Catching Up with the Cast of Teen Mom 2

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The return of Teen Mom 2 is just over a month away! Season 7 will premiere Monday March 21st on MTV. We've had a lot of focus on the OG cast lately, so I thought I'd take the time to highlight some recent Teen Mom 2 happenings to get us ready for their return.


As per usual, Chelsea seems to be living a low key life. There hasn't been much news since her engagement to Cole DeBoer this past November.

However we did recently learn some new wedding details including that it's scheduled for October and MTV cameras will not be allowed at the ceremony.

Other than that, Chelsea seems to be having a fun February with attending a Jason Aldean concert, Valentine's Day, and the celebration of Pete the Pig's first birthday! She's also been spending time at the gym as evidenced by this new photo:chelsgym


While news is typically slow in Chelsea's world, (that's a good thing!) her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind never fails to gain headlines. He's had a steady stream of shenanigans in recent weeks including a racist and homophobic rant and an explicit photo scandal. The aftermath of the latter has resulted in a number of consequences for Adam. First, he got dumped by girlfriend Stasia Huber who was not happy with the photo.

Then came reports that Adam has ended his custody battle for daughter Aubree. He apparently made the realization that he wasn't going to win anyway, and the photo scandal was essentially the nail in the coffin.

Despite losing his girlfriend and any hopes at custody, Adam promptly found a rebound hookup then made her his girlfriend. Stay classy, Adam!


Leah seems to now make an effort to keep her drama out of the limelight after a long history of public hardships.

But unlike her co-star Chelsea, she does still practice some vagueposting to keep the rumor wheels turning! Leah tweeted the following message a few weeks ago, bringing fans to speculate that she has split from T.R. Dues:


When T.R. was asked about Leah's claims of being "single" he had the following to say:

"If she says she's single, then she's single. I just see her every now and then."

There were reports that Leah only tweeted that in an attempt to look good in her custody battle with ex-husband Corey Simms. However when It's hard to know what's real and what's not here. Neither Leah or T.R. has officially confirmed their relationship in the first place, always insisting they are just good friends. Does T.R.'s statement mean they really did break up? Or could he again be helping to keep their relationship on the down low at Leah's request. I'd say we'll have to wait until TM2 returns for the truth to come out, but that's only assuming they don't once again completely ignore T.R.'s existence (barring a quick mention from Corey at the last reunion).

Speaking of Leah's custody battle, it's reported that she won more time after a January 27th court hearing.

Leah now has the twins from Thursday to Sunday each week, with the exception of one weekend per month where they will be with their dad.

Outside of that, Leah and Corey have also agreed to split any childcare related bills 50/50 between them.

When it comes to Leah's third daughter with 2nd ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, it seems things are going well.

Jeremy recently took a new job with less travelling so he can spend more time with Addalynn. He also reunited with girlfriend Brook Wehr after a brief split and we may get to meet her in season 7.


Always a roller coaster ride, there has been no shortage of Jenelle news (is there ever?). Most prominently and most recently, Jenelle has been experiencing health issues.

Earlier this month it was reported that she had been in and out of the hospital for a number of symptoms including dizziness, muscle weakness, hot flashes, and cramps.

According to Radar, Jenelle is back in the hospital today and doctor's believe that a problem with her pituitary gland in the brain may be causing these issues.

Despite the health concerns, Jenelle is still keeping busy with lots of social media product advertising and a recent trip to New York City.

She claims the trip was for medical reasons to get an MRI, but she also participated in some publicity events during her visit. Hopefully she's feeling better soon because she's got more events coming up in March!


Speaking of Jenelle's entrepreneurial efforts, she had a small scandal this week related to an "invention" of hers. Jenelle announced that she's releasing a product called "Little Kaiser" which would be a toddler urinal for potty training boys.

Someone on Twitter spoke up to say that this product already exists and is called "Lil' Marc." Jenelle's lawyer responded by saying that Jenelle had teamed up with the makers of "Lil' Marc" to re-brand the product.

However the "Lil' Marc" Twitter page denies this claim, and Jenelle has since deleted any mention of "Little Kaiser" on her social media.


When it comes to her love life, Jenelle is still with boyfriend Dave Easton.

Of course this doesn't mean that her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith isn't still kicking around.

They've had some recent custody drama over their son Kaiser, and Nathan has had his own legal issues surrounding an arrest for larceny and a recent eviction from his apartment.


Our favorite Teen Mom 2 sweetheart made a stir last month with her cosmetic surgery. Since then, her latest headline has to do with the announcement of the new season itself.

Apparently, MTV failed to let her know the premiere date before they announced it publicly. Kail expressed her frustration with this in the following Tweet:


In other news, Kail's husband Javi was deployed to Qatar last month, leaving Kail to take care of Isaac and Lincoln full time. Javi is expected to return home in September or October.

In the mean time, Kail remains active on social media and mainly shares things about her school and kids. Today Kail revealed that she recently received an academic honor:


The letter states that Kail will be inducted in "The National Society of Collegiate Scholars" which according to their website is a program that recognizes academic achievement and encourages leadership.

Their membership requirements are "first- and second-year college students who have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. This puts them in the top 20% of students nationally." Great work, Kail.

What are you most looking forward to in the new season of Teen Mom 2? Also, feel free to discuss any details I may not have covered in the comments. I know you guys never miss a beat!



Good for Chelsea on deciding no cameras at the wedding. And OH, Jenelle is spending time on her boyfriend and events instead of her kids? Shocker.

Nice pic of my boy Adam eating ass. Big ass eater from way back.

It's 2016 who hasn't ate ass!?! Tbh it's not that great. Only cool thing is that guys can't talk shit to you after y'all break up. Anything he says after that is irrelevant. you ate my ass... I fed you! You're welcome.

I love you Sir Nibs. You crack me up every time!!!

Indeed. Chelsea's the only girl from either show who has any class left.

Indeed. Chelsea's the only one from either show with any class left. They're all so warped...and I'm thinking perhaps Maci most of all. She hid it so well for so long, or MTV did. Slow Kyle needs to write a tell-all, probably can't though. The urinal fiasco is hilarious. And Karl, how very professional of you to tweet about your employer being unprofessional...derp derp.

Actually I don't know if class is the right word. It'd probably be better to say Chelsea's the only one who hasn't gone off the damn deep end.

WTRSODFCB- When I saw that Kailyn tweeted about professionalism, I had the exact same thought. I did not know that being a reality star was a profession - it is not even legitimate acting. I am an actual professional, and I would never publicly call out my employer. A real professional would face professional consequences for doing something so stupid.

Speaking of stupid, why is Kail proudly showing off the junk mail that she received? She is going to a diploma mill that is known for grade inflation, and then she gets a come-on from a scam, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and thinks it is something great. A real professional like Kail knows that The National Society of Collegiate Scholars only wants your money, and the sucker receives no benefit from "membership". I am an actual professional who evaluates resumes as part of my position, and I can tell you that anyone who places The National Society of Collegiate Scholars on a resume is automatically bonged from consideration. No real professionals want to be in the company of a sucker/fool/stooge.

Also- is Kail still only a first or second year student? She must be an overachiever like Maci.

No Leah you are NOT a single mom a single mom is someone who does everything by helself with no contact with the baby's dad that means no child support for pills and no half custody u literally just got back you are just a mom who happens to be single

Nothing's infuriates me more then these children parading around like "single Mom status" "just doing my single mom thing " NO STOP IT!!! a single mom is NOT someone who sits around collects 2000 a month in child support and ships there kids off for split custody!!

This!! My kids' dad is in prison. I am a single mom. I take care of my kids by myself every single day. I never get a day to myself, let alone half a week, every week. I can't remember the last time I had my house to myself for a few hours, unless you count the times I put my kids to be bed super early to save my own sanity. I have never gotten any type of child support, and have learned to do EVERYTHING 100% on my own. I also have 3 kids. I can manage to get us all awake, dressed, combed, fed and out the door to elementary school and then preschool and I still make it to my college by 7:40am. Leah has never been a single mother, and the bitch has only been a single woman for a hot second. I feel like a lot of people don't realize that being a single mom is NOT the same as being a single woman who has kids.

I'm pretty sure "single mom" just means a mom that is single - as in not married. Calm down.

I guess it is something that you wouldn't understand unless you live it yourself. I only take issue with lazy moms who have all the help in the world, yet claim to be single moms and act like it is so hard, when they really have NO clue.

No need to calm down, just a difference of opinions :)

I understand it just fine. There are single moms that are lazy, there are single moms that are rich. Single moms come in all shapes and sizes - a single mom is a mom that is single - that's all.

Well that is your opinion, but mine is that a single mom is a mother who singlehandedly raises their kid/s with no help from the father.

