Teen Mom 2 - At Least It Isn't About Adam

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Guess what? We missed the last episode of Teen Mom 2. Why? Because it was Christmas Eve and I was doing other stuff, like getting really drunk and embarrassing myself, but I digress. In addition to that, my DVR hates the show and never wants to record it, and I didn't feel like watching it online.

With that said, I'm sure we missed really important stuff...or not. I'm going to go with "not."

And now, without further ado...


Chelsea took a GED test! But, of course, she can't go 5 seconds without mentioning Adam. It's like she tries to think of a way to mention him in every single conversation.

Papa Randy mentions that Chelsea shouldn't have a job while she's in beauty school, since it's full time, and she's all, "How am I going to pay my bills? Start stripping?" I'm pretty sure that's something I wouldn't mention to my dad, but Randy takes it in stride.

In other news, Chelsea is going to start potty training Aubree. There is nothing I love more than to hear about someone's bathroom habits. But, hey! At least they're focusing on one of the children now, and less on failing relationships.

Anyway, Aubree wants nothing to do with it and kicked the potty over. Luckily it hadn't been used yet, or that would have made a really disgusting mess.

Update on Chelsea's GED so far: she passed her reading and social studies tests.


So Jenelle moved in with Josh, huh? Why does this not surprise me? She's wondering if she moved in with him too quickly. Why does she wonder this? They've been dating a whole week! Sheesh. Anyway, Jenelle is annoyed at how immature and "weird" Josh is.

Jenelle brings it up to Babsy that she wants to bring Jace home overnight, since she's been spending more time with him lately. Babsmeister is not too keen on the idea. You know what this means, don't you? Fight!!!

During a family outing, Jenelle is super sick and can't go on a family outing and Babs isn't too happy about it. So, um, why didn't she just call Babs ahead of time to let her know instead of having her trek them all out to Jenelle's house? Anyway, Jenelle is crying and Babs is going off on her about how she disappointed Jace.


Apparently Corey wants to get back together and she lets Jeremy in on this.

Side note: Does anyone think Leah is terrible at recreating conversations? It can't be that easy though, to pretend this is the first time you've talked about this.

Anyway, they pin the whole break-up on Corey again, because that's what they do by default.

Later, Leah hotfoots it to Corey's house to discuss the sitch with him. Corey says he misses how it used to be and that she's the only girl he's ever been in love with. He tells her that he still gets butterflies around her. Then the subtitles stop and I have no idea what Corey is saying. I need to learn how to read lips. From the gist of things, it sounds like they don't want to just jump back into a relationship together.

Side note: At one point, Leah heads out to meet up with her friend and, by the time she leaves the house and arrives at the restaurant, she had completely changed her clothes and her went from a ponytail to being down. Thanks to a reader for pointing this out to us. I love seeing inconsistencies in TV shows and movies!

When Leah has another recreated convo with Corey, she isn't too happy with him, because she doesn't think he's sincere and doing it because he loves her.

Leah decides to evaluate things and think if it's worth ruining her relationship with Jeremy over. Her parents try to talk some sense into her and tell her to think of her kids...she "can't afford this to be a bad decision."


Kail is heading to Texas to meet up with her half sister, because she doesn't have much of a storyline otherwise.

Kailyn is thinking about moving away and asks her cousin, Kaylie, about Texas and if she likes living there. Kaylie gushes about Texas and how much she loves it...and then they ride a mechanical bull. Because that's what people do in Texas. Wait! I went to Texas and didn't ride a bull. I feel so ripped off.

So this family's names...


Kaylie (her cousin)

Mikayla (her half sister)

Okay then. Just a random observation by yours truly, but that's a lot of similar sounding names.

Anyway, this is only the second time Kailyn has met Mikayla. They have the same dad, who seems to be a real loser.

Kailyn decides to think about moving to Texas and how it would go with Jo, etc.


This is not the right place for this question, I'm gonna ask it anyways...did Chelsea's dog die? I saw next week previews and I'm actually really sad about this. If anyone knows, tell me pleaseee

I never heard anything about her dog dying, and even searched for it. still nothing. All I got was that her pug ran away. I dont even know if its the same dog thats on the show.

I didn't watch any previews or anything, but I know one of her dogs (a black and light tan pug) ran away a while ago. She got a new dog like 2 weeks after it happened though and I thought that was the puppy we saw her get earlier this season. She has the black pug and the blonde french bulldog puppy and I thought that was it. Unless one of them died and she got another that looks exactly like it which would explain why she seems to still have the black pug and blonde french bulldog today.

