Teen Mom 2 - More Naked Photos Leaked Of Jenelle... Again

Jenelle Evans

Let me start off by saying, no I'm not posting any of the leaked photos of Jenelle.

There, now that those who were searching for them are gone, I'll continue with the story. It was either this week or last that Jenelle was going back and forth with her former boss / boyfriend(?) / cyberstalking victim(?) on twitter before heading to court and getting some type of no contact order placed on him.

During that exchange, he promised to release more photos of her, and if I remember correctly he said it would happen around Sat at midnight.

Well, it's Sat at midnight and he delivered on his threat, in a painful way for Jenelle.

While most of the pictures have been deleted from twitter/photobucket, I was able to see a few of them and they're definitely of Jenelle and definitely revealing. It appears her nightmare former boss is not going to leave her alone any time soon and it's kind of sad to see for Jenelle. Sure, she's been no angel in this situation, but unlike the pictures Kieffer "leaked", I don't think Jenelle wanted this to happen by any means.

I mean who does? She was completely humiliated tonight and I don't wish that on anyone.

Yes, it was a terrible decision for her to take the pictures in the first place, but I bet every other person who reads this blog has had similar photos taken at some point or another.

However, we all know Jenelle is a terrible judge of character for her boyfriends so far from Kieffer to Gary to Duffy (if he was her bf), so sadly this is no surprise.

The mind boggling part is that she knew Duffy had pictures, and threatened to leak them, yet Jenelle went and took similar shots this week with Kieffer.

That's the part I don't understand...

when you touch a hot stove, don't most people stop touching it? Isn't that the lesson we learn when we're like 3? It's only a matter of time until more are released from either Duffy, Kieffer or a future boyfriend, so why does she keep taking them?




Don't forget about Andrew in her boyfriend hall of fame! :D

This is EXACTLY why the skank should quit doing it! She's only doing it for attention. She KNOWS they'll be put out there. She's not "humiliated" she waiting for the next guy to come along to knock her up or give her some more weed. She's a poor excuse for human life and is using up our precious oxygen on this earth. Just shoot yourself Jenelle!

I don't agree with her choices at all, but I think telling someone to just shoot themselves is a little extreme.

I don't think telling someone to shoot themselves is a great idea. I totally think that Jenelle should sterilize herself, (and Keiffer, and Duffy... And Gary Shirley... And Amber... And Farrah...)...

But telling them to die is, well, a little too far for me.They are already here, and all we can hope is that they will make the best of themselves while they are here, and won't be too much of a burden on society.

That's not extreme! She doesn't even belong on earth!

You're out of your mind! She may be stupid but she's a human being like you and me!! I hate her but I'd never wish she'd die. You're sick.

no there not,my bf has them lol

Next you should write an article about Farrah's workout video haha.

I saw that a couple of days ago lol. Debated on whether or not to write an article about it. Well, since I'm not doing anything else right now... ;)

She will perpetuate chaos in her life until the day she dies or grows wiser... yeah, like that will happen....

It's gonna ba a sad YOLO
until she learns how to live SOLO.

Oh my! I just saw them and WOW! Sorry, stevebeans, but no, not every person reading this has taken photos like that. I can say I have never taken, or let anyone take, nude photos of myself for this exact reason. I've never had any bad breakups but better safe than sorry as decisions like this usually come back and bite you in your ass.

No sympathy from me at all. She is a liar and just skeezy. She doesn't learn her lesson but she doesn't care to. Poor Jace! How embarrassing is this going to be for him?! Ughhhh cannot stand her!

Nope, I've never taken pics, topless or otherwise, either. A good rule of thumb for the age of the internet that we live in is you just don't say or do anything electronically that you would't want the world hearing or seeing because once it's out there...well, Jenelle can finish that sentence for you. She is such a stupid girl and no, I don't feel bad for anyone who is a glutton for punishment.

i don't have any sympathy for jenelle whatsoever. if she hasn't figured out what type of guys these jerks are then that's her problem. she's such a mess though that guys like keiffer, duffy and gary are all she an get nowadays.
i was watching an episode of teen mom 2, just after barbs takes custody and jenelle goes to kieffer "i dont care if its one month, two months, three months... i'll get him (jace) back."

yeah try almost three years jenelle.
your sad, pathetic, attention hungry and needy.

I saved the pics last night. I knew they'd be taken down! I don't think Duffy cares at this point. When she allowed him to take those pictures, he automatically OWNED the nude photos of her. She cannot do anything about it. Same as all those websites where people posts nudes of their ex-girlfriends. It's not illegal. I feel bad for Jace, he certainly won't have any type of a normal life now with pictures like these floating around.

i never got to see them.. they must be really explicit this time around...

I have them, but I will not retweet them as people doing this are getting their accounts suspended... if people REALLY want to see them you can see them from James Duffy's twitter...

There are four that were leaked last night (as far as I'm aware.) Three of Jenelle and one of Kieffer.

Basically, two of them are full frontal from the knees up and the other is a back shot from the knees up and is focused on her buttocks...

The last photo is of Kieffer participating in fellatio.