Farrahs Furgina, just wanted to tell you that you're a true rock star. I can barely get MYSELF out of bed, fed and to work by 8:00 let alone three kids.

People like you make Maci and Jenelle look even more ridiculous when they say how "overwhelmed" and "stressed" they are.

You're making up your own definition for words that have existed for a long, long time. That's fine. Just be aware that your personal definition doesn't apply to the world.

Thanks holy trashisness! It is honestly a pain in the ass, but sticking to a schedule like that helps keep my sanity!

Farrah's word salad, why don't you Google "what is a single mom?" I think you might be surprised to discover that my definition tends to be the popular one. It seems like I offended you, or struck a chord. I apologize if that is the case. You won't change my opinion and I won't change yours either, but that's okay. We can just agree to disagree ?

@FarrahsWordSalad ?. Single mom might traditionally be used to describe women who are single, but I know several moms who use it to define whether or not they have support from the husband. Example: a parent of one of my students filed paperwork for one child as her being a single mom. For the other, as married.

She re-married at her husband refuses to support her children from a previous relationship. Therefore, she considers herself a single mom in regards to the children which she receives no spousal/partner support with - and a married parent for the other children which she does.

Whether or not you agree with that use of the term, it's how several people I know are also using "single mom." Not just this one commenter on TMJ

Wait. So you don't think Leah is as single mom because she has split custody? Don't most single moms have at least some split custody/visitation? What is she supposed to call herself then? Single mom seemed pretty clear to me.


-Hulk looks ridiculous in all black, long sleeves, jeans etc when the other three are in cute, colorful summer dresses. Wtf Hulk.

-Good for Chelsea for not allowing cameras at her wedding. She is no Catelynn/Tyler! I also saw that apparently Taylor and Chelsea have been hanging out and going to the gym together and apparently even tweeting each other now. Interesting.

-Adam is an idiot but i will give him probs that at least his headlines have no included an arrest in quite some time.

-Kail stfu about MTV not telling you about the premiere date. Get the f*ck over yourself! She seriously comes off so rude with the stuff she posts, you are not better than everyone else Hulk just because you're on tv. And don't throw stones when you live in glass houses, chin jiggles, you're far from professional.

-I'm glad Hulk is doing well in school and poor Javi. Has to live with abusive Hulk and then has to deploy. He can't escape being scared of possible attacks.

-No new updates on Corey or Jo?

For Corey, just the custody stuff mentioned alongside Leah. There's some new pics of Remi on social media. Jo has kept even more quiet, couldn't find anything new on him. If I'm mistaken, let me know!

Nah i haven't heard anything, was just curious since Adam was included but not Jo or Corey.

In Kail's defense, I was at the reunion that day and it was actually raining like crazy and there was a huge thunderstorm. Not to mention it was fucking freezing in the studio. So I probably wouldn't want to wear a dress either lol

It's nice that Taylor and Chelsea hang out, but it just makes it clear that Chelsea was totally jealous of Taylor before. And likely still would be if Cole hadn't come along.

Yeah I agree that it shows she was jealous and bitter before. But I think the way she's got over that shows that Cole got her over Adam. I think she needed to be shown that there is a good guy who wants her, to boost her self esteem after Adam shattered it. I was so worried that Adam would chase her again after she got with Cole, simply out of jealousy, and we all commented that she would cheat... but looks like he is just what she needed and I don't think she will touch Adam now

who's trying to hide her ridiculous tattoo sleeves. i guess they really don't go with everything, when you're trying to establish yourself as an academic scholar and national leader.

Great point. What a hypocrite.

Laguna beach was a better show....

Laguna Beach was my favorite show back in the day. I was soooo obsessed with it hahaahaha season 1 and 2 were sooo freakin amazing but season 3 was soooo bad i couldn't even watch it past the first few episodes. I get so sad when i realize that it's already over 10 years old! LBH Class of 2004 and 2005, crazy! Not gonna lie, i still check up on some of the cast members via social media to see where they're at in life from time to time.

It formed a part of my personality. Haha I still watch it with my sister. We own the seasons. I couldn't watch season 3 either. I was so hoping MTV would film the 10 year high school reunion. Do a "where are they now" type deal. Drama I love it!

I own the season 1 and season 2 dvd sets as well! it has all the episodes as well as exclusive interviews and tours of their houses and cars, lmao!!! I also have a book with all kinds of childhood pictures and pre-fame middle school/HS pictures of the cast with little stories, its pretty cool. I think you've made me decide how to spend my weekend, and that is to re-watch Laguna Beach.

I LOVED Laguna Beach! I was in California this past November and I stopped in Laguna Beach to walk along the shoreline. I imagined "Come Clean" playing in my head as if I were living the real life intro to the show. A proud fan-girl moment.

I'm so jealous! Not going to lie, if i went to Laguna i would probably instantly recognize certain places just from the show alone. Between Laguna Beach and The OC i wanted to move to Southern California soooo bad lol i was so jealous of their lifestyle. They were rich, lived by the beach but didn't seem to flaunt it so much and they all had a pretty relaxed beach bum style, i was very envious.

What's crazy to me is that these teen mom females are in their 20s now and they still look and seem more immature than the girls from Laguna. Even Jessica seemed more mature and she was gnarly insecure! The difference between the two shows is crazy. Their relationships, attitudes, style, friendships and everything is completely different.
Side note I pray I never date a dude name Stephen. He will hear me say Steeeeeeeeephen! Stephen stop. Stephen! All day long.

As somebody who was born and raised in Orange County, I always loved watching those shows purely because they were so unrealistic haha. Yes some people here are rich af but they don't just literally lay on a beach all day like the show made it seem.

@Maci's Chain-Smoking Skin and Lungs

Ha, yeah I recognized a lot of places from the show including random shops and restaurants lol. It was very cool. I even spotted LC's parent's big ass mansion and tried to drive up and look at it like a full fledged stalker, but it's in a gated community so I turned around hahahahaha. Oh and I'm pretttty sure that the beach I visited was where they had that "peace bonfire" thing between the two cliques in season 2.


I'm dying at your "Steeeeeephen" comments! I also imagine that if I ever get a friend named Jessica I will always say "jess'cuh" super fast in the same whining tone that Kristin always did it! Too funny.

@Holy Trashiness, Batman

First off I am very jealous that you grew up in Orange County! That is one beautiful place. Well, everything from like Newport between San Clemente is beautiful lol. Just from my brief visits it doesn't seem that the northern parts of OC are quite as nice. But yeah, I never took "The OC" to be realistic because well, it was fictional and my understanding that it was filmed in Los Angeles anyway. I did take Laguna Beach to be somewhat more realistic, with of course understanding that reality TV isn't always so real. Also I tried to keep in mind that their high school didn't allow MTV to film there so we pretty much only ever saw them in a recreational context. It's funny though with what you're saying because I remember how in season one they were all obsessed with "The OC" and would have viewing parties and shit lol.

I'm actually from Huntington Beach, about 15 minutes away from Newport. It's still a really nice area but a lot more laid back/down to earth than Newport and Laguna.

I mean Laguna Beach wasn't TOTALLY unrealistic. There definitely are a lot of rich/snooty people in that area. It's pretty much impossible to spend more than 10 minutes in one of those areas without seeing somebody with too much plastic surgery lol. But I mean they do go to school and work and do other things haha. I actually really like Laguna, it's a very cute and artsy little town.

But yeah some parts of OC are really gorgeous and others aren't. Anaheim is a great example. Believe it or not Disneyland is actually in the ghetto lol. When you're driving it's like...ghetto...ghetto...nice hotels...Disneyland.

I'm NorCal born and raised!! But I'm in SoCal semi often, because of friends and family. I've been to Laguna a few times. It is completely different than Anaheim. Like comparing the OC and movie Straight Out of Compton. Disneyland is still the shit though. I was just there last weekend or the weekend before.

@Andre who I think is actually below this comment? Idk I'm still figuring this thing out.
Hahha ? them be fighting words! Lauren is hella annoying. I don't know what you see in a girl that chases after another girl's man.

looking back i cant believe LC was portrayed as the innocent girl and kristen as an evil villain. (AND I ATE THAT SHIT RIGHT UP) LC was straight up trying to steal kristens boyfriend!

I know! I always hated LC and never got why people thought she was such a good girl. I always loved Kristen. But Alex H is my spirit animal.

*puts on "Team LC" t-shirt*
*puts on "Team LC" boxing gloves*

Let's go.

I legitimately still have my Team LC shirt from Hollister stored some place for the nostalgia. God knows I can't even get an arm through it.

I LOVED Laguna Beach! My friends and I would have Laguna Beach parties in college for season premieres and finales (only the first two seasons).

