Uh Oh. Looks Like There's Some Doubt about Jenelle Evans' True Baby Daddy

So of course Jenelle Evans is the one TeenMom star being accused of having a baby with someone other than the baby daddy she claims fathered her child. Jenelle's fiance is David Eason and the purported father of baby Ensley.

But now, it looks like fans have a conspiracy theory about Ensley given that pics don't quite match up to the combination of looks one would expect from Jenelle and David.

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Remember Kieffer Delp? The fan theory is that he might actually be Ensley's real father.

Here are some fan statements per Radar:

"She looks like Jace and Kieffer," one fan commented, as another wrote, "She's not David's..."

A third user wrote, "Everyday she looks more like Kieffer. Told him he should ask for a DNA test."

Looks like it's time to do some investigative journalism. Technically, Jenelle could have hooked up with Kieffer Delp at any time, so examining the time period during which she was with Kieffer rather than David, doesn't help all that much.

It does appear, however, that baby Ensley could resemble Kieffer.

Of course, Jenelle and David's defense is to simply repeat over and over again that their baby is "white." How about denying the claim of infidelity instead?

Naturally, Jenelle's approach to the whole issue isn't going to be all that sophisticated. Not to mention that she may not know herself exactly who Ensley's father is.

In other news, Jenelle has also been going around complaining about her taxes.

Apparently, this teenmom star's net worth has increased substantially in the past few years.

Her complaints about her taxes are no big surprise, however, considering she's also been upset about the fact that her salary from MTV keeps her from being able to receive any government assistance programs.

What's next for Jenelle? Looks like she just can't let TeenMom OG claim all the publicity right now, so chances are we'll be hearing again from her soon!

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You all know she can't say no to Kieffer . I wonder how that weed pipe making empire is going for him?