Is Kailyn and Javi's Marriage Falling Apart?

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There's been a whole lot of engagements/pregnancies/marital issues in the Teen Mom world lately, and it's kind of starting to make my head spin.

That's probably why this issue of Kailyn and Javi's marriage being on the rocks slipped through the cracks and didn't get posted about for like 2 days. Sorry for that.

A couple of days ago, Kailyn took to Instagram to share a picture of Javi with a rather lengthy caption about the struggles that occur in their marriage.

In order to save myself the struggle of paraphrasing, I'm simply going to share the picture and caption here. This also lets you read it in it's original state.


Nobody told me marriage was easy but I never could have imagined the limits it would push me to. We aren't perfect and we've never claimed to be. I've fought harder with you and for you than I ever have for anyone. Now, all I can hope is that we can keep pushing forward and learn from what we have gone through and what we are going through. If I posted this saying everything was perfect, I would be lying because it's not. But, at the end of the day, I want you by my side when we're 80, still pinching my butt and making me laugh. I love you, Jose.

I really struggle with deciding whether that's a compliment to Javi, or whether it's airing the fact that their relationship isn't all that great. Sometimes Kailyn is hard to read, and I think that gets shown a lot during her segments on Teen Mom 2. It's no surprise to anyone that these two have issues in their marriage.

We've seen Kailyn shake Javi's head and say rude things about Javi's family.

We've also seen Javi try and overstep his boundaries as a step-father and maybe not help with Lincoln as much as Kailyn would like.

Either way, these two have always seemed to figure things out, and until now, there haven't been any rumors of cheating in their relationship that I can remember.

Following Kailyn's Instagram post, a source close to the Teen Mom 2 stars went to Radar online and sold an exclusive story about Kailyn texting and meeting up with guy friends behind Javi's back.

The article states that Kailyn is texting these guys and asking to hang out alone, without Javi. Another source in the article claims that Kailyn rarely talks about Javi in conversation.

While I'm often times skeptical about Radar Online articles, I can't say that I feel like this one is too far off.

We've seen Kailyn cheat before during her time on Teen Mom 2, and we've also heard both of them admit on the show that their marriage has been rocky since Lincoln was born.

Kailyn responded to the article via Twitter claiming that it's all made up and that she wanted to know the names of the guys that she's been texting.


Teen Mom 2 has been filming for a 6th season, so you can bet we'll get to see more of Kailyn's marriage on our television screens at some point during this year, but until then we'll just have to wait and see if anything comes from this Radar article or not.

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Kail is the queen of the backhanded compliment. and queen of the sloth people.

DJ is the king of the sloth people

Looks like you have to change your name to Novalee Reign.

Omg I can't bring myself to do it

Or maybe they should change HER name to "Trap Baby". It has a nice ring to it.

Indeed it does. I thought about Make It Reign since that's why mommy and daddy had her. Good little cash baby.

I also think of Maurice which brings me delight.

Eh, it's not really surprising, and not because Kail doesn't talk about Javi with her alleged guy friends. It's not surprising because...

1. She's cheated before and even kept Jordan on the backburner while she tried to get Jo back, basically saying that if Jo didn't want her back, she would be back with Jordan. This woman has no clue how to conduct a healthy relationship. I mean, seriously, who cheats on her boyfriend and then tells said boyfriend to wait around while she (the cheater) tries to work things out with the lover? Kail does, that's who!

2. She's already known for being very sneaky and passive-aggressive. Remember when she was dating Jordan while still living with Jo? And instead of telling Janet and Eddie about it like an adult, she decided to update her relationship status on Facebook behind their backs, then acted like they were unreasonable when they were justifiably upset with her. All Kail knows is sneaking around and twisting around stories to make herself look like the victim.

3. She has no respect or love for Javi whatsoever. It's kind of amusing how she talks about how he makes her laugh when she's always really annoyed with him for whatever reason. She also made it clear she was only marrying him for the benefits that his being in the army would bring her. She orchestrated her pregnancy to secure their marriage and make it harder to Javi to leave her. I mean, Papi Javi is not my favorite person by a LONG shot, but Kail completely used him. He's her tool, not her husband.

Basically, Kail's a giant bitch, and if this is indeed true, then I can't wait for when she tries to twist the story around so she's a martyr and it's not her fault at all she couldn't stay faithful. I totally envision her blaming Javi for not being around so much or some bullshit. It's only a matter of time.

Also, I'm well aware that this may be fake and Kail may be behind it to get attention. but I don't understand why she would do it. I mean, I understand she's a giant attention whore, but why would she spread rumors that she was cheating on Javi when it's not shocking in the slightest? Like, it would be shocking if Catelynn was cheating on Tyler or something. But Kail cheating on Javi? Totally believable. If she really is behind this, she needed to spread a better rumor about herself.

IF it is fake (and I will be honest, I did not consider that until you brought it up) I can understand why she would have done it. It's just scandalous enough to get attention without being a real scandal or having a lasting impact on her image: there are no names, no screenshots, no sources close to Javi legitimizing the claim, etc. There are already rumors of their marriage being in trouble and this gives a reason that isn't simply "they're incompatible and never should have gotten married/she's just mean." If the marriage does end, it also gives some foundation for claims that it's ending because she wasn't getting enough attention or Javi was jealous and possessive.

That being said, I don't know if she's that cunning or would think things through that far. I just hope this isn't true for everyone's sake.

I don't think Kail would make it up. She only likes positive media attention. Look how much she lost it over the washing in the baby swing crap. It's either true. Or completely fabricated by the source, or radaronline.

Agreed, if she was going to make up a rumour about cheating, it would be him cheating on her. More likely though, it would be a pregnancy rumour, or some illness for sympathy. Or maybe even something bad about Jo!

I have zero sympathy for javi, didn't someone say that according to her mermaid-biography she said javi approached her first? she was already a mega tv star when he kept asking her out, she said no but that didn't stop him from pursuing her. He used her to get to miley, she used him to piss jo off(didn't work), they are perfect match. The only positive thing about their marriage is Lincoln's existence.

Well, Lincoln and his bearsuit.

I have no idea how Kail and Javi made him. He's so adorable and lovely and they're just...Kail and Javi.

He has to be adopted...

Ugly people have been known to make pretty babies.

Pretty babies don't always grow up cute either, so we all need to cross our fingers for him and his bear suit.

Lincoln is the cutest kid from the franchise in my opinion.

Lolll mermaid biography

She's totally like a wrong way round mermaid, human legs on the bottom fish head on the top. That flappy bottom lip has always reminded me of a trout

Mystical. Blobfish.

So what, Kail used him and he used her. Once the show is over, so is their marriage. Thats probably why she didnt take his last name.

She didn't?

Nope, she's still lowry. A fan asked her about it, she said "I did keep my last name. I didn't legally change it or hyphenate it"

Interesting. For a time on Twitter I swear her name was hyphenated but then she got rid of it. It's her choice of course but I shouldn't be surprised that for a time she portrayed that she was something she's not #KailTruth

Ya, it'd be too much trouble for her to change her name twice. She figured she'd save herself that trouble and not worry about it

I took the name thing as just another one of Kail's "Oh, look how much of a nonconformist I am!" stunts.

I once read a very wise thing on Television Without Pity (RIP): if you have to constantly talk about how nonconformist and extraordinary you are, then you are not a nonconformist nor are you extraordinary.

Instead of genuinely trying to broaden her horizons, Kail thinks that just preaching about how speshul and enlightened she is automatically means she is. She reminds me of when I was in middle-school and proclaimed I was Bohemian because I wrote a lot of poetry and, like, wore some layered skirts once. Kail's just a little girl who wants to be better than what she is, but is too lazy and arrogant to actually try and better herself.

I can definitely see her blaming, once again, her childhood and not having to follow anyone's rules or restrictions and therefore, it's hard for her to compromise with others. Or, as she phrases it, her "independence." Marriage is hard for her because thinking of another person is hard for her. If you're always trying to get what you want most out of every situation, marriage is always going to be hard for you no matter how much you think you're doing to make it easier.

Karl trying to stay relevant with all the other Teen Moms grabbing headlines.

I agree. While the other Teen Moms are getting attention, she has to figure out a way to garner some of the attention for herself. Her kids are so adorable, she could just put pictures up of them instead of insinuating there is trouble in paradise. I think she loves Javi/Jose, but she has no idea of what a healthy relationship looks like or how it should function. I hope she reached out to a marriage counselor so the two of them can have a healthy relationship.

Eh, to each their own, but I don't think she really loves Javi all that much. It seems like she can barely tolerate him. Then again, that's what happens when you marry somebody for financial benefits instead of love.

I think regardless of who she's with if she loves them or not, she'll always treat them shitty. She's the kind of person who will never be happy & she'll always blame her husband or boyfriend

It's interesting that Kail couldn't get along with Jo for a myriad of reasons, one of them being that he never put up with her shit and refused to let her control him. Jordan was more passive, and so is Javi. Kail sought out guys whom she thought would never tell her to cut the bullshit out. Jordan peace out after she fucked him over by cheating. Then Kail moved onto Javi, who's pretty laid-back, but she's not happy either. Honestly she'll probably end up a bitter old lady and nobody will have anything nice to say about her at her funeral, including her children. She really is a nasty piece of work. Every time she even tries to make some sort of progress, she always ends up taking a bunch of steps back and then doesn't want to improve herself any more.

I don't see Karl seeking counseling. I get the impression she feels superior to any one offering advice.

I just like that we call her Karl

@TTB - I learned it from reading your posts. Those posts are some of the best.

I think it was a typo someone made and it just caught on. It's so fitting loll!

I don't thinks he loves him. I think she thinks she does. He was always her knockoff version of Jo. She likes the security that Javi offers (since he won't leave her) and that he puts up with her crap without questioning her much. Don't forget dem benefits! However, even the pushover/reliability factor ends up boring her because he still isn't Jo to her. He doesn't ignite passion in her because he doesn't question her like Jo did.

Since she's never treated him with love or care, but always made it clear that he was not her equal (in her opinion) he became distanced and this is probably why he doesn't enjoy doing anything with her. It's also possibly why he feels disconnected from their own child (not that it's an excuse).

I just feel like Kail made her bed and has to lie in it now. She can't constantly degrade and disrespect someone and then expect the marriage to have been easier. She treats him badly and he's not going to put up with it forever and love her unconditionally and shower her with constant love, affection and validation. Kail shouldn't have treated him (or any other human being) like that. He should also obviously take an interest in his own child, but I can kind of see why they both got to where they are. She never got over Jo and everything post-Jo has been an attempt to prove to Jo and everyone else that she's over him and happy and moving on but she isn't at all. I also don't think she made up this rumor herself because she can't stand any kind of criticism, doubt, or questioning.

I don't know if Javi was after her for the fame, or if he just falls in love easily. It seemed to me he actually loves her, but who knows.

Did Javi ever have another girlfriend before Kail? Maybe she's his "first love" and he hasn't been able to get over that and get on with his life?

I doubt he's ever had a girlfriend before Kail

Maybe Papi had a boyfriend before Karl.

I was watching Unseen Moments from (I think) Season 4 of TM2 and they had a supposedly "sweet" moment between Kail and Javi, and it was just so AWKWARD. He looks pre-pubescent and she was making passive aggressive comments toward him and I was like....How is this supposed to be sweet? Is this what we are supposed to aspire to in relationships?

I remember Kail telling her mom that married life wasn't what she thought it would be like, which has always made me wonder what Kail's vision of a marriage is. She doesn't have her own parents to look to for guidance on what healthy relationships look like or how they function. I seriously wonder what goes on in her mind. Did she think marriage meant automatically getting her way in every matter? I wouldn't be surprised...

I truly think she thought that marriage meant her husband would bow to her every whim because she's Kail and that means she's right all the time. Going to therapy is probably the best way for Kail to deal with her issues and why she can't have a healthy relationship with pretty much anybody. But she won't do that because she probably thinks therapy is beneath her.

I agree that what Kail needs is therapy, but I also agree that she is not ready for it because she is not open to advice. I think she has some awareness that her upbringing had massive impact on the way she approaches relationships. She believes marriage AND love mean the other person bows to her every whim, and that probably stems from never being put first by Suzi or given enough attention. Unfortunately, Kail seems to see her childhood as an excuse for her actions instead of using that awareness to address her issues and improve herself. She needs a really good therapist who will speak bluntly and give her a realistic picture of what her future will look like if she continues this way.

