Jenelle Is Declared Not Guilty On The Teen Mom 2 Premiere

Jenelle Evans

MTV's Teen Mom 2 is already off to a positive part for Jenelle as her hearing was televised for the most part.

In a clip from the all new episode, Jenelle took the stand to defend what happened between her and Nathan's girlfriend. After recounting the story she began to break down on the stand.

Jenelle was adamant that she was trying to protect her child and that she felt threatened. The part that really made her break down was when she revisited the fact that Nathan said she would never get her child back.

At that point, Jenelle said she panicked because she in the process of moving and felt disrespected by Nathan for bringing his girlfriend over.

Jenelle's last statement was her claim that she is just trying to be a good person and a good mom.

As you may know from our recap, Jenelle was found not guilty and can now move forward. However? Is the drama officially over or will there be more to come as the season continues?

Fans of Teem Mom 2 will have to wait to find out on next week's episode. You can check out some of Jenelle's defense in the MTV video below.



Don't you mean Nathan, not Adam??

Jenelle's ex boyfriend's name is Nathan... not Adam lol