The Leah Situation Keeps Getting Worse

Leah Messer


So there's been a lot of things going on and I'm just going to post smaller updates on this in a numbered list to try and avoid confusion and typing lots of back-story.

1. Leah's mom and Jeremy's mom get into a Facebook feud.

Dawn (Leah's mother) took to Facebook shortly after the alleged cheating happened to post something about the situation. She said that Leah had gotten into an argument with Jeremy's dad, who then claimed that he saw Robbie sneaking in/out of the house on a deer camera. Jeremy's mother commented on the status saying, "That's right, she knows she's caught and it's over. Her own mother knows what she was doing and covered for her.

What's that say about there people. When your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this.

But she made her choice. NOW LIVE WITH IT!" Jeremy's mother also added that she was interested in talking to CPS in Charleston about the situation.

2. Jeremy has removed all traces of Leah from his Twitter account.

Before the cheating came to light, Jeremy professed his love for Leah in his Twitter bio, but since the break-up, he's removed any mention of her from his Twitter bio.

He is still currently listed as divorced on Facebook, and has changed his profile pictures on both Facebook and Twitter in order to remove Leah and the twins from his pages.

3. Jeremy "taunts" Leah via Twitter.

Some people call this a "subtweet" I guess, but I call it passive-aggressive Tweeting.

Jeremy posted a picture of a dirt bike earlier today with a caption that sparked interest and didn't seem to indicate that he and Leah were planning on working things out any time soon.

Here's the picture and caption directly from his Twitter account.

jeremy14. The Ashley reports that Robbie was arrested for drug charges in September


This might be the most unattractive Teen Mom related mug shot to grace this website.

Anyway, on September 18, 2014, Robbie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

This sparked some issues since Leah has also been ousted for having a prescription pill problem of her own, and many are claiming that Robbie was a dealer that she had used for quite some time.


If Leah was any more of a bitch she would have puppies.

Hopefully they'd have better luck than her kittens...


I knew the marriage would end, I just didn't expect all the amazing twists and turns. I just wanna grab popcorn and settle in for the drama. PLEASE AIR IT ALL, MTV!

Yeah, I think we all knew they would never last, but I don't think any of us thought it would be this freaking amazing and trashy. I mean, we knew it would be trashy, but not THIS trashy.

Plus it kind of came out of NOWHERE (the Jeremy/Robbie stuff, at least...not necessarily the drug rumors).

hell yeah it did. we thought (as far as we knew) that things were at least okay with them and then BOOM - twitter rant of the year.

"Caught ya, bitch!!"

This is a tweet that will live in infamy...

Is 'Caught Ya Bitch' someone's name?? That would be great! Also, someone PLEASE be 'Can't Buy A BigMac'!!!


yep, when Jeremy called Corey a piece of shit or something, you would think that he and Leah were still going well, but out of nowhere, mister magical dick pops up and WV is filled with chaos.

maybe he said that stuff cuz he was frustrated and felt threatened - suspected leah of cheating, maybe, and not sure who with

It's not like Jeremy thinking Corey sucks and Leah sucks are mutually exclusive...he could just be an asshole that hates everyone regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

Yeah, there's no excuse for him saying that. he had no business trashing Corey all season.

I would never, EVER sign up to put my entire life on TV like these girls have. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I'll give them credit there. But they always spout the, "we're doing this to help others. So they can see what it's really like and not make the same mistakes." Which may be true at times or at first, but this is a first class shit show by now. MTV needs to shove it with all the "good edits" or "bad edits" and just let the audience see the RAW TRUTH of everything going on and let the watchers form their own opinions. If I were 16 and saw a mother of three, almost two divorces, so many cheating scandals, drugs, custody issues...everything Leah is going through right now, it would have a lot more impact than "I had my birth control removed because I met a new guy, had a miscarriage and then intentionally got pregnant again." or, "Yeah he called my daughter a mistake but we only have sex OCCASIONALLY now." (Notice I didn't mention Ali's condition in my Leah's fuck-up list because, obviously, that's not anyone's fault and I can't imagine what both she and Corey go through trying to deal with that. The rest are pretty much all the result of Leah's bad, bad, shit decisions.)

Put it all out there, MTV and actually DO the job you've been claiming to do with this franchise. Don't purposely humiliate anyone, just hold the girls accountable for their decisions instead of babying them like you've been doing the past 5 years. That sure as hell isn't helping anyone who's already prone to the pathological need to blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes. If these girls wanted to educate people about teen pregnancy, then find out if they want to educate people about the consequences--without manipulative editing or made up storylines to make a cast member look better or worse. Then let them educate the audience on substance abuse, infidelity, divorce, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, child neglect, felonies...ALL of this shit.

You make a very good and interesting point which relates to another question I've had recently. If these girls had not been picked for teen mom and lived normal lives, would their lives be anything like the everyday life of a typical teen mom who came from a similar background? Or is the fact that they were picked for the show in the first place suggest that they would become train wrecks regardless? Was there such a significant bias in casting that MTV knew beforehand that stuff like this would happen? I mean, of course train wrecks make good TV, but that wasn't supposed to be the mission of the show. It just makes you question MTVs original motives in picking these girls.

I think there's a bit of a selection bias. There are plenty teen moms that are somewhat intelligent and able to think forward and work hard to give their children a good life- but they are far less likely to apply to be on the show. I think the vast majority of the girls they have to choose from are ones who can't think beyond the moment and therefore act irrationally, hence why they want to be on 16&Pregnant.

Leah was bound to be on there. Twins!! As a teen!! I can't imagine it as an adult. And I think yeah, most of the shit would've happened anyway. Chelsea would still sleep with Adumb, Kail would still be an abusive monster to Javi (if not worse cos there would be no cameras forcing her to have some self control) Leah would still cheat and pop pills and Jenelle hasn't changed anything from 16&P anyway. The only difference would be less money. So shitter hair, no nels, no fancy cars. Leah would be driving a can like Butch's (probably with hair like Butch too!) and still be popping pillses with Robbie.

I wonder if the truck in Jeremy's tweet is the one Robbie was supposedly driving around town while he was working.

"Your wife and I fucked in the back of your MTV truck" just sounds like the beginnings of a horrendously great country song.

I think it was a car not a truck that he was seen driving around town. Highly doubt good ol' Jurmy would leave his truck at home while he was away.

I heard it was the black ford expedition that he was driving around in.

I love how this has all turned into a big family affair with parents, siblings, and cousins getting involved and airing dirty laundry. It's even more amusing how not one of them has a decent command of the English language.

Seriously. I kind of felt like I needed separate subtitles for Dawn's Facebook posts.

Or an interpreter... I can't ever work out what she thinks she's saying. It always just reads like "I'm momma dawn and I'm trash!"

And the best part is that they're all inter-realted.

They remind me of the gypsies on gypsy sisters. They all have the same names and are related somehow. One of them is married to her cousin, one of them is dating their cousins ex who is also their brother in law? Some shit like that. I think their family tree is all fucked up.

I know, I can't keep that show straight for the life of me. Part of me wants to try to create some kind of family tree/love triangle map of all of these players, but I would have no idea where to start.

Jesus god the Gypsy Sisters people make these Teen Mom girls look like respectable members of society. I saw pictures of one of those girls babies wearing onesies that said "Little Dick" (a nickname but come on) and "She Wants The D."

Percocets & Ponies, that is disgusting! Ugh, I know I sound prudish but I don't like those "hide your daughters" shirts/bibs/onesies. That is disturbing, though.

I dunno, P&P. I only saw the Gypsy chicks on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (let the judging commence) but I know they're crazy and use clorox to whiten their teeth but they ALSO use it to clean their homes, so they can't have THAT much in common with Leah...

I sort of wish they'd just all go on Maury or something, I can't wait for MTV! I wanna watch it all now!

They could make so much money off this! I'm sitting here thinking how many tabloids are willing to pay thousands to get the real scoop.

Ah, to be in the know!

I hadn't watched Maury or any of those shows in a long time and got stuck in a youtube vortex the other day with Judge Judy clips and eventually started watching Maury clips...HOLY HELL. Teen Mom 2 is like high brow trash compared to that. It's so trashy, you have to stop watching it to take a break and remind yourself that you're not collecting pacifiers as a preteen or paternity testing 6 different men. (Hopefully.)

It's delicious.

MTV has no chance of making any real money off of this..... no, no, no, Jeremy is giving it all away for free via Twitter.

This family is, uh, intense. I would think they'd have MTV contracts too, but I guess not... This family's spinoff would be TV gold.

I wonder how long until Leah's family follows the $$$ and turns on her?

I saw on Starcasm that Victoria was talking shit on Miranda on some radio show. That she doesn't "know if she likes Miranda because of things the girls tell her".

I bet you the stories include Miranda making the girlseseses do crazy things like:

- bathe when they were dirty even if they didn't want to

- go in timeout when they didn't stop running around like banshees when she asked them to

- wear their seatbelts properly even though "mom doesn't make us wear them like this"

- sit at the dinner table and eat their real food before they get freaking cheetos

You know..........all the things that Leah should be doing while she's in the bedroom snorting and chewing pills after messing around with Robbie.

I really hope this is the final straw and MTV pulls the plug. Or at least make it the last season. Sadly I don't think this will end up being the case. I stopped watching long ago; now I just follow the drama via tmj and starcasm. As much as I love the trainwrecks these girls have made of their lives, it's a sobering thing to remember that there are tons of kids being raised in the middle of the storm. Sad. It really is. Nonetheless, their books will all be best sellers and you best believe I'll snatch them all up as soon as they hit the shelves. Is it 2030 yet?

