Javi Marroquin Is Pursuing 'Everything He Is Entitled To'

javi marroquin

While the divorce between Javi Marroquin and his ex Kailyn Lowry is finalized, fans who follow both Teen Mom 2 stars on social media know that it has been a pretty ugly situation between the two. Now, Marroquin vows to make sure that he doesn't get screwed in the division of their shared assets.

"She was so adamant that that was her house when it was really my house," Marroquin told UsMagazine regarding their Delaware home they once shared.

"It's in both of our names that one, but the rental property is just in my name. With the information that was brought up to me, that's no longer happening. We're gonna split everything down the middle and I'm gonna go after everything I'm entitled to."

Marroquin had plenty to say about the split and even hinted to the fact that Lowry may have been seeing someone else during filming of the show. Things aren't quite clear but Marroquin is adamant that fans will see as the show goes on.

Inside information may have caused Marroquin's change of heart as he told UsMagazine:

"'I thought things were really great,' he says, noting that he and Lowry had previously maintained a friendship for the sake of their family. 'A very reliable source came up to me and brought some new things to light that I didn't know about, so all of that went right out the window.'"

The Teen Mom 2 struggles continue to pile up this season.