Is there a type of therapy for people who think they're too good for therapy or anyone else's input, lol? Because a lot of the Teen Moms and their associations seem to need it - Kail, Farrah, Jenelle, as well as Maci and Tyler to some extent.

Haha that would be convenient

She actually did go to therapy after the Javi head shaking incident. Surprisingly, Javi was the one who was so against therapy.

Some help that was. She still sounds insane and verbally abusive in that entire post. And I'm sure she smacked him since then. If she were a dude she'd be locked up.

She has smacked him since then. Didn't she admit to it at the last set of reunions? Like it had happened the previous night or something? Everyone was shitty because Dr Drouche didn't call her out for Domestic violence.

Oh yes Leah's meth pipe - she smacked Javi the night before the reunion in the hotel room and IT WAS ALL JO'S FAULT, because they were fighting about him and some custody shit that fell through. Everything is someone else's fault with these idiots, but especially Karl.

The fact they just sweep the domestic violence under the rug is awful, if it was the other way round everyone would be up in arms about it. Its never ok to beat your spouse and the first time she did it she had her son an someone else's daughter in her home, in my opinion she should have had CPS called the same way Amber did.

What! Are you guys serious? So she's hit him again since then? That's called ABUSE and she's on instagram complaining about how her marriage isn't perfect? Have several seats.

Ya, if it had been a guy hitting a girl everyone would be all over it. But, nope since it's a girl (and it's not like Kail is 5'0" 90 pounds) hitting a guy, then no one addresses it

I think that Kail thought that marriage would make her happy without further complications - like, if she got that "proper family" together, everything would fall magically into place and she'd be on easy street. And yes, the subtext to that is that everyone would acquiesce her most ridiculous demands. She ended her book with sort of a "the end, and they lived happily ever after" when she talked about Javi coming back from the military; there were notably no further issues mentioned between them after the symbolic "turning point" of their engagement. It was a like the major conflict of her growing up and being a single mother was over and resolved, now she'd get her happiness with "the one". In a way, you can see her coming to this conclusion because her mother -wasn't- married, leading her to think that Suzie's problems and her own problems growing up were because Suzie never arrived at that optimal state of the picture-perfect, nuclear family. It was a simple matter of her mom never realizing the American dream of a house, backyard, pets and two children, no wonder she looked for her happiness at the bottom of a vodka bottle or with random men. Kail likes to think she started at the bottom, now she's here, but she has done her fair share of bed-hopping in hopes of happiness. Just because you're married, doesn't mean you're stable, and even if you're stable, you're not necessarily happy. There's a part of Kail that seems to love chaos and conflict. How does happily ever after work then?

This is totally on point!

Does "on fleek" apply here?

I think she has a lot of very warped views on how things should or shouldn't go for her. Even when she didn't tell Javi about Boozy Suzi being a drunken train wreck of a babysitter to their son, putting his diaper on backwards and feeding him whatever she fed him that he was too young for, SHE got mad and defensive and tried to turn it around. He was rightfully upset that she hid it from him and that she'd put Lincoln in that situation in the first place. All Kail could do, other than offer an angry "I'M SORRY SO ACCEPT MY APOLOGY, DAMMIT!" non-apology was say, "Well think about how I feel! That's MY mom doing this." Basically, she's saying "you're not allowed to be angry at me because you should be supportive of how this hurts ME. I'm more important than you, my feelings are more important than you and me saving my own ass instead of owning up to a big mistake is more important than the safety of my child."

She was incredibly hypocritical about the situation, too. I remember in "Teen Mom 2", shortly after moving out of Jo's house, Kail found out that Jo let Suzi secretly see Isaac. Kail promptly flipped out because she had made it clear she did not want her mother around her child. So it was wrong for Jo to do that, but okay for Kail to do the exact same thing? I know she thought at the time that her mom had changed enough so she could spend time along with her grandkids. But still, Kail. Know how to pick your damn battles.

And Jo let Suzie see Isaac in his parents home, when they were around to supervise. Kail left Lincoln with her in Suzie's own home. Big difference, which highlights that the former was all about control issues and not wanting Isaac/Jo (to a certain extent) to have a functional relationship with her mom at a time when they weren't talking.

I never understood where her trust came out of suddenly. It was like "Hey I haven't seen you in a few years, but I'm magically not an alcoholic now."

-"Okay, now watch my newborn unsupervised."

I know it's her mom and everything but she knows better than anyone how unreliable Suzie is so wouldn't that situation have made her uncomfortable at all? I remember how crazy she went when Jo allowed Suzie to see Isaac SUPERVISED and I don't think it was necessarily behind her back. Then she hides it from her own husband and wonders why her marriage "isn't what I thought it would be."

It's as if she doesn't realize trust, respect, and love are supposed to go both ways...

Nice sweater vest Javi, it really accentuates your boobs. Would anyone really be shocked if Kail cheated on him though, she beats him and speaks to him like shit and he puts up with it. She probably thinks she can just do whatever the fuck she wants because that's what she's done in the past and got away with it

Damn you for making me scroll back up to look and see if Javi has manboobs. Yeesh.

It was the first thing I noticed!

I totally went and looked also, and the shirt underneath looks like a girls shirt

Hahaha right? I have way more of a problem with him wearing that tight ass poke-a-dot 3 quarter shirt

I didn't even notice the girls shirt underneath, I was so distracted by the boobs, the whole outfit is all kinds of wrong and he should just burn it

It's probably one of Kails samples from her new clothing line!

She and Farrah should join forces and come up with a new company: Rott'n Mermaid Milc.

Speaking of: do mermaids lactate?

Well Karl is a mermaid. And she's made sure EVERYONE knows she is lactating. So I'm going to say yes. Even though I don't know how mermaids would even procreate....

Javi is gay.
Kail is bi.
Miley fits in that catogory well.
Haha sorry I had to.

I've never considered kail being bi, what makes you think that?

I never read it, but I think Kail claimed in her autobiography that she is bisexual and had a brief fling with another girl and everybody around her acted like she was gross and even said that Isaac was going to be a fag or something else that probably didn't happen.

I think a few things in her book never happened.

Ya, I didn't read her book, but I remember a lot of people stating it didn't sound realistic. Like she was raped a couple of times and some other things.

Yeah, because everyone HATES it when girls make out with other girls...

I read it. I just had surgery and had nothing better to do and I got to read it for free so I figured "Why not". I've read any books put out by these girls either because of the circumstances or just sheer curiosity.

Farrah's was.... Well lets just say I didn't expect anything else. I don't believe she wrote that herself.
Salazaar's was probably the most genuine, sadly. But dull. I finished it in a day.
Amber's was poorly written(but I believe she wrote it herself and if she did, props to her), but at times a little insightful, and I believe she was being truthful.

Kail's was very unrealistic like you said. She cried rape, she cried eating disorder, she cried drugs, she cried abuse, pretty much everything. It didn't paint Jo's family in a good light and I didn't expect it to. It was an eye roller overall. Very entitled.

Oh she was...she had some lesbian affair with one of the friends you saw on the show Gigi I think it was. Javis reaction is disgusting though. I always thought Kail needed a butchy girl to put her in her place

Really? I see Karl being the bitchy partner.

I totally meant to type butchy. I'm not changing it. They both work

She admits to having a relationship. With her friend GiGi. And that Jaci found out after a while (that she had a relationship with her) and flipped out. She also says she is sexually attracted to the person. Not their gender. She has had experiences with women.

So she's actually claiming that she's pansexual? Oy vey.

In her book she suposebly admitted or hinted towards being bi.

( I've never read it)

she is like the least interesting person to me.

I don't believe much she says I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

I think she went into detail in her book about some weird situation where Javi found out from her friend that they had been involved long before he started dating her and then she drove to Javi at college and all of his friends were screaming at her for being a lesbian and chanting "Fuck Isaac!" over and over know...that totally believable thing that definitely happened.

They probably cut off all her hair and burned her clothing while carving "JANET IS BETTER!" into her forehead with a Swiss army knife, too, because that's just as believable and she'd get to have a nice dramatic Scarlett O'Hara, God-as-my-witness moment added in.

I believe that they would say "Fuck Isaac" but I think missed out a big part of the story. She was probably saying how much Isaac loves Javi (Do you love Javi Isaac, do you want mommy to marry Javi etc.) and they just said fuck Isaac this isn't about him. Also Janet is awesome, I wish she was my MIL.

Bring back Janet!
And Keiffaaaahhh!

There's no way they'd bring Isaac into it, at least in my opinion. If anything, Javi had a few friends that thought she was cheating on him with a woman and got upset. But according to Kail the whole sorority were there screaming at her and getting in her face, and she left with words of "fuck Isaac" still ringing in her ears.
The only way people would be that angry would be if a few close friends of Javi believed she was specifically cheating on him with another woman (but the crucial point isn't that it was with a woman, it was the possible cheating, so it didn't make her some sort of equality / love = love advocate and martyr like she claims). Maybe some friends were pissed she was taking advantage of their friend Javi, who sucks at standing up for himself, but it wasn't an epic showdown of their bigotry versus her enlightened championing of homosexual relationships like she played it up to be.

Kail really is the kind of person who would use her possible bisexuality to show how enlightened she really is and she's so goddamn openminded that she has TWO children who are half-Hispanic and did you know she's Guatemalan herself so she totally knows what it's like to be in the minority, u gaiz. She's also an otherkin because she's part mermaid and she also knows the struggles of the South because her dad lives in Texas. Except he's not really her dad, he's just her sperm donor, a REAL dad is Javi because he's raising another man's child! Kail also has a lot of tattoos that totally mean something meaningful and symbolic but, like, even Kail doesn't know what it all means because she's searching for total enlightenment to add to how enlightened she already is.

And now we've come full circle. Fin.

I don't believe the whole sorority was there pushing her around more like a couple of Javis friends and while they maybe wouldn't bring Isaac into it Kail definitely would. She beings him onto every argument and fight she ever has with anyone and she's not above using him as a pawn in her fights.

There have been stories floating since Jan 2012 that Kail was bisexual

My gaydar is well-tuned, and I have gotten a pinging from her ever since the start of TM2.

For everyone wondering about Kail's sexuality

Chapter 14

Girl Friends

Meanwhile, there were problems brewing from the outside, from someone who I had thought cared about me. I wasn’t prepared that the next crisis in my life would involve my close friend, Aria. In my opinion she had been bringing herself down by befriending strippers and changing herself to fit into her new crowd. I confronted her, making it clear that I didn’t want to be around that lifestyle and wecouldn’t be friends if she continued to be a part of it. This fight led us to the end of our friendship and worse.

Aria and I had been friends for years. I didn’t want to lose her friendship, but sometimes you have to let go of an unhealthy relationship even if it means losing something that used to be great. The issue between us quickly escalated into the biggest blowup I had ever had in my life, and by the end some old skeletons from my past I had been dragged out into the public eye.

Back in middle school, I had this friend with whom I was close, very close. In fact, our friendship was blurry and experimental. We didn’t have boyfriends, so we used to practice on each other. We kissed and touched each other. At such a young age, I didn’t stop to analyze what this meant about my sexuality—even though I knew we had a unique friendship, and the twinges of jealousy I felt ached more than if she was just a regular friend. I’d get upset if she hung out with other friends, thinking she could be doing the same things with them. Was I just being promiscuous? I never considered myself to be gay. We hid the physical part of our relationship from her mom because we knew we were different from the other girls at school and we had some instilled guilt that we were doing would not be considered “acceptable.” Looking back, I realize that I thought of her as my girlfriend even if we never officially acknowledged it. Years later, she came out as a lesbian.

Since then, I had only had sexual experiences with guys. Girls never crossed my mind again as an option—until Aria. To clarify my relationship with Aria: we never dated. We were never teetering between friendship and a relationship. While I was still living at Jo’s, we hooked up once. This wasn’t Girls Gone Wild shit. I felt an indescribable love for Aria. It wasn’t romantic love, but that didn’t make it any less meaningful.