No her dog doesn't get killed but it gets attacked by the neighbors dog and its eye is hurt, but makes a full recovery.

Oh thank god, I was really sad about this haha

My fiance and I were watching the show and when "JUR-EMEY" came on he was like "he looks like Corey aside from the facial hair and disgusting hat"

and big earRINGS haha

Something I noticed about Chelsea this episode, in the first five minutes of the show she is so busy "beautifying" herself before her GED exam.. damn girl, when I am about to do an exam.. I think I'd care a little more getting that extra hour of studying done rather than taking the time to look like CC Deville.

I've lived in Texas for 3 1/2 years and have never ridden a mechanical.

I can detect Texan accents quickly(being from Iowa and not having one myself) so let's clarify this matter:
Kailyn - You're not going to get an accent from being in Texas for a few days, months or even a few years.

Kaylie - Slight accent. Thinking maybe she wasn't born in Texas but moved there at a young age and hasn't left since.

Mikayla - Moderate/thicker accent but at least you could still understand her.

Jenelle seems like she never wants to work at building relationships. To me it seems as if she wants an instant gratification and has a huge sense of entitlement. Yeah, I'm sure it's a step in the right direction by taking Jace out for two hours... but she automatically has the expectation that she has already proven that she is responsible. In order to rekindle broken relationships and build trust you have to WORK at it, "sorry" doesn't fix everything instantaneously. Jenelle needs to understand that people take time to trust people. She is completely egocentric and has no attachment to Jace other than she feels it's her right as a mother to call the shots. One thing she doesn't recognize is that overnight visits could be too intrusive to Jace, taking him out of his environment so quickly, even if it's only for a night, could cause a lot of stress that he doesn't need. This isn't entertainment.. it's fucking sad.

Damn, Jenelle was messed up on that medicine. She sounded way out of it.

And yeah, Leah certainly has a type. Corey and Jeremy could be cousins. Hell, they probably are...

Also, I'm laughing my ass off at Chelsea getting a 62% on Social Studies and only 84% for Reading! The best part is she thinks that's good. That's nearly a C......

Hahahaha yeah, that was hilarious.

an 84% is a B. Not almost a C. The 62% is a C-.

the 62% is D- . who is the moron now?

There are several different curves, so nobody can actually say they know for certain. If they use a bell curve (as many As as Es, Bs as Ds), then the 84 is probably not a B and the 62 is probably in the D or Failure range.

typo. It was D in my head. Don't be a jerk. and GED's don't go on a curve. You have to get 450 out of 800 to pass, which is very easy to do.

... Which is exactly the point I was trying to make ... They do not give letter grades on GED tests. If you want to give a GED score a letter grade equivalent, you have to choose a curve and appy it.

Sometimes I honestly worry that she may be slow. Like I understand she's too busy worrying bout Adam and her weave to study, but after ALLLLLLLLL this time those are not that good of grades. Maybe shes proud of those grades because she knows she didnt study... Like "haha look how good I did without even studying"...idk

I think it may be a combination of slowness and lack of ambition. The girl wasn't all that excited about going back to finish HS after the kid was born despite the school allowing her to make up the missed work and she has had MORE than enough time to get on track with the GED. Because she has such ample family support (financial and emotional) I don't think she cares if she ever finishes. She's all excited about "hair school", but not excited enough about it to buckle down and get the GED. I think the girl just figures that eventually the GED Fairy will magically grant her the keys to the kingdom so she can head off to "hair school" and once finish work part-time and live off Mr. Wonderful (who may or may not be Randy)...it's sad how little drive this girl has, and unfortunately I have to pin it on Mom and Dad somewhat.

"I don't have to work while I'm in hair school, right Dad??"

Chelsea, when have you ever HAD to work? You quit the tanning salon knowing Randalicious had your rent, groceries, and utilities taken care of. If she spent half the time studying as she does whining about Adam she would have had the test done years ago.

I don't understand why teens who struggle to get through high school somehow think they're gonna make it through college.
Does Chelsea even realize that after she finishes (*cough*) "hair school" that she's actually gonna have to work? As soon as one client bitches to her about hating their hair cut/style, Chelsea will totally quit. The only way she'll EVER learn to be independent is if she's totally cut off financially by her family. It's really what's best for her.

Agree 100% Alyssa! Wasn't it just several episodes ago that Chelsea quit her job at the tanning salon because, "my boss hurt my feelings"?

She went to 3+ years of high school. Even someone with brain damage could pass a GED after attending that much school.

The GED percentage that they showed was the percentile, the number was her actual score. Just like every other standardized test. The percentile does not necessarily equal test score.

