Trouble In The Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout World

maci bookout

Ryan Edwards laid into Maci Bookout juts after leaving rehab according to multiple reports. It's gone from being a peaceful journey to bringing out a pissed off Edwards. Just when we thought everything was cool between the two.

"Edwards returned to social media with a photo of his new wife Mackenzie Standifer on a boat," according to Radar.

"He then posted a meme that read, "I have a dream that one day my psycho baby's mama will shut the f**k up."
So, let's just get this straight, it's barely been a month since since Edwards entered rehab in the first place. Things seemed to be positive between Bookout and Edwards and now, all of that has taken a turn for the worse. It wasn't just Edwards. His wife joined in on the alleged social media attack.
"Standifer joined in on slamming Bookout, as she tweeted, 'You can only act like a piece of s**t for so long before it all comes out in the wash #NarcissistAwarenessMonth,'" according to the report.
Bookout hasn't been one to retaliate to often on social media, so it will be interesting if she does decide to clap back. The drama is intensifying and we are only thinking about what Bentley may go through, should this beef continue to rage on.
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