Jenelle Makes a Baby Registry

Jenelle Evans


jenelleregistryYesterday Jenelle caused quite a stir when people found out that she made a baby registry for her second child. Although it is common practice to make a baby registry, the things that Jenelle has put on hers seems to be a bit far-fetched.

Included on Jenelle's baby registry are requests for three cribs, four high chairs, close to 70 bottles, seven breast pumps, and 13 diaper bags. I'll be the first to admit that I probably registered for more things than I needed to when I was pregnant, but I didn't register for multiple "big" items. I also can't help but notice that some things are missing from the registry. There's no mention of a baby swing, play pen, or a play mat for baby Kaiser. There also weren't many mentions of baby clothes on the registry, which seems to be something that most other registries have.

There has been some speculation about whether Jenelle was really the one behind creating the registry, but yesterday she replied to a fan on Twitter saying that she actually does have the registry through Babies R Us.

jenelle registry 1

Since the registry then became public knowledge, Jenelle decided to change the name that it was registered under last night. It is now registered under the name "Lauren Collins" but the registry number is still the same, as well as the location and due date for Jenelle's baby. You can take a look at the registry for yourself by clicking here!

It appears that Jenelle received a decent amount of backlash for some of the items listed, and she shared the following tweet.

jenelle registry 2

What's your opinion on Jenelle's registry?


She's going to sell the extras for (drug) money. She figures that she can jack up the price and people will buy it because it's "jenelle's from Teen Mom". The sad thing about that is that it's true.

I guess it's easier to register for 80 bibs than buy a few value packs and wash them occasionally. Also, she's registering for stuff the kid won't need for MONTHS. She never did anything with Jace as a newborn so she literally has no idea what taking care of a newborn requires when it comes to "baby equipment."


She's planning ahead for when she loses custody. Half of the items will be at Bahb's house. That way she won't have to buy new things with her own money or move it over there herself

One high chair for each of them, Jenelle, Nathan, Jace, and baby... they all need one

"High chair, high chair, ya both in ya high chairs!!"

I have no idea either, but if I were pregnant I would not fill my registry up with 70 baby bottles and three cribs! It's just so excessive! Honestly, I would probably ask my mother to help me with the registry, because I would have no clue as to what I would need. This registry makes her look a)lazy, b)clueless, and c)greedy. Which is probably accurate.

I will say that I loved making our baby registry. It's fun to pick out things you like without having to actually buy them all on the spot, and then you have your own list if you wanna go back and buy things yourself. But again, I didn't have half the things on mine that she has on hers.

My husband and I had each lived on our own for years before we even meet or got married so we didn't need a "traditional" wedding registry. Plus the idea of like monogrammed towels and china patterns makes me want to puke. We registered for absolutely ridiculous and fun stuff. Like a trampoline and a machete. We knew we wouldn't get most of the stuff, it was just fun. We DID end up getting the machete from an awesome friend of ours but for the most part, it was just a good laugh. Somehow, I don't think that's what Jenelle has going on.


That's hilarious! We got married when our son was 6 months old, and we didn't really register. I just said gift cards were appreciated and we got mostly cash and gift cards. All the real gifts came at my bridal shower, anyway. Doing things your way sounds like way more fun though! Haha

I'm not married and don't have children, but I'm in a wonderful relationship with a great man and I'm looking forward to doing all these things with him. But I'm not rushing. Like our favorite trainwreck seems to be doing.

Well Jace's Potty Mouth: if/when you do get to the point of registries, unless you absolutely need household goods, I suggest having a blast with it because we got some really great gag gifts that weren't on the registry but went along with the insanity theme and the rest was mostly gift cards and cash that we used for stuff we needed throughout the years.

Haha @rae that's awesome! My husband and I did the same thing I think the most normal thing we put on there was a blender and I know we got a new toaster haha but for the most part we put random stuff on there like those big ass tubes of cheesy poofs aha we obviously could have got that ourselves but it was still about having fun. As far as our baby registry we put random crap on there but traditional stuff like baby bowls and spoons, bibs and other things like that. I know it's all about personal preference but we decided to buy the bigger things ourselves, I don't really see why our friends should buy us a crib. Other than that the only other people we would allow to buy the bigger items were our parents. But again it's all person preference. But we all know jenelle isn't a normal person plus I'm wondering if maybe they expect or think "fans" will buy them some of this crap? Idk

Jenelle registering for multiplies of the same thing makes perfect sense. For the number of times we've seen Jenelle move, I'm sure she is just thinking of what is easiest... pack everything up, or just leave everything behind and set up brand new stuff each time you get in a fight with Nathan and split to a new place???

Plus, I'm sure Barb will be able to use some of the excess when the baby moves in with her for good.

That was my exact thought: she's going to sell the extras for (drug) money. Her and Nathan are such dirtbags.

Worse than dirtbags. Cheeto-dust bags. I think if I watch any more of their segments or Chelsea's on Teen Mom, my TV's just going to give up and stop displaying the color orange all together. Why do people pay money to look like that?!

I'm assuming that they didn't realize they looked orange at the time and are probably embarrassed now watching themselves on least I know I would be. ( I don't think jenelle knows the feeling of embarrassment, but Chelsea...I'm hoping she knows better but probably not. It's been 4 years of hideous makeup and hair for her)

I've always wondered if there's a hole in the ozone layer above Chelsea's hometown from all the hairspray she and her friends use. Holy cow.

It would be everyone's business if they bought her shit instead of scolded and mocked her for registering for $1,400 in CRIBS (MULTIPLE CRIBS) alone. She's trying to get free shit and it backfired and now she's pulling the same old "start drama, bitch about drama, stir up more drama, quit twitter, quit life, rebound repeat" shit that she always does.

Can't be classy enough or scramble up the money to even buy your own baby's CRIB?! Or RENT a breast pump instead of requesting SEVEN?! Don't plan to get pregnant, you ignorant assholes. Hope she's sending all this shit to Barbara's front door. Not to mention: here's a thought: USE THE CRIB YOUR FIRST CHILD USED. You know...the one you quit on and then made a "fresh" kid because you were too strung out on drugs for FOUR YEARS to even attempt to regain custody yet you have an attorney on retainer because you can't stop smoking pot for 365 days?

Though I will say that we had no clothes on our registry, only things like bottles, pacifiers, and a few big ticket items (like his swing, bless my in laws for buying that for us!) so I don't necessarily find the lack of clothing strange but her registry goes above and beyond insanely greedy and obviously money hungry.

My sister just had her first child and my mom bought ALL the big ticket items for that baby. The entire nursery, carseat, stroller: EVERYTHING. My sister is older than me and lives with my mom and is a giant mooch already so I was peeved that she was taking advantage. I told my mom she was paying for way too much for the new baby and just allowing my sister to continuously get by with doing nothing and she said: "Oh but it's the grandparents' job to buy all of that stuff!" No it fucking isn't. It's crazy generous of her but that baby probably wouldn't have anything without her so I guess it's good that my mom thinks that's how things work. BUT when my husband and I have kids, we want to be able to support the kid ourselves and not ask relatives and friends to furnish our entire nurseries. That just seems super greedy.

My mom is the same and even though I live in a different city and am financially independent still insists on buying stuff for my kids. It's nice, but it's so often taken advantage of. When I had my first I was in high school and she helped us a lot, because we lived with her rent free while we got on our feet. Though we paid for everything our son had ourselves except for actual gifts we got at our baby shower. I can't imagine asking for people to buy us all new things - especially for my second son. It's one thing to get or ask for hand me downs that people would other wise get rid of but this is just wrong. I know people who do this in real life and it just grosses me out.

Did your sister have the first grandchild? I've been told that the first grandchild gets EVERYTHING. Not that it makes it okay...

@Notmeow: You make a valid point. First grandchild AND my sister has never really lived apart from my mom so I guess I underestimated the excitement/overprotectiveness levels.

It's kind of tacky to do a second baby registry. If people wanted to get you gifts or throw you a shower, then that's different. This is just Jenelle with her hand out again.

Its ridiculously tacky to request anything for your second child- especially when its the same gender as the first. I wouldn't expect Jenelle to be well versed in etiquette though.
Perhaps she figures that since she doesn't have custody of her first the rule doesn't apply to her.

Jenelle and Emily Post are BFFs.

I personally think it's only acceptable if it's been a long time since your first was a baby (my brother was 8 when I was born, for example) so you may not have much in the way of baby items, or if it's the first child of the other parent (like Kail and Javi's situation, though they are a terrible example of anything) but this is just.. Jenelle being Jenelle.

Oh mh gosh..get over your selves! If you read up on the proper way to register it says to register for numerous similiar items of differing values so people buying (or small) gift can find something in their budget! I'm sure she doesnt actually expect that much stuff, but registering for all of it is smart really. And if people buy an items from the registery it checks off on the site and others know not to get another "like" item

So you're telling me there are 70 different brands/values of baby bottles at Babies R' Us? Riiiiight...

Probably. I'm so glad I grew up in an era of 'this kind or that kind'. There wasn't numerous choices..

I understand the concept behind registries and the convenience factor and no one buys EVERYTHING for a new baby if they have any type of support system, I'm sure.

