Teen Mom 2 - Rumor Control On Jeremy/Leah "Breakup"

catelynn lowell

Ahh yes, the old tabloid catch-all story that covers all the latest rumors while exaggerating them on the cover to try and sell copies. I'm going to be honest and say I did not read the magazine to see the details. I have better things to do like stare at a spider outside my window than to run to the store and pay to pick up a copy of this garbage.

I did notice one of the headlines.. the "Bombshell! Why Jeremy left Leah" part that is casually buried at the bottom while still bold enough to attract attention. From any source I have, I have had no confirmation of Jeremy leaving Leah in the sense that you'd think based on the wording. The title makes it seem like they broke up, but in reality if they did, it would have probably been the lead in this story.

From what I understand, Jeremy started working again and it's out of town for about 6 days a week. Naturally, that title is not going to sell magazines nor drum up interest in the article, so they had to make it sound juicy. To be fair, they probably explained that's exactly what he's doing inside the article, but to make it sound like they broke up on the cover is just a tabloid being a tabloid.

So to squash this rumor, as far as I know, Jeremy and Leah are still together.

In other news, check out Catelynn's new look...

What do you guys think of her new hairstyle / extensions?


I liked Cate better with short hair. Now with the long hair all I see is April.

it does remind me of April. now all she needs is years of wear n tear doing hardcore drugs and being an alcoholic to make her face all sunk in and droopy to look exactly like her

No no no..extensions are just so wrong.
If you want long hair..be patient and let your hair naturally grow long.

That is what is wrong with society. No one has patience. They all want it NOW.
And NOW is not always a good thing.

Some people's hair simply won't grow very long. One of my close friends can't grow her hair out because it won't grow past the middle of her upper arm (and it gets all awful and frizzy and crazy). She's a hairdresser and said she knows plenty of people who this happens to.

Not to mention, if someone wants extensions, they should be able to get extensions. Who cares?

Its very cute , her hairstyle. She has grown so much . I just want her to know also >>> She is the Best mother becuz she cudnt give her daughter the life that She thought tht sweet baby needed.. and gave her so much happiness and a future ! I am so proud of Catelyn .. Her sweet girl Wont have to take on the backlash of the parent or parents struggle and havta handle the stress of life!!!! THis is a 43 yr old that became a mother at 17 and struggled to give her boy the best she cud give him! Catelyn made the right choice

I love Catelynn, but the long hair just doesn't seem to fit her face.

I think it would've looked better if she grew it out instead of extensions because we could've seen the changed but from super short to extra long is a big step in less than 24 hours. But she still looks hot!! =)

Her face was way too round for short hair. It looked terrible! I know she has lost a lot of weight but either way the extensions look wayyy better!! At first glance I thought the pixture was of Kailyn

yeah I agree. This look is a little better but a bit too long I think.

I agree, I think shoulder length would look so great on her.

I tend to think round faces can pull of short hair pretty well. I liked the short hair on her, she just needs a cut that better frames her face, and maybe balances her profound forehead, like a little bit of bangs or something. Even the long hair would look better with a little bangs, too.

Love Catelynn but not the hair. She looks better with shorter hair.

I love Catelynn's new hair. She looks 10 times better with longer hair anyway.

I like her with short hair. I think she should get a different cut but keep it short.

I think it's a little too long but i am so happy to see something other than that middle aged woman haircut she had.

I think it looks GREAT!

I personally LOVE Caitlynn with long hair. Her short hair didn't fit her face. Her face was too circle shaped. Love the new hairdo! :)

I love Catelynns new hair! It is as beautiful as it was short! <3

Love Catelynn with long hair!!!

Her hair really reached the pinnacle of "WTF" this season. I am so happy that she finally sees the light! She looks really good!

i really like the longer hair. i saw this photo yesterday and it's taken me a day to get used to it, but i like it. don't know how well she'd pull it off with just straight extensions though. the wave balances it out.
i wish the stylist blended the extensions together cause you can tell whats real and what's fake, but that's just me having experience with extensions.

*blended the extensions together better

I agree. I'm very picky when it comes to hair extensions,I hate when you can see a blunt, obvious line between the real hair and the extensions. I think she would look better with some of the layers blended a bit better and some length taken off the end.

I love her hair like this! It's definitely a change, but her hair has always been short for the past few years that we've seen her so it's nice to see her change up her looks. I think next she should get some swoopy blunt bangs, maybe even a straight across bang that goes to her eyebrow.


Shoulder lenght hair would suit Catelynn the best.

Catelynn looks great with the long hair.

