Ryan Edwards Doesn't Understand Why Gays Are Butt Hurt

ryan edwards


Unless you've been living under a rock the past 2 weeks or so, some guy from a boring reality show made comments about gay people in an interview. He was then suspended from the show, and likely won't be back any time soon.

This suspension angered Ryan so much that he decided it was smart to tweet about it to his 400k followers, because I'm sure that won't be a problem (said Phil Robertson). Apparently offending a group of people is no big thing, and Ryan wanted his followers to know he is gosh darn mad his show is ruined!

I don't want to call Ryan stupid, but let's just say that when god was passing out brains, Ryan was busy getting teen girls pregnant and missed his turn.

Now, before the freedom of speech people come in to try and defend Ryan or the duck guy, nobody had their rights violated. Nobody was arrested for their comments. Neither Phil nor Ryan will be facing jail time for speaking their mind. It's the same freedom that allows douchebags like the WBC to protest funerals. With that said, freedom of speech does not protect a person from any non-political retaliations from whatever was said.

A&E was merely protecting their brand, as they also have the right to do. Gay people were offended because yet another public person decided to lump homosexuality with bestiality once again. It's not the same thing. It's not the same ballpark, league, or even sport. I could give metaphors, but I'm not stupid and don't want to appear to be comparing two things that have nothing to do with each other.

Anyway, with my rant over, it's New Years Eve! We made it through another year. I hope everyone has a safe and fun night, and please don't drink and drive.


A&E reinstated Phil a couple days ago.

That guy is an hardcore southern christian, I don't think anybody is surprised by what he said. Not that I condone it, but his point of view on the subject were kinda predictable.

But the worst of this was that at the hight of the ZOMG the dude from duck dynasty is a mean christian that said he doesn't approve of gay lifestyle, let's make a shitload about it on the internet, Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill, often called kill the gay bill, was passed by the Parliament of Uganda on 20 December 2013 proposing a sentence of life in prison for homosexuals. The bill must be signed by the President of Uganda before becoming law. (my and Charlie Sheen-esque conspiracy theorist mind always tick off when a big politics event is overshadowed and or glossed over in the news in favor of some stupid tabloid stuff.)

I also invite everone to sign this petition
www .allout. org/en/actions/uganda-now

and let the duck dynasty douch spew his christian nonsense to everybody who wants to listen to him, or at least if you are hell bent on getting every biggot of the air, we could all start with Josh Duggar (19 kids and counting)who has taken a job as an executive director of the Family Research Council. The Family Research Council’s primary focus is to deny equal rights to gay Americans.

You're right, there are a lot of messed up things going on. I'd write about them, but people freak the hell out whenever I write anything non teen mom related, so dummy Ryan at least allowed me to say my piece on this Phil person.

I am so tired of hearing about this Phil person

He also likened the black people during the pre-civil rights era as "Godly", non-whiners, non-entitlement people. I cannot believe people are shocked some backwoods country bumpkin holds these views. Did people actually think this fundamentalist Christian was all inclusive and loves "all" of God's creatures?

I say he should be back on the air, but the unedited version of himself. The more people see his real self and are confronted with his real views, the more people are likely to stop watching this white-washed version A & E puts on the air.

He said "butt hurt" and "gay" is the same tweet. NICE

No one is surprised that he believes these things. People are surprised that he had the audacity to spew this hateful bullshit in a magazine interview. He's a public figure, and the fact that people were so riled up in support for him shows that his words can incite people into action. His public statements matter.
People need to grow up and learn how to coexist with people of different lifestyles and backgrounds. There are gay families all over our country who are denied the benefits and protections that other families have, just because of some group's religious beliefs. Ryan Edwards doesn't have the brainpower to think for himself - he is a fucking idiot.

I'm surprised that I've only seen everyone talking about his comments he made about homosexuality but not the racist remarks he made.

I'm curious to know...

Wow if that is his favorite show then I feel sorry for him.

i just think its funny that gay people can bash or talk crap about straight people and everyone seems ok with that because they are the minority....also they want everyone to be tolerant but arent tolerant of people who are not ok with their lief style

First: Duck Dynasty is fake. That family was full of clean-cut, Polo wearing country club members who were already wealthy. Dangle a TV deal in front of them and watch what happens...beards, camouflage, and pretending to be down home rednecks. They aren't. They're greedy.
Second: Why are we talking about Phil and ignoring the fact that Ryan is basically blaming homosexuals for someone saying bad things about them? They didn't ask for Phil (or anyone, for that matter) to make such disgusting remarks and bastardize the Bible while doing it. They are the victims, not Duck Dynasty viewers or Phil Robertson. Talk about entitled.

If you can't follow the story well enough to know that A&E reinstated him on the 27th (which was also big news- raising the question of whether or not it's actually Steve who lives under said rock?) why post at all? It's beginning to look an awful lot like TMT around here. I go there to chuckle...and I used to come here for actual stories. I guess those days are over.