My issue is that who is going to be buying anything for Jenelle besides her mom, MAYBE some of Nathan's family and her friend Tori (IF they're still friends again at this point?) She's constantly burning bridges, making friends with girls her exes reproduced with and then getting pissed when said girls TALK to her exes and generally pissing everyone in her life off. She puts her entire life on social media so it's not like she's got this budding social network of close friends she's hiding. The people buying her this shit are the crazy people who think she's "changed" and being a "great mom" because she spent time (being annoyed) with Jace while she was passing a fetus and couldn't live with her mother-in-law anymore. Or that weird guy who keeps stalking people and leaking nudes of her. She made the registry SUPER public banking on the fact that MTV creeper fans are going to buy her baby stuff willy nilly and she's not going to have to actually get her shit together and prepare for the kid herself. If this were truly just a registry for family and friends, she could have called, texted, whatever instead of tweeting it out to several hundred thousand twitter followers. That's just weird.

She keeps saying she's changed but never actually does anything to show that she has. Provide for your kid instead of asking strangers for baby furniture and spoons. Stop acting like you're 16 and making idiotic decisions. Be a mom to the kid you already made. This chick just pisses me off. I'll be the first to admit that I'm wrong if she DOES end up being a good mom to this kid. I hope she can get her shit together for the baby's sake. Getting Jace back at this point is a pipe dream. For now, however, she's yet to show she'll be capable of the "change" she always claims..

Registering for two of the same 500 dollar crib is unnecessary and ridiculous for a singelton pregnancy. While what you're saying is right, you should really go look at her registry yourself because she is not doing what normal people would do when registering. I'm a mother of two and never in my life as a mother have I needed more than one high quality breast pump, or more than one crib. And I've never, ever needed three of the same high chair. I can maybe see registering for a few of the same thing that you like in different patterns/styles and letting people buying choose which one you get, but again - that is not what is happening here.

So 5 and 7 of the same exact expensive vtech toy that the baby wouldn't use for months is normal?!? Ok........

Did you like your own comment?

I didn't think I could hate her anymore than I did. But, OMG, I was wrong.

She did this for attention. She noticed she hadn't been talked about in a few days and did something outrageous to get us talking.

If she legitamitely feels she needs 3 cribs, I'd love to hear her justification.

oh god, can we please try and arrange that?
I would love to hear why one baby in a house that does not have several separate wings needs 3 cribs.

3 more new baby daddies in the next 3 years. She's looking ahead, being proactive.

No no, only two, because one crib is for Kaiser. The other two are for Rye and Wheat.

How DARE you forget about Pumpernickel?!

The pumpernickel comment is easily my favorite one on this whole thread...

Probably just went ahead and got one for Babs' house and Nathan's mom's place so when she gets arrested for drugs and Nathan gets jail time for his fourth DUI court date, no one will have to go to their house and move any big furniture. Quite convenient.

Ke$ha told her she should have three cribs. Just like how Ke$ha is the reason she wore feathers in her hair for a while.

Ah yes, the seminal classics: "Tik Tot" and "We R Who Babies R Us."

reeemmmixxxx:::: This Place is About To Blow (a diaper)::::

Sounds like we're about due for another Farrah pregnancy scare, then!

Didnt farrah do the same thing but on amazon? Get some CLASS girls!!!!!Buy your own shit!

Except at least, AT LEAST Jenelle is registering for actual baby stuff instead of French maid teddies, $600 chairs and then (oh yeah, I have a child) two pairs of $10 pants and a mermaid doll.

I'm confused by the article a little: Did Jenelle make like a registry for random people / "fans" to send her shit? Because if that's the case, that's just class-less.

If she set up this list for people she knows (aka her "friends" although does she even have any?), I will give her a little more credit than Farrah.

I still think asking for that much of certain things is redonk, but if she's doing this just for people she knows / not turning it into some sugar-daddy thing like Farrah, I give her 2% more credit than Farrah.

I saw someone on Twitter tweet Joan to let her know he found Jenelle's registry. Then, someone tweeted Jenelle to ask about it and she confirmed. I'm not sure if Jenelle had asked fans for things, but I'm sure that would have been coming.

And she would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!!

So she is hoping her fans buy her this stuff? Lmao
I have never in my life seen someone register for more than one crib, high chair, car seat, etc.
Something has seemed so weird about this pregnancy. Like why do you want a child so bad right now? You already have one, that you are completely disinterested in and you just had an abortion. What are you hoping to get out of this, Jenelle?
It just seems all so showy too. She is loving the attention right now, the extra footage she shot for MTV after she was supposed to be done filming, the thirty million gender reveal photos, the ridiculous baby register and people kissing her butt for " changing" on Twitter.
Wait until she leaves the hospital and comes home with the baby. We will just have to wait to see what happens then

And the "maternity" pictures where Nathan's crotch was stuffed with more material than Jenelle's uterus? ugh.


I think she wants duplicates to resell.

Jenelle claims that she put more than one item because she is still deciding on which she wants (style wise, she doesn't know which crib sort of thing). Maybe that's true - she still has items for girls on the list. Still, I can't help but think she was in a manic state when she put over 200 items on a registry with 6-7 versions of items like breast pumps or spoons where it isn't like you are choosing between a style. Plus, who the hell is still deciding between a plastic or wood hamper when the crib is going to be wood? She treats it like a Netflix queue.

Exactly! I said somewhere above that YES, I understand having different styles but she has duplicates of the same, (very expensive) items like the Medela pump. You're not deciding which you want when there are five of the same thing.

So true!

I saw that she requested 3 of the same 11 piece crib set!

maybe she posted it indirectly so when people called her out she could say " Leave me alooone"

I really don't think it's that far fetched to think that she is using it as some sort of netflix queue for stuff that she is thinking about. From what I can tell it doesn't look like she published the registry anywhere or told anyone about it. People went out and found it before she's had time to go through it and actually make decisions about what she likes more, or notice that that thing was already on there.

She posted it on her Twitter

When someone asked about it. She didn't post a link or anything. I'm not saying that she is being smart about it... but for Jenelle she has been pretty quiet about it.

I hardly think it's an honest mistake to have seven of one item listed.

I was thinking this too. I thought maybe she put duplicates on accident: if I was looking through a crap ton of items, I may put duplicates of an item I liked because maybe I wasn't sure if I added it the first time. But, 6 or 7 times? No. Why use a registry when you are thinking about things? Why not use a wish list?

For a registry, people will buy and send you items, so you kind of want that to be the final decision.

And why delete it? If I were genuinely just deciding on things, who the hell cares about who tweets me? It's a 'feel sorry for me' drama move.

I just feel like people are being overly hostel about this. Sure she does tons of stuff that deserve hostility, but a baby registry that she only clarified was hers because there was a bunch of people saying that it was fake... idk. There is just so much negativity about such a little inconsequential thing.

Having someone Bipolar in my entourage, I thought the exact same thing. She's probably not taking her medication anyway (but HEY, she can smoke pot y'all!!) so she must be in a manic state...or just stupid.

I was under the impression that she hasn't been medicated for her bipolar disorder for quite some time. She decided she was misdiagnosed and stopped taking the medicine. And, of course, announced it on twitter, as everyone does with their pharmaceutical history.

Is Lauren Collins someone she knows or did she just pick a random name?

Her middle name is Lauren, I have no idea where Collins came from though.

Maybe it's from Nathan's gay porn name? "Collins MeMaybe"?

Has Jenelle figured out how to spell Kaiser yet? I mean, after correcting a bunch of people on Twitter and then using Nathan's account to fight with them about how it is actually "Keiser," why is she suddenly putting "Kaiser" all over things?

She's hungry for a sandwich?

It's them pregnancy cravings.
Or maybe a withdrawal symptom?

The best thing that will come of this ill fated pregnancy will be hearing Babs say, "Keye-zah!"

Maybe she registered for multiples to leave at other's houses? One for Bab's house, the child's father's house, and rehab? Or maybe she was high when registering and found it hilarious to do so.

God damn this girl. Why is she asking for breast pumps? Is she not aware that you can't smoke weed while breastfeeding?
This is the most ridiculous registry I've ever seen. It just cements the fact that she has NO idea what a baby actually needs. 40 different soothers? 80 bibs? Spoons and dishes? Toys the baby won't need for MONTHS? Along with five diaper bags. Way to go, Jenelle. You made yourself look like an even bigger idiot.

Well, to be fair, you're also not supposed to smoke weed while gestating.

That was my first thought. Who does she think she's kidding?! Even if she was totally clean and sober, that girl does not have the dedication for breastfeeding. Up every 2 hours (and it's not like the father can do anything to help if you have no milk pumped), planning like 2 weeks ahead of time to pump enough milk to go out for dinner with your man, avoiding foods you might love because it will give your baby gas... Whew, just made myself tired!

Jenelle ties her identity to image. She so desperately wants that perfect family image with Nathan and she thinks physical material goods is a part of that.

I've harped about it before - but her complaining that Babs dresses Jace in thrift shop clothes while Jenelle blows $200 on him proves as much. Newsflash: Jace is not going to give a crap in 20 years if you bought him Polo. Staying in school and focusing on your child instead of the new man of the week is much more beneficial and important to Jace's growth and development.

I think a lot of the things we see with Jenelle also relate to bipolar - classic manic behavior.

