Jenelle fails drug test and is arrested after pleading guilty to drug charge

Jenelle Evans

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Karma has finally found its way into the world of Jenelle Evans. While appearing in court today for her heroin possession/paraphernalia and assault charges, a judge ordered an on-the-spot drug test, which she failed. Marijuana was found in Jenelle's system and she was arrested. She will spend the next 48 hours behind bars. According to RadarOnline, she will be released Wednesday morning at 9:30am.

As far the heroin and assault charges go, her lawyer Dustin Sullivan told RadarOnline,

"Jenelle pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia and all the other charges were dismissed."

Jenelle was given 18 months unsupervised probation for her paraphernalia. She will presumably start probation after her release from jail on Wednesday.

The dropped charges include possession of a substance II drug, Percocet and assault against her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. If you followed Courtland while he was still in jail, he revealed that this paraphernalia was, in fact, a glass rhinestone pipe. He was also in court today to watch his estranged wife face her charges.

Jenelle's boyfriend Nathan Griffith accompanied her to court today (as seen in the above photo) and has remained fairly quiet on Twitter and Facebook, except for changing his profile and cover pictures from photos with Jenelle to photos of himself and his daughter! Trouble for the happy couple, perhaps?

Jenelle did not have the heroin possession charges dropped, however. According to the local news station WCET, Jenelle still faces charges of possession with intent to sell and distribute heroin. That case will be handled in superior court at a later date.

Jenelle added mugshot #11 to her collection today as well:

Author's note: Little does this smiling criminal know that her failed in-court drug test will weigh heavily on her pending heroin charges and may prevent any chance of a plea deal. She will likely face the maximum sentence of 7 years behind bars for failing the drug test! This may also change her unsupervised probation to supervised probation when she is released Wednesday!

Oh and don't forget, Season 5 of Teen Mom 2 is currently filming as we speak. MTV cameras were present at the courthouse this morning and caught all the drama on film! As you can see below, Jenelle is "miking" up her man for recording!


UPDATE: Nathan has dumped Jenelle. This screenshot was just posted on Twitter by user ?@jenelle_says who acquired the photo from one of Jenelle's friends. Nathan said in the past if Jenelle is doing drugs, he will break up with her. I guess it's good thing that they never bought that house!

UPDATE 2: Some people have expressed their opinions on our Twitter and on the blog about the conflicting reports regarding Jenelle's heroin charges. I reached out to the blogger of Ashley's Reality RoundUp, who spoke DIRECTLY with Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, to get the details of Jenelle's day in court.

She posted the following:

"...most of Jenelle's drug charges stemming from the April 23 arrest (including the assault charges for smacking down husband Courtland Rogers, and possession of Percocets) were dropped. She still has to face the possession of heroin, and intent to sell/distribute heroin charges."

This blogger has been 100% accurate on her articles and we at TMJ use her as frequently as a source for our information!

Read her complete post on Jenelle court day here.

I was also informed by my Twitter spies that Jenelle now has more mug shots than Lindsay Lohan.

UPDATE 3: The previous update is now wrong. The blogger at Ashley's Reality Roundup has since updated her blog with the same information below.

After trying to get a straight answer from other bloggers, I took it upon my self to get the story and personally contacted the Brunswick County Court to get the correct information. The officer I spoke with told me,

"Jenelle Lauren Evans WAS cleared of ALL heroin charges relating to her April arrest."

So, there you have it. Karma did not actually come to fruition for this Teen Mom starlet. Not yet, at least. She is facing 18 months unsupervised probation for the rhinestone pipe that she had in her pocket at the time of her arrest. If she is arrested for ANY reason, she will face time.

I am absolutely baffled as to how she snuck her way out of ANY of this! She has had 10+ arrests in 3 years, MOST of which are drug related. She has 2 drug convictions on her record. If she was not famous, she would be facing 7+ years behind bars for her actions. She was arrested with a heroin pipe, bindles on her person and in HER car. I do not understand how she got away with any of it!

I personally believe that a judge or two was paid off by MTV so they can continue filming Season 5 of Teen Mom 2 and continue to promote the fake story line that she is better and no longer on drugs.

It is an utter disgrace to see such abuse of the justice system. And once again shows that she is NOT sober. And not getting better for her son.


