Is Nathan Griffith Abusive?

Jenelle Evans


A few days ago, Celeb Dirty Laundry posted an article about Jenelle Evans' boyfriend abusing her son. According to the article, Nathan was playing Xbox live and forgot to turn his microphone off before yelling at Jace about spilling cereal on the floor. After that, he yelled for Jenelle to come take care of her son. Finally, Nathan was heard over the microphone hitting Jace repeatedly. The person who reported the incident to the website was quoted as saying she "heard every single cry from that precious child's mouth as Nathan beat him."

The accuser has remained anonymous, but she has provided some screen shots of her Xbox session where Nathan's username was shown, which does seem to prove that she was actually online with him around the time of the alleged incident. Nathan has been displayed to people via Jenelle as a great step-father and a good role model for her son, although we do know that he's spent some time in jail. We also see his anger on the Teen Mom 2 trailer, where he is shown yelling at Barbara.

Yesterday, Jenelle took to twitter to promote an article that was posted at a newer website called Teen Mom Truth, which was basically Jenelle defending herself and Nathan against the claims that had been made. Jenelle said that her mother does spank Jace, but that she and Nathan don't believe in that kind of punishment, and they don't choose to spank Jace when they are taking care of him.

Personally, I'm not taking sides on this one. I feel as though there are three sides to every story, and I'm almost certain that we don't have the full truth from either of these accounts. Jenelle has had a history of abusive relationships, although none of them have ever seemed to involve her son being physically harmed. If the abuse is happening, I hope Jenelle realizes it soon and chooses to protect Jace and her unborn child.


No earthly idea if there is any truth behind this at all but a few things stuck out: Jenelle doesn't "believe" in punishment (like spanking) because she's never around her own son long enough to form any kind of "I'm the parent and you're the kid" relationship which would necessitate her teaching him right from wrong. And the stories of abuse blasted at every single one of Jenelle's exes usually come after the end of the relationship or after one of the "bumps in the road" she seems to think is normal for most romantic relationships to have. The only reason that Jace hasn't been subjected to any of the violence that Jenelle has is because Jace never spent any significant amount of time with Jenelle and her many, many boyfriends.

Is Nathan abusive? No idea. But he's obviously not even tempered and there's a REASON why he doesn't have custody of his first kid. I dunno what that reason is. But I think it's really naive/overly trusting on Barb's part to let Jace spend so much time with Jenelle and her mysterious new wonder boy considering both of them had their previous parental rights severed by the state.

I don't believe those claims are true, even though we all know they aren't the best parents. I recall some claim about Jenelle hitting Jace before that was proven to be false. Weren't people saying that it was this Joan person who made the allegations, and ended up changing her story?

I hope these claims aren't true. It would certainly be easy for anyone to make up false claims like this - especially if they sold this "story". And I would hope that if someone were to witness this occurring via an xbox microphone, they would report it to police in Jenelle's area to check into. It wouldn't take too much digging to find the general area that she is in, and from what she says, the cops in her area are familiar with her so they would likely know right where to go. Any story about Jenelle effing up at this point is believable, so again, it would be easy to completely falsify one like this. I really hope it isn't true.

I hate the idea people have that if you don't spank, it means you believe in no discipline and let your kid run rampant.

But idk about this. It could be fake, it could be that he just raised his voice a bit and the person's exaggerating, or it could be true. I wouldn't doubt any of those possibilities really. But people do know that they can make up any bad stuff about Jenelle and it'll be believed, so I'd take anything said about her life with a grain of salt.

I was spanked when I was misbehaving and I'm a relatively normal adult. I don't think spanking is abuse in the least bit. I think you end up with adults a lot like Jenelle: entitled and disrespectful, when you decide to err on the side of no punishment or discipline. I misread the article and thought it said they don't "believe in punishment" when instead it said they "don't believe in that kind of punishment." My bad. It's very likely that any punishment Jenelle did try to dole out, however appropriate it might be, Jace may very well have zero respect for any authority she's trying to assert because the only mother figure he's ever known has been Babs.

Never said it was abusive, or that Jenelle is good at discipline, just that spanking isn't the end all be all of discipline and kids who aren't spanked don't all turn out to be disrespectful or entitled. Different people have different methods.

Man I am misreading things all over the place!! I thought you said that if the kids ARE spanked, people get all uppity about it. Sorry! Every parent is going to have their own brand of discipline. My parents never spanked us when they were actually angry or frustrated. My mom actually sent my sister to her room once and told her, "wait until your dad gets home. You're getting a spanking and if I do it now, I'm worried I'm so angry I'll hurt you." Discipline shouldn't be carried out in anger and I'm sure the "wait until your room until your father gets home" had just as much an appropriate "I'm in deep shit" message for my sister that an immediate spanking would have had.

The accuser has remained anonymous? Um it's Joan. She used to write for this blog. Seems like if anyone should know that it should be you guys.

Hi! :) I hadn't seen anywhere where the person was for sure named. I don't know who Joan is, as I just started writing within the last week. Do you have a link to an article or something that you could share?

If it's Joan, then I'm highly skeptical as to whether or not her claims are true. I don't have a Twitter account, but according to comments I've seen she's exhibited some over-the-top hateful behavior towards Jenelle on there. And there's also speculation that she was the one who started the rumor several months ago that Jenelle struck Jace in the face in public. I enjoyed her articles when she wrote for this site, but that was before I found out about her Twitter tirades.

What's really sad is that if this is all a rumor started just to make Jenelle and Nathan look bad (which would be pretty stupid, considering they do a fine enough job of that on their own) then if Jace is actually abused in the future people may hesitate to believe it because of past lies. And as messed up as Jenelle is, I think it takes a pretty sick person to lie about something as horrible as child abuse.

Still, I would rather this all be a lie, because if it's true then that means Jace is being abused by his Jenelle's flavor of the week while she stands passively to the side and allows it. That poor kid has suffered enough already.

I don't really believe it. If they took a screen shot of the username, why didn't they just take a quick video with the yelling or hitting.

You do realize you can't video record on Xbox Live, right?

I believe it was last season when Jenelle was extolling the virtues of Gary and said he was good for her and Jace because he disciplined Jace. That struck me as a very telling statement. Knowing how abusive Gary was with her, why wouldn't he be that way with her son? She never did explain what kind of discipline he gave, but I always got the feeling it wasn't a stern lecture. That steam tent troubled me and I felt more was going on in that relationship. Of course it played out where he was abusive to Jenelle, why would he not feel like he could discipline her son?
I feel any man she is with will be abusive and her son will not be immune from the abuse. Jace would never stand a chance coming out of those relationships untouched.

It's very possible that any type of "discipline" Jenelle thinks is fantastic is whatever lets her sleep off her most recent hangover instead of having to "babysit" for Jace.