Also... My cousin went to San Francisco State, where Stephen Coletti attended for a short time. She met him and saw him around campus and at parties. She said he was douche. He tried to pull his celebrity card all time and had a " do you know who I am?!" attitude.

Adumb actually recently posted more shit on IG. He's now decided to screen shot "sluts" (his words) who try and hit him up via private message, and publicly call them out.
No mention of Kails snapchat surgery either. I think that's the biggest scandal so far. I wonder if maybe MTV thought you might've been busy recovering from that Karl, so they didn't want to bother you. She is such a huge obnoxious cunt. Who gives a shit when it airs. It's not like you don't know what happens?????

Anyone who tries to get with Adam deserves to be called out and publicly shamed. Just saying ?

I'm really happy that Chelsea is doing good and has realized life isn't all about being on tv! I'd love to see more of the stupid shit Adam's up to. I'm always debating if he or Ryan is the worst, so it'd be cool to see what shit he's up to on the show.

I really liked how MTV tried to hide what Leah was up to, but it's really obvious that she's dysfunctional, minimally, in an intrarelationship and mental health sense. She needs help and I wonder if she'll get it. Jenelle is my favorite train wreck ever and I hope we get more good quotes from this season. My BF and I are always quoting her and her beau du jour. Gym Time Is Me Time is golden.

Adumb is the worst by far!!! He flaunts himself being a loser. At least off camera you don't see Rhine on social media making a fool of himself.

I'm sorry but Adam is WAY worse than Ryan.

Ryan is bae. Adam is nay.

Ryan is so fucking bae!!!

Are you really saying you think Adam and Ryan could be considered the same level? Really?

I think Ryan is every bit the scuz bucket Adam is. People here give him a pass because he's hot - it's stupid. The guy is a loser from head to toe.

Except Adam is even worse. Have you seen the dude's rap sheet? I'm honestly surprised he hasn't landed a prison sentence yet. He also almost killed an elderly couple and then blamed them for the accident.

Rhine doesn't have a rap sheet because Rhine has enabling parents that pull his butt out of hot water and he lives in a good ol' boy state where if you're white and male you can get away with murder.

That doesn't make any sense. Ryan hasn't DONE anything to warrant a rap sheet. The most he's done that we know of is his car accident and the fact that he admitted to not putting Bentley in his car seat when he was supposed to. Adam almost killed two people through nobody's fault but his own. He's driven around with Aubree in the car even though he was ordered not to because he's a dangerous driver. He's driven without a license. He's scum of the earth, plain and simple. He's also white, has enabling parents (as far as we can tell---they aren't on the show), and lives in the Midwest which seems fairly conservative. The reason he's gotten in trouble and Ryan hasn't is because Ryan hasn't done anything to warrant an arrest while Adam has. There's evidence on the show to support this.

"Our favorite Teen Mom 2 sweetheart"
What a terrible joke


So apparently Adam makes his snapchat handle public, because a few girls that are from my town here in Kansas have recently been snapchatting him. Both claim to have screen shots of naked photos of him, along with messages where he is asking them to come visit him.

I'll let you all know when/if they post these photos and we can all laugh!

Please do! Because he has no problem doing it to other girls via IG

@ambers eye candy GROSS! Is there something mentally wrong with those girls by chance? Or were they just trolling?

They say it's all a joke to them, so I hope it really is! I hope Adam doesn't eat their booties!

I love snapchat and I follow Adam, Ryan, Kail, and C&T (it's easier to stalk then Instagram). I'm not surprised that Adam is hitting up girls from two states away--he's already banged his way through South Dakota FFS.

Are we sure that Radar Online article about the new girl is correct for Adam? I saw Stasia in a very recent snap from him, so I'm not sure the Radar information is entirely accurate.

than* Instagram

He is still with Stasia. She posted on some social media platform that they were still a couple and the article wasn't accurate.

I am most interested in seeing how this creepy "Uncle Dave" character is in real life, not Jenelle's delusional instagram world.
Also, BS on her "illness". You don't go from hospital testing to figure out why you are SO sick to: iceskating, bowling, globetrotting, hospital stay, spring break! etc.

Also Andrea, no mention of upcoming court date for assault with a deadly mason jar?

Here's my favorite part, she traveled all the way to NYC to see specialists at NYU twice who were unable to figure out what's wrong with her. The reason she went to NYC is because she said "Doctors in NC suck". Now that the doctors at NYU can't figure out what's wrong with her, she back to NC so those doctors can figure it out because apparently NC doctors are now better than specialists at NYU? Yeah ok, sure.

Dude, that alone is co convoluted that I don't believe a single part of Jenelle's sickness. I don't get why she's doing this. People say drugs, I'd say she's spending an awful lot of money trying to get drugs legally when I'm sure she could make one phone call and have pills in her hands in 30 minutes. These dr's are expensive and she's paying out of pocket.

Color me confused as shit.

People are saying she needs an excuse for having drugs in her system when she is drug tested for court soon. So she is shopping around for a legitimate script.

I cannot believe that Uncle Dave is already verified on his social media accounts. Jesus God, could you be any thirstier for fame?

I'm very creeped out by the fact that he goes by Uncle Dave on social media. It's super weird.

And I agree, if Jenelle's as "sick" as all the hospital visits would suggest, she wouldn't be well enough to go on all these "business trips" with her latest "soulmate" to basically just take bikini pictures while other people take care of her kids.

Yeah, what's up with the "uncle" bit? You have 3 kids of your own!

adam and his butterface girlfriend blocked me on instagram LMFAO. Odd thing is Ive never commented on their pages, I commented on that famewhore jessica's page (after the booty eating photo scandal) LOL LOL.

Jessica is a nutcase, one look at her IG and I lost some brain cells.

What is Jenelle wearing in that top picture? She looks like a cave woman. And why does she have base on her lips?!? She looks like she has no lips. Ugh, what a hideous look. Anyway, besides ranting about Jenelles overall hideousness, I just want to thank Andrea, Tomlin and Megan for doing an awesome job lately by keeping the site alive! Andrea, FWIW, I love posts like this. Keep up the great work y'all! Xoxo

Thank you! That is really sweet of you to say. I screen capped your comment and texted it to Megan and Tomlin to make sure they see it too lol. I really enjoy writing for TMJ, and it's nice to know that others appreciate it!

For what it's worth, I love your username and it made me crack up when I first saw it a few weeks ago. Thanks for all your awesome comments.

Aww, thanks! ?

I only watch Chelsea and Leah, the other two I fast forward.

What kind of sad person would pay to party with Jenelle? If you want to party with a washed out drug using, negligent former teen mom I think you can find one for free in a normal club...

...I'd pay for it if she literally invaded South Padre Island, though. Like, with tanks and army. That could be fun.

Jenelle can barely organize her sock drawer, much less an army.

But I would totally pay to see that too.

I know everybody hates Kailyn but I do give her credit for actually going to school and getting a degree. She may not have a job (yet) but at least she's working towards it.

I've always thought she's going to be one of the few of the moms who will actually be okay when this show ends and the money stops rolling in.

kail's the only one that has really figured out how to make money off teen mom (besides farrah but porn gigs wont last forever) she has done really well with her multi marketing businesses like scentsy. she was smart and one of the first to actually capitalize on her fan base

And of course there's already a downvote. God forbid somebody say something nice about Kailyn!

Lol I couldn't even find anything passive aggressive or snarky to say about her school achievements. My "great work, Kail" comment was reluctantly serious.

I think that if the show had ended after 1 or 2 seasons, Kail would have a degree by now and would be working a decent job. Despite all her faults, she really seemed like a hard worker in the first seasons. She was selfish at times, but nowadays she's just really arrogant and thinks she's all that.

I thought Kail used to have great work ethic, but now she's lazy and spoiled and dragging her feet. Is she back in school yet, or is she still recovering from her surgeries? I mean, the fact that she ditched both school and her children to get those procedures done just speaks to how irresponsible she's become over the years. The Kail in "16 and Pregnant" and the beginning of "Teen Mom 2" would never dream of pulling that shit---and if she did then she wouldn't be so public about it. I think what happened is she met Javi, realized she could live off of his benefits if they married, and just started slipping from there on out. She comes across more as a grifter than anything else.

I totally agree @CCB and @Barrier. I used to really root for Kail, as she seemed like the only teen mom who had any work ethic or motivation. In the beginning of TM2, she was working two jobs and going to community college--and I commend her for that! However, after meeting Javi and the show getting bigger, her whole demeanor seemed to change. Now, her segments are insufferable and so are her social media postings. She recently tweeted that none of her friends who went to college are working in their fields, and she didn't really see the point of a college education. Ok, Kail. It's one thing for your friends to say that, but it's entirely different for you to tweet something like that to young people who look up to you. Kail has so many opportunities solely because of the show that most young people could only dream about. If she wasn't on the show and had no college education, she would still be working retail and living off public assistance. Because of the show, she can go to college without worrying about the cost, major in a field that is low-paying with few jobs (communications) and not have to worry about paying off her student loans, and write books that people buy only because of her celebrity. But for most of us who grew up poor or in the middle class, the only way to have a shot at a better life is to go to college. Kail can shove her dumb opinions up her fake fat ass. Rant over.

i dont believe for 1 second chelsea's wedding wont be filmed.