Yeah, I agree. Percentiles are totally different. She got 84% in reading which is actually pretty good. It means that if 100 people took the reading test she did better than 83 of them, but 15 people scored higher than her (she would have the 16th highest score). This is WAY different than if there were 100 questions on an exam and she only got 84 of them right. Her 62% in Social Studies isn't terrible either...it means that she scored better than over half of people taking the exam.

While this thread is quiet, I'll go ahead and ask: does anyone know anything about Adam's parents? I've never read/heard anything about them and I've always been curious about their viewpoint of the show/Chelsea, etc.

I may be wrong but I think I remember one of hisd parents (his dad maybe?) coming to Aubree's birthday party when Adam got her the bike? And I also think I remember a couple of Chelsea's voiceovers mentioning Adam getting Aubree because his parents wanted to see her. Someone correct me if Im wrong though. At least someone from the shows parents arent trying to get in on their fame (although I wouldnt admit Adam was my child either). Leah's mom, Corey's dad April, Randy... they all drive me crazy with that.

I've always been curious as well since we hear about them and never see them. They're always the ones who Chelsea hands Aubree off to. They obviously seem to love Aubree.

I recall a conversation with between Adam and Chelsea last season when they took Aubree to the toy store before Chelsea's mom's Christmas party. Chelsea asked Adam what his family thought of them being together, and forgive my memory if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Adam said that his parents thought it would be preferable if they would work it out for good and be together. I feel like in the same breath he said some people (his friends maybe) thought she was nuts and that they shouldn't be together lol.

oooh yes I remember that! that was when Aubree thought a duck growled hahahahaha

Emily you are right. They aired that episode on Logo just a few days ago. I think he said his parents think she is crazy after saying they want them to work it out. That's odd. I'm actually more interested about Adam's parents now. They would be a nice change to the storyline seeing how they interact with Aubree.
**On another note did anyone see on MTV.com the sneak peak for next week. Kail confronts her mom about seeing Isaac. Her mom is such a bitch. No wonder Kail has the problems she does. Her mom is nuts. And for some reason thinks she has a right to see Isaac.

YES! Why the fuck would Suzi think it's okay to show up uninvited to Jo's house so she can see Isaac, the grandchild see hasn't seen in a year? And then she hung up on Kail several times like a child. What a bitch. If I were Kail I would get some sort of restraining order in place so that Suzi couldn't show up at Jo's house to see Isaac.

Leah and Jenelle have the same hair in this one. You can tell just how little time she spends with Jace just by his reaction when she walks out. Nothing. I cannot leave my house without my children throwing a hugmongous hissy fit and I'm a stay at home mom, my husband cannot run an errand after he gets home from work or on the weekend without the kids because they have a meltdown if daddy goes without them. My nephew who's parents are divorced and gets 1 day a week and every other weekend never wants to go home when it's time. Jace doesn't even flinch, no reaction at all. It's so sad.

My son is the same! He has a meltdown when his dad goes into the garage for a minute or something. Poor Jace!

Morbid as it is, maybe it's best that Jayce has a defense mechanism for now. Of course this will cost him dearly in matters of intimacy and friendships as he gets older, but hopefully he can turn his defenses into coping skills. Out of all the kids on these show, he and Leah (Amber"s kid, not the teen mom) break my heart the most.

I bawled when Amber was droping Leah off with Gary and Lean screamed "I need you!". poor babies

As sad as it is, My nephew is the same way as Jace. Its horrible to watch Jace be so detached to his mom because she would rather party or be out with boy and moving in with them AFTER A WEEK, than bettering her self for her son. It was sad to watch Aubree cry when Chelsea left and then see Jace not phased at all. The difference is heart breaking. Barbara needs to adopt Jace and cut all ties with Jenelle so he has a chance at a real life. I seriously hope Jenelle never has another kid.

i have the same thing when i go up stairs and my son is downstairs. my mom or dad always has to distract him so i can sneak up to do whatever i have to do. on the other hand i'm not so sad for jace knowing what jenelle becomes and i am happy that he seems to not be affected by her bullshit and drama at this point.

Leah - I think Leah gets nervous if she only has one penis available. She likes to have a back up. I loved when her and Cory were talking about getting together and she said "well I'm not just gonna sit at home". Yeah we get that. You couldn't even stay home when you were actually married.

Jenelle - Babs comes over for a possibly awesome family outing with Jace! Of course Jenelle is too sick and could not have possibly called Babs and let her know. Instead she cries, yells, and makes excuses all while Jace looks on. Then later when Jace isn't there, all of the sudden all she wants is to spend time with him and Babs just won't let her! FUUUUUUUUCK.