Miranda is a doll. Oreo is pissing me off.

Who downvoted that? Oreo, is that you? Shut up.

Maybe they think I was talking about actual oreos. I LOVE OREOS! Just not Victoreo

Oreo and Mama Dawn. Rampage is ON. Downvotes are out in force!

Even just from a purely "political" standpoint, it was a bad, bad mood for Oreo to go after Miranda. Girl, her and Corey are one of the most liked couples on the show and right now your family look like back-stabbing, conniving trash bags. Do you really want to lend even less credibility to your position by throwing shade at people who have never engaged in your drama?
It just makes the Messers look even more desperate and trashy to try to deflect this way. When you have a problem with everyone (the Calverts and now the Sims), the problem is probably you. Just sayin'.

The Messers have problems with everyone and are known for publicly bashing and insulting anyone who they think have wronged them. Dawn takes people to court regularly also. They're so pathetic. And I agree. Anyone who bashes people like Miranda obviously are the ones with the issues and problems

The Messers are a mess...

"If it smells like shit everywhere you go, try looking under your own shoe."

Oh damn Stella! Amen. That will be used in every conversation I have for the rest of my life, no joke.

hey forgotten twin! Can you tell us some stories about Dawn taking people to court? Lemme guess, she sued someone for calling her fat? Or she sued some guy that she tried to spread the legses for and got rejected.

stella I am also stealing that

Stella that is going to become my FB status!

I agree. More Messer Judge Judy tales! Probably sued the local YMCA for not letting her eat cheetos in the pool or something.

Haha here's a good example. Jabba da Dawn rented a trailer in Sissonville from someone I am actually related to (mothers 2nd cousin) when I was like 5, so Leah would have been 6-7ish. He evicted them (she had a different live in boyfriend at the time) because he came over to do maintenance, and the entire trailer was a mess. Dawn had moved her entire storage space into the trailer, that he could not even walk to the back of it. There was animal shit all over, as well as HUMAN too!! He said she had the baby in only a diaper and was letting him just wander around and shit all over the floor. I'm not sure of the entire story as to why he evicted them, but he gave them 30 days to get out. Dawn turned back around and sued him for wrongful eviction, slander, the whole deal. She said that when they moved into the trailer, it was a mess, and he was an awful landlord. She played this whole sob story about how he threw her out on the street while she was on gov. aide and had no where else to go. So there's that... I have more stories that I shall reveal as I can. This is MUCH more entertaining than Human Development class!!

Lol! Human development class.

I'm sorry. I find it hilarious that your in a class that focuses on the exact opposite of what is going on in the mether family.

RIGHT?!?! We're learning about pregnancy and fetal development, also. Right after I read comments about Leah smoking, drinking and possibly snorting with Lil A. The irony!!

Did Jeremy know about all of this? I mean to the EXTENT that it is? Is he leaving because of the cheating AND drugs? Or is cheating the only he cares about?

I can see him being gone to much to know exactly how bad it is, but I can't imagine he didn't know that she at least abides her prescription.

*abuses... Damn auto correct

One thing I really don't know or understand is his knowledge about cheating. She sure as hell hasn't ONLY been with Robbie. I've heard of 2 others. The pills, he's known about for awhile. Also, my cousin texted me today saying to be careful cuz Jabba Dawn is working on suing pretty much everyone I've gotten information from for slander. Does anyone know if I could be in trouble if I'm not in WV anymore?? Can she sue over shit posted on a website?? I don't think so. I mean I really don't care and I'm sure as hell not the only one repeating the facts. It's well known and seems like she'd have to sue way more people than she could possibly drag to court. Especially since the majority are known druggies/dealer/been in the clink already. Haha. Just want some insight to this....

You can't win a lawsuit unless someone is lying, and I don't think anyone is lying. I hope those pictures drop soon (do you know if they will?) because that will be the nail in the coffin of any "legal" threats.

Does anyone remember when that girl from 16 & Pregnant sued Starcasm for writing facts and she lost and ended up owing people hundreds of thousands of dollars? Jabba Dawn better be really careful

And Forgotten Twin, you won't be in ANY trouble and neither are the people you know speaking the truth. Exposing someone is hardly against the law. They're actually doing a great public service by helping to get the girls out of that horrible environment.

See, that's what I thought. We're like fucking Mother Teresa and helping everyone!! ;) maybe not. But I'm really not worried. She always threatens to sue people who don't like her. This is the perfect case in point.

And I know the photos that I have personally seen will be released by the end of the year. The person I know who took them and did drugs with her is being paid for the information, so all of the details are a little sketchy, since they are supposed to keep it on the down low. But trust me, it will be soon. And I can't wait to see the comments on here once they are. She looked disgusting and they were kind of hilarious. Since everyone else is just as mean spirited as I am, it should be a blast reading everyone's opinions on it ;)+

Forgotten Twin Im not sure if leah is considered a legal public figure, but if she is they cant sue for slander. As a public figure youre accepting everything that comes with it, meaning you are exempt from being able to sue. Im not sure how correct I am on that. Im sure something like this wouldn't even make it to court. I wouldn't worry about it if i were you. They're just trying to scare you.

Slander is spreading falsehoods- I believe. Exposing the truth or stating the facts known to others is not actionable. If Dawn went to a Lawyer and asked to bring suit and they asked her if what was being said was untrue and Dawn said " it's all filthy lies" and they preceded and it came out as fact - the lawyer and judge would be pissed!

I wonder if his family knew about all of her drug use too.

What's really fucked up about this whole situation is not only was she cheating... She was strait up prostituting herself for drugs!

Is anybody else just dying to hear what her excuse is this time around? "He didn't show me he loved me, he was never home, I have needs!" Someone get this girl a sex doll! She'd be about 10,000 x's less pathetic humping plastic, and the sex would be just as meaningful.

She'll either finally show some humility and change or she'll start telling anyone who will listen that Jeremy was never around and wouldn't go to counseling and wouldn't let her be independent and was always too controlling of her and she just turned to drugs and Robbie to escape from everything.

ForgottenTwin, you can only get in trouble if you are intentionally spreading info they can prove you know is false.

That's the last thing I'm worried about haha. It's not false at all, I wouldn't be sharing it if I had any doubt it was. And I don't think she'll admit anything. She really could change and be a real mother but she's way too selfish. She loves her girlses, but she loves herself a lot more

@ stella, that would not work for leah or momma dawn. Their noses are always clogged from snorting pills!

That fucking bitch Miranda. Making the girlses behave like people...what an evil snobby bitch.

Seriously, West Virginia, please give Corey and Miranda custody. If you want this "schools not well" stereotype to end, this is the way.

Best comment ever. Amen

I always thought that Miranda would be the perfect mom and that they would opt for kids soon. In light of all this, it becomes clear that she wants to put her focus on the girls and makes sure they are okay, before bringing a baby in their lives. Hey Leah, wouldn't THAT have been a better approach?
Miranda is class all the way. I loved when Corey was discussing his case with his lawyer, she was there for support, but did not get involved and just let Corey take the lead. You just know when Jeremy went with Leah, he'd be bashing all over 'the ex-spouse'.

Nice name deer cam

I stopped watching in 2012. I only ever watched Teen Mom (watched all 4 seasons) and the 1 and 2A of 16 & Pregnant. I never got into Teen Mom 2, only seen episodes here and there. Teen Mom ended the summer after i graduated HS and before i went away to college so it was kind of fitting. I felt like it was an end to a trashy chapter of stuff i chose to watch lol. I don't watch much of anything anymore besides sports and netflix but i still keep up with all news TM/TM2 because i just can't stop, it's such a guilty pleasure. Even though i literally never even watched Teen Mom 2 i am still so drawn to their news and commenting about it lol.

does anyone know why she's called oreo? It makes that company look bad.

VictORIa... I'm guessing they called her Oreo as a nick name since she was little and it just stuck.

thanks! well maybe they should call their own family the meth-ers or the big mess messers

They can call themselves whatever they want, but I'd call them out!

Ba Da Dum Tssss

Anyone?... Anyone?... Aw, okay.


That's what Ali and Aleeah call her, they couldn't pronounce Victoria. I'm pretty sure that was it anyway!

Apparently Leah couldn't pronounce the name "Victoria" when she was a youngin' and it sounded like "Oreo", so that is what they call her. And to symbolize it forever, Momma Dawn had a tattoo done with a cross and a banner running across it with her three youngins' names on it: "LEAH" "OREO" "ISAAC". Yep! No "VICTORIA" because that would be too classy!

LMAO serious! She legit has Oreo tattooed on her...holy shit balls. Horrific.

I googled so many things to try and find a picture of this gem and never tracked it down. Lemme guess the location...right shoulder blade, correct?

Ugh. I'm surprised it doesn't have a drawing of Leah in stirrups and several blank lines under it to make sure there's room for future grandchildren.

God I'm such a bitch. I actually kind of feel bad this time...her entire world is just crumbling. I'm having a inner-bitch-conflict.

*an inner-bitch-conflict. Dammit.

One of the comments from her "fan" said Ironicall. I shit you not. Must be Gaythans kin.

Yeah I read some of the comments and my brain almost melted. It's like trying to read a sentence someone wrote that was originally in Elvish, chucked into Google Translator to translate into Russian, then Spanish, made a first year Spanish student translate it to English, printed it out with a printer that's low on ink and had one of the kids from Forrest Gump's first school bus ride read it after getting their tonsils out.