Me neither. And if she doesn't end up having it filmed it's only because she doesn't need the extra money.
We're going to get downvoted because everybody is up Chelsea's ass, but I really don't care. I can't stand her.


MTV will offer a cash bonus she cant refuse- and plus i thought their contracts stated they cant do things like have weddings without mtv there?

not to mention i personally think people give chelsea wayyyyyyyyy too much credit for being "low key and normal!!!" when she's on instagram shilling waist trainers and fit teas like the rest of them.

Yeah, she's one of the more obnoxious ones when it comes to selling shit on Instagram. People just like her because she's "low key" in that she doesn't get into Twitter wars or do drugs publicly, but I always got the sense that she thinks she's better than the other girls. She really isn't, she was just born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

I completely agree. She has the basic level of maturity to not get into social media fights or post really bitchy things, and she's never been on drugs (at least that we know of). And I'm annoyed by anyone trying to sell that shit online. I can't believe that so many people buy into the waist trainer fad.

Chelsea is where she is today because of one thing: Randy's money. It allowed her to do nothing for a few years and paid her way while she actually was in school. She was just lucky that she was born into a good financial situation. She always seems a bit stuck up at the reunions.

I also think that MTV cameras will be there. I thought I read in the engagement article that the proposal was filmed, despite the fact that Cole isn't all that into filming. I think MTV will convince her to have it filmed. She's one of the most popular girls out of the 3 TM groups; they would not want to miss out on showing that footage. Just look at all the positive publicity C & T's wedding got.

me three. the only reason chelsea has done as well as she has is because her parents have been there to push her through. if she didn't have such strong and patient parents, she would be the same place as kail, maci, etc. she's working, but has no degree. and her parents probably would have solely supported her if she had went to college.

I've heard that too, that she's actually really rude in person and even Kail's nicer than her at the reeunions.

Ugh I went to the reunion last Summer and she's such a brat. You can tell she thought she was way too good to be there.

Ooh do tell more!

Yep! I'm guessing the only reason why they're saying the no filming thing is probably because no contracts have been signed... so it's not a lie for now, but once the ink dries, film away!

props to chelsea on her body. i gained a lot of weight when i got sober and am now just starting to get back in shape. im doing really well with the gym but not as great with eating lol. also i need a trainer bc i am intimidated by weights.

i wonder if shes working? i know she says she works but im not convinced lol

I've found that for me as well, going to the gym is the easy part. I can work out every day for an hour and feel really great about myself, but it's SO difficult to say no to pizza lol

Eating better will come with time. When I started going back to the gym I half ass changed my diet (I cut out soda and fast food... But I was still going carb crazy). Then it got to a point where I was like "why the hell am I wasting all this time and energy working out if the scale isn't changing because of food?" Just remember, a cheat meal a week is good for your health. :p

It really is as simple as calories in vs calories out when it comes to pure weight loss. So at one point I convinced myself that it was okay if I worked out and ate 1200 calories a day of just fast food because I would still lose weight.

Of course, you shouldn't do this because I was hungry all the time, my skin was gross and I was bloated. It's just tough because I frankly eat like a 5 year old.

I went to the gym three times this week -- in a row -- and I'm incredibly sore. I know you're supposed to take a "day of rest" in between but I have guest passes at my local gym I wanted to use and I figured I'd invite my friends to check it out. Anyways, I'm right there with you with the "eat like a five year old" thing because I'm all "instant" everything, in which I need quick food all the time and I don't have the patience to cook or buy something worthwhile and healthy. I'm 5'9 and 180 and if I get any bigger it will be obvious, so I'm trying to knock it off.

I have always found the eating the hardest. There is no much misinformation that it can get so confusing! In the end I just decided that I don't care about calories or protein or carbs I am just going to eat healthy and be happy with how I look. I ended up losing 10 kilos in three months.

Full time? So Kail's still being a POS to Jo I see. I'm gonna have to fastforward through her segments in order to keep sane. She's my absolute least favorite! And that includes Farrah.

I saw a couple articles referring to Adam giving up his fight for custody as a "win for Chelsea". If Chelsea sees that as a win then she's beyond selfish. There is no win, just a loss for Aubree, because no matter how much fans swoon over Cole, I'm sure Aubree would rather see her dad straighten out his life and earn back custody rather than give up on his daughter!

The way I see it, Chels wants to see Aubree in the right hands at all times, and I feel that she has every reason to be wary of Adam after all his bs. True that that she's shutting down Adam left and right for just plain old visitation just because he used to be a nuisance criminal, and that may or may not have anything to do with his abilities in parenting, but he repeatedly finds himself in unsafe situations so I'd be nervous about it too. He obviously doesn't see it that way, and in his eyes, not getting arrested for a whole six months = stability, so he thinks he's a reformed individual who has all his shit together. He's not seeing the bigger picture so he's getting discouraged. Sorry, Adam, gotta do better than that. Being "sober" for five minutes doesn't make up for the last 6 years of absolute foolishness.

That being said, should Adam be allowed to at least SEE his daughter? Yeah, I know, Adam's a turd and an irresponsible schmuck and can't keep a valid driver's license and his temper is ridiculous and he has a new fucktoy every week and... Actually, you know what, this is beginning to sound a little like Jenelle and Barbara fighting over Jace. What an interesting parallel.

Chelsea should at least let Adam visit Aubree so that Aubree can see that her father is and probably always will be a POS. That child needs to draw her own conclusions about her dad without her mother's interference. Adam is exactly like Butch and Amber. They all think that because they're clean and sober NOW, because they haven't gotten in any trouble RECENTLY, then they're good as gold and everybody should just forgive them and give them whatever they want because they've CHANGED, damn it! They either don't realize or don't care that real life doesn't work like that, and that people won't automatically forgive and forget because you've turned over a new leaf for the umpteenth time. I also don't think any of them have ever really taken responsibility for their actions, which isn't a good sign for their recovery.

I see it as a win for Chelsea. It means her daughter gets to spend the majority of her time safe with her Mother in a stable home. Wasn't he going for 50/50!? Could you imagine him having her 50% of the time! That would have been horrendous for Chelsea. I am assuming that he still sees her though. But ffs why would he go for 50/50, he is so deluded

Still waiting on Jenelle's porno.

I'm surprised Kail got any kind of honors at college. Has she returned yet from recovering from her Snapchat surgery? Maybe this is before she completely gave up her responsibilities to get a Brazillian buttlift and tummy tuck (which she's apparently keen on undoing since she was shown eating and drinking very unhealthy shit right after her operation). Also, she's classy as all hell with that passive aggressive tweet. What are the chances that none of the girls were told when the premiere was and she's the only one who made a huge deal out of it?

It cracks me up that Jenelle really tried to act like she was in cahoots with that business and then immediately erased all evidence of "Little Kaiser" when they publicly called her out. I mean, I think it's crazy that she tried to pull that shit and thought she could get away with it. She even posted photos of the "Lil Marc" thing and acted like it was her own invention and everything. I think this is the most delusional she's been.

So Leah finally learned to keep her trap shut on social media. A lesson learned much too late, I'm afraid. The entire world already knows how huge of a trainwreck she is. I still don't know if she and T.R. were ever really dating, just friends with benefits, or purely platonic friends. Knowing Leah, it makes sense that T.R. was another rebound and she's keeping quiet on it because she knows it would look bad that she jumped into another man's bed so soon after her second divorce (and with a huge custody battle raging on). Didn't her mother confirm that Leah and T.R. were together, though? I could have sworn Dawn said something, or maybe I'm just confusing that with the hundreds of times she's said, "The truth will come out!"

Also, that photo you have of Leah and the girls makes me sad. Leah is cuddling Ali and has a hand on Addy's leg, but Gracie is sitting all by herself. It just goes to show that Ali is and always will be Mama's favorite. Last season I thought Ali came across as a bit of a brat. I think Leah's spoiling her has started to do some damage. Hopefully Corey and Miranda can bring Ali down a notch. They seem to treat her and her twin more or less equally.