Chelsea - When she isn't crying over Adam, she can be downright likable. Aubree is so adorable! I thought it was cute when they had a high five and then "pound it".

Kail - She rode a bull and that's pretty much it..

i thought it was so funny when leah called corey to talk and he's like "ok just let me put aleeah to sleep." and leah says she actually wants to come over there. i mean yeah okay maybe some things are easier to talk about in person but if i had a long day at school or whatever the last thing i would want to do is drive to my ex-husbands at night (i assume) and talk about past issues. all i'm saying is i find it funny how eager she was to go over there.

Hayzii- join us over at ibbb. Google it.

Hey Jenelle, Barbara probably gets headaches too but she still has to get up every damn day to take care of YOUR kid. Your cast mates get sick, have headaches, generally don't feel well and they too have to get up out of bed every morning and take care of their children. Take some tylenol, get dressed, put on a smile and your big girl panties, and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your son.

Seriously, can Barbara appeal for full custody without Jenelle stopping it? "The baby" is 3 1/2 now and nothing about this situation has changed (expect now mommy Jenelle is married). Jenelle will not change and someone needs to repair the damage done to Jace's psyche before it's too far gone.

I agree. I had severe headaches a few years ago and guess what, I still had to be a mom. I went to the doctor and got a prescription and -wait for it- took it AS PRESCRIBED. What do you know I was able to function normally or at least plaster a fake smile on for my kid and get through it.

Wouldn't it have been WAYYY easier for Chelsea to just finish high school than do all this testing and pre-testing?! And I couldn't help but think that someone needs to try electrocuting her to get her to stop thinking about Adam. What is wrong with that girl? Please give me a spoiler that says she has moved on. I really hope she finds love and someone caring who treats her with respect.

Kail- I'm always AMAZED at how much better her and Joe are with each other since they have split up. Joe seems to have really matured. I can't help but imagine how much better life would have been for some of the other girls if they would have split up from their horrible relationships. Amber probably wouldn't be in jail right now if she could have found a way to leave Gary alone. Chelsea would be doing something with her life if she could leave Adam alone. Janelle wouldn't have got locked up with Keifer....who am I kidding Janelle would be the same. But this is a lesson that horrible relationships are not worth ruining your life for.

Leah- I had to give kudos to Leah for seeing right through Cory. He came off to me like he just wanted to have Leah to sleep with then dump her again. Leah needs to seriously slow down though. But Jeremy seems like a nice catch, a guy who knows what he wants, with a good job, and not interested in playing games. But I was laughing when Jeremy said, 'that makes me nervous to leave you during the week'. Why do these men hook up with women they can't trust?

Janelle- not even going to bother writing about that.

it would have been way easier for her to just take the damn tests at the same time and get it over and done. I cannot figure out why she's taking them one and two at a time. An 8th grader could pass them

are these still just the pretests or are these the actual tests?

now she's taking the real tests

I was having trouble sleeping but this episode almost did it for me.

Kailyn- I can no longer criticize Leah for having the worst reenactment skills. Kailyn takes the cake. If I had a dollar for every time she said "reconnect" I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Chelsea- I like her because she loves her daughter. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but she is a good mother and seems to be somewhat of a nice girl.

Leah- I think she's playing Corey just as much as Adam does Chelsea. Whether it is to try to make her story more interesting or because, as someone else hilariously said, she has to have more than one penis available. You can see in her eyes that she has no intention of getting back with Corey. Same look in her eyes when she got married; no intention of being the partner she expected him to be.

Jenelle- She just needs to sit back and acknowledge that she doesn't have it in her to be a mother for more than a few hours at a time. She needs to stop trying because she will fail every time and Jace pays the price whether we see it in his face or not.

The more I watch this season, the more convinced I become that MTV has more control over these girls than we think. Just my opinion, but I don't buy that Chelsea is so dumb and heartsick over Adam that it takes her three years to get her GED. She seems fairly smart to me, no genius of confuse, but smart and motivated. I think MTV is paying for her to prolong this GED stuff because it's one of her major storylines. Same with Leah, I think all this crap with Corey is just made up. Like, first off they skipped an entire relationship(anyone remember Dustin?!) and apparently her and Corey are friends now and I just don't buy that Jeremy would be this okay with them being friends if he had been threatened early in the relationship. Kail, god it was just so staged, just a big reminded of how she is on her own with very little family. Im pretty sure her and her cousin/sister so I don't know why they were acting like they barely knew each other?! And we all know there is no way in hell Jo would let her move Isaac to Texas. Jenelle....I actually believe, she truly is just a trail wreck.