It's disgusting, but it's likely the photos will appear in google search in a few days...

i am actually surprised how fast twitter reacted and had them deleted as well as suspending any accounts that re-tweeted them.

I warn anyone looking for them, you will see more of Jenelle then you ever want to... :(

I saved them as well, only because my sister wanted to see them. But there are 4 of Jenelle and one of Kieffer. In one of the photos, Jenelle is touching herself down there. Seriously, she is so stupid. I just don't know what else to say.

eeek! Did NOT know the masturbating picture was leaked! WHOA

the photos are gone. can you post them?

Are they still up? What's his twitter name? Lol

i couldn't find them.


It's so clear from that picture of Kieffer that it's been photoshopped - in fact someone posted the REAL picture of Kieffer with his mouth open like this and he was faux-eating a frog.

That was a shitty photoshop job of that wiener towards his mouth and I'm surprised anyone fell for it.

I find this humerous because I remember reading another commenter on the previous Jenelle thread that was along e lines of "nude pictures in 3.. 2.. "

Love it. jenelle you are just the worst kind of person.

I feel famous since you remembered my comment...and yes, I was expecting this LOL

Please Steve I know you feel some kinda sorry for this trash but thats all she is trash. Normal people do not take photos like this. Shes an idiot and shell never get Jace back, thank gosh!!! Gross,stop feeling sympathy for someone who is so wreckless and stupid!!!

I know right? I hate stupid people.

Oh, and the proper spelling is "reckless." Just saying.

Jenelle should be taking care of Jace instead of chasing around trash bags like this..... but then again she is about as smart as a door knob.... Poor Jace is all I can say.... Jenelle deserves everything she gets....

I completely agree with what you said. But at the same time, Jenelle needs to stop getting involved with the wrong people. She is far from getting her son back, and it would be in his best interests if he stayed with Barbara. Jenelle is ridiculous. It's hard to give her any sort of pity when she's done all of this to herself.

At this point, I kind of believe Jenelle is "the wrong kind of people." She needs to work on herself, and distance herself from everyone before she attempts relationships/friendships again. She has to be a good person regardless of who is around her.

Your exactly right "Jenelle is the wrong type of person".... I don't give a rat's ass what happened to her in the past she has a child now..... She is ONLY concerned about one person "HERSELF".....

What were the pics of?

I don't understand how u guys can keep defending Jenelle. She is the definition of trash. I hope she NEVER, EVER gets Jace back. She has some serious issues and Jace's well being should NEVER be dependent on her. She's nothing but a drug addict, white trash, pathetic excuse for a "mom" who didn't want her kid the moment she realized he wasn't just going to be a cute accesory for her to parade around. She needs to be sterilized pronto.

My sister is a social worker... Yea, she won't ever get her kid back... Naked photos on the internet, boyfriend has a cocaine arrest under his belt and now sells weed pipes...

Yea, I'll bet you a box of donuts and 10 bucks, she'll likely get prison time before Jace time...

As of last night the pictures were still visible on James Duffy's twitter.
I only saw 3 pictures of Jenelle, and there was 1 of Keiffer (I guess there were 4 of Jenelle). The pictures I saw were of Jenelle lounging naked on what appears to be a bench on a dock, Jenelle laying on her stomach (naked, butt shot), and a picture of her from the neck down sitting on a ledge (vag shot). The picture of Keiffer was of him with his mouth wide open near a penis. I guess there was also a picture of Jenelle masturbating, but I didn't see that one.

I tweeted to Duffy and he claims there was no masturbating shot... I'll believe it when I see it...

There is. I wouldn't call it a masturbating shot, but she is definitwly touchong herself. I will not post them in a public forum for obvious reasons, but I have it.

Email it to me?

Sure, go for it. What's your email? Or if you don't want to post it, here's my twitter and you can DM me your email https://twitter.com/brittlv134

I saw the one of Keiffer on someone else's twitter & it definitely looked photoshopped. Haven't been graced with the honor of seeing Jenelle's wholesome and pure genitals.

Jenelle's pictures are obviously real, but that picture of Kieffer was so clearly photoshopped I burst out laughing when I saw it. In fact, the real picture of him pretending to eat a frog was posted later.

The lighting is all off.
The wiener is as big as his head.
How did people fall for this?

I feel bad for Jenelle. I know everybody loves to hate her, but I just can't. People are the way they are for a reason.

I'm rooting for all the girls of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. I'll admit that I am fascinated by all the drama in their lives, but it also breaks my heart to read some of the stuff that has happened. At the end of the day, these girls are all somebody's mother. Everybody bitches that they suck at parenting, but is anybody trying to support them and help them do better? No. We all just sit here on our laptops and smartphones, talking trash.

jenelle has had more than enough chances.
and trust me even i was pulling for her at one point. its the fact that she's had so much time to change and hasn't.
same mistakes she made last year she's making this year, and that's not what growing up and maturing is about.

Is this a serious comment? Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or halfway house for battered women if you want to show sympathy and compassion for parents who need and deserve it. Jenelle has beaucoup money, a place to live, a car, all the time in the world since she has no job; she is completely capable of giving Jace a fantastic life. She is actually quite lucky because most teen moms, especially when the father isn't around, struggle as all hell just to put food on the table. This girl is buying boobs, getting tattoos, dying her hair all the time, getting her nails done, and eating out constantly. Oh let's not forget hanging out on the beach.