There was a deleted scene from Teen Mom 2 where we discussed the nature of our friendship and if it would ever go further. I had never really sat down to examine my sexuality, but Aria was convinced I was gay like her. I didn’t want to be stereotyped as a closeted lesbian. For me it’s much more complicated than that. . I was happy with Javi and I felt like Aria wanted to destroy that. Maybe she thought her influence would help me be a free butterfly and declare my true sexuality to the world, but I felt like she was too intensely eager to push me towards girls. There is no denying my attraction to certain women, but in my mind there was no need for the discussion because experimentation is as far as I ever wanted to go. I honestly believe that nobody is completely straight and attraction to the same sex is natural, but Aria’s insistence that I should only be with girls was not true to who I am. I felt like she kept telling me what I wanted, but really it was just what she wanted. I didn’t want to be with Aria or any girl for that matter. I should have been clearer with her, but I lightly passed the discussion off with a mere shrug and a “maybe” to being open to dating women.

Instead of allowing me to make my own choices, Aria told Javi that I was gay and I would eventually leave him for a woman. Javi believed she was telling the truth because Aria was my best friend. Why would she lie? He left me without even hearing me out and went to stay with some friends at Bloomsburg University, two hours away. I panicked beyond belief and went after him. As I drove, my mind raced through several horrible scenarios. I was terrified that I was about to lose the best thing that had ever happened to me. What if right now his friends were convincing him to end it with me? I could almost hear the lesbian jokes being thrown around at my expense. I didn’t need to be pigeonholed by anyone. My sexuality wasn’t a joke or anyone’s business.

I was hoping to have a calm discussion with Javi to explain that Aria had skewed our conversation to sound like I was interested in dating women, but I never got the chance. As soon as I arrived on campus, I was confronted by ten sorority girls, accompanied a guy who grabbed me and prevented me from seeing Javi. He repeatedly said how awful I was and the girls pushed me around. Luckily, I had two friends with me who shoved the guy off and tried to resolve the situation. But the incident continued to escalate. It was easily the worst night of my life. I went home to cry myself to sleep, wishing the mess would disappear and still hearing their screams of Fuck Isaac ringing in my ears.

Although—many, many months down the road—Aria did explain to Javi that she had misrepresented the details of our conversation in that moment he didn’t want to hear it. I was terrified he was finished with me for good. I felt like my world had been torn to shreds, leaving me alone and vulnerable. Aria was no longer my friend. Javi probably never wanted to see me again. What was I going to do now?

I waited. I hoped. As I slummed in misery, I heard Aria had sold the story she told Javi to the media. I don’t know if she really did, but the tabloids had a field day. I knew the rumors would stay rumors as long as I didn’t speak up, so I let the headlines slide by without comment. In no shape or form was I ashamed of my actions or who I was, but declaring myself a certain sexuality was a label that I refused to be burdened with. I wasn’t going to allow the media to use me as a poster child for closeted gays. It wouldn’t be fair to those who truly had such difficulty expressing who they are. Now that is a difficult journey.

Fundamentally, I knew there was one definite in my life—Javi. Thankfully, the love Javi and I possess proved to be stronger than the drama the rumors and lies had brought into our lives. Javi eventually cooled down and we were able to find a way around the anger and hurt.

The major cliché of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger applies heavily in our case. Interrogating myself under a bright light for days crystallized one fact for me: I wanted to marry Javi. Deep down I had known it all along. I didn’t want to waste any more time holding back from what I truly wanted. Javi was opposed to waiting any longer, too. He would be entering the Air Force soon. We didn’t want to part without calling each other husband and wife, so we decided to marry in Vegas.

We went all the way south, with the MTV camera crew in tow, but our minds changed instantly. Eloping in a dime a dozen chapel below flickering fluorescent lights, where you could choose a sci-fi theme or have a fake Elvis memento seemed cheesy and unromantic. Once we got down there, I realized I didn’t want my wedding to be like that so we decided it would be best to wait.

She is a liar. I love celebrity gossip. I read all the sites everyday, numerous times a day. For years. I have NEVER seen ANY articles that she is a closet lesbian. She is so stupid to think that people believe that.

Lol she's so vain to think that people sit and wonder about it at all. I just read that she had some affair with Gigi and was like oh ok cool she's a carpet muncher too. *goes about my day*

Ok not to sound stereotypical because I love gay people, but I can totally see her like dating a chick, being SUPER butchy, shaving her head as a "statement" and liek getting 5 big dogs and wearing jorts all the time write a book about it and say that she's the first female to ever do that, and blah blah it's a Blobfish Butch Revolution.

What the f*** did i just read? Karl sounds delusional. None and her experience when she followed Javi to his friends place seems like real life. I also never saw that in the tabloids. And if Javis reaction to being told that she would leave him for a woman isn't the definition of an unhealthy relationship (run away, don't try to talk it out), then I don't know what is!

Oh, also if anyone can do this copy and paste deal with the Butch chapter of Teen Mom Confidential.. well that would just be fantastic. =)

I have a hard copy version, and nothing to do, so I typed it out:

Chapter 13 Butch Baltierra Behind Bars: The Exclusive Jailhouse Interview

Tyler Baltierra was conceived during an emotional night of grief-fueled lust, just hours after his uncle Dale died in a horrific drunk driving accident. Tyler’s father, Darl – who friends and family know simply as “Butch”- had recently separated from his longtime girlfriend Kimberly Forbes, the mother of his then three year-old daughter, Amber. But the couple came together again to comfort each other on that tragic night in April 1991, when Dale, 35, broadsided a tree and was killed on impact. “Kim really loved me a lot,” the mullet-sporting bad boy says. “She had come over to console me and we got together then. Dale was gone and Tyler got made. Out with the old, in with the new.”
Butch – a fence builder, who has spent much of Tyler’s life behind bars – admits it was his excessive drug use that eventually prompted Kim to kick him to the curb. Marijuana and cocaine were his drugs of choice. “She just couldn’t handle it,” the father of two confided during a series of interviews from the Central Michigan Correctional Facility, where he returned in late 2011 after a probation violation. “She just packed my shit one day. I came home and all my stuff was on the front porch. I didn’t really care at the time.”
Kim, a devout Christian and former Denny’s waitress, was Butch’s longest lasting love – 12 years – but not his first. He had already lost his virginity by the ninth grade and was chasing skirts all around Chesterfield, Michigan at 16, rarely practicing safe sex. Wearing condoms, he says, “was like taking a shower with a raincoat on. I was just gettin’ my freak on. I was tryin’ to get the bitches pregnant. I didn’t give a fuck about anything… I was a horndog!”
After dropping out of high school, Butch took a job at a Safie pickle factory, a few blocks from his home. It was there the young ladies man struck up a friendship with co-worker Nick Placencia, who introduced him to his 16 year-old sister, Tracy. “She was beautiful,” Butch recalls. “She was my first love.” They dated for nearly four months, but the romance took an unexpected turn when young Butch was introduced to the girl’s father, a Ford Motor Company worker with 13 children who was known around town as Potato Joe.
“He was pretty much an alcoholic and drug addict,” Butch remembers. “And he said to me “You can’t be dating Tracy – ‘cause she’s your sister! You’ll have retarded babies.’ I was like ‘Man, you’re high!’ So he grabbed a bag of weed, we rolled a joint and went on a dirt road and he was like ‘Me and your mother… Look at you. Look at me!’ I kind of thought we looked alike, but I was shocked. I’m thinkin’ ‘This guy is crazy! He’s gettin’ high on his own supply’, you know? So I went home and asked my father.”
It wasn’t long before Butch confirmed that much of the life he knew was a life. His mother, a half-German, half Native American “wild woman” named Jacqueline Joyce Fritz, had indeed had an affair with Potato Joe. “She never would admit it, but then my aunt told me it was true,” he says. “My whole fucking world was shot. I was mad at the whole world. I hated everybody.”
For years, Butch had believed his birth father was a Chevrolet assembly line worker named Willie Baltierra, who spent his free time building hot rods with his boys. Willie also had a daughter named Kimberly and two other sons, Dale and William Daryl. “To me, he was my father,” Butch says. “Even though he didn’t make me, he made me. He made me the man I am. He gave me a good work ethic. He is hardcore.”
Potato Joe, meanwhile, eventually committed suicide. “He bought a 22 and laid in bed and put a pillow over his head and pulled the trigger,” Butch says. “He had seven nervous breakdowns.” Jacqueline walked out on her family when Butch was just three years old. He was raised by Willie (with occasional help from Willie’s live-in girlfriend Darlene) in a home environment he likens to being “a dog in a fucking cage.”
“There was no ‘I love you, son’ or ‘I love you, brother,” he says. “I had a lot of issues. I was depressed with my childhood growing up, with my father beating me…all that shit. I remember seeing my mother going through a big picture window when I was three. Layin’ on the grass, screamin’ and hollerin’. The police coming… There was blood everywhere. The psychologist told me I wasn’t supposed to remember that at three years old, but I can tell you all the details – where everyone was standing… I can tell you everything. I can see it right now. In color!”
Butch didn’t see his mother again until age 13, when she surprised him near a basketball court in New Haven, Michigan. “She kept yellin’ ‘Darl, Darl.’ And nobody called me Darl. So I walk over and say ‘Who are you?’ And she says ‘I’m your mother.’ And she hugged me and kissed me. I was like, ‘Damn, I got a mom!’ Before that, when I was a kid, I used to lay in my bed and wet the bed every night. My dad beat the shit out of me. He scared me so bad. I didn’t know that was why, but that was why. I would sit there thinking “The only on that loves me is my mother.’ I would pray to God, ‘I know Lord, she is the only one that loves me.’ I didn’t even know the lady. And I would cry myself to sleep and say ‘She’s the only one that loved me.’ Then all of a sudden, bam! She is in my life. Out of the sky.”
Butch and his mother remained in contact, mostly by phone, until her death in 1992 from an aneurysm. “She was makin’ apple pies and crocheting in a chair, smoking when she died,” he says. Like Jacqueline, Butch struggled with substance abuse for much of his adult life. He admits to being stoned or drunk during almost all of his appearances on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. “I was drinkin’ and doin’ crack the whole time of the filming,” he says. “Nobody really knew. But 99% of the time I had beer in me. Or marijuana. That is what I did. I was an alcoholic, drug addict.”
Substance abuse had played a role in many of Butch’s run-ins with the law. He landed behind bars for the first time at age 24 for snorting cocaine off the glove box of a 1976 canary yellow Cadillac in Capitola, California. His growing rap sheet also includes multiple arrests for breaking and entering as well as charges of domestic violence, larceny, and home invasion. Butch was most recently sent back to jail following a 2011 domestic spat with his current wife, April, a chain smoker and former quality control agent. At the time, April claimed that her husband of two years came home under the influence of drugs on the night of September 8, slammed her head into a bathroom wall and tried to choke her with a towel. “He didn’t look like himself,” April explained during the final season of Teen Mom. “I was on the phone with my girlfriend and he thought I was talking to [MY son] Nick’s dad and he freaked out on me. I’m all bruised up. I look like I got ran over by a truck.”
Butch remember the episode differently: “she accused me of cheatin’ on her! Normally (in a situation like that) I will just leave. I will say a few things that are derogatory and I try to leave. And she will try to stop me. That is when it gets physical. At that particular one, we were at our neighbor’s. Our new neighbors that had just moved into Port Huron. And the girl was pretty hot. We were over there drinkin’ a couple of beers and they gave me a quarter of an Oxycontin, which is not my thing. I don’t do pills. And she gave me half a Valium. And I am drinkin’ Budweiser. When we got home, April accused me of tryin’ to get with the neighbor. She grabbed me and I had to stop her from grabbin’ and hittin’ on me. I got pictures of the scratches on my neck. She stopped me, jumped on my back and all kinds of stuff.”
Butch’s daughter Amber (b. 1987) wasn’t buying his story. She immediately took to the Internet to blast her father for his actions. “I dare someone to try and defend my piece of sh** ‘dad’ now!!” she wrote on Facebook. “Comes home high and beats his fu**ing wife & the best part is the cops caught him red handed!!” A subsequent posting added: “Drug addicts can’t handle TV money. This just does to show what he cares about. Crack. Bottom line.”
Butch ended up pleading not guilty and the charges were dropped in January 2012. But he remained a guest of the state since the altercation violated a “no contact” order that was still in place at the time of his arrest. He will be eligible for parole in April 2013. “I don’t want people to think I am some kind of woman beater,” he insists. “It is very important for me to let people know that. I am not that kind of person. My dad did that stuff, but that is not me. I had that one moment, but beating up defenseless women in not my M.O.”
Butch and April’s sometimes-turbulent love story began in July 2008. Tyler had been dating Catelynn for several years and she was a frequent guest at the Baltierra house. “I came home on parole and I met Catelynn cause I was stayin’ at Tyler’s house,” Butch remembers. “Catelynn goes ‘My mom would like you!’ I was like ‘Where’s she at?’ I was man-whoring around anyways. I just got out of jail, looked good, 185 pounds. I was pretty ripped up after doin’ Tae Bo for five years.” Catelynn put in a good word at home and soon after the two chain smokers were introduced. “She invited me over for Nicholas’s second birthday party,” he says. “We drank some beers, she jumped in my truck, we hit a few bars, went down a back road and did the country thing.”
The couple dated for six months before tying the knot on February 13, 2009 at a small chapel in Warren, Michigan. Tyler was the only member of Butch’s family to show up. “I never did ask Amber why she didn’t come,” he says. “She had something else going on, I guess.”
Butch recalls being “pretty fucking drunk” the night before the nuptials. “I didn’t get home until about six in the morning,” he says. “I left in the middle of the night and went to get high. April though I had cold feet and left. She was up crying when I got home. Then my daughter (Amber) came over and did her hair. After we got married, we went to Famous Dave’s Restaurant. Her father dropped us off at a hotel room and we stayed there all weekend. We were drunk in the hot tub for three days.”
But those days are behind him. Butch says he hopes to move into a residential rehab program or sober living facility when he is released. “I don’t even smoke cigarettes no more,” he says. “I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve been smoking cigarettes since I was eight years old. I ain’t never thought I could [quit]. I’m breaking my arm right now trying to pat myself on the back. There’s plenty of marijuana in here, plenty of cigarettes, that I could do any time I want. But I’m done. I’m 50 years old and I hit the end of the road. I had a good time, I had a good run. It just wasn’t working out very well for me.”