Phil wasn't "lumping" homosexuality with bestiality to compare the two outside of the fact that Biblically, they're both sexual sins. If he'd said that homosexual sex is like having sex with an animal you might have a point. But he didn't....so you don't. And it's funny that you call DD boring as it clearly has more going for it than the TM series has had for quite some time....controversy or not.

I don't give a shit about that show or that person, so I don't really follow the breaking Duck Dynasty news. Was he reinstated? Whoopdydoo.

If you go by the bible, almost everything is a sexual sin. To mention homosexuality and bestiality in the same paragraph is indeed lumping them together. Why not mention adulterers, prostitutes, people who have sex before marriage?

All it took was seeing one headline on any other website. Most said "Duck Dynasty Star Reinstated," or something along those lines . I didn't follow the story, but saw headlines enough to get a general idea of what happened. I can see what the op many, since it really want even paying very much attention, other than a simple glance...

Honestly, I follow a lot of news, follow a lot of things, but completely missed it. I do know the story of him being reinstated won't be nearly as big as suspended though. Also, I've been very busy with Christmas and cleaning up puke the past week :(

Eww...get well soon to whoever is sick...all I know is I saw it both on starcasm, and yahoo...those are the only sites I look at regularly.

If you follow "lots" of news, you should've have seen it. It was reported by TONS of major news outlets, as well as smaller outlets like starcasm (etc.) that just report celeb news. If you're going to report on it, know what you're talking about.....I don't really feel that's a lot to ask. Steve, for a long time you had one of the top-notch TM sites out there BECAUSE you took the time to be accurate. TMJ was the antidote to TMT....you didn't jump on every news story the second it happened and you came out later with a more complete story than lots of other blogs I've checked out. And before you devolved into hating most of the girls (like most all of us did- I can't fault you there), you reported in a really uniquely hilarious way.

I honestly don't care whether you give a crap about DD or not (you do, or you wouldn't have posted your opinion about the controversy)- but it would have taken about 4 seconds to come up to speed about what's going on. I'm sorry that there's lots of puke going around at the moment (truly, I am!), but you took the time to write this story, didn't you? The story of him being reinstated has actually been pretty big- it's not often that someone lauded by GLAAD for standing up to something reneges on their stance or actions. A&E saw their ship sinking and jumped out of the chairs- they're more concerned about losing their highest-rated show than they ever were about offending anyone.

And, just for the record- Phil DID mention all of those other actions as sexual sins......as well as sins that aren't sexual in nature.

At the end of his rant about gay people he also said that it's their choice and he would never treat anybody no matter what race, gender or sexual orientation with disrespect. For Pete's sake the man has a bi racial grandchild. While I don't agree with his views, I don't think anybody has the right to be surprised by them. They made their southern Louisiana Christian views obvious from day 1.

Plus It's no secret that Phil is ready for the showroom be over, maybe he thought this was his way out.

* for the SHOW to be over. Dang autocorrect

Ryan is a f***ING idiot. He had a baby out of wedlock at 16/17 whatever and then spent the first year of that baby's life not doing a damn thing but slacking off and not taking care of any responsabilities. He is not the Christian to be casting stones. Ryan disgusts me like no other: with that wad of chew in his mouth and the way he speaks to women. He is verbally/emotionally abusive and he's prejudiced. Can't stand him.

In other news, surprise surprise: http://starcasm.net/archives/256566

She sucks many things...including the integrity out of everyone who has the misfortune of crossing paths with her.

Oh boy! Thanks for the laugh Rae!
"It's not a porno! I just had sex on tape!" ....Whatever helps you sleep at night.

I'm just waiting for "I'm not involved in motherhood. It was just me growing more Farrah on TV. What part of that do you not get?"

I'm actually really shocked that we haven't heard her say this yet!

It's never been a secret Ryan's not the brightest crayon in the box!!!!

Anyone else watching the twitter war between Jenelle and Brianna? Hahahaha


Oh yeah this douche is soooo tolerant, Jessica.

So yesterday I believe there was a Twitter war between Jenelle, Brittany, Briana, Alex. I hate to say but they make me sick!! One good thing about Katie and Mackenzie is that they don't get involved with this crap! I truly believe they are trying to stay in the spotlight since TM3 got cancelled.

Thanks for your post Steve! I was a fan of the show but am no longer watching it since Robertson's hateful comments came out. While I'm not surprised he feels that way towards gays and blacks, I have no interest in hearing about it. Guess what , that is my constitutional right that I exercise every time one of these hateful idiots verbally abuses their public soapboxes. And please don't apologize for not knowing A&E backed down, no it was not on all the major news outlets. Major news is carried by Reuters, AP, and other International news wires. TMZ and fox news don't count!

Why can't we comment on the new article about that random 16&p girl?

I will look into it, you should be able to.

Now I can, thanks!