I'm just glad that I don't have to see Kail's exposed pregnant belly every time I venture here for a TM update. Sorry, but 2 1/2 weeks was way to long to be seeing that.

That was not Kails belly. Just so you know since you keep posting that it was.

Ummm...this was my first comment about it d-bag.

Okay no need to be rude but I could've sworn I saw your screen name post that on the last article as well. If I'm wrong I'm sorry, no need to be rude and call names.

Maybe Jenelle just really wanted to see TMJ updated.

Apologies for this. Summer is a busy time for basically everyone and I've been in another country! Expect fairly regular updates from here on! Look for a Farrah update tomorrow!

A Nikkole update would be nice, too!

Please! I am so sick of seeing Farrah's horse face. I don't need an update, I really just need her to go very far away. Regarding Nikkole I'm quite curious about what's up with her and this second pregnancy. Very weird.

The Nikkole pregnancy drama is extremely interesting but I'd be really surprised to see it covered here. This site solely covers girls who had been on Teen Mom, doesn't it? I can't recall ever seeing a story about a girl who was only on 16 and Pregnant.

I want real Nikkole update not Fluff piece rumor has it that Nikkole fake her whole pregrancy. Nikkole friends are saying she fake it her son father sister is saying she fake it. Even her ex mike family and friends said she fake it too. Comments on heather site are saying that the images that she put up are not real they are fake they all find these images on google. So being that Nikkole was crazy in her 16 and pregnancy episode and she is a famewhore I do think she fake it.

Good lawd girl. The grammar of your post made my brain hurt.

I'm really interested in an article about Nikkole as well.

Looking forward to reading your posts!

Post about Mackenzie (TM3)!. She's pregnant with her second child at the age of 14.
jk, she is like 18 but ughhhh these girls...

Will do, after the Nikkole piece!

Thank you, Joan! FWIW, I LOVE your TM investigative journalism!

Thank you! I'm interested to hear about Mackenzie & Nikkole. I'm really excited to read the comments too! Haha. Thanks for updating :)

Probation my ass. This crazy freak needs to be locked up for a long ass time! They shouldn't let her off so damn easy. She obviously hasn't learned her lesson.

Other outlets are reporting that the heroin charges were dropped when she plead guilty to the paraphernalia charge.

I've been reading differently, but as she has failed an IN COURT drug test, I doubt this is true. RadarOnline is known to be bed fellows with Jenelle and she has publicly announced that she is friends with one of the main editors. According to the local news and the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, Jenelle is STILL facing heroin charges. Obviously, these things can change at the drop of a hat, but as of 4 EST, she was still facing those charges.

I will update if I get more info!

I'll post this as an update to the main article, but I will post it here too.

The blogger of Ashley's Reality RoundUp spoke DIRECTLY with Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan to get the details of Jenelle's day in court.

She posted the following on her blog:

"...most of Jenelle’s drug charges stemming from the April 23 arrest (including the assault charges for smacking down husband Courtland Rogers, and possession of Percocets) were dropped. She still has to face the possession of heroin, and intent to sell/distribute heroin charges."

This blogger has been 100% accurate on her articles and TMJ uses her as a source frequently!

Read her post here:

Thanks for clarifying!

FYI: Ashleys reality roundup posted this update

UPDATED: Dustin also tells The Ashley that Jenelle’s heroin possession/intent to sell charges were also dropped.

I've updated this article now! Thanks!

Good for the judge on making her take a drug test! I'm so sick of this girl. By the looks of her 11th mug shot, she thinks this is some kind of game. It's sickening to think of all the wasted tax payer money that has been spent her. Do everyone a favor and lock her up for at least a year. I hope she never has anything to do with her son again. It's the only hope for him to have a normal life. If she hasn't given up drugs by now, nothing else will maker her quit. It kills me to see her have opportunity after opportunity that she wastes. She's been very fortunate for having MTV pay for her rehab twice. There's plenty of people who would jump at that opportunity to try to change their lives.

If we lock her up, we'll be spending more tax money on her. I would prefer we row her out to a desert island and drop her off there. I'm sure she could fend for herself...she's scrappy.

I've never really been able to say anything good about jenelle, but I have to say I sort of feel bad for her on this. I was thinking she was doing better, and honestly, she even looks healthier. I don't think weed is all that bad, and if that's all she has done wrong (this time) and it's going to set her back this much.. that freaking sucks.