Potato Joe? Pickle factories? Screwing his sister? Dear lord this is the most white trash thing I've ever seen, heard, or read about! Is this real life ?!

Nobody really knew he was high and drunk during the whole of teen mom, uh yeah butch we knew you didn't hide it well. This story is really fucked up though, its sad anyone has to grow up in that kind of environment but once he had his kids he should have made sure they didn't have the same upbringing. Poor Nuvaring has to grow up with this family and Butch the baby sniffer because you know they won't cut him off

Thanks for typing all that out btw, it was an interesting read


Q: What is your current prison experience like?
A: It is level one, low security. We were just in the news (recently). There are about three to four stabbings a week. It is kind of rough. But I stay bust. I got a P90X class I go to at the gym, three days a week. I hit the gym. I am in pretty good shape for 50 years-old.
Q: Do you have cellmates?
A: I got about seven. We are in a big cubicle. There ain’t much room in there. Four of us on one side and some lockers. Then four more on the other side. I am on the top bunk by the window. I gotta have air. The African Americans like it real hot. People are fartin’ and smokin’…
Q: Do the other prisoners know who you are?
A: Do they know who I am? Yeah, I’m like a big star in here! I’m very well known. Everybody knows who I am.
Q: Have Catelynn or Tyler been to visit you in a while?
A: No. I talk to him on the phone. He keeps sayin’ he is gonna come. But I ain’t seen nothing. Last time I was in prison my sister kept sayin’ she was coming to visit. She is all I had one time when I was locked up.
Q: What do you think of the way MTV has portrayed you on TV?
A: They made their own story up. They decide what they wanted it to look and sound like. It wasn’t real reality. There is a lot of stuff that wasn’t real about it, that was scripted. Which I had a problem with. I am a pretty outspoken person. I am not all that stupid. I do some dumb things, granted. But I think I got a pretty good head on my shoulders as far as being on the streets.
Q: Did they pay you to appear?
A: Yeah, they pay us by the season. It is really for 10 episodes. So it comes out to about $850 per episode. I told them I wanted $10,000 last time. And they gave me $8,500. They said “We edit you out of most of the episodes.”
Q: Does Tyler support you or help you out with money?
A: No, he don’t. I had to beg him – it took me 6 or 8 weeks – to get him to give me a [care package]. I finally sent him a form of everything I wanted. Then he fills it all out and put in his credit card information… then he says “Yeah, Dad, I sent it out and I wrote you a letter.” It was the first time he wrote me a letter in the whole year I have been down. He sent me a picture of Carly. I open the letter and here is the secure pack (order form). It was a good letter. It kind of choked me up. It said, “No matter what, I will always love you.” There is a song that we like by Creed, “With Arms Wide Open.” When he was 8 years old I told him “This song reminds me of you.” The kid does love me. He’s just mad at me, I guess. It wasn’t like I was gone forever. I was gone for two or three years at a time. But I was always in their life when I was out [of prison].”
Q: What was your first reaction when you met Catelynn? Did you like her?
A: I am thinkin’ “She alright. He’s hittin’ it. He’s gonna hit that for a while and then get another one. She’ll be one of the many that’s gonna come in and out.” That was my first thought. Tyler was all serious. “I really love her dad. She’s the one I want to be with…” I was like “I felt that way when I was 16, too.” Then I went and told him the story about his aunt, my sister. [laughs] They have been together ever since. I think maybe they are out to prove something to someone.
Q: Did you ever talk to Tyler about safe sex?
A: He said he had a rubber in his wallet and he didn’t know his mother washed. It. He said he’s had ti for a long time in there and he used it and evidently it broke.
Q: What was your reaction when he told you Catelynn was pregnant?
A: We wanted to keep the kid. Catelynn comes to me with her (mother) and April says to me, “Your son got my daughter pregnant.” We offered Catelynn… She wanted to abort it. She said, “OK I will.” Then I had the money to give her to have it aborted and they started talking to Tyler’s mom, and she’s a Christian lady. Her name’s Kim. She don’t believe in abortion. She wanted the kids to give it up for adoption. That went on for a minute and she’s telling us the whole time that she’s keeping the baby and that we’re going to help her and whatever, and I’m into all that. But behind closed doors she went and got a…not a lawyer, but liaison. She went and got one of them to represent her because she was only 16 band she was talking to Bethany Christian adoption agency. In the meantime, we’re thinking that she’s keeping the kid. I went and got a place, rented a big ol’ house on the water. (April’s) buying bassinettes. We’re all ready to go. Then about a week before she has it she says “I’m going to give the baby up for adoption and here’s the people I’m giving it to.” You know, she played her mother this whole time. She crushed her mom. And I was pissed. I said, “You don’t give your kid away! We don’t give our kids away!” She said, “Well I can’t take care of it and I don’t want it to be around this. I don’t want it being around you guys.” So I said if you want to give it a better life, give it to her. Him or her, we didn’t know what it was. I said, you give it to her. Tyler’s telling me this. I told him, “You’re the one that can give her a better life. You want to give her to someone else so they can do it? I said I would have stayed in an abandoned car rather than give you motherfucking kids away. We don’t do that in our family. He said, “Well I think it’s a good idea.” I told him that we were there to help them in any way, you know. So it went on like that and I was pretty pissed about it. I didn’t talk to the kids for three or four months. We had an attitude about it. He’s stubborn, I’m stubborn. Then I had to try to accept it, you what I mean, so I could get my son back. I said, “OK I’m alright with it. I’m glad you picked who you picked. But I don’t know how you can just give your kid away in a parking lot of the fucking hospital. Your first born. I don’t understand how you could do it. I said “This is going to come back and it’s going to haunt you for the rest of your life, I want you to know that. He said, “I know I’m doing the best thing for her.” I said, “You may be doing a good thing for her but you want this kid to have a silver spoon in its mouth. Be a man and step up to the plate. Cowboy up, as I say, and give it to her. You do it. You want someone else to raise your kid.” That’s my deal on it. I’m a man. I said, “I’m already a role model on what not to do, Tyler. I’m a living example of what not to be like and what not to do. So you already know what not to do.”
Q: In 2013, Catelynn claimed that April sold a false story about her being pregnant to In Touch magazine. What really happened?
A: She told me that her and Catelynn and another girl named Jamie were all going in on this and (try to) make some money off of this. Catelynn was okay with it. April thought she could get five grand out of it Then (In Touch magazine) turns around and offers Catelynn and Tyler 12 grand. So that was a scam. It was a hustle. But when they called Catelynn she reneged on her mother. “I couldn’t lie, Mom.” It cost April five grand. And Jamie was gonna get a couple of grand. So Catelynn kind of stabbed her mother in the back on that one.

No problem, I'm happy to share an entertaining read! Butch sure knows how to captivate an audience.

If Carly ever asks Brandon and Theresa why she was adopted they only need to show her this to explain. I'm sure once she grows up and realises what she avoided she'll be grateful to Catelynn

I read Teen Mom Confidential when it first came out and haven't touched it since. Reading this just makes me so damn sad for Catelynn and Tyler. They aren't fabulous or anything, but they turned out pretty okay when you consider what they came from. Hopefully they can continue to grow. I'm holding out hope that they'll realize the Teen Mom money won't last forever and get jobs that can support their family. I also hope Tyler realizes he's kind of grown into a toned down Butch that could evolve into that angry, wife-beating-but-not-a-woman-beater person pretty quickly if he doesn't seek some kind of help. And poor Catelynn, she just really needs a backbone but with a mother like April who tore her down more than she built her up who knows if that will happen.
But yeah, good thing Carly got outta that mess!

WOW is all I can say about the Butch chapter. Pretty much speechless. Has Amber (Tyler's sister) ever been mentioned on TM? I don't recall ever seeing/hearing about her; looks like she got away from that mess. And LOL @ "mullet-sporting bad boy".

Can't really say anything about Kail & Javi. You all have covered it pretty thoroughly.

Amber was featured on the show a few times, she was there when Tyler picked up Butch from gel and he kissed the ground. She was a teen mom herself and had 3 children (I think it was 3). Tyler also bought her new boobs with his teen mom money

Let me just say that that interview with Butch was fucking unreal. That was like "Running with Scissors" bullshit, if any of you have read that book. Just pure madness.

Anyway, Tyler's sister Amber only has two kids, both of whom were born when she was a teenager. I believe she was pregnant in between "Teen Mom" seasons, but had a miscarriage. I've also heard she's a massive whore and that Kim is pretty much stuck raising her children. That's why Kim was so adamant that Catelynn and Tyler couldn't keep Carly at her house. She was already stuck parenting two grandchildren by that point, and was probably fearful she'd be stuck raising a third if she allowed C&T to move in with Carly. And, frankly, I don't blame her. Tyler would probably stop giving a fuck about the baby as soon as the novelty wore off, while Catelynn would probably try her best but it just wouldn't be good enough. Carly will thank her lucky stars someday that she completely avoided this mess.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it does. The stuff about Amber just ups the white trash factor. And that's seriously messed up that Tyler would pay for his sister's boob job. That's just so, so wrong. The real winner in all of this is Carly. Can you even imagine being her and one day reading that? But poor Nova(lee) wasn't so lucky. I think I might change my name to potato joe.

God, I hate the way she writes. It was like reading a middle-school essay. So bland and lifeless---sort of like the Blobfish herself.

Maybe she is so angry because she is Gay and doesn't know how to/ doesn't want to come out of the closet? Just a thought, serious denial of who you are could account for the evil that pours off of her...

I never got the gist that Kail was gay. If she really were a closet lesbian, we would totally hear about it by now. Kail uses everything to make it seem like her horizons are so broad and she's so goddamn enlightened. I think she could be bi or pansexual, but not straight-up gay.

Actually, scratch that. I don't think she's pansexual even though she says she's "attracted to the person, not the gender". That would just make her way too speshul snowflake for me to take.

Kail doesn't love Javi, and I don't think she ever did. I understand that no relationship is all smiles all of the time, but she just seems to constantly annoyed with Javi, as if his very presence pisses her off. I wouldn't be surprised at all if she has cheated, she has a history of cheating and being sneaky and she only thinks about herself. I also can't understand why she post that lengthy post basically airing her problems to the world, why can't she text him that? That seems like a private message not something that needs to be broadcast. I don't like Javi at all, but I do kinda feel bad for him he loves her so much and that isn't reciprocated at all. But then again that's why you shouldn't rush into marriages.

I honestly don't understand why Javi's family doesn't say anything to him, or maybe they have said something and he ignores them. You can clearly see on TV that Kail only married him for the benefits, has hit him, shook his head, was still flirting with Jo, etc.