And then there's Chelsea. I hope she sticks to her guns and doesn't let MTV film her wedding. I think she does the show as a sort of a hobby and isn't too keen on making it her career or entire lifestyle. It's just something fun that lets her rake in extra money. I like Chelsea. Yes, she's done and said some shady shit, but I like her. I'm not "up her ass" or anything. Maybe I wouldn't like her if her costars were normal people because, let's face it, any of us would look like saints compared to the likes of Jenelle, Kail, and Leah. But as it stands, these are the women Chelsea is up against, and she's golden because of it.

Jenelle is such an idiot...drives me nuts when people act like she has a brain. Just because she claims to be smart does not make it true. Also, pretty sure no lawyer was involved in the Little Kaiser debacle. Comments were made by her buffoon of a PR agent, that creepy Bobby Trendy/Sam Lufti/Johnny Donovan trash. I wish someone would do an expose on him...such a slimeball.

People always say that Chelsea looks good in comparison to the other girls, and Leah and Jenelle are self explanatory, but I frankly don't see how she's better than Kail in any way.

Kail manipulates her kid? So does Chelsea. "Daddy Cole" anyone?
Kail sells shit on social media? Chelsea promotes waist trainers just like the rest of them
Kail is lazy or doesn't work? Chelsea sat around and did nothing for years and even now her job is a joke.
Kail is a bitch? Yes, this is true. But Chelsea is a liar and would still be fucking Adam if Cole hadn't come along.

Chelsea is also selfish as fuck. She doesn't care about Aubrees well being as much as people seem to think she does. She was totally fine with Adam being in Aubrees life, regardless of all the shitty things he did, as long as he was in a relationship with her. But the second he had the nerve to move on he was SUCH a bad person! She doesn't want Aubree to have a stable father figure, she wants her to have a dad that's in a relationship with her.

I've always thought it was unfair that people compare Chelsea to the other girls as if she didn't have advantages over them. The reason the show is a "hobby" for Chelsea and not a lifestyle is because she has Randy's money to fall back on when it gets cancelled. The other girls don't have that luxury. I honestly think if it weren't for her dads money, she'd be out dick hopping and making more kids for a baby bonus just like the rest of them.

are we even sure chelsea has a job. they showed her working like 1 time all last season and she was wearing sweat pants and her hair looked disgusting lol. not at all what she would wear to work. i know there is an instagram pic of cole and aubree thats captioned something like 'hanging while mom is at work!' but thats not really proof either. she literally NEVER talks about work on the show ever. i dont know anyone with a job that never talks about it/goes to it?

I think she does work but only a once or twice a week sort of thing. I don't know but it seems to me like you'd have to work a bit to keep your license for that kind of thing, to "stay in practice", so to speak. Just speculating here but that could be the case. Cause you're right, she pretty much never mentions work at all.

She literally said at one point, "I only go into work when I have clients." Idk her job seems VERY easy for all the praise she gets for it.

hahaha right? ppl are always like "chelsea is the only one with a CAREER!" and im like .......say what? career???? is esthetician school more complicated/advanced than jenelle's MA certificate??? im not knocking anyone that has one- it's hard work to build clients and work in salons and if youre good at it i'm sure it's a great career. but chelsea only did it because hair school was too hard.

i really dont care if chelsea works or not, but i hate that we're supposed to accept her as some career woman when im pretty sure that isnt realty

I thought the thing with hair school was hilarious. She was all set on being a hair stylist before she realized that job actually required hard work and effort. She's so damn lazy.

she was like "wait, i have to be here at 9 am EVERY DAY? nooooooooooo thanks"

I remember her attendance record being just over 50%. Then there was that time she put on 5 pounds of makeup and then Aubree locked herself in her room. Chelsea then decided that there was no point in going that day so she had Aubree call Randy to tell him she wasn't going.

I don't care for Chelsea, but I think there is one thing that makes her better than Kail: she doesn't have shitty racist opinions, or at least doesn't state them in an obnoxious, holier-than-thou way.

Agreed @self worth and i really dont even like chelsea particularly but speaking of kail shes boozing it up tonight check out her snaps and she just sent one out doing a Q&A about instagram, the person asked if theres a teen mom discount on injections she said no, cuz i dont get injections- i guess all the flab from her stomach magically made it down her formally saddle bag ass on its own.

Ps i love how her argument for not being racist is shes like one-one thousandth Spanish and she has spanish sons, if thats even true about her, the self hate is real, i.e. tila tequila real and two you can liken it to saying serial killers have friends that they havent killed,(ted bundy was unbelievably charismatic and loved by most people he met) just beacuse your a disgusting bigot dosnt mean your at every rally screaming keep them out and forbidding your sons from learning Spanish.

Lots of serial killers are incredibly charming and persuasive. How do you think Manson got all his followers to do his dirty work for him?

But the other girls do have a financial advantage..MTV money...but they CHOOSE to blow it all on multiple cars, rent, tatoos, vacations, drugs...we don't see Chelsea do that. And why does it make people angry that Chelsea has loving and supportive parents?? Pretty sure that is what good parents do. It is not like Chelsea was 30 and living off Randy. And its not like Randy is Rick Hilton or something and setting her up in mansions and giving her furs.

My bad, you're right. She has financial advantage in the form of Randy's money AND the MTV money. When she first bought a house everybody was giving her so much praise for it, but the only reason she could afford it was because of MTV. Why didn't all the other girls get praise for buying a house with MTV money?

There's a difference between having loving and supportive parents and being an enabler. He set her up in a nice house and paid all her bills right after she got pregnant as a teenager. Basically rewarding her for being a fuck up. Not a far stretch if you ask me.

I miss this site in its hay day, when the snark and the insults were witty, intelligent and often hilarious. Now you have to trudge through long, boring posts from the bitter illiterates in order to find the odd gem.

well technically manson wasn't a serial killer, he was a sociopath. but like you said, i don't believe he ever did any actual dirty work.

He wasn't rewarding her for being a fuck up. He was being a supportive parent in a perhaps misguided way... But I bet he has no regrets anyway because his support has helped her to live a stable life and build an independent future. I'm not going to hate someone cos they were given advantages in life. Chelsea clearly is not academic, not everyone is, if we all went to college (I say this as a university student myself so not bitterly) there wouldn't be hairdressers and beauty salons and bin men etc etc. I don't know much about her job admittedly, all I can see is that she's settled down, bought a beautiful house, found a nice guy and is qualified to do something! There's no major drama in her life bar Adam, although apparently she should just give up Aubree's stability and let him spend loads of time with her because he's managed not to be arrested for a matter of months!
Yeah Chelsea fucked up A LOT over the years but she has her shit together now. Considering we are watching a show called TEEN MOM I think she is the best we can expect. Just because she came from money doesn't mean she had to love Aubree so much and build a future. Now she has her own money. She's still only like 23 too! Maci's parents seemed to offer her support and have money, and she's pretty well off thanks to MTV, but I think she's so far below Chelsea

At Trashiness, I'm no chelsea fan but I definitely think Kail's worse. Is Chelsea even hitting Adam up for child support? Kail's using Jo's (along with MTV Money) to travel around the country constantly instead of being with her kids. She's too money hungry to want Jo to have more actual time with his son because then she'l lose out on his $$$.

I agree about the "loving" parents thing though. I think it's a bit much to ask them to pay for a house for you. It's one thing to support but I think deciding to live on your own should be a sign that you're financially independent. But she's the type to think she's entitled to her parents' money no matter what

Beth, even you have to admit Randy is an enabler. And it's not even about the money. He NEVER makes her take responsibility for her wrongdoings. Even today he's defending all her fuck ups on Twitter.

I do agree that not everybody needs to go to college though. I have a degree but I think there's honestly too many people in school these days, and lots of them do it just out of obligation. Estheticians don't make a lot of money and I still don't think Chelsea is the hard-working career woman everybody here makes her out to be, but good for her if she truly likes her job and is happy. My own mom is a hairdresser and admits that everybody gave her shit for going to beauty school instead of getting a degree, but she likes her job and is good at it and that's what matters.

Randy on Twitter is the worst! Maybe not Mama Dawn level but he's gotta be second to her!

One thing I'll give Chelsea is that she doesn't broadcast her shit all over Twitter. But Randy has the maturity level of a 12 year old and seems to be obsessed with Adam for whatever reason.

Yes! The fact that Chelsea bitches and moans about Adam being awful and then we find out she still sleeps with him! wtf i lost all respect for her when i saw the reunion and that tidbit fell out. She loves the bad boy that Adam is, if he wanted her she would jump right back into his tatted up arms.