Love, love, love the new do! She is beautiful inside & out. :)

Those extensions are hideous. I think she should do shoulder length with a bang.

Oh for the love of God! She's a beautiful woman with lovely hair. Nobody needs to tell her what her hair should be like. Worry about your own hair!

Anyone else wondering how Kim and Kanye are practicing being parents? Do they have an egg they are carrying around like those high school projects?

probably just some article about how much they love kourtney's new baby.

I do like her hair but i hope she doesnt pull a maci/leah and go completely fake

I think her extensions are a little too long (for her) but its sooooo much bette than then before. I was really getting tired of her hair and letting it grow a little and then chopping it all off and growing, cut, growing, cut.

much better!

Cate is CUTE! I love the new hair, she really needed something diferent! FANTASTIC!

That magazine cover is getting on my nerves. I hate Jenelle's eyebrows! Lol They are so bad they bug the hell out of me.

I tweeted her this link a few weeks ago - http://www.livestrong.com/article/230702-how-to-use-rogaine-on-eyebrows/. lol =X

Yeah and Farrah's face looks stepped on.

She looks great either way , but hey with clip in extensions , maybe she can have the best of her two worlds ? Rock the locks for and long as you feel you're still having fun with 'em doll!!!

I think her hair looks Great!! Good for a change. Wheather it short, long, or shoulder length, I think it looks good, u r a beautiful girl from the inside out!! I think it's kinda crappy to even compare or say hateful things about her mom!! Put someone on tv then very thing is such a huge unheard of spectical... So her mom has some issues, how many people out there deal with that, besides look how good she is doing now!! Thier family seems to be alot closer then most now days, even with all the drugs and disfunction!! U go Catlyin, have ur hair how ever u want it, and keep on lovin ur family!!!

lol @ nobody commenting about Leah. Because no one really likes her anyway..

I looked up tramp in the dictionary today and jist saw a picture of her.

I always thought she was ugly I mean she is not not uglyset person but that's what I think... an I don't think she should b on this show they gave their baby away so what's the point yeah they see pictures but its not the same thing of having a baby an tanking care of it... shit I'm 19 an I have a baby an I'm a single mother an my baby daddy an he only seen his daughter twice... he left me for my best friend ... he tried putting me in jail when I was pregnant an if catlynn didn't have money for her baby to take care of her that's bull cause I'm not rich an I didn't give my baby up.. yes I have help but not a lot I'm going back to school to get my shit done I would never give up my baby... I don't watch teen mom that much but I do watch it heree an there but like I said they should not b on here I kno I'm not on subject but I was jut sayin my opinion

Hopefully you do end up going back to school...

WOW! Really love Catelynn's new hair! The short looked really nice but this as well I love and its a nice new change for her. :) As long as she is happy with it, that's all that matters!

She actually looks like an adult with the long hair. I guess she had to wait untik after the 4th season where she FINALLY graduate high-school to do so..

No article on Farrah's ugly sugardaddy boyfriend whose house she brought sopia over to over night after only meeting him once?

Seriously?? Wtf Farrah...

I like Catelynn's long hair for a change but a lot of people have this do including some of the other teen moms. it would be nice if it was styled differently or something but her short hair is cute too!! I say just do you Catelynn don't worry about what others say or think!!!

I think they are entirely too thin, she needed another bundle AT LEAST... Also, she seems like a very low maintenance girl and to have hair extensions you have to be extremely HIGH maintenance with them in order for them to stay in and not rat up. I think they'll be gone in a few weeks.

Honestly, Catelynns hair reminds me exactly of April.. I really don't like it.
Maybe if it was shorter or it may be the way shes looking at the camera, I don't like it. That's just my opinion, I know like everyone else in the world loves it.
And Leah looks like a 12 year old. Good for you, you got braces. You coulda got invisaline or something..
I had braces when I was in 7th-8th grade.. But hey, that's me judging and voicing my opinion.
And please change your hair Leah.. The bangs just add to the 12 year old look.. The color is all wrong too.
On the plus side, your babies are adorable.
Farrah.. I don't even know where to start. I won't type much on her because it's just a waste of time and it's all been said plenty of times. I don't know how she got a record deal or someone to record her "singing".
If she doesn't want all the hate, I'd love to hear her voice not autotuned. Then she may gain some respect.
On the plus side, Sophia is adorable.
That's all I have to say haha.

Why the radio silence, admins? I feel like we've got a TMT situation brewing!

Seriously! Why the break from stories?? It's Monday and I'm at work and need some drama in my life. I'm pretty sure I've read through Perez by now and I'm already over Snooki's baby.