If that was my brother, cousin, son, friend, or anything like that I would say something to him and tell him that it's embarrassing for him to still be with her.

I can't understand why no one has said anything to Javi either, maybe his family has said something and that's why Kail was bitching about them being bridesmaids. I know if my brothers wife spoke about me, or to my brother like Kail does I wouldn't be able to bite my tongue. It mustn't be pleasant watching your family member being pretty much mocked on national television each week.

I'm Guatemalan aswell as Javi. Now I dont speak for ALL guatemalan families but I know most of them will give a person advice & if they dont take it & keep making the same mistake we just drop it after that. Thats how my family is & a lot of my friends families as well. I feel like thats how Javi's family must be since they are close to javi & must know whats going on. Javi must be blinded by the money - err i mean love x)

Did you know, according to Kail, she's also Guatemalan? Even though her mom is Suzi and her father is the roadkill King of Texas. Maybe Javi's family just figure she's delusional and crazy and bringing up her obvious delusion and crazy is pointless by now.

Kail's like those people who claim they're part Native American even though they have, like, 0.8% Cherokee blood or something. There was one mom on "Toddlers and Tiaras" who claimed she was Cherokee and kept dishing out "facts" about her people and justifying her daughter wearing a very racist Native American costume because they were part NA. Except they were Wonder Bread white and every time the mom spouted off a "fact", the show's producers would immediately put up the real facts disputing her bullshit.

Even if Kail were part Guatemalan, there was no way she was raised within the culture or anything. Kail just doesn't want to admit that she's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, average-looking white girl from Pennsylvania. I think she claims all these different things about herself because she desperately wants to be seen as extraordinary and outside the box. The problem is, Kail is so ordinary and terrible that it's painful. She's pathetic.

My grandmother was a Cherokee Princess! I can totally see her being like that.

I consider myself Hispanic. But in reality, I'm not. I'm as white as can be. I consider myself Hispanic because my husband is, my son is and my family (actually my husbands family) is. I have been in that family for 10 years so it is All I have known forever. I just consider myself one of them. I don't tell people I am Hispanic if they ask but it is what I consider myself. It is easier to say that I am white then to say Hispanic and hAve to explain that.

Jolly rancher: I'd classify that as identifying with the culture more than actually believing that your personal genetic roots are Hispanic. Kail actually told people that she's white and Guatemalan as in "my ancestors are both white and Guatemalan."

It's interesting how both Leah and Kail get away with their chronic cheating - I wonder if that's why they sort of bonded after both quickly moving on and marrying Jeremy/Javi. Leah seems to play it from the "damsel in distress" angle, like she's this poor little stay-at-home mom who just needs a knight-in-shining-armour to come save her and her girlses, because all these bad men in the big, bad world just hurt her. Kail has sort of a different angle - like she's better than them and their situation, and they keep fucking up and she has to rise above it all in some race to the top, being a total bad bitch / self-made woman. Kail's angle makes her seem more obviously arrogant and entitled, but both are entitled as shit. I'd say that was the basis of their bond, but then Leah got into drugses and it pushed Kail too far and compromised her image.

Kail would only do organic drugses, and only those that diverted at least 10% of their profits in support of breastfeeding or anti-bullying platforms.
Honestly, biggest irony about Kail is her public platform against bullying/ prejudice. This is the woman who smacked her husband and got upset at Jo for ruining Isaac's little white boy image.

The caption from the photo should have said "But, at the end of the day, I want you by my side when we’re 80, still shaking your head and punching your stomache." If she divorced Javi, where the hell will she find another human punching bag?????

She'll do it to her sons. What do you think is going to happen to Lincoln and Isaac when they get big enough to annoy Kail, displease her or neglect to do what she decides should be their top priority and she can justify (in her mind) smacking them around?

I'm not even joking here. She dismisses her repeated domestic abuse against her husband like it's no big deal and everyone else is in the wrong and irritating for bringing attention to it in the first place. I don't see how that won't bleed over into her parenting once the boys hit puberty and she decides they're sturdy enough to manhandle.

Well, I strongly suspect Isaac will pack up and head off to Jo's - I think Jo and his family would completely support Isaac if it ever came to a physical confrontation between Kail and him; they see through her bullshit, and would have very little tolerance for violence, no matter what her excuse is. As for Lincoln, who knows... Depends on whether Javi ever grows a backbone.

Am I the only one who sees Jo taking in Lincoln as well? It seems like Jo really likes Lincoln and pays more attention to him than Javi does. And Javi is Lincoln's dad and lives with him full-time! I dunno. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I can totally see Jo keeping his door open for Lincoln as well if Javi doesn't step up and get his ass into gear.

Unfortunately for Lincoln, I don't see her accepting/entertaining that even as a casual, "sure he can crash at your place tonight" mentality. She's going to sink her teeth into Lincoln and definitely not let go without a fight. Plus, she'll probably be on some new dude by then and said new dude will obviously be the father figure that both Isaac and Lincoln have never had at that point. I see no reason why she wouldn't do to Javi exactly what she did to Jo and try to replace him once she gets tired of him.

I believe Kailyn about as much as I believe Jordan legitimately has OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, and ADHD.

Seriously though, I can't be the only one who thought that was a complete crock of shit can I??

But Kail says she is bipolar as well! Does mtv just sit outside psychiatrists offices waiting for people with mental illnesses? It sure seems like it!

Is everyone on that show bipolar? Lol. Just seems to be an excuse to act like a shitty person. I think Kail just has straight up anger problems.

I'm not sure if she's actually bipolar or not. She was pretty vocal about it at one point and then hasn't brought it up in a long time which leads me to believe she's either treating it with few problems or she's decided she'd like to attention seek in some other way and pretend she never said she was bipolar. I don't see her realistically missing an opportunity to be a sanctimonious wildebeest about how great she is, though, so I'm not sure how likely it is that she's actually being proactive about her own mental health without bragging about it. It's her business whatever her diagnosis is but I agree: I think her anger issues have more to do with her being an entitled douche than having a chemical imbalance.

I will give her credit, though, and say that I'm impressed with her and proud IF she's sticking with treatment for it and doing what she can to keep at least that part of her shit personality at bay. I don't think there's a medication for just extreme bitchiness but maybe she's staying on top of the bipolar disorder through therapy and/or medication. It's normal for people to go on and off their meds with stuff like "tha bipolah" because they think they're better so they stop taking their meds and it's also common for them to decide that they were misdiagnosed and continue on as if they're fine...just like Jenelle.

Most bipolar medications are not recommended for use in pregnancy or breastfeeding because of risks to the foetus, most people that I have known to have bipolar have come off their meds for pregnancy and gone back on them once the babies born. I don't think breastfeeding is really advised for people with BPD because its usually best to get back on your mood stabilisers quite quickly to avoid post partum depression or manic episodes

So you reckon she lied Nipples? Which wouldn't surprise me. Karl would make any excuse for her shitty behaviour. After all, what do we know. We only see what MTV want us too. ITS ALL EDITING!! Whatever bitches.

I would say so meth pipe, I know a few people who have bipolar and they all stopped meds while pregnant and started them up right away again after the birth because post birth hormones combined with un medicated bipolar is a recipe for a severe depressive or manic episode. I don't really believe Kail when she says Lincoln was a planned baby so I doubt she had time to work on her medication with her psych before she conceived.

I would like to say I'm not an expert this is just people I know and I'm not in the US maybe its different there, the drugs used are the same in both places though


Well, several of those conditions give her an excuse to have say...a prescription for adderall and xanax and/or valium. All of those can easily be crushed and snorted which would explain the crushed up powder in the background of some of her strip club shots. Depending on how irresponsible her doctor is, she could be basically swimming in those drugs "legally" and just be abusing them. The fact that she's claiming to have all of those but not getting treatment for bipolar disorder just shows me that she's fine with being diagnosed with anything but she only wants to pursue treatment for the conditions that come with medication that can get you stoned.

why are all these girls who rush into marriage serial cheaters? I deslike Chelsea but she's probably the only one from TM2 that didn't cheat and rush into marriage. These girls can not stay away from a dick, junkelle even had to text kieffuh when gaythan was in jail, kail unsurprisingly cheated on jordan and she'll unsurprisingly cheat on javi for sure, as for leah...not explanation needed.

*no explanation

I wouldn't give Chelsea so much credit. I think the reason she never rushed into anything was because she was still jumping Adam every chance she got. We never saw it on the show, but she always admitted it to Dr. Douche.

I think you're right. I don't think she would get all the credit she does if she didn't keep her life under the radar. I'm pretty sure a few people have come out and said some less than favorable things about her around the time season 2 started. Good for her for keeping it that way, I'm not saying she is a bad mom or a bad person, but I'm also not saying she is as great as she is portrayed to be.

She's probably not. But she's not a media whore or attention seeker. And she keeps her shit to herself as much as possible. Even on stage when dr Drouche wants to ask about her sex life she basically told him to fuck off.

Chelsea is my favorite, but I think she cheated on Adam with his bestfriend when she was pregnant with Aubs.
I don't want you to think I'm justifying cheating but it's one thing to cheat when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and another one when you're MARRIED with CHILDREN.
You can simply cheat, dump that person (or be dumped lol) and never ever talk to them again but when you're married and have kids with that person THATS like the shittiest thing to do. All these girls run into marriage at 20-21yo without knowing if they really want to be with that person for the rest of their lives. Maybe they think no one else will love them with one kid so they NEED to take this shot? I don't know man.
Again, I'm by no means saying cheating is good. Don't do it at home guys.

I could be wrong, but I think she cheated with his brother while she was pregnant, which is totally disgusting...

Randy CLAIMED it was before she met Adam but who knows. Agreed with Molly... Adam deserves to be cheated on lol.

No, no. She met Adam's brother first, had a fling with him nothing very serious and THEN she met Adam.

Randy knows far, far too much about his daughter's sex life and doesn't have the decency to pretend otherwise. It's always skeeved me out.

To be honest, I don't care that she cheated on Adam. I think that's perfectly fine. Adam deserves to be cheated on.

Spot on Molly.So basically they all cheated! But the only ones I feel sorry for are Corey and Jurmey,they were hard working people with lots of responsibility.

I feel bad for Corey, but not Jeremy. Jeremy knew that leah had cheated the night before her wedding and even when Jeremy and her we're talking she was thinking about going back to Cory. So I don't feel bad for Jeremy, especially since he took her back. Sorry if there are typos, I'm on my phone

Me either. If you're stupid enough to marry a know cheater then you don't deserve any sympathy. The slut cycle isn't going to end with you buddy.

I firmly believe that the ONLY reason that Adam tries to bring up Chelsea's sex life in every reunion special is because it's what works to manipulate her in private, so he does it in public, too. Should she be cheating when she's in a relationship? HELL NO. But Adam has never, ever proved himself to be a beacon of monogamy no matter who he's with. And most of the time, he's cheating on other people with Chelsea (which is also a big HELL NO.) Adam has done a number on Chelsea emotionally and I'm appalled every time I see him do it to her on the reunion and Dr. Drewchebag just sits there and lets it happen. Chelsea seems like a nice enough person and, while I don't think she's legitimately stupid, I don't think she's overly bright, either. Half of their relationship seemed, even in the early bits of it, to be Adam being moody, Chelsea using baby talk to try and be cute and then asking him what was wrong or what could she do to change things and his answer would always be something along the lines of, "Stop being dumb" or "Don't talk to me." He's forever bringing up the fact that she's spoiled and that makes her worthless (even though she should also buy him things.) And she let him make her feel that way for self-esteem reasons unknown and he had no conscience knocking on his empty head and saying, "Hey, dude...lay off and treat your girlfriend like a person for a few minutes."

I really hated how Dr. Drew would do that! Adam was the worst dad/boyfriend on the show in my opinion and Dr. Drew would let Adam blame Chelsea for everything and Chelsea would just be sitting there crying and Dr. Drew would blame Chelsea as well. I honestly don't know how Dr. Drew lasted more than one season without MTV firing him for being so biased.

I commend Chelsea for not bringing 50 guys around Aubree. I'm pretty sure Cole is the only boyfriend/fling/whatever that she's introduced Aubree to. As opposed to Jenelle, Adam, Leah, Kail who introduces their children to every person they go on even one date with. That can be really confusing to a child.