Do you think? I always remember him calling her out and pushing her to do her schoolwork, her being petrified of him finding out about Adam because he would be so pissed. I would only really call him an enabler if I thought he had enabled her to do some bad stuff, but I think his support helped her get where she is today. Who knows how much she works but at least she has as job for after Teen Mom. She's also still raising a small child and looking after a house. If she can afford not to work full time at the minute then lucky her, I think most people would choose not to!
I don't follow them on twitter so don't know about that stuff but I've seen in the past how much of a dick he's been on twitter, like a teenage boy getting involved in all the drama! I would block my Dad is he pulled that stuff haha

i recently rewatched all of tm2. it bothers me how people seem to gloss over how disgusting of a person chelsea is. not to say adam is any better, because he isn't but chelsea is just as bad as the other moms. she was fine with adam being in aubree's life as long as he was in a relationship with her. the minute that their relationship would end she would say she can't trust aubree with him. now that cole is her fiance she claims that aubree doesn't need adam anymore and he should just go away. thats just awful and gross. adam is still her dad who she loves. this is the same type of shit that jenelle is doing to nathan now.
on top of that she would always talk badly about him in front of aubree, aubree would even say "are you talking about my dad?". the kid isn't stupid, yet chelsea keeps doing it. shes just a childish spoiled brat. calling every woman she didnt like a bitch, saying paislee didnt "count" as aubrees sister, wtf?
everytime she says she raised aubree on her own i just have to laugh. she had every advantage to her because of her family/dad's money. she did not do everything on her own which she seems to forget. its great that she had a lot of support and the privilege of having a rich dad, because a lot of teen moms or even adult moms do not have that. but dont sit there and act like you did everything on your own when you didnt.
its great that she has a career outside of mtv and isnt a drug addict like some of the tragic girls on the show, but she still is the same spoiled child she always was.
and like i said this isnt to humanize adam or anything because he is a huge piece of shit who needs to obey the law and care more about his kids and paying their child support.

It was Chelsea's negligence and immaturity that led to her dog Frankie's mauling death. And I'll never forget how Randy and everyone around her acted like it was some random tragedy that could happen to anyone. It was the direct result of Chelsea's actions, or lack there of. And then they bought her a replacement dog right away. I'll never forgive her for that whole mess.

That still makes me so angry. That situation was so easily avoidable it wasn't even funny. If you know your dog is aggressive towards other animals, you really should invest in a physical fence instead of an electric one. Not that any other animals that may wander into your yard are your responsibility, but I would feel horrible if my pet mauled someone else's unprovoked. AND CHELSEA, WHAT THE FUCK? When she called her dad crying she said the dog was "mean," which leads me to believe she knew good and well what would happen if one of her dogs went near it before the fact. If you know an aggressive dog lives near you, why wouldn't you leash your dogs?! And then when Frankie ran off she laughed and treated it like a joke until she realized the severity of the situation. Plus I'm sorry but if I saw another dog using mine as a chew toy I would intervene? The possibility of me getting bit would be irrelevant if I thought there was even a slim chance of it saving my pet.

exactly, she was too lazy to walk her dogs properly, with a leash. if you have a fence then by all means let the dogs run around to go do their business in the yard. but if not, AND you know theres a bigger vicious dog next door then you should be using the leash 100% of the time.

i feel like a lot of them on here are irresponsible pet owners. when javi moved in with kailyn with his huge dog she asked him to take the dog out because she had friends coming over. he told her no then went up to his room like a big baby. the dog jumped on her friend's toddler and was licking her face and they couldnt get the dog off while the little girl was freaking out. it was actually really scary to see, thankfully the dog was friendly and was only licking her and not mauling at her, but he could have killed the kid if it wasn't a friendly dog.
for a lot of these parents on the show complaining how stressed they are, they sure have no problem adding on more animals that need a lot of care and attention and cleaning.

It was horrible what happened to Frankie due to Chelsea's negligence. I feel like she's had quite a few pets over the years. She hasn't gotten any more recently which is a good thing. I remember in the episode where they adopted the pig, Chelsea didn't seem to know how big he was going to get. It seemed so odd to me to decide to adopt a pet if you had no idea how big it would grow to be. Especially if you might end up with an enormous pig living in your house.

I agree for the most part. but I guess I'm more sympathetic to Chelsea. I could see her being more comfortable having Adum around when she could supervise him closely and give him a lot of guidance around how to take care of Aubree. But now she has no control over what happens on his watch, and he's proven repeatedly that he can't even be responsible for keeping himself safe. I also think that Chelsea has learned from her mistakes, like criticizing Adum in front of Aubree, and has been more careful about that in recent episodes. That said, I think she's pushing Cole into the Dad role a bit too hard when that would happen naturally over time anyway. And if she thinks Aubree doesn't still need to have some kind of a relationship with Adum she's just flat out wrong.

I think it's so funny how she said Paislee "didn't count" as Aubree's sister. Is she still going to feel that way when she and Cole have a baby?

It was a petty, immature comment and she's totally wrong... BUT I think that if Chelsea has a kid with Cole, the kid will be raised alongside Aubree and be a part of her life. Whereas Adam is so inconsistent that Paislee wouldn't be a proper part of Aubree's life if he was being relied on. Also, thank God Adam had the snip BUT before that we all thought he was just going to breed and breed and leave Aubree with an army of half siblings she would never really know

I agree Beth. And I think that's what chelsea meant by it. If she let Paislee in, how many more was she going to have to introduce Aubree too.
I think for the most part Chelsea has tried to protect Aubree. She may have done it in ways that were immature or seemed selfish. But I think for the most part they were done for what Chelsea thought were Aubrees best interests.
That said, I think it is a win for Chelsea to keep Adumb on limited time with Aubree. His attitude, lifestyle and risk taking behaviours are nothing I would want my daughter around. I guess Chelsea was ok with this when they were together because she could monitor Adumb closely, but I even remember the time she had surgery on her knee and she tried to back peddle him looking after Aubree because she realized what a mistake it was. And they were together then. Chelsea was looking at him through rose coloured glasses in those days. But now that she has moved on, she sees him how we all have always seen him and is doing her best to keep Aubree from being hurt like she was by Adumb. I'll never forget the look on Chelsea's face when Aubree came home from a visit with Adumb saying how he promised she could sleepover or something. And you never break a promise. Chelsea looked gutted for Aubree because she knew Adumb would let this little girl down time and again.

I think she just said that about Paislee because she was bitter and jealous. But people can think whatever they want about the golden child.

So it's a "win" for Chelsea that Adam won't change his ways and earn custody for Aubree's sake? OK then.

And I'm so tired of the "Aubree will have a million sibblings" excuse. If Adam did keep popping out kids they probably wouldn't have the same relationship as Aubree and Paislee did. She actually got to see her little sister regularly so she absolutely counts! It was a low and hypocritical thing to say.

Yeah it's a win for Chelsea, FOR NOW. Adumb needs to prove himself. It's been 6yrs. He's been a dick for 6yrs. Should we just hand Jace over to Jenelle? She thinks she's doing great too......
Batman, why do you get so snarky towards people who cut Chelsea a little slack? Are we not allowed to like any of the girls? I actually see qualities in every one of them that I like. But more in Chelsea than the others. She isn't a slut, druggie, alcoholic, mess. What's so wrong with that?

Well first of all people don't "cut her a little slack," they straight up let her get away with everything. Not to mention whenever I cut Kailyn a little slack I get downvoted to hell, soooo

I could honestly go on forever answering this question, but I think this is one of the biggest reasons I get "snarky" is that people refuse to see that the reason she isn't as big of a mess as the others is because she had a huge advantage over the other girls. She didn't have to go out searching for guys to support her, make trap babies for a cash bonus or find a damn job all because she had Randy and MTV supporting her. That's a luxury the other girls didn't have, and likely contributed to their downward spiral. I don't hate her for having advantages in life, as honestly I've had supportive parents and significant advantages in life too. I just think it's unfair how everybody compares her to the others when she was so much better off.

Frankly, I also think she's an idiot and have never liked her. She's not that great of a mom. She calls her dad asking for advice whenever her daughter acts up, which is not what an independent and responsible parent does, and Aubree is already such a spoiled brat. I understand we're all allowed to have differing opinions and not everybody is going to agree with me, but last time I checked I'm allowed to share my opinions on this site, as is everybody else.

I agree with pretty much all of this. A lot of her being spoiled and somewhat lazy is the fault of her parents and not Chelsea herself. Randy was paying all her expenses so that she could live on her own and kept telling her she needed to get her GED. She wouldn't study or work on it at all, but Randy continued to pay for everything and she had no incentive to get it done. He could have given her a timeline to have it done by and then if she didn't stick to it she would lose the privilege of having her own place and move in with him. Or move in with him right away and then he'd get her a place after she got the GED. He didn't give her any consequences for not doing it, and since she wasn't particularly motivated to begin with, why would she do it?

In the first seasons, Kail was in school and working because she realized she had to get to it and do something. She didn't have someone paying all her bills and actually realized that she'd have to work hard to get what she needed. Chelsea never experienced this, so had no reason to try to work hard. Of course she did end up finishing it eventually, but it took something like 3 years, which is almost as long as high school.

