that. She has those nice moments with her mom, then has to see the addiction grab hold and take her mom away again. Alcoholism sucks. Oh and I think Isaac was kind of saying the "Javi doesn't care about us" thing just for a reaction since Suzi & Kail were putting so much emphasis on it. You could tell he was trying to hide a smile after like the fourth time he repeated it. But maybe he did legitimately feel that way too since he said it in the first place, so hopefully the skype call with Javi helped him to feel better.

Jenelle: I'm not sure if MTV is trying to give her a good edit or if pregnancy has a very strange calming affect on her. There were so many times this season and last (or part a of the season, whatever) where she has remained mostly calm when confronted/surrounded by arguing. Considering she used to start screaming hysterically at the drop of a hat, and now she's sitting there with her mom and Nathan yelling and saying "please don't argue" in a normal tone. That's odd. Jenelle has a lot of potential to do well and be mature but we've seen her do the opposite so many times and she never learns. I really hope, especially now that she has a second child, that she really is coming around for real this time. Nathan too... dear lord.

Oh and we have a new word to add to the Nathan un-dictionary: "electronical"

At this point I believe it's in Aubree's best interest to keep her away from Adam. Her acting out will just continue to escalate. The grandparents don't seem great either. Hiding the fact her dumbass son was arrested for driving with a suspended license is disgusting.