It takes a village to ignore a child, apparently. And usually a different village entirely to have sex with that child's mom.

Ya, it seems like every other person on the show has introduced their kids to at least three other boyfriends/girlfriends.

Ryan had like 2343 girlfriends
Maci had Kyle, Kyle & now her new guy (I forgot his name)
Gary had random girlfriends
Amber had that random ass guy from Walmart change her kid's diaper!!, now her new bf, and probably someone else
Farrah ??? ugh idk if she even sees her kid enough to count in this

Jenelle had a zillion boyfriends
Kail had Jordan, Javi, and someone else according to her book
Jo only had Vee as far as I know
Leah ?? um idk about her, probably Robby and some other guys she was screwing while married
Cory only had Miranda as far as I know
Adumb had all of his random girls he lived with meet Aubree
Chelsea had Cole as far as I know

So, that only leaves Jo, Cory & Chelsea that haven't had multiple people meet their kids. It's really sad if you think about it

Wasn't Corey dating someone named Summer too?

I guess this is somewhat old news but I just found out that Amber's new boyfriend is like 7 years younger than her father and used to have a twitter dedicating to live-tweeting Teen Mom 2 episodes and, in particular, bashing Jenelle. He's even said stuff about Amber back before they met. He sounds like a crazy ass stalker who tracked Amber down. Ugh.

Oh wow, Rae. That's scary. That sounds to me like he sought her out when she was most vulnerable (post-gel) and looking for support.

Kail reminds me of some of enlisted wives I know, 18-21 years old and already married with 2+ kids, not a wisp of an education in sight, married the first thing steaming out of their hometown. After 5 or so years, they realize how FUBAR they are in their situation, and start to to wile out, cheating, alcohol abuse, child neglect you name it. Scratch that, it happens well before 5 years, it happens around the first deployment, then the second, then the third etc etc.

Still, Kail is much luckier than most of her dependa counterparts, she's not in a mild to moderate degree of poverty like they are, and her husband is almost always constantly there (I'm kicking myself for not joining the Air Force, if someone wouldve told me I could be in the military and stay stateside without leaving my family for YEARS and vacay pretty frequently like Javi, i'd have jumped at the chance). But nothing is ever enough for her, so this relationship will fall apart. Even if she's making it up, theres always a degree of truth to lies.

And she would be a HUGE dumbass to try to use Javi's inattention as a cause for divorce, theres a solid 2, 3 seasons of Javi doing whatever she wanted him to do that would shatter those claims. He reminds me of Prince Charles when it was revealed he was cheating on Diana with Camilla Parker-Bowles; on one of their taped phone calls, he told Camilla he wished he could be her tampon so he could be with her and inside her all day. Javi strikes me as the type of guy to have similar sentiments about Karl.

A tampon would be an upgrade for a douche like Prince Charles.
RIP Princess Diana.
Rumor has it, Harry isn't his.

Oh yeah thats always been the rumor, but a lesser known one is Diana herself might not be her father's child either. I've heard here and there that she herself is actually the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, Jemima Khan's father. There is so much insane gossip about the British monarchy and their ways its ridiculous.

I know one thing, though, she was married into the RF because A, the Spencers as a whole have more actual aristocratic lineage than the RF themselves, and because she was very young and manipulatable, as well as a confirmed virgin. I remember seeing a picture of Camila walking with and counseling a 19 year old engaged Diana, and all I could do is shake my head, talk about lamb in the lion's den.

If anything good came of her suffering, its that HRH really relaxed the standards of marriage for those in line for the throne. Charles was not allowed to wed Camilla because she was not a virgin, was a partier, and had very little to no aristocratic lineage. After all of the PR damage from Charles and Diana's very public falling out, the Queen had the good sense to decide its probably best to have a spouse you actually love rather than one with a certain background. In a way, Diana suffered and died so her sons could love freely. I love her so much.

Ah. Camilla was a homewrecker. George Bushs cousin, the queen, liked old slutty Camilla better. QE was so jealous of the beloved princess but that's not why she died. I know it wasn't an accident- there are no "coincidences" once you enter the world of the elite. Everything is orchestrated.
I'm pretty big on conspiracies! !

I don't think the Queen liked Camilla, or she wouldve let Charles marry her in the first place. Camilla and Charles went back to the late 60s early 70s, and when Charles expressed his wish to wed her HRH shot him down with an ultimatum: the throne or Camilla.

Charles being a power hungry dolt, chose the throne, he couldve abdicated the throne like his great uncle Edward did for the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and he wouldve been able to wed Camilla and love her freely, but instead he chose to eschew that in hopes of ruling one day.

The universe is rich with karma though, the Queen is nearly 100 years old, by the time Charles is king he himself will have one foot in the grave. Waste of a life if you ask me.

Not to drag this out too far..
Wasn't there a movie about Wallis? And didn't Madonna have something to do with it?
I think Kate is pretty and dresses well, however.

All day. Every day, Rae.
I proudly wear my tin hat!

Thank you for sharing that link Rae! I've never seen that before but it was hilarious.

Ugh, maci just tweeted a text convo screenshot between her and Taylor talking about Bentley and their new puppy. She referred to them as "our kids". Dude just moved to Tennessee and in with them a couple months ago (literally, I think like August or September) but Bentley is already his kid?? LOL. Girl will never learn. Remember when she wanted to change Bentley's last name to King when she was shacking up with Kyle?! HA!

She wanted to change bentleys last name to king!? How did I miss this? Seriously maci is terrible, I can't stand the good rep she has!

Yeah. It was literally like several weeks after she started dating him. Maci started talking about Bentley taking on Kyle's last name and that Kyle was even going to adopt Bentley when he turned twelve or something. They were totally serious about, too, like it was really going to happen and nobody would fight them on it. Maci is fucking nuts. Six years later, and she hasn't grown up at all. She's still a little girl playing house.

Jesus God Maci. Please tell me Kyyy shot her down immediately. First Rhine would have to give up parental rights and Kyyy's name put on Bintlee's birth certificate. Mimi wouldn't let that shit fly.

Can someone explain to me the "treehouse" that keeps being mentioned? I don't ever remember hearing anything about that, although I am not a fan of Maci, so don't follow her. She definitely hasn't grown up at all. And i hope they got a breed of puppy that isn't very high maintenance. Having a new puppy and a baby on the way could get very chaotic if it is a high energy breed. I have a german shepherd and i could go on for days about people getting a dog that "looks cool" but don't realize the work they take.

And even if it did happen, you just know that Maci would still insist that Rhine pay child support for his son. Seriously. Maci always acted like she grew Bentley from his thigh until it came to child support. Then she hounded Ryan about supporting "his" child lol. Like that one time child support was late and Ryan had the pay stub to show that it had been garnished from his check and he wasn't trying to screw her over. He fucking tried to show her the proof and Maci refused to look at it, then bitched about how Ryan wasn't performing his fatherly duties and blah, blah, blah. And wouldn't you know it? The bank confirmed what Ryan had said, that the support had been taken out and it was just running late. I don't think Maci even apologized for accusing Ryan of not paying. Like I said---she's fucking nuts.

@ Valkryie

The treehouse is what Maci called the place she and her friends were living at in "Being Maci". It really wasn't a home but more of a frat house where people were always playing beer pong, and there kegs/bottles of beer everywhere. It was no place to raise a child. I don't even know if Bentley had his own room there.


They got a boxer puppy, Bonnie. Her and Kyle King also got a boxer puppy named Henry but just like most of the TM/TM2 pets he just stopped being mentioned/appearing in pictures one day. No mention of what happened to him. And this was before their split so it had nothing to do with that.

I saw Radar did a recent slideshow of all the Kardashian/Jenner pets that have disappeared over the years..they need to do one on the poor TM/TM2 pets.

I honestly can't believe how uneducated people are about parental rights.. Unless Ryan voluntarily signed away his rights no one Maci is ever with can adopt him!! And they have shared custody..
I think someone created an old wives tale about how when your child turns 12 they get to ditch whichever parent they want and custody agreements mean nothing!
My (step) son's mother tells him all the time during her EOW visitations that as soon as he is 12 he can go tell a judge he wants to live with her full time - she doesn't even have any custody!!!!
In truth the 12 year old rule is that IF you are separating and your child is 12 or older the judge MAY choose to listen to the child's preference of who they wish to live with
Sorry it just pisses me off that Maci dismisses Ryan's rights so quickly.. Just because you are moving on doesn't mean Bentley gets a "new" dad..

Actually I specifically remember Bentley did not have his own room. Maybe Kyle took the dog since Maci was too busy being an alcoholic.

@ Debra's Trash Claw - I hate how how irresponsible these girls (and other celebrities) are with pets. I have two shihtzus, I absolutely adore them. If I visit family I take them along, when I'm at work my mom will have them (she works as a carer so has split shifts so she'll work 8-10 and then maybe 4-7 really crazy) or they will go to my dog sitters. I don't like the thought of them being alone, period. I know that not everyone can ensure their dogs aren't left alone but you can't just buy an animal and leave it. Animals are completely dependent on you, you are their world. I know for non pet lovers this sounds dramatic but I can't stress enough how much pets need you. Animals form bonds with you and it's so cruel to keep them during their younger phase when they're so cute and tiny, and then when they're older the novelty wears off people dump them. I used to volunteer in a shelter and animals who have been loved and then left come in so depressed, it's so sad. I seriously think people should have to be registered on a list for a year before they can qualify to buy a pet, this would help over population and people getting animals on a whim.

The sad thing is her fans are probably all for her new boyfriend adopting Bentley too. I swear some of these Teen Mom fans don't have a brain.

I was just watching the old episode where Maci goes to the beach in Florida when Ryan is there with Bentley and his parents and when Maci gets there Bentleys like "no mama, go away" and I know Ryan's a pos, but this definitely brought me some joy

Then he pissed all over her, it was hilarious

Rhine is a hot piece of shit though :)

Her fans and her friends. Every time she went on a "Rhine still wants me" rampage, her friends would just sit there and nod and smile and agree with everything she had to say even though 85% of it was complete and total delusion. And we all remember the pinnacle moment when she riled herself up into her little "Michael Bay Ensemble Cast Entrance" march down to the beach with all her friends to prove how much hotter she was than Dalis. She was expecting Rhine's eyes to bug out and his heart to start beating out of his chest, howling like some cartoon zoot suit wolf. And of course, back in reality, Bentley wanted nothing to do with her and started screaming because he knew even as a 2 year old that his mother was embarrassing the hell out of herself and Rhine gave her the same face he gives Gary when Gary starts chatting about saran wrap. Then, to wrap up the don't-put-your-dick-in-crazy-fest, Maci awkwardly invited Rhine and Dalis out to a club that night even though it was one of his nights with Bentley (and his girlfriend and family on his vacation.) She then bitched about how "they didn't have to make it so awkward, damn! He just can't get over me and Dalis can't stand it!" when Rhine told her they weren't going to go out that night.

This all occurred on Rhine's family vacation in FLORIDA with his girlfriend and parents, of course, that Maci fucking invited herself and 17 of her closest friends to go on. I don't remember where they went in Florida but the very closest beach vacation spot in Florida is about an 8 hour drive AT LEAST from East Tennessee. Bitch drove 3 states out of her way to barge in on her ex-boyfriend's visitation and family vacation because god forbid every moment not be about Maci. She is NOT right in the head and everyone around her lets her get away with being crazier than a shithouse rat on the regular.

I think anyone who is married with kids would see the truth in her statement. Love has an ebb and flow, like anything else in life. That doesn't mean you don't love your spouse or that you want to leave them. It just means you love that person, flaws and all. Marriage is rocky, it's work but for the right person it's worth it. And as for the cheating, I call bullshit. Kailyn was devastated when she finally realized that she and Jo weren't going to end up a happy family. She wouldn't do that again. When you've been filmed since your teenage pregnancy you're bound to make mistakes but the viewers never forget and they never accept that you may have grown up.

I would normally agree with everything you just said but Kail is nothing if not consistent in being really selfish AND pushing people away. She tends to self-sabotage herself left and right and she very, very rarely sincerely owns up to any of it. It's pure speculation on whether she did cheat or not, but I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility that she'd cheat again. She's like Leah in the sense that nothing is ever good enough for them and they always want what they can't have...then they get it (after running people over to get to it) and they get bored and don't want it anymore.