In part of that "best of the worst Jenelle Evans moments" video on youtube, there's a video of her opening a package from (I'm assuming) Andrew, Jace's father. She's pulling clothes out and saying, "He told me, 'Imma buy him some Gucci shit.' This don't look like no Gucci to me." First of all: How do people graduate high school without knowing how to properly conjugate "does" and "does not"? Secondly: Who the hell buys designer clothing for a tiny human that grows EXPONENTIALLY from month to month!? It's not like Jenelle was buying him designer clothes (or any clothes for that matter.)

Wow I just watched that video on youtube. I almost forgot how terrible of a person Jenelle is.

My brother's kids are always in designer clothes, or at least extremely high end and high priced crap that I would never dream of buying for my own kids. I do enjoy the fact that I get them as hand me downs and they're barely used, lol.

I guess its easier to be the one who spends more money on his clothes when you aren't the one paying for his daycare

It's just so tacky. Jenelle is a big girl now with a nice little MTV salary and a child that someone else is completely taking care of/ paying for. She planned this baby. This registry is shocking. She is the last person I would ever want to purchase baby items for.
Does anyone remember when Barbara threw her that big shower for Jace and then she told Barbara she was too tired to help clean up, and then she left to hang out with friends?

Does anyone else remember the tall girl with kind of ash blonde hair that was the voice of reason about Jace's dad in Jenelle's 16 & Pregnant episode? I'm sure she got the hell away from Jenelle the first sign of sheer insanity but she seemed reasonable and intelligent. While I don't think Jenelle would listen to ANYONE trying to talk sense into her, it's a shame there aren't more people grabbing her by the shoulders, staring her down and saying, "STOP BEING A DUMB ASS!!!"

Apparently that friend pulled a Megan and got pregnant in the hope of getting her 15 minutes of MTV fame. I think her name was Lauren or something ? Anyway it's a shame because she seemed smart.

Oh yikes. Birds of a feather...go watch Ke$ha concerts I guess.

As someone who previously worked at Babies R Us, it is not unusual for people to register for multiple big items to see which items get bought. Also, it is not unusual for clothes to not be on the registry at this point, because the clothes that are at the store now are not the clothes that will be there when the baby is born. Just saying, people.

And also, let me add, that most of the things she added to her registry at this point are on sale, if she puts them on her registry now, when she or someone else decides to buy them they will get to keep the price on the registry. I'm sorry for all the information but it is just common sense to me to put multiples on their. In fact, we encourage it.

Multiples as in like seven of the same medela pump? I have never seen that on a registry before

All Medela pumps are all different. There are different styles, and as I stated before, it's all about being on sale and such. Plus, a lot of people come in and revise their registries before sending out info to their friends for showers.

kellie I understand your point, I just think that since she posted it on her Twitter where she knows her fans will see with all these items on it just makes it a little suspicious which is why its gotten the reaction it has. Plus its Jenelle, people have been watching her little antics for years and we all know she could afford a lot of this stuff more than a lot of people out there so seeing so much stuff on it looks a little absurd

Kellie, these are multiples of the SAME big ticket item. Not different ones. You do not ever in your life need seven breast pumps for one child. Not the same one, anyway.

You don't put quantity 7 on the same breast pump and 3 on the same crib, maybe 3 different ones, but not 3 of the exact same crib

That's actually rather neat about the sale price thing. I didn't know that! I just figured people would have to buy whatever price it is when they buy it. It's definitely a great incentive to get people to register with them. I just think Jenelle went way, way overboard with it. Many have said it could be a manic episode. I think it's probably a combination of mania and she and Nathan as a couple thinking they crap gold and telling each other what great parents they'll each make and going a little--okay a LOT--crib crazy. She's gotta learn if she's going to take care of a baby that the material things don't matter anymore. Your screaming infant doesn't give a shit about your tiffany necklace or your manicures or your new hair's just gonna puke all over it indiscriminately and then stare you down and liquid shit all over you and itself to prove a point. Babies have a way of humbling people.

I've been trying to convince people in my life of this for as long as I've been a parent. We're really frugal and I don't insist on everything being new, or them having the 'best' toys/clothes, etc. People always feel bad for my kids like they're missing out because I don't blow tons of money on them. Material objects don't make a good parent OR a happy child hood.

River: When one of my good friends had her first baby, they got him a small foam soccer ball and little net for his first Christmas. That's it. He got SO MUCH STUFF from everyone else in the family, that my friend said she was glad they didn't go hog wild and buy him all sorts of toys. She also informed me that for the first couple years, she jokingly told me not to get the kids actual presents because they like playing with the box it came in more than the present!!

@Rae, I was accused of being a bad mom because for my youngest's first Christmas, I didn't even bother. He was two months old, so really - what's the point?? Lol. Consumerism goes off the charts when it comes to kids and it's SO STUPID.

A bad mom because you didn't shove your 2 month old into the Christmas tree full of toys and make her babble along to We Three Kings? "Here...that fat guy in red who made you cry at the mall got you this barbie. Have fun with your choking hazards."

I bitch about the way some of our friends raise their kids to my husband but it always comes back to me saying, "So we're probably just going to screw up a lot differently than they are but we're still definitely gonna screw up."

A good majority of the clothes I've purchased for my stepkids came from Goodwill. My honey gets upset because he wants his kids to have "nice things" but he doesn't understand that 90% of what I buy them still has the original price tags (so it's brand new and unused) and the other 10% is very gently used. So I'm paying $0.50 to $3.00 for clothes that run between $10 and $20. And my kids don't even know the difference. The only thing they know is "WOOHOO new clothes!" when they get back to us. hahaha

Kellie's right. That is exactly what a registry is for... I hate Jenelle but you people are cray-cray. I personally think that *anyone* who uses a registry is greedy. Asking for donations to a charity is such a nicer idea, n the type of people who use registries are the type that could actually write-off a selfish 'gift' in lieu of a greater cause/purpose!!

It's multiples of the same exact item- that is what people are talking about. We are just trying to understand the reasoning behind it. I don't know how someone can be indecisive about 13 different diaper bags either- I have a one year old and I've been using the same 20 dollar diaper bag all year and its worked out great.
I can understand giving people options between a couple baby monitors etc but you aren't giving options if your asking for like 10 of the same exact thing.
If you think all people who use registries are greedy surely you can understand why Jenelle's frivolous registry can be perceived as greedy too

Also, not that I'm thinking Jenelle employs a lot of common sense but registering for clothes is a bit of a waste because people will buy you clothes even if you register for them or not. I didn't register for one outfit and got about a hundred.

Same for me, I didn't put any clothes on my registry except for plain white onesies that come in the packs and I got a TON of clothes at my shower.

My husband and I also started my registry when I was about 3 months pregnant but didn't tell anyone it existed until my mom sent out invites for my shower so I had months to revise it. I ended up taking a lot of stuff off it because even putting a Boppy on there felt tacky and greedy.

Fun fact, I'm in the hospital right now about to be induced today! Yay!

Best of luck!! Congratulations!

That's so exciting! :)

That's because baby clothes are undeniably, uterine tinglingly precious. My two best friends are both in their first trimester currently and will be due within weeks of each other this fall. I'm hoping one has a boy and the other has a girl so I can just get all that fuzzy footie dinosaur pajama and little frilly skirt baby-fever out of my system in one fell swoop. My sister also just had a baby boy and my niece is having a little girl in May so it's going to be a fucking Target-palooza of a year for me. (Actually with this many babies I might have to tone it down to Walmart.)

Lol she changed the name on the registry to Ashleigh Smith now.

Isn't her sister's name Ashleigh?

Ugh, it's sleeting outside, I am bored and I know way too much about effing Teen Mom.

I think so. And I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knows way too much about Teen Mom lol.

Oh and now she deleted the whole thing entirely. Hahaha! Probably just has a new number.

It's because no one would LEAVE HER ALOOOOOONE and buy her seven breast pumps.

I don't understand the concept of registries, people tend to just ask what you need or get you what they like and you be grateful here in the UK. I remember on Baby and bump a woman went nuts because someone ignored everything on her registry and got her child "a cheap ugly baby grow" ... Is it seriously like that in the US? I just can't imagine someone giving you a present for free and then the person turning around and saying "this wasn't on the registry" Ha.

Not everyone is like that. Most people make registries so that when they buy the items they a) get a discount(10%-20% off) and b) can remember exactly what they wanted. Most people don't buy you gifts off the registry. You usually get diapers and clothes with a couple things off the registry.

i was just thinking the same thing. can you imagine that being done in the uk?? ha you would get your windows bricked for being cheeky lol

God I wish I could get away with calling someone "cheeky." It's adorable. (I'm not trying to be patronizing. I really love British accents.)

bonus points for putting accents instead of accent lol

Lol I live in scotland but was raised in England so i sound very posh, i prefer my accent to my friends ha! My friends sound really tough though!! They can stand there ground just by saying "Aye you!! You back off now awrite!" Where as I'm more "so very sorry, excuse me but you have overstepped your grounds, please proceed backwards away from my face"
But I love american accents! Especially the southern kinda grizzly ones, only thing better is heavy english .. and who am i engaged too? A scotsman! lol x

HatethatIloveteenmom: so you have like the Canadian mindset within the UK? ;)

I grew up in the south. My family are full fledged rednecks (in-laws and all) and I have NO accent whatsoever. People meet me and ask, "Oh so where are you from?" "North Carolina." "What? You don't sound southern at all!" Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes I wish I could pull off a good Southern Belle, haha.