I know. I feel sad for the kids. But this shit happens in real life. THIS is REAL life (and some MTV editing) it would've happened with cameras or not in most circumstances I believe. Particularly Leah's. She will cheat again. And again.

I swear if they keep trashing Miranda I'll go crazy, she is caring for you girlses while you neglect them, what a pathetic excuse of a family, they are vile, trashy, compulsive liars who think they are above everything.
Miranda meanwhile is classy, pretty, sweet and knows right from wrong. And the best bit, she respects people, like she doesn't trash talk their junkie slutty mother in front of the girlses.

Leah, and her family are upset at Miranda because they know she takes better care of the girls than Leah ever would. And since Miranda isn't their biological mother, and it's documented for the world to see, makes them attack her in hopes of making Leah seem like she really is an absolutely great mother, and Miranda is trying to take her place. Very immature.

How dare Miranda make the girls to REASONABLE things that may show Leah up to be a crap mother! Honestly, the cheek of it!

Geeze! What did she ever see in that face?

(BTW, long time creeper here. Finally made an account. Yay. Now I can like all your guys' hilarious comments)

I know!! Could she downgrade any further?!

Oh I bet she can. And I can't wait to watch it!

Same! I've been creeping the comments for months!

I love your username, because it will probably always be relevant.

I want to rant how immature everyone is being in this situation but it is so damn entertaining. My prince charming Jeff and Corey are being classy about it at least.

Oreo is really hating the devotion to Corey and Jeff. Because the Simms family has a monopoly on all the class in West Virginia.

Hey!!! Not all WV folk are trash bags!! ;) just Leah and the rest of the Messers. And Victoria is a liar. Miranda has an education at least, Victorias just a lazy, less slutty version of Leah

She was living off that older guy. Now about Lee. . . do you think that Dawn married him because he was willing to financially support her and her kids? I totally get the vibe that he's the bank, so to speak

Lee is like her 3rd husband /live in meal ticket. Dawn is Leah in every way. Where do you think she learned it from??

Sorry, The Forgotten Twin! :) You clearly do NOT fit that stereotype, and I'm sure there are plenty of educated, polite people in WV! I'm from New Jersey, a land of table flipping, big hair and spray tan, so I understand stereotypes ;)

Haha none taken!!! I'm used to it, as you can relate ;) the sad thing about stereotypes is they exist for a reason. WVs reason being: Leah and the Messers. And buckwild (which was sadly very accurate) *insert banjo music* but yes, there are tons of well eeducated people in my home state, as well as hard working. Being a coal miner is NOT pretty

Sadly some stereotypes are true. I'm from south texas. I live on a ranch, raise cattle, my husband is an inspector In the pipeline. I hunt , fish and love to go muddin. Yea haw yall!

Central Texan right here.:)

Stereotypes are indeed there for a reason. I don't know how to pump gas and I kind of had this hairstyle in my high school graduation photos.

Not as big, though.

Right on, papa Lee!! I'm a proud redneck also. It's the simple things that are the best things. It's unfortunate admitting that Buckwild nailed it right on the head, but it's better than being like Leah, yall!! ;)

Meth dusted, I am in central Texas too. Maybe we are neighbors :)

Ooooh i wouldn't doubt it jollyrancher!

SE Texas here! I'm a new transplant! Haven't run into Farrah, thank god.

I'm about an hour from Austin. Never seen farrah there. I was thinking of going to her restaurant sometime lol.

Forgotten I don't think that at all!!! My lover Jeff and Corey are there so it must be classy!

I absolutely love this WV mess! and The Forgotten Twin, know you are not forgotten on this website! I absolutely love the way this entire board gets together and keep up with these messes! I have been unable to post as much lately but I thumbs up just about every comment!

Another central Texan here. There's a whole gang of us here!

NE Texas here!


I'm up near Dallas but I have a bunch of family in Austin so I'm there all the time. When/if Farrah's restaurant ever actually opens, my cousin and I are going. Since there are so many central Texans here apparently, we should all go at the same time.

I'll be in Austin next week! We need a group field trip!

Austin, TX! & Yes- I've seen Farrah around a couple times now. Creeped me out.

I've actually kept this a secret form this site but i'll share it now. I'm from Northern NJ but i went to WVU for college and trust me, it's not like the stereotypes make it seem. It's a beautiful state. Yes, there are hillbilly rednecks and very poor areas, but also lots of nice, built up areas. Morgantown, Charleston, and Huntington areas just to name a few have classy residents. My state is no different and has terrible stereotypes and trashy reality shows that don't help that perception but my state still has great people and beautiful parts and that's exactly how WV is.

Anyways, Leah came to a Mountaineers football game in August or September 2012 and literally nobody cared that she was there. She tried so desperately to be noticed and nobody gave two shits. It was great. Major college party town and she thinks anyone actually watched or cared about Teen Mom 2.

Was she??? bahahaha. What was she trying to do? That's hilarious

Haha sorry but you're in the nice part of WVa. I'm from Southern WV, and it's the stereotype alllll the way. The state is breathtaking. There's a reason it's called "almost heaven". But really, aside from Charleston, there is no opportunity in the southern part of the state. There's mountains everywhere and you need to drive about 45 minutes to even get to a movie theater or a mall. That's why people do drugs. There's really nothing else to do. That being said, this time of year is heaven on earth in Appalachia. It's hands down the most beautiful place in the country :)

And I've heard about her doing that. Hell, she does that EVERYWHERE she goes. She's a total attention whore (along with whore in general) When I get out of class today, I'll go on and on about how many times I've seen her in public, acting like a total bitch, and being ignored haha

I'm WVU alumni and a WV native. I grew up not far from Morgantown. It seems like WVU and WV only get attention when it's negative...hence the reinforcement of the stereotypes.

I'm a WV native also, born and raised. Unfortunately I must be from the region (southern/KY border) that started the stereotype. When I go to Morgantown and Huntington, I forget I'm in the same state as Wyoming county. Mingo, Wyoming, Raleigh, parts of Kanawha and Clay seem to be where we got this shitty stereotype from.... just my opinion. Again, I love my home state. But the stereotype fits, at least where I'm from. I blame the drugs. And the schools isn't good heres ;)

you all should come to tazewell county, im surprised they dont have a teen mom monument in front of the town hall complete with miss me jeans,knock-off uggs, and walmart camo studded purse, carrying a baby on one hip while holding a pill bottle and texting, with 3 barefoot kids under the age of 5 trailing along...its funny because me and my bf were just talking about this last week when we saw his friends gf, who by the way has 5 or 6 kids and 4 daddies, anyways we saw her riding through town in his truck with another guy driving while he was on a 12 hour shift in the mines, the sad thing is every 6 months to a year youll see her facebook status update to engaged to so-an-so, then youll see pics of her kids and new man with captions like daddy and the boys or at the lake with daddy, and im thinkin how messed up for those kids...and how the fuck in the world does this chick even find a man, much less one with a decent job who is willing to take care of them and their kids,i mean her and her sisters{who all have at least 3 kids each} are the town whores, dont work, and cant even keep a clean house between the 4 of them, anyways sorry for the rant it just baffles my mind that girls like leah are so common around here and that men like corey and jermey are such suckers for them...

I actually love the way jeremy is managing the situarion so far, i never understood why hard working cute guys where so atracted to Leah, and the way she treated them like shit, i really dont think Robbie can afford bigmacs.. Let allone cheetos

I'm not calling you out specifically at all, but I find it interesting that so many people here now have instant respect for Jeremy and are even paying him compliments now that Leah's screwed him over. Two weeks ago, we were all bitching about how he's a lazy drug addict, too, who doesn't care about the twins much and is an ass for trash talking Corey all the time.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I suppose, haha.

For the record, I still think he's Costco Corey that married Leah for the benefits of having a "famous" wife and his gross facial hair needs to go die.

EH, I still don't care for Jurrrmy. I just like the way hes bashing her online. I always knew he didnt care for the twinses and he proved it with getting "faith" tattoed. Unlike Javi, he rather not go through the laser removal of the girlses names.

How weird is it going to be when Javi & Kail break up and hes walking around with the Lincoln Isaac tattoo?

I think everybody can agree that Jeremy is a hard working decent family man, we were all just pissed he called corey a piece of shit.

I don't think I particularly care for Jeremy... Especially not as much as I like Corey, but when that blind item first came out the whole buying drugs for her and her significant other thing seemed off to me because I just didn't think Jeremy seemed like he was doing drugs. Now that we know SO probably refers to Robbie it all makes a lot more sense.

At the same time, he had to know to some degree what was going on with Leah, right? I watched an episode from early in this season and the change in her appearance from then to now is astounding. He was living with her, he had to have an idea. Don't leave your kid at home alone with that.

I always go back and forth with Jerms too. I think he's a downgrade from Corey but still hard worker....but that blind item says he's doing drugses too which is wrong obviously (even though he's married to leah) but at least the man is working his ass off. Pipelining is not an easy job, whereas sitting on your ass eating cheetos living in a filthy home letting your girlses eat off the floor isn't such a hard job. But Leah will just keep downgrading with shittier versions of Corey. Jerms was Costco Corey, Mr. Kidd is like Walmart outlet store Corey.

He certainly hasn't won any points with me. Sure, he's a hard workin' man and I give him credit for that. To me though, he just seemed like a tool from the get go. I think I lost a lot of respect for him when Leah put him on stand by while she was flipping the coin trying to figure out which one she wanted to be with- Cory or him. He should have grabbed a clue then and ran. I do give him kudos for providing us with some good 'ol hillbilly trash entertainment here lately though.

