Kailyn And Javi Get Matching Tattoos

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kailyn and javi get matching tattoosBecause nothing says love like putting something permanent on your body that you share with someone you've been dating a small fraction of your life. Ok, maybe I'm a bit hard on Kailyn here for getting matching tattoos with Javi, mainly because they're not nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be. If you didn't know, the logo represents infinity, so I assume this means they think they're going to be together that long... or it simply represents how long a tattoo remains on a body. Your guess is as good as mine.

What I don't have any complaints about is the style. If you're going to get some type of ink with a bf or gf, may as well do it in such a way that doesn't look completely stupid if you break up. These tattoos are fine, because it's not like they have each others names written in them or anything. It could have been a hell of a lot worse...

kailyn and javi could have had this tattoo


They got it because they say I love you to infinity and beyond to eachother all the time do they got the infinity symbol

I think it is totally adorable. Because it's something they will remember forever without looking completely trashy if they break up.

Im surprised you didnt use Gary's "Amber" tattoo as the bad breakup example! :)

Oh my goodness... :/

You're right though, it could be worse.

Could be very worse. I think it's a stupid idea though. They might not last forever.

Its just a tattoo and it's just a symbol could mean anything.

I don't think he is Mr Perfect for Kail...

I sure hope the photo below is just made with a marker and isn't actually tattoo.

I have a cousin who got a tattoo on her ring finger. The first letter of her boyfriends name, and now they haven't been together for 5 years, he was a complete wanker with a horrible temper and insanely jealous. Luckily the letter is also they first in her own name, and her two boys' names.

Its really not that bad of a tattoo, but I would still wouldn't do it. If they broke up...the meaning would still be there. Or she would at least remembered why/who she got it with. That's not AS bad as a name or something else, but the meaning of the tattoo is still there. And that would suck to remember.

At least she didn't get his name or anything. That way if (or when) they do break up it's not like she'll be stuck with that on her body for the rest of her life. Still though, I'm sure she'll always remember the meaning of it, though.

Is Kail obsessed with Disney or something? Lol! Her life mantra is "Hakuna Matata" and her and her boyfriend's saying is "to infinity and beyond". It seems to come across to me as if she thinks her and her boyfriend are the only ones who use something like that, while about a million other couples probably do and it's actually not really original or unique to them at all.

The infinity symbol as a tattoo seems to have sort of become cliche in recent years, too. It's become sort of like a heart or a star or a butterfly. I hate Maci's tattoos, but I've always given her the credit that all of them are very original and aren't cliche. I think you can tell she put thought into them instead of just saying "Hey I want a tattoo, let me go get something that a million other people have." Not hating on Kail's, I'm just saying.

I hope it's written with a marker and not tattooed.

I hope it's written with a marker and isn't tattooed.

my boyfriend has been tattooing 26 years. I have spent the last 9 months at his shop watching and I have seen one girl put her boyfriend's name on her and the only matching tattoos i have seen are father son, mother daughter, sisters, and brothers tattoos. I also have the infinity symbol but i made it unique to myself. i also have hakuna matata for a tattoo. honestly all i have to say is people get what means something to them tattooed onto them, and there is also such a thing called a coverup tattoo or removal. tattoos are not a bad thing

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