She's had support, it is not "our" fault she is of horrible character. Yea, let's all support her and I'm sure she'll get her act together real quick. It's only been, what, 3 or 4 years now? She's had plenty of time. Honestly, f*** supporting her.

Jenelle is NOBODY'S mother..

She signed her son away, remember?

You seem as dumb as Jenelle...

Well, that is very kind hearted and generous of you. It never does any harm to wish people well from afar does it? I do think they need to work on themselves, and I think it's a fool's errand to try to support them as those who do so in their real lives always seem to get bent..but I enjoyed reading your positivity compared to the endless streams of hatred and judgment.

Ugh, hate her. A few days ago she was saying the reason she did not have Jace back yet was the court stuff was so expensive....gee, how much did that Jetta cost you when you already had a car? And the gross boobs? The pix were hysterical for those who did not see them..Jenelle trying to look like a playboy model and ended up looking like something even Hustler would not want. Her body is so stubby and gross...

First off, some of those pics she posed for. So its not like she "didnt know what was going on". See Jenelle, this is why you should snort Pixie Sticks.

never found them. so not surprised more leaked. im sure its not the last time we see more of her than we should. next will probably be videos. she may love her son, but she really isnt acting like she wants him back. he'd just come between her and all the stupid junk she does.

My goodness it just never ends with her. I feel so sorry for poor little Jace. That poor little thing, whenever anything new like this happens I just think geez it would have been so much better for him had Jenelle put him up for adoption. I feel a bit mean saying that, at least he has Babs, but judging by the way her children turned out (don't some of Jenelle's siblings want nothing to do with her?)I don't think it's all that great that Babs is raising him.

That poor little kid has no hope.


I agree with you. It would have been so much better for Jace if he had been adopted. I don't think Babs home is much better than Jenelle's in many ways.

And why is Jenelle still trying to get him back? She has so much drama in her life - is that what she wants Jace exposed to? She is threatening people, and one day someone might decide to confront her at her house. Does she want Jace around for that?

So sad...

Can someone link to the pics already? Can't find them anywhere!

WOW!! Okay Steve, that's it. After seeing the pictures I DEFINITLEY have to disagree with you saying she "didn't want this to happen." she not only posed for nude photos, but took them IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Who else does that besides someone who WANTS the photos seen for whatever reason. WOW!

I think everyone needs to get some sense and stop supporting this girl. She obviously has an agenda and is playing the victim to get it accomplished. I'm honestly starting to believe all of this drama is fake. Even with Duffy. Why would she not just block him like she does everyone else who talks bad to her.

I'm seriously still in shock. These were not private pictures she took for a boyfriend these were wanna be professional-esque photos obviously MEANT to be seen!

Nope, don't feel sorry for her. Clearly she wanted these pictures to be seen...looks like she's trying to do some amateur shots for Playboy or something, hoping to catch a break....it's time for her to get a life....

Hahaha omg no wonder she got a boob job those things looked terrible. Jenelle, if you were trying to look sexy in those, you failed. Miserably.

she totally posed for those and knowing her loved every second of it.
i hope she got slivers.

Wheres the keiffa one!? lol

The keiffer one was totally fake in my opinion. You can clearly tell it was photoshopped. But I guess most tweens and twitter users aren't too smart to realize that.

It was definitely faked and I saw the real picture it came from. He was pretending to eat a frog. And I think it was from Jace's birthday party or something.

I wonder if the stupid, vile little bint ever realises that her "son" might some day read up on his pathetic excuse of "mother".
Can you imagine the poor kid.WAIT! What am I talking about? He probably is wrecked for life having witnessed the "loving" chats and "terms of endearment" his Mother spews out at his beloved Grandmother.

Oh..as I am new to this forum, has anyone ever debated if Jenelle shaves her eyebrows like Amber does??

I think Amber has a thyroid issue. That can cause weird eyebrows. It would be the sort of thing that would make her mental issues make sense, and is more easily treated than bipolar. Also, if she has another child while untreated for thyroid issues the child could be born retarded. So, naturally, with all that said, is it any surprise that a quack like Dr. Drew hasn't considered it?

First of all, WHY WOULD YOU PISS OFF SOMEONE WHO HAS NAKED PICTURES OF YOU? Damn, she's stupid. If I knew someone does have naked pictures of me, the last thing I would do is calling them names on twitter. I don't feel sorry at all about her, she deserves what is happening her, she's so immature it's ridiculous! I even thank Babs for not letting her see Jace.

I finally found the pictures when I googled it just now. The masturbating one is nowhere to be found though. I was actually disappointed cuz I wanted to see if,what tori said about jenelles vagina was true! (that her vagina is like roastbeef, purple).lol. What I could see of it, it looks used:(

Ok my parents live in Oak Island and I can promise you I will never sit on any of the benches again! Who takes naked pictures on a bench? Off season it's really dead so im hoping that is when she did this.

ohhh..do you any inside scoop on this trashbag? such a stupid ho