I'm still on the fence about Jeremy too. I never liked him as much as Corey, but I did like Jerm when he first came on the show, I thought he was great. Then he got Leah pregnant knowing she still had feelings for Corey, and got her pregnant AGAIN only a few months after that so I knew there was something not quite right about him.

Eventually I feel like he turned into a huge asshole, but I think being married to Leah turned him that way. I think any of us would be huge assholes if we were married to her crazy ass.

I still don't know exactly how I feel about him. I really love how he exposed all this though, it was wonderful and he's been hilarious. He seems like a supportive husband (he did a lot for and put up with a lot from Leah) and is probably a good, decent guy away from her. Between him and Leah in the divorce/custody battle, I'm team Jeremy. I think he at least deserves to rid himself of her.

I've been waiting for this post. Thank you, Megan. So I finally feel secure in this enough to post about it. I have a good friend Nathan who knows Leahs drug dealer and has partied with Leah personally. He's seen her short pills, explaining her stuffy nose she's had for the past year. She's the first to talk shit on Corey, but she'll leave the girlses with him/his family longer than she's supposed to because she'll either be partying or passed out and can't get out of bed. Nathan told me that her drug dealer told him that she hooked up with him for more drugs once. She blows hers and Jeremys money on pills and drugs, which is why they had to move in to that apartment. Oh and she's missed Ali appointment because she passed out at the dealers house for 2 days and left the girlses with dawn. God I know too much about this deadbeat and I'm happy everyone, in jurrrmys words, is done covering up her shit. Everything is about to come out and I'm so happy shits finally hitting the fan and karma is catching up with this slut.

Nathan Mullins? I remember seeing his name on starcasm, in the latest posts about the trainwreck.

Sure is. I've known these people, including nate for most of my life. Hence why I believe the hearsay. One thing about WV is a lot of us know everyone in our county. It's so rural and hard not to ha

Aren't some of the Mullins related to them? Or is that a different mullin's family nate is from?

They're related to Mullens, not Nathan though. Nathan is related to me by marriage, actually. But it wouldn't surprise me if some of her cousins/family friends/whatever are beginning to turn on her and sell her out also. Rumor has it they've been feuding for a few years with several family members who have distance themselves ever since the Messer's became "famous". As in, MTV exploits. Ugh

Oh ok. I thought dawn's mom was Sandy mullins?

Dawn's mom name is Sandy Moore. The only Mullins I remember in her family is that one aunt Mendy who tried to use Leah's notoriety to jump start a singing career. Lmao (Her husband's name is Mullins that is the only reason why her last name is mullins)

She wrote a song for Leah and Germs wedding and I told her it wasn't all that and her daughter tried to pop off on me. Lmaoooo Alot of leah's 'fans' were telling her that, so I wasn't the only one lmao Truth hurts..

Oh that's right! Lol I remember her aunt mendy trying to get famous off her fame! Haha PATHETIC!

Forgotten twin, you are a saint among us. God bless you and the high horse you rode in on. best comment ever.

Aww thank you!! That's so sweet. Everyone on this site is fucking hilarious and if I didn't have to worry about school, I'd be on here all day making fun of these train wrecks with everyone ;) yeah, Leah is a real winner. I can't stand that selfish slutbag. If I had been old enough and this site had been around when she was pregnant with the twins, I'd have been exposing everything I know since day 1

I heard Corey requested an emergency custody hearing. Do you know how true is that?

I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say that if you have dirt we haven't already heard...WE WANT TO HEAR IT. Tell us everything.

Custody hearing is true, but I was told it's in November. Maybe he moved it up?? I'll find out myself ;) and I've revealed quite a bit and will continue doing so!! I learn as it unfolds

Forgotten twin, I haven't been here too long, so if you've said anything about this before, I probably missed it. But do you know anything about Jeremy? He seems like a good guy, a hard worker and good provider, but he also seems like an asshole. I don't know what to make of him really, so I am just curious to know what his deal is.

You could always spill the beans from when mtv first found her...I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be interested :) lol plus, it happened years ago so it's not like you could get in trouble now..

I definitely will!!! To all of those who have already heard the stories, you can refresh your memory haha. I'll be out of class soon and I plan on doing nothing the rest of the day but commenting here. Bear with me ;)

You're doing god's work, Forgotten Twin. Thank you!

Got any updates on the pictures of Leah being released?

Quit school. You have a promising future as a TMJ commenter.

The THERAPY horse you rode in on!

BAZINGA!! Percs and ponies ;)

I second, Saraa. God Bless you, Forgotten Twin. Thank you for confirming everything we heard and assumed. I can only hope that custody will be awarded to Corey and Miranda. In fact, I think a case could even be made for Leah only getting supervised visitation. With Jeremy out of the picture (who seemed like a doofus, and kind of disinterested in the twins, but overall a good guy) I'm terrified of what kind of losers she'll bring around her daughters. Also, the fact that she was willing to fuck her dealer for drugs makes her a literal whore.

omg. I know we've all been suspicious and joking about how bad her addiction is but I never thought it would actually turn out to be as bad as this. Corey is even more of a fucking saint for never saying anything about any of this on the show when she trash talks him constantly. She is a hot mess and is trashy as hell but I sincerely hope she gets some help. The girls don't deserve to have an addict mother. For now, I'm thrilled all of this is coming out if not for our entertainment, but for Corey/Miranda to get custody and for Jeremy to break out of what is clearly a toxic relationship.

I can't believe you've kept it from us for so long! How dare you! :p

Wait.... so you're saying she DOESN'T have severe allergies and has to carry an EpiPen around?! ::gasp::

End sarcasm. Thanks for all your info! :-)

Lol ya that always struck me as crazy! Epipens are not for seasonal allergies!! Does she think we are all stupid??

why yes, yes she does but maybe cause she only has her little twitter cunt suckers so she knows they will ALWAYS believe her complete bullshit.

No, SHE'S that stupid.

The epipen is real! But it's used so she can perk up a little when she's passed out on the dealers lawn or Robbie's dick.

That is insane! That is so much worse than I could've imagined! How can dawn or anyone in her family protect that? Her mom seem so shocked at the "incompetent mother" comment. I understand shes her mom, and will love her unconditionally but my mom would be beating the crap out of me if I did any of that crap.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that family.

Perhaps Mama Dawn partakes, as well, so it doesn't qualify Leah as a bad mom in her eyes.

Maybe Dawn is the same and the genuinely think that kind of behaviour is acceptable. This genuinely reminds me of the South Park episode where Kenny and his siblings get put into a care home because his parents are arrested on an episode of White Trash In Trouble. I just remember them being made to say "I'm white trash and I'm in trouble"to the camera. Come on Leah, fess up! You're white trash and you are in trouble!!

Yeah, but at least Karen (Kenny's sister) had Mysterion to keep her safe.

Bahaha I love that episode of SP!

"In this house you will only drink agnostic beverages: Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper, for it is neither cola nor root beer. Nobody knows what it is and nobody can know what it is!"

That's true, she did have the awesome Mysterion... maybe mysterion could show up and save the girlsies

When I said I hoped Jermy left her and shed have to hunt for number three and we'd get to watch I was down voted 3 or four times even when I explained I thought she was an addict and it was dangerous for those kids to live with her- now I REALLY hope all this is true! Those kids all need to live away from her!

"she hooked up with him for more drugs once". So she's not just spreading them for Robbie?

Yeah, buddy! You should meet Oxy, Roxie, Zanny, Vali, and Vicky. They're SUCH sweethearts. ;)

You are my hero Forgotten Twin. Leah sounds like a bigger wreck than Jenelle. I didn't think that was possible.

As I said on a previous post, right now, Leah is no better than Jenelle. If anything-worse!! Jenelle at least (not verbally) admitted she was not responsible enough to raise Jace and signed him over. She has had him in her care when she's been under the influence (that we know of). We have SEEN Leah drive off her face with the girlses in her car and she has not one, but three babies to care for. I hope she falls on her ass hard. Wake up call Leah!!!

Yeah I was concerned about the fact that she was driving to dinner and work during that episode and nodding out like that. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt that she's a tiny girl and her anxiety meds just knocked her on her ass and she's too ignorant to understand she needed to see how they affected her at first. But now...ugh. Now it's just BLATANT child endangerment. How could anyone be that stupid?!

@ forgotten twin, what was the deal with them moving into that dumpy trailer after they got married (leah and corey) that was an hour away from her mom?

VictOREO is a complete liar & idiota. "Leah would have told me if she slept w Robbie." Ummm NO she wouldn't and if she DID tell you, OF COURSE you would defend her & say "no, my sister never slept w him."
I mean C'MOOON, would you REALLY tell the whole world that your OWN sister (w a cheating past) cheated even IF you knew?? A complete moron. Stop trying to cover up for Leah cause you are making it more obvious that Leah did cheat.

Victoreo LOL! GENIUS

I think the part where she really gave away that she was lying was when she said Jeremy called her because he needed someone to talk to. Yeah, I'm sure a grown man is going to call his cheating wife's little sister to talk about his feelings. Liars always find ways to make themselves important parts of the story.

I can't believe there are actually people foolish enough to go around and say "her sissy sayd she dint cheat, u h8erz is all so stooopyd." Yeah, okay. Maybe I should get my sister to tell the world that I don't eat all the cookies or spend all my money on makeup and it will magically become true.