Hatethatiloveteenmom: high five for being English in Scotland! Except I'm from Liverpool and live in Aberdeen so I sound super rough in comparison to my friends haha.

Florry: I love the Liverpudlian accent... And the word Liverpudlian

HatethatIloveteenmom: I was gonna high five you for living in Scotland until you slated what is clearly a Glaswegian accent haha. Although I'm from the suburbs of Glasgow so that's probably why I don't speak like that ;)

Aw no I was doing Fifers, where i'm from lol, most of my friends sound like that!
Although the one time i was in Glasgow getting my passsport I got lost, cried, jumped into 5 taxis who either werent in service or occupied by someone else :S oops! And when i finally got there was in such a state they did a manual search all over for weapons :S I then got lost going home, i kept asking for help i got sent over some sort of bridge by one traffic guy, then back over by another!
I did however meet a lovely volunteer red jacket guy who walked me to where i needed to go lol.
The other time i was there (when i wa like 10) I had muffins at my friends dads house, when i got back her brother ate them all :@ I was raging beyond belief lol.
I'm going back to go shopping soon so i'm hoping it goes better with my better half there lol!

Man...Glasgow really hates you, don't they? Also what kind of cruel sadist ALL the muffins?!

*eats all the muffins.

I need sleep. (..and muffins.)

I feel so bad for Jace and her future baby. The fertility of people like Jenelle is what's wrong with this world!

Wish it was possible for those who deserve a baby get one rather than a stupid little girl who thinks she is ready because she has been sober for 2 months, with the guy for 2 months, doesnt have custody of her son ... we all know Jenelle got pregnant to avoid prison. Yeah coz thats why we have kids ladie n gents x

Every time her segments come on during Teen Mom, she just kind of stares off at nothing with her mouth hanging open. Half the time, she's laying down. I really, really hope she's off heroin, but I think she's still abusing some type of opiates, unfortunately. I don't believe for a second she's entirely sober. You don't go to NA meetings and show off your sobriety tags while going out and getting trashed and driving around drunk or smoking pot every day. That's not sobriety. And "stop blaming me, addiction is a disease, it's not my fault/Keiffer/Courtland/etc etc got me hooked on heroin, it's all their fault" aren't the words of a true recovering addict. You have to accept that you are responsible for the situations you put yourself in and the chemicals you put in your body. She doesn't do that and she'll never be fully broken of anything harmful to her if she doesn't understand or accept responsibility.

It just makes me sad and frustrated for everyone outside of Nathan and Jenelle's bubble of stupidity because she truly just doesn't know how to process her mom presenting the very cogent and necessary argument of how Jace is going to feel watching his "mom" want this baby when she can't be bothered to raise him. She just blew it off with some crap about weekend sleepovers like that was case closed. I totally understand baby fever, but I would also like to think that I could set aside the need to have another child to get my life to where it needs to be and BE A MOM and even a GOOD mom to the child I already had. It's like a child is a possession to them. They each lost custody of their first kids so they're making another one for all the wrong reasons.

Right now babies r us is having this thing called the sweetest registry deal... Where you get back 10% of the items purchased from your if $2,000 worth of items is purchased you get back a $200 gift card. That might be why she put so much on there.. I put the stuff I was already buying on my own on my registry just for that reason, like the nursery furniture. But the max you can get back is $200 and she easily has $20k worth of crap on there!

Maybe she'll keep the crazy-fest going and use her $200 gift certificate to buy a crate of pacifiers and ship them to wherever Farrah actually lives.

I just looked on there and there is no 3 cribs on there and there is swings n stuff and Why is it anyones business Anyway On what she puts on there. Obviously WHo Ever said this Doesn't like her And that's why. I don't really like her but that doesn't mean you have to Say stuff that's not true about someone..MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS im sure you wouldn't want people knowing everything

She probably took it off because she reads these damn sites like the self-obsessed trollop she is and saw everyone giving her shit. Someone mentioned the registry on the Whitney Purvis thread when it was still under "Jenelle Evans" and I promise you, it had three cribs and everything else everyone is saying. With Jenelle, she provides enough idiocy that no one has to waste any time making crap up about her.

If we were minding our own business, you included, we wouldn't be on a gossip site.



Omg that was hilarious! You crack me up girl!

Listen, Hippocrates, we see you and your "auto correct buisness."

I died at 'Hippocrates'.
I'm putting that one in the bank.

Hippocrates is officially my new word. Everyone around me is going to be tortured with it for months starting today.

There is some odd stuff on there. I saw a Halloween jack o lantern rattle listed and the desired quantity was 10. Um what? xD

Don't worry she knocked it down to a much more reasonable 4...

Maybe she was inspired by Kail's pumpkin wedding cake??

IT'S A FALL BABY! (Or at least it will be by the time the poor thing is done going through withdrawals and released from the NICU. I say that with no relish whatsoever. No baby should have to go through living for 40 weeks inside Jenelle Evans with god knows what coursing through both of their bloodstreams. I just don't see an infant being born of that orange monstrosity without some sort of chemical dependence to battle as soon as they cut the cord.)

I'm pretty sure y'all need to shit up! She can put what she wants. Maybe there were multiples that she liked and wabted to give everyone a damn verity! Fuck shut up! Just because she's famous y'all are acting stupid! If it was your family y'all would be like ok let's pick one! Damn fucking Hippocrates!!!!! Ppl need to stay off the damn media and leave ppl the hell alone. Think with your common sense ass holes!

Obvious troll is obvious.

Okay, Jenelle. And, um, Hippocrates? Did you learn about him in one of your technical college medical assisting classes? That dude was smart and I think I just found my new SN.

Auto correct ass hole excuse me!

Autocorrect also knows how to spell "autocorrect" and "asshole." TMT is leaking.

You're excused. Kthxbai.

She just wants to give people some "verity" for crying out loud! My autospell wouldn't even let me type that lol.

I'd also really love to know how someone would "shit up."

This made me giggle lol Nice comment. I do not understand how people can defend jenelle. This is the girl who was trying to get pregnant so fast after an abortion that she didn't even know if the fetus was gone! Lets not forget she has been arrested multiple times, as recently as late summer 2013 and still does not pay support or have custody of Jace. Everyone is like "oh she has changed the past is the past" Did Kail not call her out for being a pregnant pot head?

Actually, her most recent arrest was in DECEMBER because she wouldn't stop being a loud mouthed bitch to the police officers who had to come out to her home TWICE in one day because of the jet engine decibel level screaming match she was having with Sir Dreamboat McSodomy-is-against-my-religion-but-screwing-a-married-chick-passing-a-fetus-is-somehow-a-grey-area.

Yeah the ridiculousness of "am I pregnant with your baby, a dead baby or my husband's baby" was just unbelievable. Gotta make sure you get all those baby crumbs out of your uterus before trying to make another one.

Hippocrates... that would be the greek god of internet trolls???????

Oh shutup! Stop leaving multiple comments under different names.

To STFU is this a joke? I can not fathom someone so dumb to spell that many words wrong and also defend the girl who got knocked up and had an abortion all in the same season. You are either realllllllllllly dumb or you are smoking what Jenelle and Nathan are. While we are on the topic, if these two need kids so bad, why don't they get custody of the TWO they already brought into the world?

But that requires time and effort and money better spent on heroin and horrible garage tattoos!
It also requires dedication and love for your child which I really feel is just absent for Jenelle. Like Butch told Tyler, he loves cocaine more than his kids and Jenelle probably shares that sentiment with her drugs of choice.

Its funny how everyone talks about how nathan is so greatfor jenelle but his relationship with jenelle started with lies, he was with someone else! That and the child he abandoned makes him just as bad in my book. My guess, he is using her for the mtv $ and attention.

Here's the thing: I would actually have way more respect for Jenelle if she had simply gotten pregnant at 16, realized she had ZERO maternal instincts or bond/connection with her child, and placed him for adoption with a family that could give him everything he ever wanted. Instead, she screamed in his tiny eardrums for MONTHS until finally her mother who's already stretched too thin trying to afford daycare on an hourly wage in NC had to hire a lawyer to gain custody of the poor kid. If you have a baby and the only thing you can say about that baby is that he's "clingy" and "it's like being in jail," you need to NOT be a mom, to any child, EVER. If she truly had that maternal drive within her, she would have either gotten custody of Jace back by now, or been much, much further down the path to getting to that goal and putting HIS needs in front of HER wants. Instead, she aborted the kid (by her telling, the SECOND kid) she made with her husband and decided only several WEEKS later to start trying to conceive another child with a guy she met on dating app, while married, while passing a fetus and bitching about how much her mother and SON annoy her even though she was living there for free and her mother paid for her abortion. And then move to another state away from her son. And neither of them are employed. I just...Jenelle: some people are not designed to be parents. It doesn't make them bad people. It doesn't mean they won't have a purpose or a drive in life. What makes them bad people is if they continue to keep making more children after they essentially ruin the childhood of their first child with sporadic visits peppered with substance abuse, shouting matches and violence.

I liked the random capitalization of words. Must subscribe to the Jaden Smith school of twitter grammar.

Hypocrites is that fucking better dick heads.

Hi, Jenelle!

Calm down, Nathan. You're gonna pop a pec.