But with people who actually DO seem to acknowledge their mistakes, bad choices and screw ups, what you said is completely true. The love you have for your significant other should overshadow (almost) anything negative that may come to light. (I'm not including hurting each other by cheating or being abusive in any way in the list of things that you should choose your battles on. That one should be a battle because no one deserves to be treated that way.)

Lol she does not love Javi and never really loved Jo either

I don't think she ever really loved Jo, but I do think she has more feelings for him than she does for Javi. I mean, why else would she get so upset that he had a girlfriend and they were moving in together? Why would she cheat with Jo and then try to get him back even when she was still technically with Jordan? I think Kail even admitted it herself that it was hard moving on from Jo. She never quite got over him, and it pisses her off that he's clearly moved on and wants nothing more to do with her beyond their interactions about Isaac. It eats Kail up something fierce.

I have to agree. I don't think she really wants Jo. But she doesn't want anyone else to have him either.

I gotta say, and I don't want to sound like I'm defending her too much, but I feel for Kailyn smometimes. She had a really poor upbringing and poor role models and it's so easy to be angry and lash out. My parents weren't drunks or have addiction issues but my mother cheated a few times (they're now divorced but recently. I'm 25 so they were married most of my life) and my dad was a little abusive. My mother was also pretty selfish at times and looking back now, I can see how it's made me the person I am. Our difference though is I work on my issues, Kailyn doesn't seem like she does. I think she would benefit from counseling but I don't see her going to that right now, maybe down the road but not now.

sometimes* My hands are so damn cold I can't type right!

Where are you from? I'm in Australia but am seeing the freezing cold snap you Americans are having on the news. I have a friend in Alabama who keeps posting screenshots of the below zero temps she's having! Keep warm :)

It's barely above zero here up in Chicago. Schools were closed for two days.

My friend lives in Australia and she keeps texting to tell me how warm it is there. Its making me kind of hate her lol. I don't think I could cope with the freezing temps they have in the US

Since you are in Australia, who can we talk to about giving Iggy Azalea back?
Just kidding.
Kind of. We know you don't want her back.

Its 70 degrees (warm!) Summer weather in Cali. And yes PLEASE take Iggy back.

I'm in North Queensland so the weather is gorgeous. But we are on cyclone watch this time of year. Though they rarely actually hit. Every few years maybe. Why the Iggy hate? And is she really Australian? I thought she was from New Zealand....or maybe that's just what Aussies are claiming?
GinaMarie, for some reason I thought you were from the UK?!

My friend is near Sydney, I think. She posts all these photos on Fb of her lying on the beach while I'm stuck in Scotland in the rain, its so not fair

Because she looks like a way and brother and can't sing


Yesterday it was 53* F (11* C) at work all day and had a "real feel" of -14*F (-25* C) outside. Today it's pretty similar. My heat in my store isn't working at all so it was that cold all day and it's even colder in here today! :(

I just realized I never told you where I'm from, I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. :)

it's -15C here today in eastern ontario...which is a welcome change over the last few days where it's been -35C!

@thisisnotfood yikes! Luckily we are not super north but not really south either, still in that Hoth like cold area. I honestly don't really mind the cold too much, it's the damn wind chill that gets me. And my problem at work is even though it isn't as cold as it is outside, I have very few customers which means I'm not moving around much therefore I have very cold appendages! Good luck on staying warm!

Yes Meth I am a Brit but I have lived in the states since college.
No hate on Iggy. No maam. She's a looker whose talents would be better used elsewhere.
Her rapping seems almost mocking to me and seems non authentic.
Lets put it this way-although I'm only half Indian, Id be pissed if Miley Cyrus put out a version of J'ai Ho!

Nobody is denying that Kailyn had a very, very sucky childhood. Her mother is Smirnoff Suzi and her father is some hick who sticks meat in a padlocked fridge. It's clear that her upbringing really fucked her up. But Kail is also an adult and a mother of two children. As you said, she needs to really work on herself, her childhood issues, and fix the fact that she can't really have a good, healthy relationship with anybody else. If she doesn't, she could very well lost everything and end up completely alone and embittered.

I think she'll realize that, it may be too late when she does but I think she will. I get what you're saying though and I totally agree, it's just tough to realize what you need, even with people telling you need it. It's like an addict or someone trying to lose weight, you can only do it if you want to, not because someone tells you to.

I believe Kail is somewhat aware of how messed-up her childhood was and how it can continue to mess her up in the long-run if she doesn't chance. Then something will happen and she'll act like she's superior in any which way over everybody else. It's like, she knows what she's doing is wrong, but doesn't really try to improve herself. It's like a weird form of denial. Or she's just lazy.

@ccb Yeah you're probably right, I would imagine a lot of it is denial though. Oh well, it's her battle to fight not ours!

Kail had a terrible childhood. With people like her, though, I often wonder if her OVER-acknowledging her terrible mother, deadbeat dad and shit upbringing is hindering her. By all means, discuss it and help others get out of the same situations she was in but it seems like she uses it as her fall back excuse every time she screws up. It's like Jenelle blaming Babs for everything...yeah Babs may have screwed up in raising her (though not nearly as badly as Suzi or we would have heard about it by now for sure) but ultimately, she's a grown ass woman and needs to act that way. Every time Kail screws up or cheats or is sneaky about things, she blames "oh it's because I didn't have any structure or rules growing up." Well, then give yourself structure and discipline NOW before you do the same damn thing to your kids.

She blamed being a shithead to Janet on the fact that she's so "independent" and didn't like having to follow their rules while she lived there. She tried to turn the tables on Javi when he got pissed about Suzi drunk-babysitting Lincoln by saying "I know you're mad but she's MY mom...think about how this makes ME feel!" If you whine about how it's the fault of a shit childhood every time you make a bad decision or treat someone like crap, eventually that bad childhood just becomes your bad life with one huge difference: YOU chose the life whereas you had no control over your childhood. And YOU choosing a bad life because it's easier than getting your shit together and fixing your faults as best you can, you're screwing your kids over just like your mom did to you.

Am I alone in thinking . . . who cares? She's self-destructive and will destroy anything positive in her life. Case in point: Jordan. I really thought he was a good guy, helped her when she really needed it, and she crapped all over him. I'm not sure if there's anyone else in this franchise who did a better job than Jordan at taking the high road.

Well, Corey eventually did that when he realized that Leah would never change who she is at the core. It was just easier to Jordan to completely disengage himself from Kail because he had no obligations to her (like knocking her up). But, yeah, Jordan is probably one of the luckiest people ever in the "Teen Mom" franchise lol.

I thought Jordan was a better match for her too but then he can do a lot better. She's really not a good match for anyone. She has way too many issues and is abusive.

But he was so tall, she'd have a harder time getting him into a headlock!

They at least LOOKED better together. Kail towers over Javi and it's hilarious. Jordan was a big dude and could probably defend himself if Kail decided to head shake him like she does with poor lil Papi

Javi looks like a little boy.
At least Jo and Jordan were full-size men.

Guess that would make Kail a bottom..



Not your fault haha. Just picturing papi and kail...yikes

Annnnd now I need brain bleach.

hahaha that woman was like Strangers with Candy level porn-awkward.

I always forget about Jordan, but ya he was probably the best chance that Kail had at having a really good boyfriend/husband/whatever. But, of course she ruined that by cheating on him.

Lollll they haven't even been married 5 years...she talks like they've been married for 50. My parents have been married 33 years and would never talk like that about each other. Lol I expect a kail smash divorce coming soon. They are a terrible match.

Best advice for marriage: Don't talk bad about your husband to anyone. Ever. It never, ever ends well and it brings other people into your marriage who have no business being there, even in gossip. Kail seems to have a personal mantra to bitch about her husband at every chance she gets and it's going to blow up in her face eventually when he gets sick of it and leaves.'s Javi so I don't think he'd have the nerve to leave.

My husband and I talk to each other privately when we have tough times or get into an argument. I don't go posting about it to my facebook friends or family. I certainly don't vaguely tweet about marriage troubles to hundreds of thousands of followers. I don't know why these girls think that it's a good life goal to share every facet of every relationship they have on social media in real time.

That's because you and your hubs are adults, Rae. That's a rare thing among these chicks.

Heaven forbid these girls keep a private journal if they need to work out their thoughts. I'm always amazed at the dirty laundry people will air on FB/twitter/etc. I have friends and family who do it and they don't have thousands and thousands of people watching them.

I was younger than Kail when I got married and have been married for 10 years. I hate the fact that she says "no one said it would be easy" and "I could have never imagined the limits it would push me to". It's really not that difficult when you truly love someone. Sure you will have problems...but they've been married what, 2 years? Come on. How much have you been through? Maybe YOU are the problem. I don't see their marriage lasting long term. And I'm sure she would argue back (as she does with anyone on twitter who disagrees with her) who are we to judge. Well then stop posting stupid Instagram captions where you back hand compliment your husband. keep it private.

I'm not married, but if I was and my husband and I were having issues, nobody but my family members and maybe my closest friends would know about it. Posting all your marital issues for the entire world to see is classic attention-seeking at its finest. It's Kail getting attention (and maybe some sympathy) over her problems but not doing anything productive to fix said problems and issues. Making it public was a way to get some part of the spotlight onto her for a little bit while. It's hard to compete with Farrah's Simpsons overbite and the engagement ring Jenelle bought for herself.

Yeah. Why broadcast it? Can't you tell him at home, in privacy?
Not if you want your show renewed I guess.
And he doesn't mind. He's an opportunist and sees this as a good thing.

Did you see that one of the Doctors from Botched basically confirmed that Farrah is going to be on their new season airing in April? Called that one. She's absolutely insane and I don't doubt for 1 second that she somehow did this/got it done on purpose to get back on TV.

I meant to add: She did it on purpose because a) she tagged "Botched" in her stupid twitter post about it and b) there's no way in hell she'd be embracing it with open arms like she is. Posting pictures from the ER and then a photo of her walking down the street with her lips looking like that...she's just begging for attention from anyone and it looks like she got what she wanted.

@Rae - I was going to say Farrah is an attention wh*re. Then I thought about it and she's just a wh*re.

Agreed. I got married at 19 (just barely 19, birthday is late march and we got married in august) and am now almost 26 and our marriage has never been hard. Sure we've had a few fights but I have never understood when people say stuff like that.

I think a lot of it is for her to prove to the world they are going to make it. She didn't make this post until a lot of ppl started to question why Javi had so maybe pics of him and peach. If you look at his Instagram there are a TON of those 2 and very little, if any, recent of him and Kail. I know they were best friends first, and I'm not saying you can't have opposite sex friends. It's just very odd...

that's very true, though they say the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sight of it on social media. ;) I'm not sure I really believe that, my husband is so cute sometimes I just gotta share a pic!

Does anyone feel like they might be on a break or something right now? All of his recent pictures are with Peach pretty much. I almost wonder if he's secretly in love with her, but NOT because people can't have friends of the opposite sex. All I know is, Kail doesn't treat him well, and the two of them can't communicate. Meanwhile he keeps spending so much time with friends and writing elaborate captions about how much Peach means to him. What if she's "that one person who gets it"? Unless she's not heterosexual (which is possible), but a cursory glance at his IG was a little weird. It might not be Peach but it just seems like so many other people like him and want him (judging from the comments he gets) and he might realize that at some point...

Yeah.. My husband and I have been through hard situations- because life hands you those sometimes!! But being married to each other has always helped us to stay strong.. Never have I wished to not be married!! I feel that Kail and Javi only discuss their issues when an mtv producer tells them to and they have been keeping it in so it sort of explodes..
Like with the situation where Javi wasn't helping with Lincoln.. Kail didn't say anything until she was already upset. Why not talk to him about parenting roles when you are both calm and not when the boys are around!!!!!
A few times a week my husband and I have dinner after the kids go to bed and that is the only time we would bring up any opinions on what the other could do to be more supportive/ helpful

She could have had the mentality of "well he's got to realize by now I need help" and just not say anything for a while. Cameras being in their faces definitely does no help any with of these relationships.

I got married when I was 23 , we celebrate our 14th Anniversary in March of this year. Marriage shouldn't be classified as " Easy" or "Hard" , sure that 1st year sucked because we were poor but we had each other and that is what mattered. Do we fight? Of course! Are there days we want to kill each other? Sure! but when you truly love someone none of that stuff matters, because at the end of the day you can't picture life without the other person. I don't think she loves Javi at all, she married him simply for benefits and nothing more!

