Kailyn Updates Us On Her Insanity Workout Program

kailyn lowry

Kailyn Lowry does the insanity workoutI have a confession to make.... I'm lazy! Like, lazy to the point where I'd rather hop in my car and go through a coffee drive thru rather than tear apart my freezer looking for ice cubes. So, when I see all these people on facebook talking about doing Insanity, P90X, RD-D2, C-3p0, I don't know if they're talking about working out or watching Star Wars.

A month ago, Kailyn Lowry posted how she's going to be doing Insanity, and at first I thought Jo was driving her crazy until I saw the updated results she posted to her blog (note: Britney Spears auto plays there... so don't say I didn't warn you). I have to say, she looks fantastic after only 30 days and it's almost motivating.. almost. She has lost 11 pounds to date, which is a lot considering she was already thin to begin with. I wanted to post this as a congratulations to Kailyn for her hard work and keep it up.

Now if I can start doing that type of workout.... nevermind, give me a cookie!


She looks awesome! she has no stretch marks either lucky lucky!

"thin to begin with?" uggggh not so much no offense but she clearly was overweight in the before picture, which is why her decision to change her lifestyle to be more healthy and work out was a good idea. She looks much healthier! Good for her to be initiative to make a change to lose weight in a HEALTHY way.

ofcourse she looked like that, she had a baby. duh!

Clearly overweight? Wow. Because you know her exact measurements, her height and weight, and have calculated her BMI? I'm sure she is no where near the spectrum of "overweight".

Wow, how about not being such a judgmental bitch and calling someone fat bc they're not a stick? She was THIN before. She was more average than anything. Just bc she had flab- who doesn't after having a baby?- doesn't mean she's not thin. You try it and also try to, idk, NOT be a bitch? Hmmm.

Overweight! bahaha! she had a baby, do u expect her to be 100 pounds after that! she was never over weight... she may have had a little more meat on her bones, but definitely not over weight!

Why not? I went back to 95 lbs. right after i had my baby, and i gained 40 lbs.

95lbs?? 12 and pregnant??

Who said anything about 100 pounds? It's not about how much you weigh muscle weighs more than fat. It's about being healthy. If you eat healthy and work out like every person should then you are not going to look like kail in the before picture. baby or not.

Your uterus stretches when you are pregnant. Unless you are some freak of nature you WILL have a tummy for a period of time until your uterus goes back down. I know plenty of very fit women that had rock hard abs before pregnancy and kept fit while pregnant but still had a tummy after. Skin and uterus need time to go back. Sometime the skin never goes back because it loses elasticity, and no amount of working out can fix it. That is more genetic.

Fat???!!....oh Plz!! Lots of other would love to be her kind of fat!!!...

I don't think she was overweight, just out of shape and eating the wrong foods. She looks great now! She's done an awesome job and I'm happy for her :)

She wasn't overweight she just had a mommy tummy after her pregnancy. It's totally normal. Now she looks great.

Mommy tummy?? She didn't just have a baby. Her kid is a toddler. Once your kid is a toddler it really can't be considered "baby weight" anymore, at that point it's just fat. And you absolutely can be 100 lbs after having a kid (if you are a small person, 100 lbs could be unhealthy for someone taller). Some people are just too lazy or busy to get back into shape after having kids. Onto Kailyn, she looks great! She wasn't "big" before but definitely had a tummy. Her newer pic looks awesome! Keep it up!

Have you ever even had a baby. IF not then you woudlnt know how hard it can be to loose that weight. Dont be judgy.

Yep. I have a 2.5 year old and am 5 months pregnant with my 2nd. I know exactly how hard it can be and have done it within 6 months of having my child. it's not judgy to say that when your child is a toddler it's not baby weight anymore. It's just truth.

Maybe you should spend some of the time you use flattering yourself, to read some literature on pregnancy. It takes the womans body up to 24 months to fully recover from childbirth.

So while some of you spend your day worrying away about what you look like, and your weight. Some of us are content & happy mamas knowing our body just created a life.

I wasn't flattering myself. I was asked a question and I answered it. Being in my 2nd pregnancy, I know plenty about pregnancy. I am happy knowing I created life and love my daughter and baby that will be here soon more than anything in the world. But I do not think that because I have children I should ignore my own body and not do what I can to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes being in shape.

Many mom's are very busy after they have their kids and don't adjust as easily into motherhood as others. Let's not call moms who haven't lost their baby weight (and yes it is baby weight if its weight you gained while carrying a child) lazy just because they aren't skinny. Some of the best moms are the ones who have the toughest time shifting the weight.

I said lazy OR too busy. I know it is harder for some more than others, but at some point it cannot be called baby weight anymore. JMO.

Every woman is different as is every pregnancy. While some women have no problem slimming down after delivering others have a much harder time losing the baby weight. Add that to the fact that she is at an age where her metabolism may be slowing down naturally anyways I would say losing the baby weight could be a big challenge for her. She certainly rose to the challenge it looks like. She looks so healthy!!! Anyone who says the before picture isn't baby weight is pretty ignorant. It takes some woman more time then others to lose the baby weight. It can depend on genes, total weight gain, age, muscle structure as well as body type.

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as your metabolism "slowing down". As you age, your body learns to process calories better. That's why you should eat less as you age. You can keep the same diet for ten years, but begin to gain weight as your body gets better at using the calories that you take in. It's a common misconception.

She looks great!! And it makes me wanna work out after I pop my baby out ;) Very inspirational! My due date is May 4th; So I'm almost there!

Congrats on your baby :)

Anybody else notice the ring on her finger?

That's her right hand...

I haven't been pregnant yet, but I do have fat around my stomach area myself. I wish I could get rid of it, but I've had it all my life lol. Good for her though!

Kailyn looks fabulous, I don't think she was fat before but she definitely looks better now!

Does her bathing suit in the "After" picture still have a tag on it? LOL. I will say, however, that she does look great!

Hey, losing that weight would make me want to go buy a brand new swim suit too!

This is Awesome I love to see results like this....And that is kind of funny how the tag is still on the Bottom part of the swim suit. I thought it was like a bandage or something at first. :)

I do Insanity all the time and love the feeling of have sweat all over the place, Shows that something is happening.LOL

She looks fantastic! And I'm so jealous right now, I'm five and a half months pregnant and I miss looking like that!!

Not a fan of hers at all. But she looks very good and her hard work should be admired.

I think she looks fantastic! I wouldn't say she was skinny pre-workout, but I would also not say she was big! She is the average weight and structure of your typical American Teenager, and there is nothing wrong with that.. and there is also nothing wrong with changing your lifestyle if that means you are going to feel healthier and better about yourself. Never been a fan of hers per-say, but good job Kailyn!

She looks great and I understand what pregnancy can do to your body considering I've had two children but she's wasn't thin in either of this pictures.. Only in America would we consider "slightly overweight" thin. She's wasn't obese, just overweight. After she seems to be a healthy weight so good for her for taking care of her body :]