Thanks for the lols

What a moron- I have twin boys and I didn't even register for more than I needed for TWO. She's acting like she's having quads or something...


Lol looks like she's not registering for anything anymore because she deleted the whole thing. Oh and called us all fucking psychopaths on twitter. Rather be a psychopath than a Jenelle any day of the week.

And apparently it took her three hours to pick out a bunch of bibs, three cribs and some spoons? wow.

Time that she probably could have spent with her son...and his potty mouth.

I personally still cant stop laughing at that birth announcement picture because of Nathans facial expression...Your mouth looks all too familiar and comfortable like that Nathan.

I've been holding on to this for a few days now, but now I have a Jenelle post to bring it up. I went to a preschool open house, and there was artwork posted from a kid named KAISER. No joke.

Lmaoooooo eww

[…] Jenelle Evans, meanwhile, is about 23 weeks into her pregnancy with a baby boy, and she’s clearly not shy about it. Wetpaint shared the below photo of Jenelle’s bare baby bump selfie, not to be outdone by Jenelle’s original baby bump selfie. Nice tats, we guess? And Jenelle has also created a baby registry, which some people are calling pretty extravagant and over-the-top. Check out the pricey items rumored to be on Jenelle’s baby registry right HERE. […]

[…] Jenelle Evans, meanwhile, is about 23 weeks into her pregnancy with a baby boy, and she’s clearly not shy about it. Wetpaint shared the below photo of Jenelle’s bare baby bump selfie, not to be outdone by Jenelle’s original baby bump selfie. Nice tats, we guess? And Jenelle has also created a baby registry, which some people are calling pretty extravagant and over-the-top. Check out the pricey items rumored to be on Jenelle’s baby registry right HERE. […]

...I'm really confused.

This was posted today. She looks less pregnant here than she did in her gender announcement/smoochfest photography extravaganza several weeks ago that she magnanimously included Jace in. And in the wet paint photo, she even looks like she's pushing her belly out. I know you grow more in the third trimester, but I'm really baffled as to how she looks SMALLER now than she did in the professional photos?

I think it's just the angle that the pics were taken at.

Ah, gotcha. Someone mentioned she deleted her registry and called everyone psychopaths and I got stuck in a twitter vortex trying to decipher what the hell was going on. It's like an entirely different language.

But in the new bare belly photo, doesn't her lower back look weird? Right above her jeans, her back has a jagged appearance as if the photo has been altered. I don't know why it would be, as I believe she unfortunately truly is pregnant... Why else would her back have a jagged edge though?? Strange

I think she's just arching her back and has no ass. Although, I'm always amazed that people are able to and would even think to photoshop such shitty, grainy smartphone photos (a la Kim Kardashian's photoshopper she must have on speed dial.)

She could have used what Jace had as a baby...but she probably didn't pay a cent for it.

I'm also guessing Babs had to sell all his baby stuff so she could continue to afford daycare for him now that Jenelle managed to weasel her way out of her whopping $130 per month child support payment. Does Jace's dad pay any child support?

I don't think so, I think he signed all rights over to Babs when she first got Jace.

Can we make like a "Shower Babs with Gifts" registry somewhere for Barbara?? She got dealt a rough hand. I know she has her own flaws but damn at least she's providing for Jace and being the mom Jenelle won't.

YES! I mean, Bab's is not innocent in all this but when people say that she's no better - or worse - than Jenelle I just want to scream. I must have missed the part where Barb was abusing heavy drugs and abandoning Jace when he needed someone. Despite what flaws she may have, she's providing for that little boy and giving him a home and you know.. not randomly disappearing from his life and doing drugs all the live long day.

River: It irks me to no end when people defend Jenelle by saying that Barbara must be awful because she raised Jenelle and apparently Jenelle's sister's a little batty as well. I'm sure she made her FAIR SHARE of copious parenting mistakes in her life, but I can assure you that it's not always the parents' fault when someone acts like Jenelle does.

First of all: Jenelle is bipolar with no coping skills whatsoever and she's been self medicating since her early teens with pot and everything else under the sun. Her being bipolar is not her fault, but she's gotta want to work on herself before she ever manages her manic episodes and depressive episodes. Being bipolar is NOT easy in any way and seeking treatment can be difficult as you have mood swings left and right and talk yourself out of your much needed therapy. Secondly: I grew up with both my parents in a stable environment and my sister and I were raised the exact same way only several years apart. We each have our own particular brand of crazy going on.

She's bipolar and has struggled for years to self medicate and she's getting a lot better about staying away from drugs but she's still not to the point where she feels confident in taking mood stabilizers and anxiety medications and going to therapy. I have really, super bad depression and anxiety, but no manic tendencies. My sister is wonderful, but we are like night and day when it comes to the struggles we face with each of our own mental health situations. My parents did their best but everyone screws up when raising kids. I can pinpoint some moments in life where their actions supremely affected my mental health. But, ultimately, it's the luck of the draw, genetics, hormones, how I'm able to handle challenges and chemical imbalances.

Sorry for the novel. I just think there's still a huge stigma about mental illness and, while I'm a few years older than Jenelle, I know our generation tends to throw caution to the wind and blame their parents when things go awry.

@Rae: Absolutely. There's only so much a parent can do, and the only thing you're guaranteed to do in parenting is screw up at least a few times. Babs can't help Jenelle if Jenelle doesn't want to help herself. SHE has to take the steps, no one else can do it for her.

If I remember correctly on the last season's reunion he explained he couldn't enter the state of NC because there are warrants out for his arrest for unpaid child support. Dr. Drew had asked about him coming to visit Jace and that was his reply and Jenelle confirmed it to Dr. Drew.

Holy hell. I really think going on national television and explaining how you're avoiding certain states due to arrest warrants is the dumbest idea possible. I'm sure if there are multiple warrants for his arrest, the information isn't kept in a secret vault in NC. It's on some database somewhere and it will flag him if he gets pulled over or arrested for any other reason. It's like that stupid woman on Dr. Phil who brazenly and unabashedly admitted that she sold her food stamps for drug money. Idiots.

I think Jace just slept in a drawer or laundry basket.

Jenelle on Twitter:

"now i just canceled my baby registry all together, thanks so fucking much for being psychopaths after i spent 3 hours on it."

I'm dying. Now her baby is going to have nothing and it's all because of you people. LOLOLOLOL.

well there goes the ten pumpkin rattles. Sorry Kaiser
We all know she either just changed the number or is starting a new registry as Barbara Bumpkin, or something of that nature. " If I tell everyone I deleted it they will stop looking, its genius" and then threw in a guilt trip to seal the deal

Can we please talk about how her registry with Courtland was still active? I mean, really, though. Then she wonders why she gets hated on.

Here is the Courtland registry:

Someone better tell Jenelle that the stroller she wanted was $350 and now it is $35!

lol seriously though. At least she only asked for one pump. I'm still laughing about the 10 pumpkin rattles on the recent one. And she wanted a custom name embroidered blanket. I would love for someone to send one that says " I see you wit Kieffa"

$350 for a stroller when she was CONFIRMED to be strung out on heroin with her creepster husband?? I don't even think she ever left her mom's house with Jace once they brought him home, damn.

Sharp that way the little roll will fit in with jaxie the butthole baby. They both have nothing. Btw does anyone follow Grangie? She seems to be with those kids alot, obviously still raising them

Not sure if anyone commented but, 13 diaper bags?! Why does someone need that many?!

One for each time she will actually see him while he is still in diapers?

She's gotta carry around all her gallon jugs of breast milk somehow.

You crack me up. Seriously, I love you. Unfortunately, I'm gay and my heart belongs to Nathan (don't tell Jenelle!).

You can be the flower boy at my internet wedding to Sharp, haha! No +1 though. We don't want Nathan there creeping everyone out. ;)

I'm so lucky to have Rae lookin' out for the best interests of our Internet wedding. No creepers. No roast beef on the menu.

We could have it catered by Olive Garden and lure Jenelle in for a come to Jesus talk about getting her shit together...but I don't want to invite her to the wedding.

Wow. So many assumptions are being made here that it is ridiculous. Who said she wanted 3 cribs, or 70 bibs? News flash - just because someone registers for those things, doesn't mean they want every single item. Lots of moms use creating a registry as a checklist, adding and removing things as they decide what they want. Especially in Jenelles case, when she admitted it was made online and had not seen those things in person yet. She could have easily added those cribs to the registry to remember which ones she liked, or maybe she assumed people would use common sense and not buy one crib if another has already been purchased. Many people I know personally have done this on their registrys. My step sister added 3 different monitors, all at different price points, for example. As far as multiples of the other things, again, she's probably just trying to pin down everything she likes to give her friends and family a variety of things to choose from. Again, people should use their common sense, and obviously the writer of this article is not, and neither are the majority of the people commenting here.

You all are acting ridiculous and obviously find making fun of people so enjoyable that you dedicate so much time to it. After I post this I won't be back (because I have a life), unlike a lot of you more than likely. So get a life, possibly? Learn some manners while you're at it. ;)

That is a really long comment for someone telling everyone else to get a life! Just sayin ;)

........... but you keep defending the girl who tried to get pregnant so soon after murdering one child that her tests picked up in her last pregnancy. You sound like a really smart person. (That was sarcasm in case you cant tell)

If I ever registered for seven of the same breast pump of three of the same bedding set I hope my friends would smack me across the face with the Babies R Us catalog.

