Jenelle and Nathan: On The Rocks

Jenelle Evans

jenelle and nathan

Radar Online posted an article with an interview from a source who claims to be close friends with Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. The source states that Jenelle and Nathan are not getting along very well, but that Jenelle is trying to hide the couple's issues from the public eye. The source claimed that Jenelle and Nathan fight constantly, and that Nathan is mean and talks to other girls on a regular basis. Apparently Jenelle wants more attention from Nathan, but she just isn't getting it.

We do see Jenelle and Nathan in an argument on the trailer for Teen Mom 2. During this argument, Jenelle talks about how Nathan is talking to other girls, and as usual, Jenelle is yelling, but since the source from Radar Online was never formally named, I do question the validity of the article. We do know that Jenelle has been portraying some more "positive" things on her twitter feed during the past couple weeks. She recently posted that she was accepted to a technical school in hopes of gaining a college education, and she also posted the following video of her unborn child's heartbeat via Teen Mom Truth, a website that she has been heavily promoting via her twitter and sulia accounts.

Although the couple doesn't plan to break up, you just never know with these relationships. As far as Jenelle goes, I would say that this is possibly the most stable relationship that we've ever seen her in. I personally hope that Nathan and Jenelle can put aside their differences and create a more stable environment for their unborn child, although I'm not going to bet on that happening.


That picture of them is ridiculous.

As much as I think Jenelle wants to have a fulfilling romantic relationship, she has terrible taste in men. If she's attracted to assholes, she's not going to find true commitment and loyalty in a partner. In all likelihood she grew up in chaos, although the details of her upbringing aren't really known to fans of the show, but that kind of family life can make people choose partners who bring the drama and has they're almost more comfortable living with.

Her relationship with Nathan HAS appeared to be the most stable one she has had since we've seen her on MTV, but I imagine there are still tons of problems. It sucks knowing your significant other is being unfaithful and I honestly feel for her if he is carrying on inappropriate relationships with other women. I just wish she could really get some help so she is mentally stable WITHOUT a boyfriend in the mix. Idk. It's hard for me to really hate Jenelle anymore because it's obvious she has so many problems but I think deep down she really wants to do better and doesn't know how.

I'm still thinking that with the carrying on he may be doing behind her back, it's not females she needs to be worried about.

Haha I won't argue with you about that Rae.

DAMN my niners just lost

There's been a HUGE blowout on Twitter last night/this morning between Jenelle and Nathan's ex gf, Bri. Jenelle is accusing her of talking Nate (which she probably is) and being the TN phone number that's popping up on their cell records (lol so if it isn't her he's talking to someone else). So, between Jenelle being wicked insecure and Nate being completely disinterested in anything but her money- I see this relationship as five seconds from over. Though, that was pretty obvious from JE's December arrest. Happy, lasting couples don't get arrested for a breach of the peace when they argue.

That picture is so ridiculous. In fact everybody who takes swimsuit picture in their bathroom is ridiculous. Did you undress JUST to so you could take a pic like that, because I highly did you guys got a pool. *sigh*

On another note, who didn't see that one coming. Apparently Jenelle is losing it on twitter about a TN number showing on their phone bills. This obviously comes like a surprise for little "Jenelley", apparently she never heard the saying "If he cheat with you, he'll cheat on you".

doubt you guys got a pool*

Dang you phone

Did he cheat with her? I've never heard that.

Lol my phone messes up my posts too, it's annoying commenting in these boxes when it scrolls over (not talking smack, most sites are like this). I got tired of correcting mine, most of the time I assume people know what I'm saying haha.

Therealteenmomtalk. com has an article that sums it up pretty nicely.

So the Bri chick is saying he was still with her. I did hear they had lived together. Idk. It all is screwy

I agree 100%!

AMEN! I am a rather calm person who doesn't get her blood pressure up over "fauxlebrities", celebrities, etc., but this picture makes me want to pull an Amber on my computer screen. UGH! They both look so incredibly baked and STUPID it's not even remotely funny. Normally Jenelle always looks to be a combination of high and mentally ill without treatment, but this one just takes the cake - I think Nathan in a speedo with that vapid look on his face has something to do with it!

And color me shocked that they are having relationship troubles. What a surprise! Jenelle has always chosen stable guys who clearly want a nice family and home life. And who haven't had major red flags in their immediate past (cheating, babies that they have NO custody of, drugs and rap sheets, etc.) As someone commented earlier, Jenelle and Nathan's problems aren't new...after all, normally happy couples do not get arrested by police for disturbing the peace!

Congratulations Babs, looks like you'll be having another baby to care and provide for come June or whenever the poor kid "pops out". After all, this baby was conceived so Jenelle and Nathan could FINALLY raise a child, as they each have one child already under their belts that is not in their custody. Classy!

I have a bad feeling that now that there are problems between them she is suddenly "miscarry" and then try to say he beat her up...

We can only pray that the poor kid involved in this mess doesn't end up exposed to his or her parents - take that as you will! Abortion, miscarriage, adoption to a loving family that could provide it with a secure and stable life that a child needs (although we know THAT would never happen, that would require these asshats to think of someone other than themselves for once). And yes, I'm sure she will say he was physically abusive...

Is This Jenelles 3rd or 4th pregnancy? Im Confused. Theirs is Jace, the "miscarriage" last year with Courtlands baby, the Summer Abortion and Now This One?

Correct, if the "miscarriage" was real

Im Pretty Sure It was Real Wasnt there a report about Courtland Hitting Her and He Did get charged with battery on a pregnant women (Jenelle). Either way HOLY COW !!!

I think the pic is HILARIOUS! ! There just kids bein goofy, he probably is flirty, but i dout he cheated... Good luck you two!

I don't want to make assumptions off stereotypes but I just don't think he's straight...Even with the ex-gfs and the cheating.