Right?! I only know this because I know a TON of liars. I also was caught in the middle of a cheating situation w a girlfriend of mine and her bf aka "Flavor of the month". I just stayed quiet and didn't give my opinion or anything so it wouldn't be used against me once her secret was out lol.

This has nothing to do with ANYTHING, but I was reading these two comments and laughed at your set of user names on top of each other:


Hahaha that's so perfect!


LMAO!! Thats hilarious! I guess you can add my username w anyone's w/ Bab's voice.

The Forgotten Twin.....With Yah BOOOOFRIEND

Tyler's Trap Baby...... With Yah BOOOYFRIEND

god I just love Barbara, she's the best mother on TM2, all the other three teen moms have shitty mothers. Well Chelsea's mom isn't bad or anything, she just agrees with Chelsea every single time, only Babs does what's best for her children and grandchildren. When can Babs get her own show!!!

Why do you think Dr. drew was so chummy with Babs? He might not actually watch the damn show, but he is a whore and knows she's the fan favorite so he makes sure he is right there in camera view with her! her shoulder and neck rubs that are borderline too racy for primetime television! Oh yeah, Dr. Douche knows where his bread is buttered. HAHA

And Leah's been a little lyin damn husalah the whole time she's been on the show! She'll probably be stealing credit cahds and running off to Mingo with Robbie next.


And here I thought Robbie must have had the magic D... he really just sells pills and gives them to Leah in exchange for money and the sex. Smh. Good ole white trash.

She exchanges vag for pills with a few people, actually. Good ole white trash crack whores!!

OMG, she hooks up with other people on a regular basis??? Jeremy and Corey better go get tested ASAP.

How does she keep all that from Jeremy? In such a small town environment you'd think something would get out to him.

Jurmy is not from that town, plus he works 6 days a week and finally how many friends do you think he really has being a tv stah now... Not too many anymore. It is entirly possible

Why are you not selling these stories to Radar and TMZ so we can ALL have keurigs?!

I just had a terrifying mental image of Leah attempting bedroom eyes and trying to seduce guys with her nose full of narcotics, chewing on sour patch kids like a cow.


Lmao th st is HILARIOUS

I almost feel bad for her. It's her own stupid choices that is making everything blow up in the way it is, but sometimes I forget she's human too. I couldn't even imagine going through my second divorce with everyone watching and commenting on it. I'm sure she's going through a really rough time right now, but hopefully she can take it as a learning experience.
Unlike Jenelle, I really think Leah cares about her life, her girls, and corey. It's just sad how, if the rumours of her and drugs are true, (which is very likely), she stands to lose everything important in her life. But I guess that's the price to pay sometimes.

You're right, it would definitely be difficult, but I disagree to an extent. The only difference between Leah and jenelle is that Leah doesn't broadcast her shit the way Jennelle does and also lies about it. Trust me, she's just as bad.

She's a very natural liar. All this is coming out and she just sits there and says she doesn't know why Corey is trying to get primary custody and busting his balls for insulting HER as a mother. Or that she missed all those appointments and school for Ali because ALI was hurting. Way to blame your fucking toddler for your shortcomings, Leah. Jesus.

Oh and Corey is a stand up guy for not calling her ass out in front of God and everyone when she has the audacity to say he's doing this to hurt her and because he doesn't want to pay child support. And Dr. Drew is STILL a dick for telling Leah that physical therapy doesn't really matter and pretty much implying that Corey's a monster for wanting his daughters around more.

I've said all along that she's a liar. Her body language is that of a natural liar. Head tilts and avoiding eye contact and changing the content of the conversation back to the accuser. She had Corey coming and going and he was just too sweet to ever get a whiff of her deception until he finally stopped loving her. Like he said to his dad- once he stopped giving in to her whims, she turned badger mean on him. She was raised in the gutter and its just pure survival liar code with her- she also had the advantage of being pretty and tiny- HAD and then MTV she could have taken that far but she just got cocky and let greedy mama dawn guide her further down the gutter and she thought she could out smart people way out of her league. Idiot! I hope those kids get away from her clutches and all her trash family soon!

You better than me. I dont feel sorry for her AT ALL. I think shes a major bitch and Im glad this is happening. Hopefully they get those kids away from that selfish whore.

What do you mean she cares about Corey? She doesnt give a damn about him and never has. Sorry but Leah cares only about herself and what others think about her. I feel she tries to potray herself as this great person but in reality she is not. She always need constant assurance from her fans that she is doing a good job. The only reason she even have fans is because of Ali. Everytime I see someone defend her they say crap like "Leave her alone! Shes young with 3 kids and one is disabled. Shes a good mom!" Yada yada yada.

I only feel for the kids.

And every time Corey or Jeremy would call her on her shit, she'd just whip out their middle names and then start shrieking about how they never let her do anything and they control her life and she's "ALLOWED TO HAVE A BUSINESS!" Mary Kay is not YOUR business, dear. It's a scam that you pay to be a part of.

Yeah and now did I read slut sis Oreo is also an MK consultant? Are they all thinking they can ride the tv fame to a pink Cady there in WV?

Holy hell. Your username is amazing.

I felt bad for her when she lost Corey and tried to get him back. I even felt bad for her when she went through her first divorce.

Three strikes she's out. I WOULD feel bad for her, but she didn't take the other two times as learning experience enough apparently. This was an extremely avoidable situation to end up in. She chose to end up in it again.

As for the drugs, she should have stayed far, FAR away from them, period, especially with 3 kids (one of whom has a disability) and a family history of addiction (her bio dad apparently) but no one PLANS to get addicted, and it probably all took over from there.

I think if her kids are taken away, it'll either completely destroy her or motivate her to fix up her fucking life. I'm expecting the former but hoping for the latter.

yeah you're right. sometimes i care about people too much and it becomes my downfall. i agree though, she never even should have gone near drugs in the first place. as a mother of three children, one with a debilitating disease, it's extra important for her to always be around and most of all, SOBER. it really is the kids i feel sorry for too, their lives are a complete mess. what a circus.

YES! i mean, i DO feel sorry for her whole life right now. like someone said, nobody plans to get addicted. but once you do, youre sucked in with little hope to get out by yourself.
but i dont drink (often) or smoke weed anymore because 1) my son needs me sober. 2) if i accidentally hurt/killed him somehow because of alcohol or drugs, i would literally die. 3) how can someone NOT be afraid of cps taking their kids away!?!? i just dont understand. leah has pretty much ruined all chances of having a front row seat to watch her girlses grow up. those seats will soon belong to corey and miranda.

You're sweet I don't think its wrong to feel bad. But honestly its just wasted. There are people so much worse off...this bitch had it really good with both Corey and even jerks and she done fucked it up! She does not seen to enjoy motherhood or being a wife and seems happiest when she's buying shit/getting child support money aka drugses

I think the problem is that she truly believes that she's entitled to whatever she wants. SHE'S their mom so of course she's more important. SHE wants Ali to have a custom pink wheelchair so of course Corey doesn't care about his family when he can't force his insurance to approve it. SHE wanted to snag Jeremy in for good so of course she got pregnant IMMEDIATELY after having a damn miscarriage with the first pregnancy she had with him. SHE wanted to get her groove on after her bachelorette party so of course she fucked her ex and ruined her marriage before it even started. It doesn't enter into her head that CPS would get involved or anyone would DARE separate children (especially one with a disability) from their own mother, so why should she worry? Reality is about to bacon slap her in the face and it's going to burn.

How much you want to bet she'll use her child's debilitating disease as an excuse for her drug use? That and- "Jurmy was never there for me, and Corey dint pay me enough child support to keep up with medical bills. I done got so stressed I HAD to do sumthin to take my mind off it all." She'll blame everyone but herself.

I am in no way condoning Leah's recreational use, but addiction is a beast. she just wanted to have some fun and it escalated to a full blown addiction. as much as she sucks as a person, I don't think she ever planned on being an addict or where it has taken her. I am first to judge shitty decision making and overall stupidity, but we have to wonder where the stupid vapid girl ends and where the addiction starts as far as her behavior. This is not a rational person making rational decisions-- this is a very sick person coping the only way they can at this point. addiction is a beast and I genuinelt hope she can win her battle with it for the sake of her kids.

Leah is kind of turning out to be TM2's Amber, for me. Yes, raging addiction but she was a repugnant bitch before she got hooked on drugs and she'll still be insufferable if she ever gets sober and she'll go do the talk show circuits like Amber and write a book with a selfie taped to the front cover. Neither one of them seems to be able to fully accept responsibility for their poor choices. They blame others every chance they get.

@Rae- you get it! Leah was born a selfish, spoiled daughter raised by a stupid opportunistic mother who probably partied often or at least neglected her kids to seek fun herself and is just never going to really fully get it and rather than take responsibility- she will seek the limelight and preach like I suspect Amber will do. she is already feeling superior because she got notoriety for her mistakes. That isn't the lesson- Farrah! It's disappearing and growing up!

Next will be rehab and then a book with selfie of her eating cheetos with the girlses. Mark my words. And she'll go to three pigs and order a plate full of sourpatch gummies while yelling at Coorey that it's her fault she went to GEL and couldn't get her nellses done.

Your name tho. I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts :D

Thanks for the down vote on a compliment, I was referring to Leah Meth-er. But thanks ;)


You should know I religiously look forward to your posts, even when I was a lurker. You post the best juicy gossip/juicy truth.