Errr..maybe I'm feeding trolls, but here's my serious non-jokey take.

Jenelle has two choices:

- Add items on a private wish list. Check out the items you want. Transfer them to the registry.

- Ignore people. Don't even acknowledge having a registry.

Let's pretend that Jenelle really did just add a bunch of items because she wanted to check out the store and edit her choices later. Given the information from a Babies R Us employee above, where the moms can take advantage of sale prices now, it seems like a good idea to add a bunch of stuff and then narrow choices down later. I'll ignore the fact that she had items for girls on there (maybe she started this earlier in the process), I'll ignore that she has toys for older kids (maybe she was thinking of Jace), and I'll ignore the fact that she had multiple duplicates of the same exact item (multiple explanations).

Why not just ignore people then? She responded to people confirming her registry. Why even respond?

I used to work in politics and I had a Twitter associated with it. I knew a guy that worked for a big name commentator and I called him out one day on his BS. My Twitter was flooded with creeps who didn't even know me talking crap on me. This idiot then posted my email address and I was getting crazy emails. Honestly, it hurt to read those comments even though this lasted about a week and was a fraction of the hate Jenelle receives (which, by the way, is largely brought on by her own stupid behavior). But, it's friggin' Twitter. Who the hell cares? She didn't have to acknowledge or delete the registry. She could have said absolutely nothing.

Also: She's (regrettably) a d-list celebrity with many, many twitter, facebook and whatever-else-there-is followers. If it's as easy as it seems to be to change the name on the registry, why not use a pseudonym from the get go? I don't buy this "oh yes, I am registered RIGHT HERE!" followed by some half-assed aliases and then a dramatic delete (all within the time span of roughly half a day) proclaiming how tortured she is by people ruining her entire THREE HOURS of hard work. (Also, that right there explains away any excuse she could make about having this be a long-haul work in progress which leaves the girl items a complete and utter confusion.) Three hours of clicking on shit for other people to buy her is probably more time than she wastes "writing" sulia articles and pretending NOT to own that horrible teen mom blog where people are "SLAMMING" everyone left and right.

You would also think, given how she's "changed", that she would stop trawling through gossip sites and getting upset about articles about herself. But hey, it's Jenelle

I honestly hope this situation works out for the best for that baby, I think anyone does. I just wish Jenelle would do some real soul searching ( not superficial changes) so she can do what's in the best interest of her children and give them the best life she can.. I just feel like it might not happen until her MTV days are a ways behind her.
I mean we all see through b.s and its hard not call it out with her, and yeah we joke and everything but there's an aspect to it that's also really sad.. she is bringing this innocent little person into the world and I just hope he doesn't go through the things that Jace unfortunately went through

I do hope Jenelle changes too. I don't think Jenelle was raised in a stable home and I think she runs away from problems to escape into a world she thinks is stable. It has led to her abandoning her son, using drugs, and entering into bad, codependent relationships with men she feels she has to control in order to maintain stability.

It's all very sad. Add in a mental illness that is being poorly managed and you get Jenelle.

Here's the problem though: she is so ill-equipped to deal with any of this. I mean, this is a girl who was partying a week after giving birth and made numerous comments about how "I have to be home because my mom cannot handle Jace anymore" or "Newborn Jace doesn't need me" or "Excuse me, I am passing a fetus and JACE IS ANNOYING LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

This is from a girl who does not work. How the hell is she going to balance school, Nathan talking to girls, and a newborn crying baby?

There is a torrential fucking downpour about to hit South Carolina and her name is Jenelle.

I honestly think she'll land her ass some legitimate prison time once MTV decides to stop Teen Mom 2. I don't know if MTV pays for Dustin or if Jenelle pays for his representation via money she "earns" from MTV, but he's not going to bite his tongue when she asks to rearrange jail time or bend over backwards to bail her out of her stupid decisions for the umpteenth time if Jenelle can't pay him. She and Nathan are both unemployed yet they live in a home that costs them $1,500 a month. Two people and a rotating supply of puppies. When MTV bails, Jenelle is going to have a rude awakening of what life is like without that money and that insanely good lawyer. (I resent him for being so good at his job that Jenelle never has to face consequences other than getting a scholarship to go to a fancy rehab center in California for POT.)

Then you put (1) in the quantity box. duh

There are so many opportunities to mess with her with this. If anyone needs anything on her registry, buy it so that it'll say it's purchased and no one else will get it for her, then never send it or send embroidered stuff with Courtland's last name on it.

I personally would totally do the 'I see you wiff Keiffah' blanket. 110%.

"Have fun livin' on the streets with ya BOOOOOYFRIEND" would also be a great one.

"LEAVE ME ALOOOONNNNEEEEE" would be perfect as well

the unfortunate thing is usually you add your address (which can only be seen by the store) and anything purchased on the registry gets shipped directly to the person on the register. This is what I did because 90% of my relatives live across the country so I wouldn't try it

thats if you purchase it online.. or maybe they have an option where they can send it to you instead I'm not sure

Or 'High, High, your parents are both high!' (Well wouldn't be funny for the baby though)

Nothing is going to be funny for that baby.

Am I the only one that thinks Jenelle did this purely for the shock value/publicity? Like, "Let's spend 3 hours making the most ridiculous, over the top registry just for the attention. I'll ask for 3 cribs, 7 breast pumps, 13 diapers, etc. just to get people to talk about me." Then when everyone gives her hell, she can throw a 'twitter tantrum' and guilt trip people.

That's the only possible scenario for her asking for 3 freaking cribs. The only person who would need 3 cribs is someone having triplets.

Screw that. If I have to grow three humans at once, they're getting a nursery with tiny hammocks. I'm growing triple the quantity of every baby part? I don't have time or energy to sit there for three hours and CLICK on cribs!

They actually make baby hammocks as a crib alternative, they're ADORABLE.

Lol maybe she is having triplets! We would like to welcome Kaiser, Kesha, and Kieffa to the world, y'all!

Then if we're lucky we get to hear "I see you wiff Kieffa" on an episodic basis!

Sorry I meant thumbs up!

My guess was that she couldn't decide between things and kept lots of things as options.

Then you obviously didn't see it. Again, I'll say it. SEVEN OF THE SAME BREAST PUMP IS NOT AT ALL LOGICAL.
Let's say that yes, she had good intentions and was just trying to figure out what she wanted. I did that. I did not, however, list seven of the exact same item while trying to decide which I wanted because that does not make sense. Why? BECAUSE. THEY. ARE. THE. SAME.

or pick a rattle for a holiday months and months away and when they ask you what quantity you desire, put 10

Or...... Maybe Jenelle has 14 nipples. This might require 7 pumps

Maybe Nathan is planning on lactating. He seems like he has enough estrogen to get that process started.

Oh vivid dreams are going to be extra horrifying tonight.

(I'd like to clarify that by "vivid dreams" I mean quite detailed and realistic dreams, not nocturnal journeys through Farrah Abraham's colon.)

Maybe she was so high that she thought she was giving options but she was really seeing doubles so she just kept clicking? I assume after all the drugs she has done and is surely still doing that her brain is pretty fried. After all she was so out of it that she actually believed she should TRY to have a child.

That occurred to me as well. When I had my gallbladder removed, whatever they had me on that night in the hospital was so intense that I had a two hour phone conversation with my best friend and didn't remember it until she mentioned it two weeks later. I imagine "7" looks a lot like "1" if you're genuinely trashed WITHOUT having incisions trying to heal and coming off of anesthesia.

I bet jenelle doesnt even name the baby "kaiser" she'll prolly end up naming it something like sorrow or whiskey depending on which mood state shes in. She wants to trick us all


I really think she was just having fun with her registry. I'm guessing she and Nathan were joking around the whole time and registering for whatever they liked. I used to work at BRU and a lot of the younger parents-to-be didn't really take it as seriously as they should have. A lot of people would register for things and figure they will go back and delete stuff online if they change their mind. Also, as you're registering it can be really difficult to delete stuff as you go or to even notice if you've scanned things more than once.

TBH...I really don't think she pulled a Farrah to try and get free stuff. If so, she wouldn't have changed the name on the registry.

I would totally agree with you, except several other sites have reported that Jenelle is broke. Jenelle herself all but confirmed this on one of her tweet and delete sprees.

So, yes. I agree that her and Nathan were sitting on their ass one day while Jenelle clicked away at all of these items that she wanted from girl stuff (maybe for Emery?) to older boy stuff (for Jace).

But, when you have over 200 items on your list and have a million Twitter followers and a manic need for perfection often through material goods, I am sure you're going to pimp that registry list at some point. Plus, who else is going to buy for Jenelle? She has no friends because she screws them over (plus they use her for money) and her family is just as broke as she is.

I know that Nathan has a forget-a-baby, too, but since we haven't seen her on the show (and I hope it stays that way for her sake) it's easy to kind of depersonalize her, if that makes sense? Like, we see Jace and it's obvious he's doomed (but really clever for a four year old!) and that's really unfortunate but what about Nathan's daughter? Does anyone know what he and her mother did to get their custody revoked? I know CPS was involved with Barbara getting custody of Jace and I'm ASSUMING that Nathan and the poor little girl's mom didn't willingly just ditch her so I'm really curious as to what they did or didn't do and how that lack of parenting is going to translate to poor little Bun-in-the-oven Kaiser.

