Teen Grandmoms Get Together And Chill

It's a rare event for the TeenMom stars to get together (we usually see all of them in the same room during reunion episodes with Dr.

Drew) but now, it looks like a few TeenMom grandmothers are getting together and spending time.

The most sensationalized figures from TeenMom, Farrah and Jenelle, now have their moms spending some downtime together.

Deborah Danielson (Farrah's mom) and Barbara Evans (Jenelle's mom) got together during a TeenMom after show and captured the moment for future generations too.

Here they are in all of their TeenMom glory:

Moms having fun! Good things to come!

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So what's next for these two?

Will we hear about a feud or is Debz too busy planning her wedding right now?

The interesting thing about these two being filmed together is that MTV is clearly pulling all of their TeenMom stars together more and more.

After all, why else would a TeenMomOG star be seen with a TeenMom 2 star? It'll be interesting to see if the crossover takes place even more over the future.

In other Farrah news, the heat is on between Farrah and Amber. Who's going to sling more mud this time? We'll keep you posted.


At least Debra wasn't showing too much skin, that always upsets my stomach.