Thanks for being our man/woman on the inside. <3

Woman. Haha thank you!! I'm happy to be the West Virginia snitch. My next username?? ;) I love exposing that selfish little girl

Forgotten twin, you should totally keep your name. I like thinking of you as secretly Aleeah coming on here to oust your whole family because you want to go back to daddy's where they feed you and let you play with live cats. You're like the WV Suri Cruise.

Yeah, as things continue, I'm starting to worry more and revel in the drama less. I think Leah's family are being morons right now. They need to stop milking this situation for their own limelight and seriously get Leah some help. I think she's heading for either a nervous breakdown, an overdose or a suicide. Watching her react to the kitten's death was really telling - she broke down completely and had a hard time coming out of it, her goddamn four year old had to talk her down. What if Aleah wasn't able to talk her down, or wasn't there? (I can't believe I am having to ask what would have happened if a poor little four year-old wasn't there, but Aleah did seem pivotal in getting her mom "back to reality"). Seriously, all of the adults are so useless Leah's fucking kids are pretty much on suicide watch and how can you do that to a child? How can you put that burden on them? I don't think they understand it, but they'll feel it intuitively, that their mommy is crying more and more and having a harder time functioning. I mean, that was not normal crying, Leah was wailing and rocking back and forth. Her kids must be terrified.
It's time for one of the adults to pull a Babs, go to the magistrate and get Leah a psychiatric evaluation. Like Babs said, it might result in the kid being angry as all hell, but she'd rather have a daughter that never forgave her than dead kid and an orphaned grandchild. I don't know how this works exactly, but whatever Babs did seems like a good starting point in this situation if Leah will not go get help now.

I thought the same thing with the dead kitten reaction. She kept pushing those kids away too. Think of how much of a wreck she is about this and how she's probably treating the kids.

But those girlses is her whole liiiife ya'll! She's a stay at home mom, she doesn't know how to be anything else! Don't you know how much they mean to her?!!

What kitten? What did I miss? Leah killed a cat?

Did you see the unseen moments? Ugh I warn you it's sad, I wouldn't watch that part (but the rest is funny). Yeah I guess the kitten got smothered and the cat was carrying it around. Jerms showed Leah and she had a COMPLETE METLDOWN in front of the kids to the point where Gracie thought Jeremy hurt her and had to console her own mother. She was on the floor crying going THAT WAS MOMMYS FAVORITE ONE and the girlses were just like wtf....It was really sad.

Oh wow. I watched it. That was hard to see. Poor mama cat. Poor Ali and Aleeah. I have a good friend who's really lax about her parenting unless she's frustrated or upset and then out of nowhere she goes from being an attentive and kind mother to a very harsh, "OH MY GOD! STOP!" or "BE QUIET/SHUT UP!" if the kid is doing something annoying or that would annoy an already frustrated person. It's so awkward to be around because the kid has no fucking clue what's going on because there's no consistency or reason behind what gets her yelled at or not. This happens rarely, though, and my friend is actually a VERY good mother. I just don't like that particular aspect of how she handles frustrations around her kid.

I think you're over thinking here. She's a user, we don't really know exactly how much she's using or what's she's using, this forgotten twin on here could just be pissing in the wind, who knows. She freaked out when she saw a dead kitten, is she the only person in the entire world that would have reacted that way? With a young child there or not? No, plenty of others would. Everyone one on here is just giving their opinions. Like someone said Babs is such a great mother. You have to be joking right? Are you watching what I'm watching. She's not a very well educated person, she raised Jenelle, and that has to be looked out, she screams and yells a little too much, I don't see her getting any mother of the year awards, Jenelle has two other siblings a brother and sister that are both troubled, this woman couldn't raise one successful child??? That's speaks volumes about what type of human being she is. That poor little boy, he would have been better off being placed for adoption then with any of those toxic losers. What is wrong with Jeremy, why in the world would he have married her? She was divorced with two little kids, and trying to win back Corey right in front of him, and then he goes back to her, and married her, something is not right with him either, I mean if we are going to call people out on their shit, let's call them all out.

Jace would be in foster care if it weren't for babs. Is she perfect? No. But Jenelle is a mother fucking adult. Quit blaming babs for Jenelle being a piece of shit.

At Tylers trap baby, I do blame Babs, and the missing father, she was what 16 , 15 when she was running around getting prego? Where was Barbara during that time? Why wasn't she a responsible parent? She is a mess, she is a fouled mouthed, walmart working loser. She has another son and daughter that are both very troubled, she has a part in that, if it's one then maybe not, but all three of her children that she raised are troubled, that goes directly to her as a parent. Sorry
but that's the way it works.

At some point in life you hvae to quit blaming mommy. I know people with parents WAYYYYYYYYY worse than Babs, like Jenelle bad lol and they have their issues but work through it. They don't blame everyone else. And I hate how Jenelel says she got Jace "taken" from her. As Babs would say I DIDN'T PUT THE NEEDLE IN HER AHM! Lol and Jenelle's trashy whore of a sister has no one to blame but herself, same with jenelle. I have no idea about the other one. I don't like how babs screams either but she's not doing drugs and she makes sure Jace is having a good life. She also works her ass off and that's more than I can say about Jenelle who was a waitress for like one day.

Where was Babs?? Are you kidding? She was working her ass off, dealing with Mike and Jenelle. Even after her daughter got pregnant she still provided everything he needed and more. Jenelle is an adult and even when she wasn't she still knew right from wrong. She knew exactly what she was doing when she was screaming at Babs and she knew exactly what she was doing when she was shooting up.

@amberwhitetrash, fuck you for calling Barbara a walmart working loser. Ok, maybe Barbara was a bitch in her past life and so she's being punished in this life for having three moron children. But take a look at Jabba the Dawn,she's way worse than Babs but you don't see all of her children going in and out of prison. Kail also has a dipshit mom but she turned out to be a great mother. It's not always the mother's fault.

It's not entirely fair to blame mommy. At some point in life you have to decide if you will let your upbringing define you or if you will decide who you want to be. I had a piece of shit mom and an absent dad. My mom unlike Babs had all the education that one could want and yet we had a much poorer upbringing because my mother refused to get a job. Walmart might not be glamorous but you know what it is an honest days work and hard work at that. To slam someone for holding the job that hey are capable of just seems small and petty. So now here I am 27 with a much shittier upbringing than Jenelle and you know what??? I am married and have two kids one mine and one step. My husband is an engineer and I am a doctor. I have a brother and a sister that also grew up with me. My sister is a phlebotomist and my brother has an MBA and works for a major bank. Just goes to show that it isn't all on your parents. If Jenelle had ever been to an AA meeting she would know that there is a great deal of personal responsibility in life and owning your mistakes is a large part of recovery.

As for Jace would have been better being adopted? Sure... But Adoption requires you to put the needs of your child before your own. I have a son that I did place for adoption several years ago. It was hands down the hardest thing I have ever done but it was what was best for him. I was 16 just like Jenelle. Only my mother kicked me out and wouldn't help me unlike Babs who did help Jenelle. So while it sucked and it was hard it was what was best for him. When has Jenelle ever put Jace's needs above her own???

Finally to say that foster care would have been a better place for him maybe so maybe not. Foster parents are all over the map. Some are saints and some just want the extra cash from having a foster child. Also once he was in foster care Jenelle seems like one of those moms that would show just enough progress to get visitation and avoid getting her rights terminated but never do enough to get Jace back so on and on Jace goes all while never having an actual home as foster parents change until he is about 8 and then no one wants to adopt him because he has behavior problems and is no longer a baby. So then he will go from group home to group home until he either runs away or ages out at 18. You really can't think hat's better than being with a maternal grandmother that loves him.

I agree with Messer beauty salon. It's same as with Jenelle, even though Jace will be raised by Barbra and things do end up going wrong with him, he still has the CHOICE whether to choose what his future can be. HOPEFULLY he is like many of us who have had that pain but have also learned to live past it and realize they have a possibility for a better future.

I don't really feel sorry for anyone with children who chooses to get caught up in drugs.

I truly don't care who she sleeps with, but when you start doing drugs when you have multiple kids at home, all sympathy is lost.

I really don't care about Leah, like everyone else I just want the triple A girlses to be safe. The best situation is that the fathers get the triple A girlses, Leah melts down because she lost custody, but the court orders her to go to rehab or something. Then when she's healthy and sober, the judge can re-evaluate the situation and consider giving her 50% of the custody. The worst people in the situation is Leah's family, people who get caught on drugs don't realize anything is wrong, the family should step in and get her help but they chose to cover up her ass. Jenelle is really lucky that she has Barbara's help every freaking single time things go down.

I definitely agree... as much fun as it is to snark on her, it's like Amber 2.0 Such a sad situation all around. I hope she's able to get herself together like Amber seemingly has.

Can you imagine how this would end up if Corey and his family weren't involved in the twinses lives? They'd wind up with Mama Dawn or the foster system and I dunno which is worse. Leah better realize how lucky she is that the father of her children is FIGHTING for more time in their lives and stop being such an ungrateful bitch to everyone in her life including Corey.

I wonder how much of this Jerms was aware of. And if he knew how bad shit was. Victoreo said he wanted out for a while. Surely if he knew he wouldn't work away and leave his own child with her??

Addy was with Tammy so much he probably thought she was safe.

Well, shit, if Addy's been around Tammy all the time she's never going to learn English.

I don't think I feel BAD for Leah (to quote Babs "I didn't put a needle in HER arm!"...she made these decisions) but I AM concerned about her. As much as I love to talk shit on her and make jokes about her trashy life, I do want her to get help and be well and I don't want her to hurt herself.