Both Nathan and his ex were caught driving under the influence with Emery in the car. Nathan was drunk. The story with his ex has changed so many times as far as what she was under the influence of, but she was arrested for cocaine at some point and Jenelle has called her a pill popper.

The cute part was Jenelle literally flipped out on Alison (Nate's ex and mother of his daughter) one day and accused her of hiding coke in diapers which is the same thing she accused Courtland's baby mama of doing. Jenelle also went on an adorable rant about how she just couldn't possibly understand why someone would drive high/drunk with their child in their car or even do those things around their child. Oh, wait, hi there Pot! Come meet my friend, Kettle.

You have to get on Twitter. That's where all the sleuths dig up dirt.

Whoa. Not that I had any respect for Nathan to begin with but my opinion of him just went down to absolute zero knowing that. How hard is it to call a cab? Or NOT get drunk and party around your kid? I don't understand what would possess someone to be so stupid. Also...hiding cocaine in diapers is an oddly specific thing to accuse two people who don't even know each other of doing. Is that like a common drug smuggler thing? Cocaine huggies?

One of my favorite quotes from Firefly is popping into my brain with all of these Jenelle shenanigans. (Jenelligans?)

"I cannot abide useless people."

my aunt and my cousin who one works in a prison and the other works in customs was explaining to me that because (in australia) we cannot legally test children/babies for any drug residue as they are entering a prison/airport a lot of women especially in prison while taking their child to visit put pills/powder in their nappies then "take their child to change them" stick it in their mouth and kiss their partner and transfer it that way. I know this may not be the case but it does happen.
to be honest I don't understand why she has to have everything in duplicates, Leah never had matching cots for her twins and its never caused any emotional strain.
jenelle is honestly showing her lack of knowledge on what she needs to do to actually take care of a child instead of playing house with someone who seems about as reliable as her contraceptive is.

@Rae the guy allegedly has 4 DUIs (seriously). Zero common sense or care for others well being

Didn't she have a boob job?!? As far as I know, you cannot breast feed after a boob job. Why did she register for breast pumps?!?

I think that's a case-by-case thing. Some can, and some can't.

You can breastfeed after a breast augmentation. As far as I know, if the surgeon does his job, it shoudln't affect your ability to breastfeed. However, some implants are behind the pectoral muscles and some more superficially on top of the muscle. There may be a difference in which of those may produce lactation problems. I know a good friend of mine had a breast reduction and her doctor told her there was a chance it would affect her ability to breastfeed in the future but she was able to breastfeed her first son successfully but he had problems latching so they switched to formula after about 6 weeks of intense pain for the new mom.

When I went in for my consultation to get implants, I was told that I could still breastfeed. I'm not a doctor though and it's been years since that consultation, but I recall them talking about not cutting around the nipple to ensure I wouldn't lose sensitivity or become overly sensitive and that way there would be less of a chance to harm anything.

I also know that placement is different too: over or under the muscle. But I don't remember them saying either one played a role in likelihood to breastfeed.

Her friends/family don't seem to be the type to buy expensive baby gifts. Poor babs is broke from raising Jace, don't expect her to buy your new baby 3 cribs.
Maybe all her crackhead friends can pool their money and get her a bottle though.

I cant imagine going out and justifying buying a baby gift for someone who has neglected their first born his whole life. That would require any part of my brain to have a thought that she will actually parent this child for more than a few weeks. She is going to see how hard it actually is and relapse to hardcore drugs and violence and CPS will be all over that, if they aren't already. So basically buying a baby gift would be a huge waste.

It's terrifying that she's no longer living with Babs for this baby's first weeks home because CPS will probably only get involved once there's been an incident and the baby is either born with drugs in his system or becomes the victim of major rage/screaming matches/left in a tanning bed because Jenelle forgot she had a child and bought another fucking dog. That baby is going to have to go through hell for anyone to take notice, especially since she's in a different state. Fortunately, the police are well acquainted with Jenelle and her stellar boy toy so maybe someone's already keeping a watchful eye on the situation.

Totally off-topic, but I just hopped on Twitter before bed. So, apparently tonight was Kail night looking at all of the retweets.

- Kail is going to try for another child

- Kail's book is out and the cover picture is just as horrific as you would imagine

- Kail made a comment about not feeling that connected to Lincoln while pregnant. Someone said something to her. Butthurt and victimhood ensued.

One of the articles on starcasm or radar alluded to "the truth about her teen pregnancy" and the dark secret she's been hiding. They said this right after they mentioned rape as something that is addressed in the book. She can't possibly be stupid enough to claim Jo raped her or that Jo isn't the father? I just have no idea what she's being so cryptic about.

Isaac unfortunately got the worst features of both parents but it's very evident that Kail and Jo are DEFINITELY his parents. And she's harping on about living in a homeless shelter with Isaac so she could qualify for charitable housing assistance. Not because she NEEDED to be homeless...just because she wanted to bone that guy from target and then cheat on him with Jo. So this girl is going around with MTV filming her, she's making a crap ton of money off the show and yet she somehow qualified for single mother assistance. THAT pisses me off. She could have stayed with Jo's family. Awkward? Maybe. But when is Kail NOT awkward? Her mouth is always hanging open like her chin and bottom lip are too heavy to waste the energy to simply NOT scowl at everyone and she's always ready for a fight. So she lies about her financial situation, moves out of a rent free, SAFE home to take her infant son to a homeless shelter and then take some other single mom's place in a program that she didn't even need. And now we're supposed to praise her for her bravery. Screw. That.

Also: the book cover showcases her HIDEOUS skull/spider web arm. So edgy, Kail.

I meant to say the book is out to pre-order. Not that it is out*

Anyways, Kail surely cannot be that much of an idiot that she is going to insinuate that Jo raped her. I know these books are all about the drama and Kail may not have control over the marketing, but, if I were Kail, I would fight that marketing line even though it may be a losing battle with the publisher.

I'm guessing she is going to say she was raped/abused by one of her mother's many boyfriends and that led her to have many boyfriends herself. I hope she is careful not to swipe her relationship with Jo by claiming he was the rebound from being raped - while this may be true in part and some women to fall into bad relationships to grieve, I hope she handles it delicately. Jo has been a total douche, but Kail is no angel either and that is a very heavy swipe to make.

Side note: how the hell can she say she's changed or grown when she has pretty much followed the same pattern her mom has? This girl has never been single since Jo and has bounced from dick to dick dragging her child along with her. The only thing saving her from totally being her mom is MTV money.

By the way, more Kail mini rant: she snapped at some fan who was explaining to Kail that Jo is an active father and deserves 50/50. Kail cried and bitched. Being a cunt to someone on Twitter because that someone is pointing out the obvious isn't going to change this. Kail's magical vagina with vortex like properties doesn't work on the courts.

The good thing about Jo and Kail is that they each absolutely love Isaac which is VERY amazing when you look at some of the father's and mother's on Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. They just need to get their heads out of their asses and stop talking trash about each other in front of their kid. And Kail needs to stop asking a four year old leading questions so she can manipulate situations into whatever she wants it to be. She goes out of her way to try and make Isaac reveal that Jo is secretly some deadbeat asshole who can't be bothered to be a dad. I don't like Jo but he seems like he's doing his best when it comes to being a father. They both suck at being a co-parent, though.

I'm copying this quote from a starcasm article: In an excerpt for the book, Kailyn wrote: “If I ever gaze at the past, I shudder. I shudder to count how many times I mistakenly thought I was loved. I quiver unpleasantly to recall the person I used to be and how I acted in some of my relationships. Looking back, it’s not surprising that I turned to boys for love so early. I needed appreciation. I needed to feel worthy. Most of all I needed support.”

Just, ew. Why use words like "shudder" and quiver"?! That sounds disgusting, like someone trying to write bad poetry. I know they're just words, but that screams that they're trying too hard to show their vocabulary.
Newflash: it's not that hard to open a thesaurus or google and look up synonyms.

Yeah...if that's the promo excerpt they chose to release, I have a feeling the entire book is going to be that awful and over dramatic.

Maybe Farrah will use it as a guide for her erotic novels. Yuck.

Haha, all I can compare that to is the guidance counselor in 10 Things I Hate About You. "Judith! What's another word for 'engorged'??"

UGH. KAIL. IS. SO. ANNOYING. That excerpt is a perfect example of her over dramatizing EVERYTHING. Horrible choice of verbs, line after line. WTF?

@Sharp, love your commentary. "Butthurt and victimhood ensued" hahaha that's the stuff I love about this website.

@Rae, thank you for that open mouth/giant chins comment - completely agree. Have you seen the #KailHulk #HulkSmash meme on Twitter? I love it so much. So many chins. I believe @Anon_Mafioso originally posted it.

Just saw it. My my that is not a flattering look.

Saw the article also. The book is called pity over something I can't remember but my first thought was WOW! exactly what you are and do! I do it to myself sometimes also, it's like knowing what the right thing or choice is but still unknowingly making the bad one. But I on the other hand don't sit around afterward throwing a pitty party for myself hoping that others will give me a rub on the back and a "awe poor you" for all the things that have happend in my life.

