Ryan Edwards To Face A Drug Intervention From Fiancée's Family

If there is one good thing that can be said or Ryan Edwards, it's that he seems to have a lot of people rallying around him. First, his ex Maci Bookout and now his current fiancee Mackenzie Standifer and her family look to be stepping in to help him.

"We'll get together and talk about it," said Bob Standifer Jr. according to Radar.

"Mackenzie and Ryan are adults. I won't talk without them present. Anything that we talk about, we're all going to sit down together."

Maci's emotional plea seemed to hit a nerve with everyone else around Ryan who has been struggling with substance abuse for some time now. Despite his battle, everyone around him continues to praise the person Ryan actually is, drugs aside.

"Right now it's about saving his life. Most nights I'm crying in our bed talking to you about whether or not today is the day he's going to die," said Maci in the latest episode of Teen Mom.

It should be interesting to see how this all pans out as the season progresses.