While I'm here in this dead thread though, and speaking of Perez, I'd like to go ahead and compliment you guys as I think next to Perez, you guys are my favorite snarky commenters. Please don't ever sugarcoat anything and keep on doing what you're doing! Makes my work days fabulous!

But forreal, I either need some gossip or I might have to beg that Hayzi chick to come here and start some entertainment for me.

LOL people still go to Perez? Are you like 50?

That wasn't very nice Melissa.

I still go on Perez all the time and I'm only 21......

I lost some interest in him after he stopped being really mean, but a couple weeks ago he bashed one of the guys in One Direction and their fans went NUTS. Saying that Perez needs to die, and they were going to hunt him down and kill him and stuff. It was back to good old Perez and it sparked my interest back up. I think he's funny. He takes opinions that many bloggers would never dare take, even though everyone else in the world is thinking it.

Any news lately? You guys are usually first to find stuff to post about.

yeah and jenelle was in court today! usually you guys are on jenelle stories faster than everyone else.
as well as derek's mom's opinions on farrah and her new boyfriend!
i miss you guys :(

Y'all should let me write on this site for you since I almost always know everything before it gets posted on here! It won't be the train wreck we all witnessed at another certain TM site either!

There's an Ask Me Anything going on right now with a former Teen Mom camera man. People are pretty anti-Teen Mom (I doubt many of them watch the shows) but the answers are interesting (like that Cory was their favourite cast member and Leah is the worst and has tons of horror stories!)


It looks like his/her replies have been deleted :(

Yeah, I don't know what happened. It was verified by the mods so it was legit but they mentioned that because there's only 8 staff filming at a time it could easily be linked back to the specific person and maybe they had to sign a confidentiality agreement? I'm kind of bummed, it was interesting while it lasted.

Damn, the one day I don't get on Reddit! Please, if you can remember anything this dude said, do share. We want to hear it.

There are a bunch of answers here:


He seems to really detest Leah and how messy she is. I agree. Her house was appalling on TM2. Not just messy, but totally disgusting. I wouldn't even want my bare feet to touch the carpet and she was letting the girls eat off of it. I was totally repulsed. It actually made me really discredit her mothering. If she thought that it was okay to live like that she is crazy.

ewwww! Leah made her kids eat off the floor?? Omg...good mom status, gone. Thanks for posting Andrea!!

It's been a long day of reading. If I recall correctly he said...

Leah was the most horrible and disgusting person he'd ever seen and on top of making her kids eat cheeseballs off the floor, there was something about the kids drinking alcohol and that there were bloody tampons laying on the floor for months.

Farrah is 10x worse in real life (Which has been documented on youtube several times.. just search.)

Adam dropped Aubrey in the hospital and nobody cared.

Kyle is a filthy slimeball who practically rapes any girl he sees.

Gary is a massive douche who announces that he's on TV everywhere he goes, just like Kyle.

He liked Kail/Chelsea/Corey but everyone else is a horrible parent and he quit because he couldn't stand how bad they were to the kids and how shady the whole thing was.

The show is 95% fake. They plan out every last detail of every scene (as I've mentioned so many times before) and re-enact them several times. Sometimes real things happen like Amber/Gary.

They all piss their money away like idiots.

One of his fellow crew mates who was 38 got fired for doing something in a hot tub with one of the TM's friends.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch seeing as how this went on all day long, what do ya expect?

The Adam dropping the baby story. Don't think I can believe that one.

some of it seems to played up.
leah i can believe though because she has a really messy home. but some of it just seems to take into account their personalities and play it up.

I'll never understand why people believe everything they see about these people based off of an edited few minute long segment every week, yet they refuse to believe what people who were actually there have to say. I remember when I mentioned that Maci, Cate and Ty smoked long before it ever was public knowledge and everyone cried about it and called me a liar and a hater. That was just 1 example of so many different negative things I've told people about their beloved heroes that nobody believed until they saw for themselves.

P.S. I'm not the AMAA person on reddit.

Melissa, I think people want to believe what they see is true. I love knowing the reality of it, like you do. People will believe what they want to and that's their own reality. Similar to religion actually.

How dare you insinuate that religion is false! I damn you to the fiery gates of hell! lol j/k religious people are idiots.

Sarah: exactly!

what is catelynn wearing? has no one noticed her shirt? it's like some kind of navajo/snakeskin/woven friendship bracelet catastrophe.

I think she looks great...sexy. Long hair always make a woman look sexier. Ask any guy!