To an extent, I do feel bad for her. I am not going to defend her, say she is a wonderful mother and all that crap. She put herself in this position making God-awful, dumbass decisions and now she is facing the consequences. And she chose to stay in the public eye which only exacerbates these situations she is in. EVERYONE watches. EVERYONE reads. EVERYONE has an opinion or criticism that will be more than willing to share. Unfortunately, who that really hurts is her children.

Now to play Devil's advocate, I couldn't imagine being in her situation. One being scrutinized on television, social networks, media, publicly, etc. on a daily basis. That goes for any of the girls actually. That is really a lot for someone to handle even by choice. And, yes, taking into an account she has three girls and one with a severe disability, that is a ton of stuff put on your plate. Does that excuse cheating and drugs? Oh, hell no. It doesn't. But, if you pushed all that aside, it would be tough.

Say, for instance, she hadn't cheated on Corey. They didn't get divorced. In a situation they were still together, had another child (Corey said he wanted another)and kept a relatively low profile, how would you react if she was discovered to be addicted to drugs? This isn't even touching on her infidelity issues. Or, say, their divorce was mutual and she had given it a little more time to have a child. Would you sympathize with her a little more? Just to give a little different perspective. Of course, that isn't that case and there really isn't an excuse to turning to drugs period.

Becoming a drug addict when you have kids is infinitely worse than cheating on your husband, in my opinion. Both selfish acts, both hurt everyone involved, and I guess I can't explain, but I think the major issue is her drug use. Her whoring around is just the selfish orange dust on the crunchy spherical cheeto balls of selfishness. You bring up a really good point though! I think no matter what her marital status was, whether or not she was on Teen Mom, and regardless of if she had a third child when she did or later, I would feel close to the same about her drug use. But just knowing that she has made so many selfish decisions before this makes it worse somehow. Just my opinion!

And that is understandable. Like some have said, no one aims to become addicted to drugs. I think everything going on really just drove her to it. Yes. She might have experimented when she was younger. But, some people do and not all form an addiction. Unfortunately, she did. And, if she hadn't made the decision she had(cheating, marriage, child, etc), I do wonder if people would be more understanding or sympathetic or simply pity her because she has this illness.

Again, I am not excusing, defending or condoning drug use or addiction.

@thegirlses I agree no one aims to do that but theres an easy way to avoid it... don't do drugs. It's really not that hard, you just say no.
When I was in high school of course people tried to pressure me into trying drugs, i live in a bad council estate (same i grew up in through high school) and the same kids pressuring me into drugs are now 85% of them, junkies who live off govt. money, been homeless at some point because there parents got sick of their shit, have kids to multiple dads/ baby mommas, have no money because it all goes on drugs, have no qualifications, no job prospects, their kids don't know right from wrong, some of their kids are in care (they blame grasses and social services) .. because i said no I have worked since leaving school and now getting my degree .. i know i could easily get addicted to anything if i try it so the only drug i've ever had is caffeine :) I wish people would realise this at a young age rather than ruining their lives like Leah, Amber, Jenelle .. addiction is hard to beat and you will be an addict for the rest of your life so why do people risk taking drugs? People say it relaxes them/helps them feel things but in all honesty they are horrible people to be around when they aren't on drugs, they use to not do drugs and be pleasant to be around but when the drugs started when they are off the drugs their personality is shit, obviously because of the addiction .. Amber, although now in recovery, will always be an addict, always have a small desire to go back, reputation ruined, Child services wil never forget so if anyone even accuses you they knock on your door and Leah will have to see that, that why i kinda hope she only ever has joint custody at most, it is horrible and embarrassing to see the police/social services show up at your school/house in front of your friends .. i feel nothing but sadness for these kids .. kids don't choose to do drugs but they get the stigma of having a junkie parent.

I definitely understand WHY someone would want to try drugs to escape and then do them more habitually until it turns into an addiction like this. There are some days when I'm physically sick or really depressed and I just think, "This is why people do drugs." I've had my fair share of opportunities and decided against certain things because addiction runs in my family but for the most part, I've never done hard drugs or many drugs at all because a) I make the conscious effort not to, b) I have no idea how to obtain anything if I wanted to and c) I'm so bad at lying I'd go to prison and ruin my life instantaneously. That or get robbed and shot. (Another VERY important reason not to do drugs when you have children. Some crazy ass drug dealers don't care if you're a "mama." They want their money.) For some people, it's very easy to just say no. For others it's impossible. Most people fall in the midground like me and have to actively CHOOSE not to go that route. Regardless of what camp you fall in, however, I do agree that you need to cut that shit out if you have children. Absolutely. You shouldn't be doing it in the first place but I just feel like once you have the decision to raise children, it doesn't get to be about you anymore. You don't get to be selfish.

I agree with you ladies about Leah doing drugs as a mother being TOTALLY unacceptable. Now with that being said, I don't agree with her" turning" to them because her life is hard. C'mon you guys, she was a mother of twins; one who already had a lifetime illness that wasn't going to go away no matter how much she and Corey understandably wanted/want it to. She already went through a divorce that was on public display. Then she finds this Jermery guy, and they decide to get married and have children. She had a miscarriage with the first baby, then she had adalynn. She knew what she was getting herself into by attempting to try again after she lost her first baby. You do not try again unless you are positive you REALLY want another baby. With this said her daughter's condition never got better and Leah and Jeremy continued to pursue a family together. And that's exactly what she got, and now she can't handle it. But doing drugs as a coping method because she is too immature to be a mother of 3 and 1 with a disability is not an excuse. I'm terribly sorry for her situation, but she did it to her self. Someone should have told her that TIME is of the essence. And maybe she wouldn't have jumped head first into this mess that is now her life, and very public.

Remember when she joked about getting To buy her a car when she wasn't married to her yet-, when she had to have a house and then divorced Corey because he wouldn't buy her one then she looks on line, finds Jeremy, married him has a baby, then get a house- then she bitched about needing a better washer & dryer, then needs a house with bigger halls for that willchar, and a horse- now another husband bites the dust- this is a selfish, never satisfied climbing gold digger being guided by Mama dawn.

If Leah cared, she wouldn't be doing it. Simple as that.

Ahhhhh I want those pictures!

I noticed yesterday when leah and jeremy's fan page came back that there was a bunch of old pictures of her and him with the girlses ( did I spell it right? lol) and I just went to take another look and noticed they are all gone and replaced with just pictures of her with the girlses. Oh Leah, when will you learn that posting photos of y'all being happy isn't going to save your marriage....neither will your sister trying to blackmail him lol!

So hillbilly heroin strikes again. I feel so bad for the girlses. But, I'm gonna get the popcorn ready, because this is gonna get insane.

I feel like a jerk being this excited about this, But I can't stand people like Leah who act like they have the perfect marriage when they don't. Kail, I'm also looking at you.

To quote mamma dawn from an August post "Leah isn't getting a divorce lol"

Yes Dawn, we are all LOL right now :)

and that applies to everyone! I'm hoping the entire Simms family is really ok and there's no shitstorm going on in their family.

I've found that the more people try to broadcast how amazing and happy their relationship is, the more fucked up and terrible it is in real life. I have a friend in a very abusive relationship who sits glitter and rainbows all over social media about how perfect her relationship is. I don't get it at all.

To paraphrase Mama Dawn, "Well you might as well get the [wedding dress] you want because you only get married once."

Bahahahaha famous last words. In all honesty she looked beautiful at the wedding with Corey. The braces at Jerms wasn't so breathtaking.

Her wedding to Corey and the honeymoon period was the best she's ever looked.

I agree with Leah looking pretty in her first wedding, but the second one... That ugly black veil, and matching raty extensions, she looked like Mean girls Caddy Heron dressed as corprse bride

when looking for pictures of weddings, found this:
If I were them, I would send a copy of this pic to Leah.

it's crazy to think about 16&P when she was this cute, innocent, sweet southern girl. my oh my, how things change...

I really felt for her at the end of the 16&p episode. She was 16 and she messed up and wanted her family back. And I wanted that for her. Then you see her on unseen moments wondering why people still give her hell about cheating when she was 16. Maybe because you're what 22? And still doing it?

I remember actually crying with her at the end of that 16&P episode. She just seemed so damn guilty and depressed about what she had done and really wanted to fix everything. I wanted it for her too. The only reason I started watching TM2 (never cared about or watched TM) was because I wanted to see what happened with her and Corey and was SO HAPPY for her when they got back together and got married. I really liked her season 1. She really seemed like she knew what she had done wrong and was prepared to do anything to fix her mistake.

And then.....

I already disliked her on 16 and pregnant. Corey bought her a car and worked two jobs for her while she was just this ungrateful bitch.

Don't get me wrong, I thought she was a major bitch to Corey throughout her episode and was repulsed by most of her behavior. But at the end when she was crying about how much she regretted everything she had done and acknowledged that her girls wouldn't have a proper family, I felt for her. She seemed like she had learned from that mistake.

Looks like she's going to have to learn that lesson again. The schools really AREN'T well there...

I get what you're saying, I think everyone rooted for Corey and Leah when they got back together. Corey bursting into tears when he saw Leah coming down the aisle made me cry. We didn't know then what we know now.

Four years later on Dr. Drew "I still get crap for cheating on jermy"

Dr. Drew: And how old were you?

Leah: 22 (or she'll lie she was 16 again)

4 years later:

Dr Drew: How old were you when you cheated on Husband #3/Robbie?

Leah: 22

4 years later:

Dr. Drew: How old were you when you cheated on husband #4

And fucking so on...and so on.

