Teen Mom 2: Ali Simms Is Walking

Leah Messer

The cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have been getting some negative press lately, so we're happy that we finally have some good news to share! We get asked occasionally if Leah Calvert's (she officially goes by Calvert now!) daughter, Ali Simms, is walking yet. Today, Leah posted a video on her Facebook page of Ali taking steps! You can see the video here: Click Me. This is great news, as the last time we saw little Ali on Teen Mom 2, she was dealing with health problems that were stressing out Leah and daddy, Corey Simms. It was really sad to see that and I can only imagine how they must have felt.

I know this is a short update, but it's an important one. I was so happy to see this.



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what a great accomplishment!!!

I am SO happy to read this. I have wondered how she has been doing and it warms my heart to see that she has hit a milestone the doctors were not sure she would be capable of performing. Cheers to Ali!

this made me tear up! i'm so happy for all of them. especially that little cutie!

Yay for Ali! Wonderful news. She is such a lil cutie pie, and that hair! How cute :-)

This is so great to hear! :)

I am SO happy to hear/see this!! What an accomplishment, and proves how hard Leah has been working that therapy on her.

And on a bit of a side note - does anyone know if Leah found out what condition Ali has (not if it was released to the public, just if Leah herself knows) as unfortunately, it is clear in the video her legs and arms are still having some differences than Gracie, even though they are clearly improving.

I was going to ask the same question. Does Corey and Leah know the name of her condition?
It's great that she's finally walking and it's an extremely big step forward for this little cutie, but this video made me cry a little and it weren't only happy tears.
Her legs are turned in and they look malformed somehow. I'm curious if they know a reason of it and if Ali would be ever able to walk normally. I hope she'll be able to catch up and develop the same way Aleeah is developing.

Yes, I'm pretty sure they know. I remember reading it somewhere quite a long time ago that they had found out what she had but were keeping it to themselves. I imagine we will find out on the next season of TM2.

Though I have my own suspicions that she has some type of dwarfism. That could explain why her legs are so turned in and also why she is so much shorter than her sister. Bless her little heart.

Any idea when TM2 will be starting it's new season? i'm guessing it's already been filmed? or still filming?

I believe it was stated in the show (although I only read recaps due to not having MTV) that she has skeletal dysplasia, a broad term that does include conditions of dwarfism. There are many different types though and since genetic tests have been relatively inconclusive her disorder could stem from a mutation or environmental factors, like her position in utero.

I believe you can watch full episodes on mtv.com if you don't have mtv. I'm not sure how long it takes for eps. to be available after they air though. I think they are on hulu plus as well.

I see. That's very good if they really know what's wrong with Ali's health. She is so sweet and precious, I hope she's happy.
I really admire Leah and Corey, they've been through a lot since they discovered the whole thing. Looking at them you can easily say they love their daughters madly. It's a pity that their marriage didn't last, they were cute together and Corey loved Leah so much. I hope they're still such a good parents.

That is exactly what I was thinking in regards to dwarfism. She really looks like she has achondroplasia and her symptoms go along almost exactly with that, if not exactly. But I guess we'll see!

So happy to read this. Congrats, little girl!

congrats ali!
i remember reading somewhere that a lot of people thought in the beginning that she might of had a form of cerebral palsy, but ever since her brain mri came back normal i think that theory was dropped as cerebral palsy is a brain disorder. i wouldn't be surprised if leah keeps the condition as a private matter between the family, but then again she could use her Teen Mom fame and recognition to raise awareness so you never know.
i am so happy for leah, corey, ali and the whole calvert/simms/messer families :)

If they do know she most likely isn't allowed to say due to her contract but if/when they did find out I'm sure we will see it next season.

I had heard somewhere that the developmental problems stemmed from how she was positioned in utero. She was breech and Aleeah was laying on top of her crushing her bones. I'm not sure if that's legit though.

I think we will find out next season.I am very curious to see Ali's offical diagnosis.There is defintley something there.I am guessing Skeletal dysplasia a form of Dwarfism.Her limbs are much shorter then Alleah.Happy to see her improving.Her poor foot looks so painful though.I wonder if she will have to walk with a club foot and turned in legs for the rest of her life or if they can fix that with braces and surgery.

I'm so so happy to hear this! I always wondered about her. I have two kids of my own and I couldn't imagine how Leah was feeling knowing her daughter might not ever walk. Get it girl! :)

I'm so happy for them! Ali is a true fighter. God bless all of them! <3

Slow news day huh?

What an ignorant comment! As a mother of a special needs child myself things like this is amazing news! It's HUGE! Congrats to Leah and Ali! I hope she continues to defy all odds.

and farrahs HORRIBLE singing and bitchy ungrateful attitude is better news?

Yeah, that's a ridiculous comment. If they hadn't put this story up, someone would bitch about it because this IS fairly significant news. If you don't like what's written here, don't come - easy answer.

more than fairly significant. this is a little baby who may not have been able to walk and can! i knew some one would post some ignorant bullshit on here about this. i was really hoping i was wrong.

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Her feet & legs r jacked!! Lol!! Not much of a walk!!!

