Teen Mom 2 - Kailyn Is Not Ashamed Of Her Baby Bump

kailyn lowry


(obviously not Kailyn)

Gather - Kail Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin are expecting their first child together in November, but so far, they have been staying extremely mum on the pregnancy and while photographs of Kail's baby shower recently hit the web, she hasn't been posting any baby bump photos since. Because of that, some fans have assumed that she's ashamed to be pregnant again at such a young age.

Last night, Kail addressed the issue.

"There's a difference between being ashamed of something & just trying to keep something private," Kail tweeted.

Sorry Kailyn, you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on me. You may be able to trick Gather into thinking you just want to keep it private, but I have a hard time believing anyone willing to have their life shown on TV doesn't have an issue with privacy. It's not even like she fell into this role either, she's on Teen Mom 2... not Teen Mom 1, and not the first season of 16 and Pregnant.

When you join a sequel to a reality show, whether it be Teen Mom 2, or the 58th season of Survivor, or the 26th season of The Amazing Race, you kind of have to know the word 'private' is almost no longer in your vocabulary.

The real reason she doesn't want to show her baby bump? I'll give you a hint - It's a long form that is generally written up by lawyers that reality stars sign to prevent them from spilling secrets of a season before it airs.

No, it's not confirmed that the contract is the reason, but I have an easier time believing that than someone on TV wants their privacy.

Also, yes, two posts on the blog in a day! It must be Thursday, as the live feeds on Big Brother are generally the cast getting ready for the show tonight. This allows me to have time to catch up on other stories...

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She SHOULD be ashamed. Not necessarily of the child but of herself in general. Her character has been shown as being incredibly hypocritical and rude. She probably just doesn't want to technically confirm it and such because she would receive even more negative backlash and character attacks than she already is.
Sorry...I just really REALLY don't like Kailyn. My least favorite probably.

Agreed, especially that she's a hypocrite. Guarantee that if the tables were turned and Jo had knocked up Vee, she would have a hell of a lot to say on the matter.

To me, the speed at which her relationship moved with Javi made her appear desperate. Especially since they didn't seem to have much of a connection or passion (unless they were arguing). Another thing that bothers me is that she has seemed ambivalent about the pregnancy, as evidenced by allowing herself to become dehydrated on her trip to the beach. Someone who has already been pregnant should know better.

Definitely. You put it into more intelligent wording haha when I get mad that sometimes goes out the window >.<

I know what you mean! I usually get that way about Leah, but Kailyn doesn't have far to go before she pushes me into that realm :)

Sorry to thumbs down..stupid phone.

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Thanks for sharing that!

Someone on this forum is thumbs down happy... Smile. It'll make you feel better.

So just because someone is on a show means they can't want privacy? I don't disagree that it could be because of a contract though. Some of this just sounds catty & while I understand its the writers opinion, I just expected something a little more respectful.

I was going to thumb this up, but then you said you expected something more respectful and I began laughing so hard that I couldn't see straight to click.

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She's not just on a "show" she's on a reality show that features her LIFE as a young mom! She allowed MTV to film Issac's birth! She's allowed them to film her crying and arguing God knows how many times now. She allowed them to show her blatantly lie to Jo's family about Jordan while living in their basement and then acting like a snotty brat when they were upset about it (including getting her insane, deadbeat mother and the cops involved) She let MTV show her clearly intending to cheat on Jordan with Jo. And I'm sure her big fancy wedding will also be featured.

Sorry but once you sign up a reality show that's based on your life, you pretty much sign away most of your privacy. Especially when it comes to getting pregnant again! The only reason she is/was on TV is because she got pregnant in the first place, of course her fans are interested in her current pregnancy. If it really bothered her she shouldn't have signed up for another season and she'd get off twitter or at least make a super private one. Considering the paychecks MTV's giving her cast, whining about wanting privacy is ridiculous. I hope she encounters some average air force wives who are struggling financially and don't get a new car every year or who are stuck on base because they can't afford to look for their "dream home" at 21 years old with two small children.

I think Kail has a lot of growing up to do, especially considering she is soon to be responsible for raising two children. Her behavior at the reunion spoke volumes.

lol we all hate that bitch

Not ashamed, yet won't show her face in the picture so she can deny it's her later.

Wear that trap baby with pride, Kailyn.

The woman in that picture is Kristen Bell. It's not Kailyn.

Yeah, I realized that after I posted that it was marked clearly not Kailyn. I stand by the "trap baby" comment though.