I agree, in a way. If the only thing she ever did wrong was weed, I would say 7 years would be a bit excessive of a punishment. However, you need to consider all of the things she has done and never got punished for. She obviously thinks life is a big fucking joke with how her grin progressively gets bigger with every mugshot, it's about time she got her shit together and learn what's important in life - her baby. Pull an Amber, Jenelle (bet you never thought that would be a compliment 2 years ago.)

While weed may be a much less severe drug than heroin, she still knew she wasn't supposed to do ANY sort of illegal drug and she did it anyway. She's even smiling in her mug shot. She cares little for consequences.

That's because she's never actually HAD any consequences.

I think Jenelle has had all kinds of consequences, she's just too dense to absorb any of them.

I respectfully disagree. Jenelle has gotten off time and time again with merely a tiny slap on the wrist nothing more to really stick it through her idiotic head. I honestly have no clue how her lawyer hasn't quit yet from dealing with all of her idiocy

I agree with your disagreement, haha. She has been allowed to file abuse charges on every single one of her boyfriends seemingly whether anything occurred or not, her MTV funded lawyer has gotten her off of EVERYTHING, she somehow hasn't died from all the shit she's putting in her body and, most importantly, she had a child, didn't even pretend to take care of him, signed custody (and financial burden) over to her mother all while dating addicts and idiots, stealing her mom's credit cards for road trips and having to pay a mere pittance in child support. She doesn't know how life works because she's hardly ever employed, can't stick with school and bitches about having to "babysit" a child that she brought into this world.

Fair enough. While losing my child would have devastated me, it probably was more a "let off the hook" for her.

Good job NC judicial system. Unsupervised probation is totally proper punishment because she's been on it before - oh wait. Jenelle has made it very clear she has no intention of ever STAYING sober. When she asked her lawyer how long she needs to stay sober for - how about the rest of your life, piece of shit? She said in rehab she has no problem doing weed, it's just that she's not allowed to. If weed became legal in NC, she would never be sober ever again (Note - I'm not trying to make a 'should weed be legal' argument. I don't care).

Agreed. She even smoked when she was pregnant and tried to tell people a doctor recommended it. False. She's an idiot.

WTF, really?!

She is fucking trash.

I've given up hope on her. I felt bad for a while, and really wished she'd get her act together, but it's obvious she's never going to admit her faults and own up to her mistakes. She needs to get thrown in jail for a LONG time, but at this point, I doubt even jail would do much good. She's a lost cause.

Poor little Jace. :(

Wednesday morning I expect to be reading something from her twitter along the lines of "OMG I didn't smoke weed!! Like I'm clean. Someone totally set me up. I've had my self straight for over a year guyz!"

Jenelle's next tweet:

I mean everybody Nathan tied me to the bed and blowed smoke into my mouth, i'm going to press charges against him right now, he's such a piece of shit I am so hurt right now, my body is full of bruises and i can't stop crying, this is the worst day of my life.

"I'm sooooo upset!"


"And he stole my clothes and my phone, I'm balling my eyes out"

I'd like to make note that drug paraphernalia was the limit for Nathan. But getting trashed and driving through a Wendy's drive thru backwards is a-okay. *clap clap clap*

I bet that in short order when she knows that she has been dumped that the allegations of him being abusive will come out ...

I don't think the paraphernalia was the limit for Nathan. I think it was the failed drug test. He says she didn't want her doing drugs and pot qualifies.


This really makes me sad. As opposed to what some of the blog readers seem to have such an animosity and want to watch these girls fail, I feel no true animosity and really wish they would just pull their heads out of their asses. For instance for Farrah, that should be a relatively easy task since her asshole is gaping. Anyways I really hoped that jenelle was getting her act together. I find it incredibly sad that Amber beats Gary up and gets multiple years in the slammer when I truly believe that fat ass deserved it, meanwhile Jenelle continues to violate probation after probation and she's never had to face true consequences for her actions. I honest to God want to smack that smirk right off of her face.

I also can't help but wonder if these girls never would've been on TV and gotten this new 'I'm truly a nobody but since I was on a reality show I'm famous now' notoreity if they would end up in these predicaments as they are now

Amber didn't go to jail directly as a result of hitting Gary. That event triggered the legal process for her. She was addicted to pills and was arrested in connection to possession of those drugs (I think she tested positive while on probation once as well?). She turned down drug rehab and chose jail.