This goes for Kailyn and Jenelle & Jace, I had a rough childhood my biological mother was hooked on drugs, only stayed off long enough to have me and then jumped right back into it head first wandering around for drugs and men. For years, my whole childhood until 13 to be exact was that way she was always in and out only choosing when to see me when I was convienant to her. I was lucky enough to have my mom who is actually my grandmother take me when I was a baby saving me basically from god knows what could have happend. For years! Like 15 I think did I hold resentment, I just didn't and still don't understand how someone could choose a life of drugs and men over your own flesh and blood, anyway so I was pisssed my whole life she had another kid changed for that one and has been clean since. I don't hold resentment any longer but growing up seeing all the things I have seen and feeling abandoned and then Seeing her have another baby made me feel like shit! & that's exactly to a T is what is going to happen to Jace, it's already happening and then when jenelle finally decides she wants to be his mom he's not gonna want her anymore. Then she'll be upset and be like why me I was an addict I didn't know better blah blah, whatever that's besides the point. But it's sad Babs ain't no saint that's for sure, same goes with my mom(gma) but I'm telling you Jace & her will have a connection like non other because of what she has done for him whether it's the best parenting or not. I just hope like in my case Jace is able to succesed past all his family bullshit and become and productive human being. God knows I did, not all kids are doomed it's just whether or not you allow yourself to have a crappy life. & this is where Kail comes in, she has a shitty childhood no the same as mine I know but shitty nonetheless, but coming from experience you cannot let that stop and or allow yourself to constantly blame things that happen because you had a shitty childhood. I'm not really sure how else I can explain but I hope you get my point.

I hate how I come I here to write a short little comment and come out with a fucking novel lol

I really don't mind reading long posts here. It's neat to get to know everyone somewhat. I'm sorry your mom was selfish. My cousin went through something quite similar. Her grandparents adopted her about 6 weeks after she was born because she was discovered to be in an actual crack house during a police raid. Her mom had brought her infant to a drug dealer's house to hang out and get high. She had a second kid even though her parents (the one's who adopted the first child) told her they were too old to raise anymore of her children as they were already raising my cousin. This woman would go through periods of sobriety and then fall of the wagon and do exactly what Jenelle does by popping in and out and causing problems. I hate to see how Jenelle will treat Jace once Jace is old enough to resent her. My cousin's mom did horrible things throughout her entire childhood and even punched her the night she graduated high school while she was "visiting" in order to steal her bio-kid's graduation money. That was the first time my painfully shy, mild mannered cousin defended herself and her bio mom called the cops and had her arrested around two weeks after her 18th birthday.

The OTHER child, however, went through absolute hell and I don't know if she'll ever heal from what her mom put her through growing up. She finally got put into a foster home several states away from her mother when someone found out that her mom was letting her do cocaine and also pimping her out for drugs when she was around 12 years old. My dad is a callous asshole but I'm around the same age as this poor girl and I'll never forget the night he told me that she would be moving far away because of what was going on. It's one of the few times I've seen my dad genuinely break down. It's just such a heartbreaking thing to even consider.

As for you: Look at Jace. He has a roof over his head and he doesn't go hungry because his grandmother stepped in and became his mom. This new baby on the way will be in such an awful situation in comparison so, while it's sad that Jace's bio mom won't suck it up and be a good parent, in the long run I believe he's the lucky one.

My shy, beaten down cousin who was raised by her grandparents is now a happy mother. The child is her little sister's, the second child their mom had. The little sister turned out to be just like her mom because of how she was initially raised and left her kid with her older sister to watch while she flew back east for a court date and she just never came back. This was her second child. The state took away her first child because she and her boyfriend brought him into the ER as an infant with TWO broken legs. It is a disgusting and vile cycle of abuse and hurting everyone around you. But her baby is better off with her older sister and her girlfriend. They love her so much and have given her a chance at having a wonderful life that her bio mom is simply ill equipped to provide.

Again, I am so sorry you had to experience all of that. I'm sure you know this by now but: your mom's shitty parenting isn't a reflection on you. It's not like she gave up because you weren't good enough. She just had a child later on and got her shit together. She should have done it for you, but for whatever reason, she didn't and that's incredibly awful.

I glanced at the cover pic of Kail's New book- doesn't even look like her!

No, no, it's her. I think you got distracted by her self-portrait of her cold, spiderwebby heart embossed on her badass mind delicately SMASHED AND SLATHERED all over her arm in the form of trashy, trashy skulls. Look to the left away from the "OF COURSE I HAVE TATTOOS" focal point and above the ginormous scarf and there's a face there. You may have to squint to see it like one of those magic pattern illusions.

I don't know why she chose that picture, I've seen better pics of her on her instagram and Twitter. She just reminds me of a 50 year old / not that she has wrinkles or anything just something about the way her face looks.

I know this totally isn't the place, but anyway, Jenelle just posted that "Kasier" is measuring 26 weeks and she's only 23. First of all wtf can't she properly spell Kaiser, second, is it bad that I want to comment "Are you sure he isn't measuring larger than your pregnancy because he is your husbands attempted abortion fetus?" Ugh, this girl makes me sick.

He will be a big baby. I doubt she will struggle to birth him. He will probably fall right out of that "overly paved road".

That image produced horrific onomatopoeias in my brain and I think I might puke. Quick, Jenelle, toss me one of your extra diaper bags!

Is it typical that there is that big of a discrepancy? I've heard friends say they were two or three weeks off, so am I right to assume it happens? Then again, this is Jenelle so I'm thinking she is hiding that she was drinking early on in the pregnancy so she is fudging the dates.

I've heard of measuring a week or two a bit bigger than your estimated gestation but I'm also positive that if you do measure any larger they begin to worry about having too much fluid which could lead to health issues after birth. But then again I'm no expert and this is Jenelle we're talking about.

She doesn't look big enough to be measuring that far off. She looks really small for 23 weeks, and I should know. With my second you couldn't really tell I was showing until my third trimester (long story, but we were both healthy in the end)

Just saw the screenshot of this. Jenelle is talking about her registry on Facebook:

Dude I'm having 2 baby showers and I was asked to put a variety of choices.

Sorry if u guys never got thrown a huge ass baby show, or two for that matter :)

Lmfao I didn't put 9 of the same baby rattles on there either idk wtf this girl is talking about

I never ordered a pumpkin rattle to begin with hahahahahaha. Damn they must of lied in the article then..Why would I put a Halloween rattle on there when I'm giving birth in the summer?

Also, this is why she deleted the list (I left in the grammar errors, by the way):

it's ruining it be I someone can go to the story and buy something for their kid and then mark it off MY list.

LOLOLOL. Jenelle gets trolled.

P.S. I saw screenshots of her already making plans to party in the summer with that DJ she likes in Myrtle Beach. Here we go...

Someone can go to the store* That was my error. I am such a Hippocrates.

Hungry hungry hippocrates??

I'm enjoying this too much. Here are a few Jenelle tweets:

I guess this means no baby registry at all... Thanks for ruining it

Look I'm having 2 baby showers and Nathan's mom told me to make a big variety.

Man, this reminds me of the old IRC and Pool's Closed days. Poor Jenelle won't be cashing in for heroin. Lulz.

Does Nathan's mom or his ex's mom have custody of their daughter?

I think it's Alison's parents that have custody. I just checked a few sites and it seems like they are confirming that.

The weird thing is I swear Alison was saying she drops Emery off sometimes at Nathan's parents house and that is how he sees her. In any case, they both sound like real winners.

What a sniveling little shit. "Sorry you guys never got thrown a huge as baby show or two for that matter." I'm not even going to get into her HORRIBLE grammar with both speaking and typing. Jenelle, you already had a huge baby shower for the kid you already fucked over.

Lol she is liar- I saw the 10 pumkins rattles, etc. I guess she is claiming someone hacked into her registry now - and yes that is why she deleted it so she can't be called out

This "someone hacked my account" excuse everyone uses is getting out of control. I distinctly remember the pumpkin rattle because it was hideous and she wanted 10 of them. I think she was just going to stock pile them and chuck them like frisbees whenever the kid started crying at night.

Too late. Someone got a screenshot of the rattles.

She may have made the register during a manic episode. A few years ago, before I started taking my medication, I went into Currys (an electronics store here in the UK) and tried to buy four of the exact same coffee maker on my credit card. Luckily, the shop assistant realised something was wrong, convinced me to give her my home phone number and called my dad to come and pick me up. Before I went into Currys, I'd been to the pet shop next door and bought one of those big cat gyms and two hamster balls despite not having any pets.

Some of those cat gyms have very comfy looking nooks and hammocks, though. ;)

I figured out some things. Jenelle ordered so many high chairs because of her inexperience with babies. She mistakenly thought high chairs are a chair designed specifically to smoke weed in. This explains why she ordered so many. She ordered so many breast pumps because she thought she needs one pump per breast. She ordered 2 for her old breasts and 2 for her new boobs. It is all very clear when you see life through her eyes. (I cannot see life through her eyes right now. I am too busy rolling the eyes I have.)

I just watched Teen Mom tonight. Jenelle walked into her mom's house wearing a tight, long, red top. I would swear she has a pregnant belly in this outfit. It is suspicious too, because the moment she sits down on the floor she puts a pillow right in front of her belly. Hmmm...

Just goes to show you she is still clueless on what a baby needs. Not that I'd expect anything less from her.