Please go give Karl Smash some tips!

Karl doesn't want tips. She wants benefits and she wants to complain.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get it when people say marriage is hard. Relationships in general are difficult because that's life. LIFE is hard. People fight.
I recently got engaged and there are times when my fiance makes me pretty pissed off but we both have the mind set that arguments aren't a deal breaker. We work on it.

I agree. People give marriage a bad rap. My parents fought DAILY growing up and I would ask my mom why and she'd tell me, "Every marriage has fights. It wouldn't be a healthy relationship without fights." Bullshit. Every relationship might have disagreements and have to make compromises, but screaming at each other over anything isn't healthy or normal. The people who go around talking about how difficult and impossible marriage is are doing it a disservice. If you truly love that person, you get past any trivial problems because you love them. And, because of that same love, so many problems should be considered trivial in comparison to how much you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. My husband and I met and got married pretty quickly but not one day has gone by where I've had even a flit of the thought, "Oh no...should I have married him after all?" We're not perfect but we try our best not to fight and when we do have arguments, we apologize and talk it out immediately. Most of this is due to the fact that I have panic attacks when I get legitimately angry and avoid confrontation and conflict like the plague so I'm aware that our level of peace isn't necessarily typical and I'm definitely not coming from an "I'm doing this marriage shit better than everyone else" place. I just watch these girls' relationships and the thought of being caught up in that constant turbulence and conflict makes me exhausted just thinking about it. How can you be happy if you're always on edge or you go to bed fuming mad at the person sleeping right next to you?

I consider myself extremely lucky because my husband is perfect for me. Our marriage IS easy. It probably won't always be but I firmly believe that whatever difficulties we might face will be transient and us loving each other and being happy together will be the default setting as long as we treat each other right and communicate. That sounds way cheesy but it's just my input on the fact that marriage doesn't have to be some giant monster lurking in your closet getting ready to wreak havoc on your life. It can and should be wonderful.

My family likes to say my hubs and I "Love to Hate each other" we bicker probably more than most people BUT I think the fact we bicker keeps us from having those huge blow outs. I would say my marriage is pretty near perfect but its because its what works for us, others look at us like were completely insane and others think we act like a couple that has been married 50 years. Every relationship on the planet takes work, you can't just bitch at people and expect them to bow down to you like Karl does.

Javi has more boobs than I do :-(

Well how do you think they breast fed Lincoln?

No shit. He's gotta be a full B!

Ugh thanks for bringing this to my attention! We all know Kails the butch one in the relationship that leaves Javi to be the bitch.

The only reason Leah and Kail are still married is because Jeremy and Javi want the MTV money and fame. Both husbands will probably stick around until Teen Mom is cancelled & then both marriages will be over.

I agree KaIl. For them, these "marrIages" are just shitty job that pays really well.
I think Macis new one is in that boat too.
Why would you honestly, legitimately date/marry/impregnate someone you've seen on TV being their horrible selves?

Does anyone know if Maci's boyfriend has a job? I honestly know nothing about him.

Hollywood Life says he does motocross. So, nothing. And his names Taylor Mckinney. And Maci thinks he's a good "father figure " for Bintley.
Ok Maci.

Ah, okay. Can't say that surprises me

My cousin used to be really big into motocross. But then he had a baby, got married and got a big boy job because that baby needed food.

Speaking of miss kidd, what is going on with her and jermey?

I'm fairly tired of hearing about them so I'm kind of glad I don't know but, are her and Jeremy still married?? Happier than ever of course...

She spent New Year's with Jurmy:

I'm not sure I'll be able to watch her segments. She disgusts me.

I'm considering making a Rocky Horror-like event out of it and throwing Bacon Bits at the screen whenever her segments are on.

Yes! And instead of lingerie people could wear VS Pink sweats, Uggs and hair extensions to the performance. OH! And instead of squirt bottle with water it could be Mountain Dew!

I would attend this event. Let's make it happen haha

I do a beautiful rendition of Hot Patootie!

Love this idea

I was so annoyed that Jeremy apparently took Leah back. I know it's frowned upon to root for people to fail but god damn Leah is a horrible person.

Some ppl think he's with her for the show, for the money, definitely not for true undying love.

He SO loved the attention he got after the little cheating scandal. He loved all of the skanks that were willing to screw him.

See, now that's why I think it was fake.
They can't do the marriage or baby again (like Maci is doing now), so "let's be unhappily married".
This may be Kails M.O. as well.
As for Robbies "confession", it seemed scripted, full of 2 and 3 syllable words. His girl didn't care. She helped cash that ROL check and they got married.

The fake storylInes are spreadIng. OT but related. I read today that Toya Wright (lIl waynes baby mama) and her man Memphitz are "upping the drama" for their realIty show by pretending to have serious marItal problems. I believe (but may be wrong), that both Kendra WIlkInson and Tori Spelling tried this too.

I have been wanting to say it was all fake but then how would Brittany Musick fit into all of this and Leah following her asking about dick pics lolol

Deer God Leah!!
I'm working on that theory..
I'm thinking maybe Brittany was hired.. like Nathan and Ambers Walmart friends. The more I learn about how reality TV operates in general, the less I am surprised. I do think the girls are manipulating storylines a bit to stay relevant. Both shows have been cancelled once already. TM2 has 2 irresponsible girls who would probably die without MTV s paycheck. Leah HAD to come back. Nathan has spent Jenelles next 3 seasons pay already.
There is very little I put past these girls. But I'm still working it out.. let me think about it a little more! ;-)

Part of me thinks that's true, especially since he sought her out on Facebook and just had to marry and have a baby with her right away. But then again whenever he's on camera he seems like he hates it and constantly (or at least used to) bitches on Twitter about privacy. Who knows.

I also thought Brittany was maybe hired but i dont think so.

I think everything is legit. I think Jeremy only reconciled for the show and when its all over he will walk away quietly. His mom removed Leah as her DIL on fb and removed all of Leah's relatives and friends from her account and added Corey and his family instead.
And Jeremy was quick to change his relationship to divorced but now they are supposedly together, he still havent changed his relationship status to married like Leah. I thought maybe he just doesnt use his account but nope he recently deactivated again right after Leah posted the New Years pics then he reactivated.

I still think hes just in it for the money. Right now they are just trying to save face.

Also I didnt say anything because I was still sleuthing until Jeremy removed his account but Jeremy's mom also added Jeremy's ex fiance Kirsten of 4 years on fb when all of the alleged cheating went down. Then i found her twitter account and saw she started following Jeremy's account right before he deleted it. I think her and her bf split right before all of this went down too. So hmmmmm

And here is an article about Jeremy's ex for those of who dont know her

Wait.... Maci is pregnant?

I wasn't away from this site that long sh!t.

These women never slow down!!

I don't know how Megan keeps up with all this.

Ya, Maci is due in June and having a girl

Jenelles gonna shit in a tub

I'm going to start using that as a phase to explain intense emotions. Like, "Man, she was so upset she could have shit in a tub."

I think it'll catch on!

Deer God Leah: That article you posted is a goldmine. The comments alone are great. One of the very first comments was: "I don't know why Jeremy would leave Kristen for a used,confused and scattered brain Teen Mom. Leah should have spent time to know herself FIRST & being a Single Mom before lighting the match under her drawers. My perception is Leah is they type of WM that cannnot be without a Man. How on earth does someone get pregant from ANOTHER man AND STILL have feelings for her X Husband. I really liked leah..but she a confused...*hore."

To which "anonymous" replied: "before you start talking smack about leah maybe you need to think about yourself and how trashy you are. leah is not a whore she is a mother of 3 beautiful girls. she has been through thick and thin and even though she's had a few bad relationships and things happen to her in the past she's one person to get over it. so stop all the nonscense. your just jealous that your not a teen mom and not on tv. she is tough and has taken care of those girls more than their own father has."

Messer spotted.

I'm still thinking Leah might be pregnant.

Karl's latest tweet:

"I would rather be a "bitch" by standing my ground and know what I want than allow everyone I know to walk all over me."

Yes, Karl, we all know you're a bitch, no need to broadcast it

LOL seriously. Well congrats Karl. You're a bitch.

LOL...Karl. That makes me snicker.

Oh, God, I hope she knows this website exists and all the awful, hilarious names we call her.

Kail? You're a bitch. You are a queen bitch. You suck. Goodbye.

Literally was just thinking this!

I'm sure she reads radar, the Ashley and TMJ everyday haha HI KAIL ! HI JAVI !

Ya, I bet most of the TM casts goes on this site, Starcasm & Radar Online on a daily basis.

No Kail you're not a bitch, you're an ABUSER. You're teaching your children its ok to beat your spouse because they don't bow down to you, you make your 4 year old feel guilty for loving his daddy, you treated the one person in the world who actually cared for you and let you live in her house rent free like a piece of shit on your shoe. You're also a raging fucking hypocrite for supporting Jenelle when she treats Jace the same way your mother treated you. Fuck off back to Atlantis mytical mermaid cunt

I don't understand some guys put up with high maintenance, bitchy girls like Kail. I can't imagine how needy they must be. I also don't get why some girls want a puppy for a boyfriend or husband. I feel like I would want to be with someone who has a backbone, says what he thinks and calls me out on my shit, because a lot of the times that really needs to happen. That's how you strengthen your relationship and become a better person. My parents describe a healthy relationship as two people who together make a better whole (not that they are dependent on each other because that's not healthy either). The girls on this show are too self absorbed and stupid to understand that. That's why all of their relationships eventually implode. I highly doubt Javi and Kail will last more than a few more years. If they do, it will be a very unhappy marriage unless both of them work out their own issues to save their relationship. But I really don't know if it is worth saving or there is anything to save.

I agree. Especially when it's on TV for everyone to see. I would be so embarrassed.

That's how he got his head shaken. By standing his ground and not putting the dogs out. You can't have an opinion or disagree with Karl!
Karl angry! Karl smash!

She really is a huge brat when you look at it that way. She just throws a tantrum when she doesn't get her way only now that she's an adult, her tantrums are more violent than those of say...a toddler or a whiny 13 year old.

She reminds me of this kid I used to babysit - I nicknamed him "Wild Will" in my head. He was nine years old and 110 pounds, not fat but sturdy like a truck. He'd throw these massive tantrums and sometimes throw his weight around. At thirteen, I was pretty much the same size as him. He'd want me to pick him up and carry him to bed when he was upset/injured, and all I could think was: has nobody told you that you're the size of the adult, and can't throw yourself around like a three year old anymore?
It's like Kail hasn't realized she's adult-sized now. She can't punch her little fists and kick her little feet when she's frustrated, she can (and probably already has) really hurt a person or an animal.

No sympathy for Javi because the way he treated Jo and stirred the pot between Kail and Jo .. I know Kail is equally to blame for her behaviour but he kinda egged her on and that isn't something you should do with someone with bipolar :/
Kail is a backhand complimenter, like my Mother in law to be "it's so good you managed to find such pretty dresses... to match your size" ...
Although I will re-say what i said on the last post, having male friends isn't cheating, not constantly talking about your partner isn't cheating ... marriage is hard, especially because they did it for the wrong reasons but i have a feeling seeing as kail is stubborn she will wait until mtv stop filming and she is forgotten before she divorces. and then Javi will have to suffer what they put jo through .. what goes around comes around.

He acted like a little shit with Jo. If he really cared about Isaac, he would have shut his mouth.

I think when it comes to having friends of the opposite gender (or same gender is you are gay) when you are in a relationship, it all comes down to one's intentions. If they are to remain at a platonic level, that's fine. If Kail is doing this to hit on them or make Javi jealous, that's very disrespectful.

Backhanded compliments are the worst.

Ya, I really dislike Javi. I know it sounds mean, but I really hope WHEN him and Kail divorce that Javi finally realizes what Jo has had to go through with Kail for visitation of Isaac & having other guys in Isaac's life.

Not saying that Jo is perfect, but Javi is also far from perfect but likes to pretend he's Isaac's dad and has any control of what happens with him.

Hopefully javi can get his balls back in the divorce.

Mais Est-ce qu'il a déjà eu des couilles ?

Pas sûr

Pourquoi sommes-nous parlons en français

It has been 20 years since I've had a French class, so I'm not even sure I asked what I meant to ask. Lol