Still her offenses are much more minor and less in quantity than jenelles which was my point :)

I don't know, I think beating up your child's father in front of her is a big no-no, no matter if it's one time or a hundred times. They also got her for child neglect (remember the episodes where she refused to put sheets on her crib, Gary asked why she also was bruised and wearing dirty clothes, and how she let her felon flavor of the week change her). I don't remember if that was part of her sentence, but it doesn't change the fact she did those things.

Sweet sweet karma.

I don't think Nathan has dumped Jenelle though- he's been posting sappy tweets and facebook updates about missing her by his side. Basically it sounds like he's had a little taste of "fame" and isn't going to let go no matter how utterly pathetic and hypocritical it makes him. Can't wait until they're finally done- I'll have my popcorn ready.

I'm looking into this too! I only use Facebook for personal friends, not celebs, so I don't have him on my friend list. I will get to the bottom of this for you! However, Nathan DID NOT deny that message or its content! I wonder if the fame got to his head and he doesn't care what she does, as long as an MTV paycheck comes with it all!

I'm sure more info will come out today!

Who are you kidding? nothing will happen to her. She will NEVER go to jail for a good amount of time. The "justice" system is a fucking joke. Oh and I bet Gaythan will stay.( Even though he said he'd leave over drugs.) He loves the attention.

No review of last night's episode recapping the Teen Mom 3 girls? Looks like I was right to delete this page from my favorites.

Popcorn is ready!! This made my morning.. Haha

Mackenzie Douthit is pregnant again, she posted it on her FB and on Twitter. This is her THIRD pregnancy & she is only 18. She also said that she has been married for a couple months now. How the heck are we supposed to take these girls seriously when one of them is already pregnant again before the season even airs!

She was supposed to get married on Saturday. I wonder if the wedding was a courthouse affair a la Jeremy and Leah, Kail and Javi and Saturday is the formal ceremony. Does this girl love being pregnant or what? She's a tiny girl and was carrying a massive baby due to diabetes and her first pregnancy ended with a late miscarriage.

Ya possibly. I really can't believe that she's pregnant again. I mean use some common sense to prevent the pregnancy. Even if they were technically married before, she hasn't started college yet and she is only 18. I believe she still lives with her mom, so she is in no boat to have another kid.

I mean, have you heard the girl speak? The lightbulb's pretty dim.

Also, one more thing. I've noticed a pattern in all of her relationships; she tries to convince the world this new dude is perfect. Then also tries to act like a perfect couple being "productive". Fight, trash talk, make up. All perfect again, fight, breakup (all over twitter) & file charges. Repeat.

Although I think Mackenzie is absolutely adorable as I think most people seem to think I find it very sad that she's already had so many pregnancies it isn't even old enough to drink alcoholic beverages. I believe that this is actually her fourth pregnancy not her third I remember hearing that she had a miscarriage before she had Gannon and then had another miscarriage after Gannon. While I'm happy if that's the life that she wants to live and that she is comfortable with I think it's really sad that MTV is using her as a supposed "role model" for other teenage girls. It's a shame also since she does have brittle diabetes which is very hard to control and she doesn't want take birth control because she doesn't want to get fat. What the hell does that say to other young girls that may have body issues?

She needs to get the copper Iud without hormones before she has any more pregnancies!!!!

Why am I not surprised? She's even smiling on her mug shot...classy.

Looks like she's baaaack. *grabs popcorn*

If I ever get in trouble with the law, I am calling Dustin Sullivan, the BEST DAMN LAWYER in the United States of America.

Ya, he seems like an awesome lawyer. I'm sure his business has gone up a lot!

y'all need to LEARN how to report instead of writing your opinions....we come to this website for information not your opinions of the stars

Why do we need to learn that?

Dude. It's a blog. And show me an unbiased news source for reality "celebrities."

If you don't like what's written, there's a simple solution. Don't visit the site Einstein. I like this blog for the Snark that goes along with reporting the realities of these dumb girls. And I know I'm not the only one.

Keep up the good work stevebeans, Joan and Tamara

Mug Shot 11? Man they should start some sort of rewards program like the Subway Club Card. 10 Mug shots and your next one comes with the option of a laser background, a la' Glamour Shots.

Stay clASSY Jenelle.