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and this really is an accurate portrayal of these girls lives, but as a fellow teen parent, all this crap just seems too far fetched to me...

Those are all excellent points.

i agree but Jeremy had no choice but to be okay with her and Corey being friends. They have 2 babies together.

for some reason i feel like kail forced herself on her cousin and sister. maybe it's just kaylie's tone of voice but something in her voice made me think she couldn't care less if kail came to visit or not and then when kail got there it just seemed awkward. i understand they only met once before, but if it was me i would of spent more time talking on the phone or facebook before flying across the country. it was just uncomfortable to watch. but then again they probably pity kail for having no relationship with her parents and having to take care of isaac all by herself etc. etc.

i used to pity kail too, but now i think she just tries way to hard for "the perfect family." much like chelsea.

Plus- they get to be on MTV.

Ok. So despite my obvious dislike for Jenelle via the moniker I have chosen, I'm not gonna lie, she looked like an honest wreck when she canceled her plans and I think she legitimately felt as bad as having the flu, in which case, she did right to cancel. Adjusting to new meds plus downing tranquilizers the night before can wreck a person and I think she was genuinely suffering.

That said, yes, she coulda called first. :P

The leah hair and outfit inconsistency seems to be two different days.....the real inconsistency I saw was when Kail was picked up from the airport she wore the hat and her hair was wavy...when they arrived at the apartment still had the hat but her hair was straight

Aw Chelsea and Aubree have such a good little bond, soooo cute to watch!
Jenelle makes me tear my hair out. How can she be so deluded!? 'Nobody sees where I'm coming from'- yes, I think that reflects on YOU rather than the thousands of people who think you are an idiot. I wish she wasn't on the show, don't care if it would be more boring, her parts just make me sad and angry.
I want to see Kail start up her relationship with Javim!!
Yeah Corey is a dick. Was fair enough him not wanting to be with Leah cos of Robbie, but not when he actually then tries to get her back. He likes to play gaaaames and wants what he can't have.

After reading all the comments, I still have an unanswered question: what in the world happened to the episode that was shown in the previews leading up to Monday's episode?? And next week they just continue on, as if the episode they were supposed to show just vanished into thin air.

Apparently I'm the only one curious about that? Ok

So this Allison chick Jenelle was talking to at the restaurant, I presume that's the same Allison that was involved in all of that Duffy stuff right? I wonder if he will be on the show.

Yep, Jenelle has a HUGE skeleton key on her forearm and Allison has the matching lock on her forearm. What makes it hysterical is that they're not friends at ALL anymore haha

when jenelle was telling her friend that josh was immature and weird i wanted to say "and what do you think you are?" yeah josh may be at best a little silly and goofy but a lot of young males have that side to them. we all know jenelle is way beyond immature especially in relationships, but not to mention weird i.e. ke$ha rants. i wish josh was somehow able to change jenelle because i actually like him as a person thus far. however he's smart for getting away from her when he did.

Hey Steve and Melissa, just wanted to give an update on someone NOT on Teen Mom/2. Kristina (s4) had a second baby, another boy, on Tuesday.
4 girls have given birth to another child: Jordan-Arri, Brooke-Ryley, Ebony-Jayda, and Kristina- Tommie Joseph. Leah and Danielle are both pregnant. I think that’s all!
Sorry I didn't email it or anything, I just figured I'd post it on the comments and if you saw it you saw it, if not oh well!

this is a TM blog, not a TM and 16 & Pregnant blog.
soooo bye rie_rie, post where someone cares like TMT, apparently that's the most "active" board to you.

i think melinda does recaps of the 16 & pregnant episodes when they are airing, but that's it.

The last thing under the 16 & Pregnant tag for this site was sometime in July, which would explain why I don't remember her ever doing updates haha


Normally I ma very critical of Jenelle but it did seem a little un fair of the way her mom was treating her when she wasn't feeling well. It wasn't her fault the medicine make her light that.

Love how Chelsea is putting fake lashes on to take a test. Her justification is that she might meet her future husband shah. Cute, but…kind of like… oh my gosh. I hope you prepared at least that much for the actual test. It sounded like Aubree screamed "Good Luck" when she was crying but it may have been my imagination. Aubree is soooo cute. I love the way she said "chicken." LOL I loved the "Are you calling me fat?" and the comeback "I'm calling you older than three" Love it, pow,pow! Chelsea's friend wants to go poop and watch tv at the same time haha. Love Aubree's high fives and fist pound so cute.

"How's yah moods goin?" Hehe Love Barbara. Jace looks adorable in overalls!

Ya it also sounded like Aubree said good luck too lol.