Ugh that scene in the restaurant with her friends where her one friend said something like "Corey's gonna get you a car? And then you're gonna leave him in it? " and they all burst out laughing? I wanted to punch every ONE of those little bitches in the face.

But I kinda of agree with Leah Mether (my fave new name btw). I liked her when TM2 started. one of my favorite moments from season one is that anniversary dinner she planned for him (which is kind of crazy in hindsight...who does that for their ex ? I know she was trying to get him back, but still). She seemed very determined to fix their relationship and regain Corey's trust.

Fun fact: My user name was almost "I don't want no cornbread" based on that scene.

I loved it when she peed her pants while pregnant with the twins and her and Corey could not stop laughing about it. Brings on my sads just thinking about it :(

She was never a cute innocent southern girl, i remember her drooling for Robbie, and how she left the twinses to actually hang out with him

Lol yea she really wasn't. I remember watching with my boyfriend at the time of 16 and pregnant, and she said how Corey was a one night stand rebound. We just looked at each other like holyyyyy shit... slut...

you're joking right? An innocent sweet girl, she was preggo as a teenager what are you talking about??? She's always been trash, she is a poster child for white trash America! She always has been, who knows how many generations of what trash she is, at least 2, her children don't stand a chance, I don't see a bunch of Harvard fellows here at all, The fathers are blue collar non educated bozo's too, none of them are winners, sad for those girls, really sad!

Woe woe woe... Corey May not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least from what we've seen, he is really sweet. He is also smart enough to NOT run his mouth about Leah, I'm sure he has just as much on her as anyone else, but he keeps quiet for his kids. He also has a really kind family, and they seem to have really good morals and values.

Corey and his family are the classiest families to ever be filmed for the entire 16 and pregnant / teen mom franchise, that trumps smarts in my book. There is nothing wrong with being blue collar.

At Tylers trap baby, I do blame Babs, and the missing father, she was what 16 , 15 when she was running around getting prego? Where was Barbara during that time? Why wasn't she a responsible parent? She is a mess, she is a fouled mouthed, walmart working loser. She has another son and daughter that are both very troubled, she has a part in that, if it's one then maybe not, but all three of her children that she raised are troubled, that goes directly to her as a parent. Sorry
but that's the way it works.

Walmart working loser... WOOOOOW!

This mentality right here is what proves intelligence means nothing. When you have to resort to degrading someone because of the job they have, when they work hard at It to support their family, that's when I lose all respect for someone. I used to work at walmart, sometimes you have to do what you gotta do. They work hard at their jobs for next to nothing. I have no respect for you, and nothing else to say.

I'm sorry. I hate ppl who blame the parents. My mom was a whore,had a drug problem and was an alcoholic. (We have no idea who my dad is) I slept on so many strange men's floors, going to school in the same clothes in wore the day before. But guess what I never wanted to be that. I studied hard. Worked two jobs paid my way through nursing school and it sucked. But I've never used any drugs, I have been married for almost 8 years and have 2 kids by the same guy. My mom is 5 years sober and although our relationship is strained I try my best to maintain it. U need to grow up and make your own future.

Amber white trash your name fits you well.

AmberWhiteTrash did you and your boooooyfriend send a tape to MTV and you weren't selected? You're very bitter about something.
Obviously they were young and dumb at 16 getting pregnant. It can happen to anyone. I don't think they thought about what they were REALLY signing up for at the time. It's blown up. And Corey is probably the most consistently hard working, caring dad from the franchise. Maybe he's not on a super salary like your entitled ass seems to expect, but he's doing what needs to be done to provide and love and care for those girlses. What more do you want?

PAPA LEE, sorry you had a difficult childhood, happy for you that you are doing great!

One symptom of opiate withdrawl is really bad anxiety, probably why she is on antianxiety meds. Hope more details come out soon because Jeremy seems to think she is now with Robbie why he made fun of her on twitter.

So why is Victoria's nickname Oreo? I must have missed that post.

I read somewhere (on one of the Facebook pages, I think) that when leah was little she had a hard time saying Victoria's name and just called her Oreo.

Only reason I remembered that is because I have a cousin named Victoria and when we were growing up I called her "Torio" so I could relate lol.

Oooooh ok, thanks!

And she still has a hard time saying wordses to this day

Yes, please tell lol

In one episode Leah is talking to Victoria in the phone and you can see how her contact appears as oreo on leahs phone ,sorry my grammar sucks but its because english is not my mother thongue (not because im related to the messer family Lol)

leah will never change because her family will always make excuse for her bad behavior blaming another's for her own actions Leah will continue to cheat and lie because she see nothing wrong with what she does. Unlike Corey and his family who kept quiet about Leah cheating and scandalous ways Jeremy and his family will spill all the dirt they have on Leah and her family I don't understand why does Leah sister have to drag Miranda into all of this . I don't blame Miranda one bit for being at the drops off between Leah and Corey Leah is a hurricane she destroy anything in her path leah really lucky out with Corey and Jeremy I don't think she will be as Lucky the third time around .

I agree that Leah's family is oblivious to her problems, but I can't help but wonder: what about Jeremy? I mean, since everybody knew she was popping pills, why not get her some help and not leave your child with her when you are away for the week? He was such a level-headed guy in the beginning (way too concerned even about what Corey/leah breaking up would do the girls). Then we see him in the last season bashing on Corey filing for custody, while he must have known Leah was getting out of control so Corey had a damn good reason. Why does his wife only become a problem when she is riding another D?

Because maybe Jurrmy's on drugs, as well.

I think she got it good with Corey. He at least respected her enough not to blast her shit all over social media. I don't think Jermy will give her the same courtesy. He is going to throw his bitch slut cheating wife under the bus. Grab the popcorn!!

Even though I personally don't feel too bad for Leah as she has been making bad decisions over and over again, we must remember she has an addiction and is sick. That doesn't give her a free pass, but it's possibly Jeremy doesn't understand addiction and was enabling her, or at least MTV did it with their pay checks (another replay of Jenelle). Leah is clearly overwhelmed by her life decisions and a bit of bad luck and circumstance.
Obviously I don't agree with her cheating, but she did rush into both marriages and was too young for both. But as anyone who has ever dealt with an addict knows, addicts do things that they would never do sober...I hope this is a lesson for both of them to never jump into a lifetime commitment with someone you don't know well (cough Kail cough), and that people change or break in life.

I know this sounds evil, but I'm a bit excited this is not going away! After Jeremy deleted those tweets I thought, oh great, tweet and delete and we're a happy family again (cough, cough disneygate). This dirtbike tweet is awesome, and the fact that he's now following random girls who are lusting all over him on twitter! Leah, you f*cked up girl, and bad!

The bathtub you complained about in the small trailer, the truck you wouldn't let Corey have, the horses you HAD to have, the pimped out wheelchair, the big house(s), the cars, mary kay, washers and dryers, and endless hair and nails.

It's all coming back around. Corey sitting pretty with his truck, beautiful wife and girls who love him. Jeremy will probably find an upgrade and have the same situation. While Leah will end up with Robbie, or a Robbie-type-of-guy, AAA girls being taken away, no money, snorting and chewing pills and sour patch kids, worse bathtub, no cars, nappier hair, yuck face that no amount of Mary Kay will hide.

Look at Amber and Jenelle. Rock bottom can happen right before us. The difference is that Leah, in my opinion, had soooo much more to lose. 3 kids, 2 husbands, and financial stability.

Don't worry- Dr.Drew will make a special and pay for her to go to a Malibu rehab and trash Corey, Miranda and Jermy and help her get all the kids back- it will suck but he seems to enable her victim hood!

Dr. Drouchebag enables EVERYONE on this damn show to be complete morons.

I can see Leah being on Intervention. Living in abandonded houseses with Robbie and she randomly goes to see her girlses but not as often. She literally looks like a perfect cast member. She'll let the cameras follow her and think its a Where Are They special with MTV. Then when the reveal comes she'll yell at all them. "Noo Correy tyluu, No Jurrmmmy Lynn, I aint goin without ma Robbsies ALlensss."

lol @ pimped out wheelchair.

I wonder where the horseys going now...

I would love the ponies to join Moogan on the farm,so they can run around freely.

Fuck, let Gracie and Jace go to the farm, too. They deserve the happiness and freedom.

I've had a problem with the way the girls on this show are treated, and this is the perfect time to express it. I by no means think that jennelles behavior is anyway justified, but my biggest pet peeve of the show is how her problems are so blatantly called out, when ALL of leahs fuck ups are just pushed aside or hidden. Jenelle smoking pot is called out repeatedly, but there's no mention of how Leah smoked and drank during both of her pregnancies. Jenelle abusing her dogs is shown, but not the fact that Leah had adopted 4 animals and gave all of them away since the show started. Jenelle is a druggy, but leahs been experimenting for awhile now. I know jenelle is much worse, but Leah really isn't too far behind her. Don't get me started on her parenting, or lack of.....

The dreaded good girl edit. I hear you, Twin. What really gets to me is that Leah hasn't signed her contract - is it a way to get out of going to rehab? Does she realize that MTV will send her if she re-signs, and doesn't want to go/admit to her problem? Maybe she's a lot more trouble than any of the other girls, more than any of us realize. We've seen what Delta Dawn and Oreo have done - blast anyone and everyone wherever they can. As much as it kills me to say this, but MTV might want to wash their hands of these people. Twin did say that Delta Dawn is litigious. Crap I hope I spelled that right.