And I feel like Chelsea is probably spoiling Aubree cause that's how her parents were with her.

No. Nobody "wins" because Adam gave up on Aubree. If Aubree's loss is Chelsea's win that's just really sad. NObody's saying that Aubree should be handed over, but Adam should have the mindset "Yes, I messed up but I'm going to do everything I can to make things right and fight for my daughter". It'll obviously take time but then at least Aubree knows that her dad wants her in his life.

It's not necessarily that she asks her dad for advice when Aubree acts up that bothers me, I know I'd ask mine for advice if I had kids, but she has this entitled, snotty way she talks to him whenever he says something she doesn't want to hear. She takes advantage of him and then feels she can speak to him that way?

It bugs me when these girls say they're single moms but the fathers are fully involved in every single way they can be, especially with 50/50 custody. Unless you're parenting every single day by yourself (physically, emotionally, financially) you're not a single parent. Leah is an idiot..... Maybe I'm just salty about it because I'm actually a single mom whose son has an actual deadbeat father, not what these girls consider deadbeats.

Meh. My Mum raised me herself, she's amazing, totally committed her life to me, worked full time, doesn't earn much but has been such a good role model and given me everything she could. She hasn't even dated since I was born (I'm 22 now..). My Dad is not a deadbeat at all, he's in my life and always has been, he paid child support and saw me weekly and helped pay for extra curricular activities. But my Mum has definitely always been a Single Mother. I don't know how she did it all, despite the help from my Dad! Obviously Leah is not the same though.

This bothers me soooo much too! You're a single woman not a single mother!!!

I am especially salty about this because my son's bio mom refers to herself as a single mom.. She has no custody of either of her kids! My husband has sole legal and physical custody with a visitation for one night (at her mothers house) every 2 weeks. Her mom has custody of her older child..

My other pet peeve is when moms use child support money to buy things and then tell their child " I always have you everything" etc etc.. Then the dad get zero credit for contributing anything when most of it was bought with their $$

Ok rant over lol

Something about Cole just rubs me the wrong way.

i thought it was weird when he told chelsea on her way to court regarding aubree's custody that, "don't worry no way that creep is getting more time with her"
like uhhh hes an asshole but not really a creep, and hes her dad so its not really that ridiculous that he wants more time with his kid. cole was only chelseas boyfriend of under a year at that time so he should have really stayed out of it.

Lol I think Adam is a fucking creep. And considering his record I think it was ridiculous him suddenly thinking he could get more time with Aubree. He was arrested at the court ffs! I dunno how I feel about Cole though.

I'm also annoyed that he jumped on the bandwagon using his semi "celebrity" status to promote protein shakes and supplements on social media.

Their whole relationship just moved so fast. I think they'll be divorced in less than 2 years.

It was fast, but not as fast as Jenelle or Leah. I really hope they don't end up divorced! I want someone to have a happy ending.

hooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shit at this pic of nate and jess.

I AM DYING i have so many thoughts

1- LAY OFF THE ROIDS. both of you! wow they both look so ridiculous
2- is jessica wearing a wig? why? why? why? it looks so bad. the jenelle haters are always complimenting jess and saying jenelle is trying to look like her but like........jenelle is actually just as pretty as jessica? neither is anything to call home about
3-guys i CAN NOT WAIT to see them on tv. what do they talk about? does she have a job? what do they do all day (lol jk they obviously spend all their time in the gym) does she drink as much as him? i need more info!


There are no words.

OMG that looks photoshopped. Nathan looks sooo bad

He looks like he's in his 40s. That's what copious amounts of alcohol can do to the skin.

Wow, he looks like he's aged 10 years in 2. Not a good look. NG needs to STOP IT with the 'roids and booze.

It looks like they've tanned up to enter one of those body building comps or something.
Nathan is a dick. An absolute idiot. But I'll give him props for committing to shit. He can't be drinking and looking like that. I have friends who train for comps like these. And the diet is strict. The tan makes them look old AF because it's so dark to create shadows and show the muscle tone better. Maybe he was really trying to get his life together before he met Jenelle. Maybe she did drag him into an abyss. But I still think he wanted to be the man who "made Jenelle Evans a better person" and then he realized how fucking humongous a task that was! ?
It's a funny photo though. Thank god for the angle so we aren't seeing his girlfriends vagina......?

omg. thats disgusting. it would be sad if nathan was a decent person. he looks so awful. eyes. He seriously looks like he's about 45.

Does anybody else think that Jenelle lowkey tries to look like Jessica sometimes? Or at least used to? The black hair/pounds of makeup/horrible tan

Jenelle definitely tries to change herself to be whatever her BF of the minute wants. She used to be really into fitness, Xbox, with a dark tan and hair when she was with Nathan, and now with Dave she's pretending to like fishing, hunting and country music. It's pathetic.

They're tanned and dehydrated AF for a body building competition, I'm guessing (makes their muscle definition stand out more)

The Jenelle haters are so weird sometimes, they act like Jessica is sooo good looking and has her life together compared with Jenelle but Jess has also been arrested and must be pretty trashy to be into Nathan when he has two kids he doesn't see.

Lots of people have the "the enemy of the enemy is my friend" mentality, particularly when it comes to Jenelle.

But I agree. Jessica isn't any better looking than Jenelle and probably just as trashy

Batman & Nathan. 100% Jessica has some serious issues...she would have to, to be daunting Nathan.

ALSO (shameless double reply)

Is that an engagement ring on Jessica's finger?! Uncle Dave better watch out, some more mason jars are sure to be flying around tonight!

Chelsea is straight up grabbing Cole's crotch

I thought that too!!

Lol I noticed that too! I wonder if she actually is, she seems to have that cheeky kind of sense of humour.

Very classy...

I don't remember much about Cole (he is that memorable), but I do remember him seeming to be very simple...and here we have this's like someone told him to say 'cheese' - and he does and Chelsea does THAT. I don't think much is rattling up there in his head, but whatever?

I saw on Amber'sTwitter she replied to someone calling her out for having alcohol on her counter. She claimed it was a gift and was never opened and the original Tweeter (??) responded like "Oh, that's great news that you're strong enough to stay sober and not open it!" But Amber and Matt DO drink. I feel like she was being shady with that answee

The thing is though there is nothing wrong with drinking. Props to her for beating a drug addiction and if she wants to still consume alcohol then good on her. Just own it and refer to yourself as 'clean'. Beating an addiction but still consuming alcohol is still a huge achievement.

Eh, not exactly. There's a very good chance she's replaced her drug addiction with drinking and is trying to justify it with, "Well, at least I'm no longer hooked on pills." It's very, very common for recovering addicts to replace their previous addictions with something just as dangerous. She's also never gone to any real therapy or counseling to deal with her past addictions. Just because she wasn't an alcoholic doesn't mean it's "good on her" that she's drinking a lot more than she should.

lol no. no it's not an achievement. it's playing with fire.

I'm glad you live in a world where alcohol isn't an addictive substance. If only it was that way in reality. There's a reason recovery experts advocate for complete sobriety in addicts! That's not even touching on the fact that alcoholism runs in Amber's family so even if she weren't a pill addict, she has a much higher chance of becoming addicted to alcohol because of her genetics. Finally, Amber did have problems with alcohol, she's just choosing to leave them out now that she's decided against sobriety but still wants to call herself "sober". And the fact that she'd rather play with that fire and jeopardize custody of her daughter speaks volumes!

I can't wrap my mind around this one, sorry. A huge achievement? Look, tbh, I'm a teetotaler, so I'm biased. I recognized alcohol was a problem in my family and saw the devastating effects, so I've never had alcohol. I get it when people have a beer or 2 with their burger or a glass or 2 of wine with their friends. But it's absurd to not recognize the problem of a former addict drinking. It's a dangerous, unnecessary risk, especially for someone with kids (and a kid she wants more custody of, to boot). It's not a badge of honor to take dumb risks for NO purpose. It's called being dumb. JMHO.

No I think you all misunderstood what I meant. I wasn't saying Ambers drinking is OK, because honestly I don't know how much she drinks to even pass judgement. I just meant if that is how she chooses to live her life then that is fine but don't lie about it. If you are drinking then just be honest with yourself about it. It is when you have to lie that it seems like it is an issue. I just meant beating a pill addiction and still drinking isn't the end of the world, so if it isn't an issue then don't lie about it because that indicates there is an issue.

There was also the time that Matt (who claims to be an ex addict himself) got hammered and punched the wall, injuring his hand. It's a pretty clear sign that he should not be drinking. Who knows if he's being truthful about being an addict, but if drinking leads to him injuring himself with his behavior, it's best not to drink.