Before I saw the caption I quickly thought the picture was of Kailyn, until I realized that the person pictured didn't have a bunch of nasty ass tattoos all over her body!

Wow I can't believe she actually held her baby shower so early. Normal non attention seeking people typically wait until they are past the first trimester....

Not sure what you mean by "Normal non attention seeking people typically wait until they are past the first trimester" because if shes due in November that means she is already well into her second trimester?

Obviously you are unaware that her baby shower was in late april/early may... Normal people don't have a baby shower in their first trimester.

since i don't stalk the moms, and it doesn't say anything about the date of her baby shower in this post then no i obviously didn't know that.

I'm well aware when people normally have them, I had mine at 33 weeks. Each to their own though. I know others that have had theirs in the early second trimester because they live away from family and only have that one chance.

I don't stalk them either. I know what I read in blogs, radar online, starcasm. I personally don't know anyone who has had a baby shower earlier than 30 weeks as its risky since the fetus can jump ship prior to that rather easily.

She's about 25 weeks, isn't that mid second trimester? My friend is 25 weeks and due mid November...so now I'm wondering!

Her baby shower was in the middle of May though when she was only about 3 months pregnant.

Thank you sammy.

Ahh, shows how much attention I pay! Lol, I thought it was just recently for some reason! Thanks for telling me that! The friend I know isn't even having hers until August or September...

A normal human pregnancy lasts 37-40 weeks.

I know that, I was just trying to figure out if she was in the middle of her 2nd trimester.

Oh. Thought you didn't know and that's why you couldn't figure it out. Sorry. :)

No, I was just tired and couldn't remember it all! I always figured it was 12 weeks per trimester, 1-12, 13-24, & 25-36. With 36 being full term (I didn't realize it was 37 for full term).

It might not have been up to her when she had it. I don't know anyone who sets up their own shower (its kind of rude). When my friend was pregnant, I and another friend set up the shower, including when it was held. Kailyn's friends are young and apparently ignorant enough to be unaware that you shouldn't have the shower so early.

The mom kinda needs to approve as she needs to be there and I highly doubt she worries about bring rude. Who knows the reason behind that madness.

Kail is a hypocrite on so many levels. She complains about Vee doing weed, yet she hangs out with Jenelle who has done heroin and who knows how many other drugs while she is pregnant?

Kailyn Logic:

Dr. Drew: But you've smoked pot before ...
Kailyn: Before I was a MOTHER.
Dr. Drew: But Vee isn't a mother ...

Hahaha that was awesome.

lol this comment litterally made me spit my drink out, hahah. kail is sucha drama queen when people dont say what she wants or act how she wants them to. or well she is a drama queen 24/7.

Hanging out with someone who does drugs doesn't make you a bad person. Idiot.

Uncalled for. She was not saying it makes Kail a bad person, she was saying it makes her a hypocrite. Which it does. She insults Vee for smoking pot, drinking, etc, when her 'friend' jenelle has a son she barely sees, and Kail nothing about it.

Kail says nothing about it**

In my experiences you tend to be like the company you keep you don't see doctors palling around with drug dealers(that aren't pharmacists lol)

Oh Kailyn... You come across off as such a spiteful, self righteous, closed minded bitch. I was disgusted with her attitude towards Vee, she keeps trying to justify her hate for her by blaming it on the fact that she smoke weed.. anyone with a half brain would know that's a poor cover up story for her jealousy.

Seems like Kail has a lot of built up anger, I think that shit with her parents fucked her up nice and good. I feel as though it made her desperate to start a family of her own. She's not "living life backwards", she's just living life extremely fast.

I respect your opinion. ..but I wouldn't blame her self-righteous, self-centered and hypocritical attitude on her family history. Because I didn't have a fairytale childhood either. But. I'm not a mean and nasty bish. Unless I'm talking about Kailyn. LoL!

I'm not using that as her excuse to be a nasty person, but to think it didn't have an impact on how she turned out would be naive. While your upbringing may not have affected you negatively, the same cannot be said about everyone else. Everyone feels differently and thus acts out differently.