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how can you be so cruel to a 2 year old little girl? this is an amazing accomplishment for her.
so what if it is not the typical first steps you're used to seeing? it's still steps and thats all that counts.

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My sons legs and feet are "jacked" which makes the fact that he can walk 1,000 times more special. I pray that you never have a special needs child but wish for a moment you knew what it's like to have one. I could go on and on but you are probably far to crazy to listen or care. But please know that there are people like me who read comments like yours and it's hurtful. Very hurtful. But I know my son and I will have to deal with ignorant people like you for the rest of our lives so I try not to let it get the best of me.

That comment was horrible, BUT wishing someone death makes you just as bad...don't get on these people's levels. Pity them instead & know that karma will come around & bite them in the ass. It always does.

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This is the rudest, most stupid comment I've ever read. You're talking about a fantastic little girl.

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I don't think Jason meant to offend anyone. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt & assume he was just trying to be funny & wasn't expecting to piss people off. ...But dude, work on your humor b/c when it comes to children, don't make light of stuff. I believe in a previous story, you commented how you're a single dad? If so, you should know better. Period.
That Amy person on the other hand is probably some dumb, bored 12 yr old trying to get a rise out of people & she succeeded. Go look at previous stories & the comments that have followed...some people use the fact that they are anonymous to really show how insipid they are & like to battle back & forth for whatever reason. It's lame, I know, but that's the internet for you.

Sometimes I'm too saracastic for my own good Zoey.

A lot of people rip on Jenelle and she is clearly a special needs person also and I don't see anyone wishing death on them. Some people need to take a chill pill.

Also I was not the one to thumbs up my own comment. That is just like, "liking" your own comment on facebook, tacky.

Jason, I've seen your comments on previous threads and that's why I didn't think you meant to offend, so all good. Just keep in mind how excited you were when your children began to walk & then imagine if it was you who had a child with a deformity or special needs & doctors gave you a grimm outlook & then your precious baby proved them all wrong...not slow news at all.

No one ever said ali was not going to be able to walk.She just needed braces to correct her feet and legs and therapy.I'm not sure if aliannah is even "Special needs".Has she even been inediagnosied with an actual syndrome/Condition?I am an aunt of a boy with downs syndrome who i real special needs and it irritates me a bit that people refer to her as that when she seems pretty healthy.She talks and walks.I really hope that her condition was not exaggerated for teen mom.There are many children born breech and are perfectly fine.There also many real special needs children out there who have an actual special need.I really hope they clear that up next season.She does look like she could have dwarfism,but i really wish they could clear that up,before she is labeled with something she may not have.

I get what you're saying - but who are you to quantify what "special needs" may be? Using the term "real" special needs is offensive - there is a huge, very broad spectrum of special needs and to minimize someone's struggle helps no one. Talking and walking doesn't disqualify someone from being special needs.

Also, the doctors did mention several times last season that they weren't sure she'd be able to walk. No one said "she won't walk," but it was questioned.

even children with disorders such as autism, or adhd are considered special needs even though they can walk or talk. special needs is just anyone who might need extra assistance or help.
plenty of people walk and talk and qualify as having special needs.

Just an FYI. This is stated just above the comment box:

"Insulting any of the children is strictly forbidden, and nasty comments about the mothers will be deleted."

We've been trying to let everyone excercise freedom of speech (which is why we've been so lenient on comments), but please don't be rude. Thanks.

Freedom of speech is a human right and you are less than human if you insult a child.

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Jeff Simms claims ali is not special needs and does not have a disability or any kind of condition or disorder.Alot of people don't seem to agree and it seems like ali definatley has sort of condition.He gets very angry and defensive and insists she is perfectly 100% fine to anybody who dares to call her special needs or disabled.There is nothing wrong with having a special need and getting overly defensive and acting like there is something wrong makesyou look ignorant.My cousins baby has spina bifida and we love him just the same.According to his tweets ali has no special needs and is 100% "Normal".Take it for what it's worth.

I think I know the diagnosis- http://m.healthline.com/galecontent/arthrogryposis-multiplex-congenita-1
When you read it remember she is a twin which made space limited.
It would also explain the procedure done when she couldn't eat, a muscle biopsy.

I think it's pretty obvious that her beautiful daughter has Cerebral Palsy and as in many cases, the doctors are keeping her in the dark about her condition so that the statue of limitations runs out on suing them. It is very frequent for this to occur during delivery, especially with twins. It is cause by a lack of oxygen and can result in moderate to severe physical and or mental disabilities. Believe me, I know I had the experience of a horror show delivery...vaginal, footling breech delivery...doctor crushed her skull with the forceps, causing a brain bleed and lack of oxygen. Today I have a 19 yr old child with a developmental age of 4 months who doesn't know me, can't sit, stand, walk, talk or see-due to cortical blindness. She has seizures, diapers, a rod placed in her spine because her muscles are so spastic, that they pull her into the fetal position which could suffocate her. She has a feeding tube...the list goes on. I am happy for Leah that her daughter is mildly affected, but she needs to hold the Dr accountable ASAP!