Wasn't Amber's dad an alcoholic? I can't remember but his death had something to do with his liver. I would think that if he was, she would see how damaging it can be to a person's health and try to stay away from it. Although Amber has proven herself to have extremely faulty judgement, so that sort of reason could be beyond her at this point.

Um..I'm pretty sure there was an empty 26er of voda sitting on her counter. Never Ok ambie ;)

Will Chelsea have to have some kind acknowledgement of her wedding on the next season? Like if they aren't able to film does their contract bind them to show photos on air or something?

Like Corey and Miranda did. If it's not in the contract, I suspect the producers push hard for it and talk them into it. It really bothers me when they talk about the producers being their friends. Like, I'm glad you all are friendly with each other (farrah aside) and you (sometimes) have a nice working relationship, but these people are NOT your friends. Kiki bringing up Carly 24/7 is not something a friend would do. She does that because it's her job, and I'm sure she knows that it's not good for Cate.

OMG yes! This! This is why I find it super difficult to sympathize with Larry being pushed by Farrah. Like hasn't this dude provided Jenelle drugs in the past? They're just not any better than the moms to me because they were grown people profiting off the destruction of teenage girls from impoverished backgrounds when this all started. Then there's Heather's whole "I had no idea it was this bad, Amber!" Like, yeah right! You were following around a raging drug addict and watching her punch her boyfriend and you had no clue?

I laughed at this week's sneak peek for Amber because Amber totally called Heather out on it. When she said "Don't look confused!" I was cackling! Those producers know exactly what they're doing and when they're pushing buttons, but do it for ratings.

I bet they do a slideshow like they do with C&T visiting Carly.

Yea that is what I was thinking. The wedding won't be filmed but there will some kind of slide show. Didn't that also don't that with Jenelles marriage to Courtland?

Jenelle's marriage to Courtland didn't last long enough for a slideshow. They only had one photo op: his and hers mug shots.

I thought they had like one selfie of them to represent the wedding? It watched it so long ago I could be making that up :P either way I do think they will do some slide show photo thing.

Ah yeah the infamous "I met Courtland, and we married on a whim". Siiiigh. Now she's about to be on engagement #5.

I believe the TM2 Season 7 Trailer is airing on MTV today at 11am EST according to Jenelle's twitter, will someone be able to record it? I'm at work :(

TRAILER'S OUT! it won't load for me for whatever reason though :(

Poor kail had a miscarriage .

I remember people speculating that a few months ago but she denied it or something. It was so long ago I can remover specifics.
I couldn't imagine publicly denying the loss of a child...

I feel bad for her.

I'm gonna cut her some slack on publicly denying it at first. Maybe she didn't want it out there at that time. Having a miscarriage is a hard thing to go through.

Ah, Jennlle. Always bringing the drama.

That really sucks, I was going to say. There was speculation a few months back when she was posting some really emotional stuff on twitter and instagram. In retrospect I think they were trying to grieve without showcasing it, but they did need an outlet for that. That's gotta be rough.
I wonder if they were trying for a baby or if it was a surprise pregnancy. I dunno, hearing Javi say "you know I really wanted that baby" actually got me choked up. That's This could be why Kail has been yoloing it up -- that can't be easy to recover from on an emotional spectrum.

I feel bad for her too! That is something no one should go through. I do remember when the news first broke of her miscarriage there were reports floating around that she didn't know who the father since she was cheating on Javi at the time she got pregnant. Some reports even said something about her possibly having an abortion. She is obviously distraught over the situation. Interesting to think about now that they are talking about the situation again...

My heart cracked a little for Leah...only for a second...then I remembered she's a druggie with an attitude problem.
Chelsea is going to have another boring season; couch sitting, baby talking and Adam bashing.
Janelle is a changed woman so I see.
Poor Kail. I mean it is hard not to feel slightly sorry for her because miscarriages suck. But as far as Javi deploying? She knew he was military when they got married they should consider themselves lucky they had as many uninterrupted years as they did.

On a bright side Leah went from " Corey's taking MY babies away from me" to " Corey is taking our kids away" witch means she might be taking responsibility that Corey cares for his daughters

Jenelle's new boyfriend is psycho, jesus.

I agree, he legit makes me fear for Jace and Kaiser.

On another note, I feel a little guilty for finding him physically attractive.

Eh, he in a sense reminds me of Corey Simms, but maybe the alternate universe version of Corey -- like if he were a deadbeat and wound up hitting Leah and went to jail and smoked crack here and there. Plus, Dave's got that "I'm potentially missing a chromosome" look to him that I can't shake, so I'm kinda not into him.

Laughed out loud at the "missing a chromosome" bit because it's true. That's kind of Jenelle's type. Nathan and Gary had the same kind of "derpy" look to them.

Ahaha yes, no worries because I won't shame you for finding UD kinda cute -- I did at first too, just because he might be passable if he wore some cute, thick-rimmed ray ban glasses and didn't have a record and had a steady income and a car and maybe not three kids who he doesn't see, but that's just me, lmao. Jenelle certainly has a type, I haven't quite figured it out what it is yet but it seems to involve toxic co-dependency patterns, lack of a job or prospects, laziness, drugs & alcohol and being a 6/10 in the looks department on average.

I might get shit for saying this but I think Kieffer might have been the most attractive soulmate.

Oh no believe me I find him as disgusting of a human as anybody. I just meant that my attraction was STRICTLY physical. I'm generally pretty good at separating pure physical attractiveness from inner beauty haha

LMFAO no worries, to be honest I'm just saying if he were some stranger down the street whom I knew nothing about I'd probably get a good look at him myself and think he was cute. Then if he caught me staring too long he'd be like "I'm gonna snap yer fukkin' neyuck, hyuck!"

"You are the worst boyfriend she's ever had"? If true, that's one hell of an insult.

Especially when you consider that Babs HATED Nathan, and that Courtland is currently incarcerated for five years for heroin possession.

I wonder if Babs misses Kieffer from five years ago when she only had to worry about Jenelle smoking the paaaht

Its awful but because of all the previous "miscarriages" girls have had on these shows I never fully trust that they actually happened. Ive had a miscarriage though so I do genuinely feel bad for both kail and javi nobody deserves to go through that.

thoughts on the new trailer-

-damn at david slamming the door on barb


Ugh I can already tell I'm going to be yelling at my TV yet again the season with that David idiot all up on my screen. He looks like he could be Corey Simms' black sheep cokehead cousin who nobody discusses.

Seriously, if I was dating a guy who slammed the door in my mother's face he would be out of my life so fast his head would spin.

I don't know how Babs puts up with these disrespectful pieces of shit

I hope when Jace grows up, he seeks out Nathan and Dave and kicks their ass for being rude to Babs all the time.

If anyone cares, Briana went back to Dr. Miami.

My goodness! Is she trying to become all plastic or something

I think she wants to be some sort of sex symbol or work in adult entertainment so she can attract her next creepy hoodrat boyfriend and continue pawning Nova off on Roxanne.

"I'll snap his fucking neck"

That's the kind of guy I would DEFINITELY want around my kids.

Right?! He has some serious anger problems, but I guess that's just Jenelle's type...

The anger problems will just make it more believable when she inevitably claims he hit her.

Good point! Maybe she looks for angry guys so she always has the DV fall back plan when they realize she is crazy and try to leave her

...or maybe they really are abusing her, because she always dates trashy and agressive drug addicts who openly threaten her? I know Jenelle is a shitty person, but I don't find it unbelievable that Nathan could have hit her. Remember how scared Jace was of him all the time?

I'd love to see Nathan and Dave go at it at a reunion taping or something, lmfao.

I imagine it would be like that episode of Friends when Rachel and her sister (Christina Applegate) "fight" in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

"I'm gonna snap your fuckin' neck like a fishin' pole, muscle boy, yeehawwww!"

He seems legit psycho.

Is it just me or did Jenelle sound a bit slurred and look really out of it for some of those scenes? I wouldn't be surprised if she's on drugs again, she has that look about her.

She seemed kinda slothy here like she did in the heroin days. Also the lack of makeup isn't very Jenelley. Something's up for sure.

My thoughts on the trailer:
Chelsea - blah going to be super boring and possibly annoying
Kail - I feel bad for her but she is going to be all Kail about this and play up the poor pitiful me card. Javi joined the military for the benefits; that's what you get. Also probably more leaving her family for her friends and plastic surgery.
Leah - I hope she is turning things around finally. And am I the only one who thought Corey's face when he got custody was a major panty dropper, excuse me while I drool
Jenelle - same story as every season just a new dick she is hoping on. Poor Jace and Babs

Corey must have been thrilled. That's a "thank God" face, who could blame him?