I feel as though it must be a contract dedication because knowing Kail, she'd want nothing more than to be plastering her "new happy family" all over twitter. The spiteful way that Kail is, I think we all know she'd like to rub her new life in the faces of those who have failed her (namely Jo), not like they care, though. I think she would want to do this at least to Jo and Vee to basically say "See, Jo? You didn't want to have a family with me so I'm making a new one without you!" Although I'm sure she will love her new baby, I believe the baby is a tool. Not just to anchor Javi into her life but also to start a new life over. Which normally wouldn't be a problem but the reasons that Kail wants to start a "new life" are too selfish and spiteful. I'm not sure where she's placed right now because of Javi's job or if custody has changed, but I always have felt like she's been trying to replace Jo in Isaac's life since Jo rejected her.

Aren't all the teen mom girls living fast? Leah, kailyn. Look at the statistics of all the girls on 16&P, teen mom who have already had their second child and/or are pregnant again. MTV failed showing role models who have a baby young and then WAIT and be responsible examples. The series is all about DRAMA instead of showing REALITY.

God I hate Kailyn. She so self centered and rude. The fact that he doesn't realize people see right through her blows my mind. I can't believe some people have children, let alone TWO children. What a joke

Ya, I actually thought Kail might have been one of the smart ones and wait a while to have another child (or never have another child). But, obviously I was wrong.

I respect your opinion. ..but I wouldn't blame her self-righteous, self-centered and hypocritical attitude on her family history. Because I didn't have a fairytale childhood either. But. I'm not a mean and nasty bish. Unless I'm talking about Kailyn. LoL!

It's amazing to me that I see posts about Jenelle filled with 'Good luck, Jenelle.' and 'Praying for Jenelle.' but everyone jumps on Kailyn's ass the first chance they get. I consider it sort of a lesser of two evils. At least she stepped up and takes care of her child. From what I've seen, she seems like a decent mother as far as her time with her child goes. But then again, it is a TV show, and I'm not there with her 24/7 as you ladies seem to be. Nor do I have the time to be sitting around watching every episode. So I must have missed something. Just my opinion. I welcome the thumbs downs I will no doubt be receiving. God bless.

Are you serious? People jump all over Jenelle all of the time but we all seem to say the same thing over and over that she is a very sad waste of space. While I do agree that at least Kails seems to be a decent mother she still has a lot of issues and her being such a hypocrite is just exhausting. Jenelle just continues to do the same crap over and over and over youre comparing apples to cucumbers here.

You can't be serious Elle. You must be looking at Jenelles twitter to see these support messages she retweets all the time. Because you are aren't seeing any of them here. Jenelle is a p.o.s 'mother'. I seriously have no clue where you are coming from. Most people would give kailyn the benefit of the doubt saying she is a decent mom, as a person she just seems kinda shitty. No one claims to be with her 24/7 and not everyong has the time to 'sit around' and watch the episodes as you are so obviously implying. So you, LADY, need to get your facts straight before you come on here saying things like that.

The people who support Jenelle are a bunch of dingbats.

Here on this site we're a bunch of smartass bitches. No Jenelle worshipping...ever.

Does anyone know anything about Nikkole? I saw on Twitter that her friend accused her of faking her pregnancy, but then her friend backtracked and said she wrong. I'm really confused haha.

I really want to see what Steve has to say about Farrah's latest modeling gig posing with corpses. I thought that would tear him away from Big Brother for sure.

Well I read somewhere that baby Ashton was a stillborn and that she is currently doing something with MTV about it however I'm not sure if its true or not

Hm weird! That seems more likely to me than NIkkole just faking the pregnancy, especially since she had videos with her stomach and Lyle in them.

I don't think MTV are senseless enough to call a grieving mother and ask her : "Hey do you want to do a special about your stillbirth ". Plus they are not a whole lot of person who wants to see a 19 years old grieving mother, just marketing talk it wouldn't be a great idea, especially since a lot of people think she faked it.

Wtf Steve beans we want a new article!!

They post like twice a month >.< It really sucks, because I love the articles and actually, I love most of the discussions that come with them.

I think the whole Nikkole fake/real pregnancy topic is interesting. It's so quiet on TMJ....

Fuk man post something!!! There are always all these promises with more stories and other people helping to write them come on Stevebeans.

Eh well get some article with an apology for not posting articles followed by excuses and then directed snark towards the readers for wanting more

You should post more stuff about the teen moms. Last week I've been checking for more post and it's her big ass belly i see everytime the page loads up.....

Maybe Joan will post an article. I follow her on Twitter and she stays up to date with everything, post please Joan! Haha

Jenelle got arrested again, and that's practically like raising the Batsignal for stevebeans, so if no article is posted about it soon I'm going to go ahead and assume this site is deader than the the 16 and Pregnant casts' hopes and dreams.