Chelsea Houska Is Dating Someone Who's Not Adam

Chelsea Houska

There are two cringe worthy Teen Mom guys that I don't like hearing about. Kieffahhh (for obvious reasons) and Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam. Well, good news. Chelsea doesn't seem to be going down the path where she has to get back with her ex 73 times a year. Chelsea tweeted a picture of her locking lips with someone named Aaron Crisp:

Looove @aaronjcrisp

They're so close already that Chelsea is already causing him bodily harm, as indicated by Aaron's tweet:

Thanks to @ChelseaHouska for randomly piercing my ear. #bleeding

But, seriously, ouch. Fingers are crossed that this guy is a keeper! He already gets points for not being Adam.

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So glad for Chelsea!! She deserves a great guy for her and Aubree, and hopefully he's the one. He's definitely a cutie :)

Wow, I'm shocked. Good for her!
I hope he's not only NOT ADAM but also NOT LIKE ADAM.

I am really shocked at this photo, but very happy she has moved on to better things which means she finally realizes she is better than Adam and her and her daughter deserve more out of life. WAY TO GO CHELS!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy for her! I'm glad she has finally seen the light & has moved on from Adam! Adam will never be able to give her what she wants & needs!

Thank GOD! Hopefully this guy isn't a douche.

I thought it was Adam at first glance lol. But I'm glad it's not. She's a nice girl and can do a lot better!

Watching her episode now and man, what an a$$! Calling her for going out when the kid was a few months old! He was wanting her to go out with him when on the babys first night out of hospital!

She ki da brought it n herself tho. The second she had that baby, she shoulda thought how she would like it if someone was treating her daughter like that!